Quitting shhhit game WTS all my ISK

This game is finally being put to bed because it is just such utter garbage mostly because the community is just a bunch of people that want to tell newbies to go try sh hit and explore but will unstealth right behind them when they have almost completed fending off rats…and blow them up …and then send troll mail … this happens over and over again…



wtf is wrong with you people?

Anyway I have about 100mill isk which i know is nothing but ill sell it for literally a dollar




You will be back… remember this :sunglasses:

Come and join BRAVE, extremely nice group and all will help you for sure.
And what you are asking for is real money trading, which is forbidden and will make CCP delete your account. JUst keep whatever you have, go on with your live and see if next year you want to take a look in this fascinating universe again…

Try things yes but this is a game where PVP is always present. You need to learn survival skills. Maybe join a real corp where people can help teach you. Remember you can either be the victim you are or you can be the one decloaking and blowing up other people. It’s your choice.

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oh shut the fu…ck up already I am also tired of this argument. How am I supposed to learn ■■■■ when I am oblierated within seconds??? I dont even know wtf happened! Lol you people and your really crappy game i do not understand

Will sell 100 mill is for $ .75

When you are attracting these type of happenings, you have to ask yourself why you are attracting these type of players to you, with me it never happened, and I love the thrill of surviving

it happened because this community is a bunch of fat, middle aged, white dudes with small wieners trying to feel powerful

Beye dude, you just seem to be an emotional embryo, just reported your post to CCP with the attempt of real money trading…

See you lost before the battle even began because of lack of knowledge. You learn to fight in your terms or get away. All your deaths were easily avoidable. A good corp would help you think about why they happened and what you could do better in the future to not make the same mistakes. It also looks like your bad attitude is getting in the way also. Take your losses like a man and learn from them. Act like a victim and you be rewarded with people victimizing you.

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So this game is a game of try to kill the other person before they get away?? Or try to get away before you are killed? ( I know it is but you just proved I am not the only one that feels like that)



I’m a painfully thin, middle-aged white chick with NO wiener. So there :stuck_out_tongue:


I am sorry to say that it seems EVE is not for you at this time. Additionally,

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