Rakovene & Tallasonite still available in HiSec?

Anyone seeing Trig ore in the Fortress and Edencom minor victory systems in HS?

Fortress systems usually have three Base (rakovene) and three Stage (talassonite) sites. System I am in now has instead about 30 Base sites and no Stage sites. Problem is, I can see no ore in the 15/16 of these sites I have visited.

The ore belts seem to be as expected.

UPDATE: The empty ghost sites in Fortress system disappeared. I have now visited three Fortress plus one Minor Edencom systems and none of the four had any functioning Trig-related sites, other than an observatory one. Which had no ore.

Maybe it is in TMVs

That might fit in better with the lore but does not explain vast expansion of now empty sites in Edencom systems.

CCP could make it for some balance sake, shortages theme. There is less of those systems than edencom ones.

I will deal with that as and when. First, it would just be useful to know if anyone has seen trig ores anywhere in HS after the update?

I am going to hazard a guess with 2 new variants of each you will find these ores now in the new Trig space…where basically only pro-trig players can really use atm.

If true, that raises issue of Edencom/ Trig-system trading when trying to source minerals

I have never understood why, if market trading is supposed to be a form of PvP, via competitive capitalism, we do we not in fact get to pick and choose who we buy from. Being able to boycott pro-Trig traders would be interesting gameplay, as would their need to disguise the sources of their “conflict minerals”.

Cause pro-trig can contract items to a trading alt and make such a feature pointless.

Since you only need filament to enter trig space and trig space is null. Anyone can mine there until player group set up own security fleets.

That is the point. They would still have to set up an alt. It might be a (very) minor inconvenience, but still an inconvenience. Plus, they would also need to keep that trader secret. Just as most posters on here (probably) don’t use their mains.

So, you don’t automatically get attacked by Trigs in final liminality systems if you have pro-Edencom standings? These filaments effectively short circuit the previous “death by gate gun”?

When I was roaming in trig space after DT (for hour or two) there was almost no NPC’s. There probably will be some spawns in ore anoms but I don’t expect anything bit.

You don’t need positive standings to dock at trig station and in worst case scenario, you can filament in, go mine, filament out with full hold.

I bet you are. But bigger issue are players. Those are null systems

Extracted from the “first gates closed” thread … this appears to suggest you do need positive standing to dock? But, I still take your point about in and out, even tho it’s not clear to me where those “exit” filaments are to be had.


EDIT: as you were; I take it the negative means pro-Edencom can dock; but by same token, too pro and you can’t?

If you have less standings than minus 0.05 towards trigs you can’t. But you don’t need to dock.

  1. You can use filaments
  2. You only need hauling alt.

But it’s good to assume that as solo player you won’t be able to mine due to high PvP activity.

they are seeded in trig stations

What I am seeing - or rather not seeing. Which suggests all the smart alecs who have spent the last fortnight telling us that the mining changes did not mean HS would completely lose the high value minerals were talking out of their fundaments.

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Any of that thin foil dudes teorycrafting had zero data to claim such things. So I don’t know why anyone believed in this.

This is a trivial matter.

Whats the point in spending dev time on it when its so easy to get around it?

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CCP also brought in ore skills for each of the Trig rocks. Guess where you have to get them?

And yet they spent dev time on the (admittedly trivial) exercise of rounding trading values. This in order to try and reduce bot trades based on 0.01 isk increment . The exact same process of allowing me to pick & choose (boycott) trades would have lead to a similar outcome. At least in part. I have always been more likely to buy the 5k units I needfrom the 20k offered by @Daichi_Yamato, @ 10isk per unit, and just ignore trades (at any volume) at 9.99, 9.98. 9.97 … But, I am not allowed to do that.

Yes, yes, this is all trivial. And yes, all so easy for masters like you to get around. But, it’s the principle. In a supposedly “player-driven economy”, which includes “PvP-equivalent market trading”, why do I not get to see who I am buying from? And then get to choose whether to actually buy from them or not, irrespective of whether they have lowest sell price or not?

That unfortunately includes me. :flushed:

Well, mainly because it came in two parts - moons and invasion systems.

I made a bet, based on data from previous moon changes. This bet was to put a moon drill up before yesterday’s changes to get a foothold on pyerite and mexallon. Yet to be proven, but it is still looking like that is a sound counter-move to the losses of those minerals from belts and anoms.

I also doubled down and bet on invasion systems remaining. That was largely based on evidence that trig systems were about to become a “fifth empire” and that lore would probably require Fortress systems to stay as a counterpoint. Both have apparently happened. The huge unknown was admittedly whether the ore values would also stay in these systems. The bet seemed good tho, in that there are only 80+ Edencom systems out of the 1000+ in HS? So, the small relative volume in these systems would still fit with ethos of forcing interaction around limited resources.

Sadly, unless something changes after next DT, it is looking like I might have over-thought that second bet.