Rats aggro and custom velocity

Hey guys.
I’m playing this game for over two years.
Because ratting is my only source of income, I’ve made extensive tests over those two years when it comes to ratting, especially semi afk ratting.
Every cruiser and battlecruiser is always focused by rats in forsaken hub so it’s fine.
I made a similar test with a similar build but using Battleships and i noticed that cruisers in 4th wave always target drones first.
Thing is that with cruiser and BC as long as you are within 50 or more km from them they always focus ship first. They will switch target for drones if they cant catch up to ship but as long as you orbit forsaken hub at 30km with velocity 370 or less they will always attack ship.
But i tested dominix with different fits, Rattlesnake and Nestor and all of them have the same problem.
4th wave of cruisers is focusing drones which is ridiculous.
I’ve reported that 7 months ago but obviously it is not fixed.

Also, a similar thing now exists on sanctum with carriers as well.
I was doing sanctums with my nyx. I warped at 20km and did not move.
Every rat should always focus carrier first, they may switch target but ship should be prioritized over fighters.
However, some rats in some spawns lock and attack fighters first.
I checked Haven and they are working fine as always.

SENIOR GM ARCHDUKE July 01, 2018 21:42

Thank you for the update again. I reviewed our logs starting from 10:12 EVE Time on the 1st of July 2018. when your character “Draqolas Windfury” entered a ‘Blood Raider Forsaken Hub’ till 10:49 EVE Time when the character logged out, and could unfortunately not see any irregularities. From this point it may be best to leave this to our bug-hunters and DEVs who can properly test this, and see if there indeed is an issue with how the NPCs switch targets.

Please note that there may be a delay in getting back to you on the bug-report - I thank you for your patience in advance.

Best Regards,
Senior GM Archduke
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

Still no response from CCP, yesterday I’ve checked if the bug is still there.

Another bug is with either velocity description or settings for custom velocity.
When you turn on prop mod on your ship and set a custom speed.
For example, you turn on 10mn ab on vni and your max speed is 600m/s.
You set max speed as 300m/s.
Then you get webbed by 50% and vni will be flying at 150m/s while it still should fly at 300m/s
Thing is that we set up the numerical value but the server treats it as % value.
This cause many problems…

I post it here because CCP simply ignores my reports despite extensive description and SS proof

I don’t really think what you are describing qualifies as a “bug”, as such.

Unless I missed some announcement on the subject, technically there is no specified “correct” behavior for the rats. What we considered “correct” is simply what we have observed so far. However we can’t really assume that their past behavior will remain the same for all time. CCP may well be tweaking their AI every now and then, causing small changes like these. (I know I would be, were I a CCP dev.)


This is not a bug.

You cannot set your speed to a specific numerical value; when you click on the speed gauge on the HUD you set you speed equal to a percentage of maximum speed (with or without propulsion module). Yes it’s true that when you set your speed it shows the actual speed in numerical value (in tooltips), this value is only a representation of the percentage relative to your maximum speed.

Well then it need to be corrected because when i set numerical value then it should give numerical value …

When setting your speed you set it as a percentage of your max speed (between 0% and 100%); so if your max speed is rated at 600m/s and you set your speed at 50% (which is technically 300m/s). Further more this allows the game to account for various negative/positive effects to easily be factored in: let’s say you get webbed by a single ship, reducing your max speed by 60%, this effectively reduces your max speed to 240m/s but since you’ve set you speed to 50% your actual speed will be 120m/s.

There is nothing to correct; it’s working as designed.

I’m sorry but if you refuse to ackowledge simple fact then we have nothing to discuss.
There is nothing to understand. Either you are inteligent person who can read or not.
Game state clearly. Set numerical value, yet does percentage.
Change description or game mechanic.
Current state = misleading

Some people can’t grasp the fact that the world does not revolve around them. Those people shouldn’t be playing eve :slight_smile:

Holy ■■■■, yesterday after the database maintenance downtime, I checked out a few sanctums and heavens…boy the fighter aggro I got was like insane. Even with keeping the fighter constantly moving I lost plenty of them to the point that that I threw in the towel and went to bed early.

Same here. Rats randomly trigger respawn of new groups. Fighters get aggressed almost all the time

They want us to switch for rorquals because we will use more accounts and they will have more $ in the end.

Is there a rule that says rats are required to focus your ship instead of your drones?

Sure, it’s incredibly convenient that the rats usually focus ships instead of drones. But calling it a bug when the rats start shooting your drones is misplaced.

Anyway, I rarely rat, but could it be an idea to grab the attention of the rats in some other way than just being there? Like a gun or EWAR module?

There is no rule.
But after playing this game for two years, when there is certain behavior that always happens.
When it change without mentioning it in patch notes, i take it as a bug or mischevious attempt of devs to achieve something that i certainly don’t appreciate.

No, i heard stories that you can put auto target module on the high slot, but I personally didn’t notice the difference. Perhaps there is a slight difference in that, but i never had aggro problems on forsaken hub assuming i fallow the rule mentioned in the main post.
I tested fits with guns, nos, neut, disrupts ect.
Hell, I even rat in eos with boost modules, and whether they are on or off. Fitted or not.
There is no difference.

The main problem is to eliminate VNI as a semi afk, easy obtainable source of income.
While rorqual requires injectors for most of the new players.
Also, people who have rorquals tend to have more accounts than those who play with VNI.
CCP attempted to gain new players but it failed. So now they want to squeeze current player base as much as they can.

This is stupid as I don’t know what. Things that red-box should stick to red-box, yellow-box I can understand swapping out, but as soon as I kill one frigate, everything switches to drones now. I looked in patch notes and see nothing. There’s got to be some way to figure out whether or not a person is afk ratting vs actually sitting at the keyboard and actively punching in commands. I guess drone-boats are no long viable in any PvE because of the overcompensation for people that bot-rat. Normally with a VNI it takes like 45 minutes to wipe a haven…all for a mere 30M after taxes. Now it’s taking me well over an hour because of pulling drones and putting them out again, or warping out to repair everything and then back in. sigh Time to be a good human and adapt, but FFS…at least notify everyone you’re going to royally screw with things so that we have a heads up.

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