Rathon Altol CSM XIV (CSM 14)

Eve is about community and relationships. There is blowing stuff up, rebuilding it and blowing it up again but Eve is much much more than just a game. Eve is a place that no matter what is going on in your real life there are people to help and walk with you through it. What brought you to eve?

As a CSM my focus will be bettering the community and presenting some quality of life improvements. I have done NRDS, NBSI, NPSI and the one thing that was always consistent is community.

CSM candidates are not meant to be developers but an extension of the player base. This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring concerns to the table and understand what the thought process is from the developer’s side.

The following is a list of areas that I would like to address:


  1. Improved integration of voice coms ie… direct connect button for Discord, or Mumble or TeamSpeak
  2. Tutorial for joining alliances
  3. Integration of fleet doctrine management like Fleetup for alliances


  1. Streamlining of PI setup and maintenance
  2. Nesting of containers and BPC stacking
  3. Rorqual module that allows it to hit a moon and create a limited time instant asteroid belt.


  1. Multi ship Fitting from containers.
  2. De cloak burst module or probes to hunt cloaky campers.
  3. Extend the ADC module with creation of an Assault Battleship


  1. Ihub upgrade for lvl 5 agents to spawn at player owned structures.
  2. Sales agents for continuous market monitoring the higher the skill the more items that are able to monitored.
  3. An improved speed of concord response, taking into consideration System Security Status AND the Players Security Status.

At the end of the day as a CSM I want to work for the community and to improve the community interactions.

Discord Server: Rathon Altols Hot Mess

Direct Discord: Rathon Altol (The Hot Mess)#3955

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And what changes do you think are needed in the game, or are you just running for the hell of it.

What can you bring to the CSM table that is not already covered by other candidates?

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And what changes do you think are needed in the game, or are you just running for the hell of it.
I believe I have answered that now with my updated posting.

What can you bring to the CSM table that is not already covered by other candidates?
The biggest thing I bring to the table is my desire for community

When you say you want what’s best for the community, just exactly what type of player group are you referring to?
There’s very diverse groups within this community, from New Players to Veterans, from PvP to PvE players, etc. The career choices available in this game are also very diverse, ranging from Trade to Combat, from Citizen to Criminal, etc.

What experience do you have that qualifies you to represent my interests and the type of gameplay I engage in?
I’ve been a very active member of the Eve community for over 10 years. I mainly fly solo but at times have also done fleet ops. I’m a PvE player in NPC starter corp but I’m not risk adverse. Even though I tend to spend most of my time in High Sec space, as an explorer / mission runner I still conduct my career choice in all sectors of space.

What is your viewpoint on Faction Standings pertaining to anchoring structures in High Security space?
The removal of player Corporations needing positive Empire standings has caused excessive proliferation of structures all offering the same services. The goal is to make ISK with them but due to the current amount of structures and the ease of anchoring them, that goal is very difficult for small Corps to accomplish.

What is your viewpoint on adding more content to the mission pool for solo PvE players?
Over the past couple of years CCP has put a lot of effort into creating group PvE content which has been mostly unsuccessful. I think that content would be accessed a lot more if it was scaled down and added to the mission pool for solo PvE players.

If elected to CSM, will you actively hold Q&A sessions with players via Forum threads?
Over the years there’s been very few CSM members that have interacted with the playerbase here in the Forums. Granted the CSM can’t actually direct CCP to work on specific things but they can relay the concerns of the playerbase directly to CCP, ultimately creating better relations between CCP and the playerbase.

That’s it for now, I’ll probably have some other questions later. In closing I’d like to wish you lot’s of luck and much success in being elected to CSM.


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