Question on Seeding Catalysts & No it is Not Insane to Ask

Currently there is a mass shortage of the Destroyer due to Uprising Ganking

Current Jita4-4 has sell price and buy price higher than it costs to actually produce at current material buy prices.

This is Madness!

Question what if CCP were to start seeding free Destroyers as Loot Drops when Concord blows up their Ship?
1.38m isk to buy Mats

Current Jita 4-4 Buy request Orders 3.5M isk

Now that is Insane, how come noone is making them?

Because Eve industry is even more boring than ice mining.

Or you know, the lag from starting making to finishing a run is significant, and the demand probably transitory, so people don’t want to jump into making them immediately only to have someone sitting on a stockpile fill the market again.


More likely this is caused by PARAGON agent demanding ships. Thrasher was at 3.5m yesterday, now it is kinda stabilized and there were last 5 Mallers for 25mil yesterday, now there are bit more but the price is still insane.

I think CCP found a way how to stimulate market without destruction, INB4 more ganking nerfs :wink:


Trading EverMarks for Ship hulls with a day cooldown,

|Ship type|Reward|
|Mining Barges|400|4,000|

Wait until Emblems take on full effect.

Ore Prices will jump through the heliopause

Because it takes time for people to realize the shortage and react to it.

Gave 4 days notice yet noone bothers to react to Frostpacker’s related news

There is just too much free isk to make doing other stuff to worry about silly market spikes

Related News, Prices are returning to normal and thank you o/


Do you really think that the average industry folks actually read the forums and specifically a ganking thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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In fact majority of the forum posters are quitters and bitter vets who no longer play anymore.

I like that idea :star_struck:

There we go, simplified the OP.

Anyway, here’s a question in answer to that insane question about CCP:
Why would CCP give them a free Destroyer to use after Concord blows up their Destroyer for ganking in High Sec space?

Might as well have said 'How about CCP implementing a SRP (Ship Replacement Program) for all players?


Gankers are already getting free ships from CCP, don’t you know? They are getting their catalysts reimbursed by GMs all the time.

Everything is fine now, the lazy industrials logged in and fixed this rare to witness market hiccup,



I too read about this happening. I think there is a form to fill in.

This is the form name, I don’t know the link though.

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Wrong thread, goes in “What simple thing can we do to increase our playerbase?”.

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They wouldn’t be able to board them…

Loot Drops in the form of Redeemable.

To avoid the risk of stealing loot? I’m not sure I follow. Is there any case law I can reference?

Individual disputes about coupons, free ship replacement or vouchers must first be registered with the T1 Catalysts Destroyer Ganking Association Representative before turning Criminal in their Empire Space.

The Ship Replacement is not concidered loot it is a delivered package item that can be redeemed by accessing the normal method.

“Redeemable Items” screen, accessible from the bottom of the character selection page.

Just add a button below the “Board Corvette.” It would be called “Board Last Ship.” It would automatically respawn whatever ship you just lost in glorious space combat.

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for a nominal fee