Real life corpse buckets

I’d like to propose a feature that should make the out-of-Eve experience more engaging, and alleviate the hunger among the more mindlessly depraved.

At present our out-of-game character is only expressed through JSON and scaled images through the image server. I propose we enhance this.

First, my needs.

  • I have enemies. I also have a drone. I’d like to drop my enemies from my drone.
  • I have a lot of corpses. I’d like to make a real corpse bucket.
  • I’d also like to put those corpses’ body parts onto my model Rifter.
  • And it’ll be the only way I’d get my hands on a Chribba corpse.

And now, the proposal.

CCPlease publish full colour 3D printing blueprints of all characters past, present and future…

  • Published through ESI
  • Read-only: there’s zero need to update your char except through the client
  • Full colour blueprints
  • Low update latency is not a strong requirement
  • Full download statistics also available, to measure the love/hate for individuals

If this subject has been raised before, please accept my apologies.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Not at all disturbing.


Goram Reavers!

and once that and the bath tub are full? Where are you going to put them!? :laughing:

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That suggests I’m good enough to fill 'em up :wink:

Kill marks can be removed, but body parts are forever.

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