Rebalancing emerging conduits without killing it

Ok I’ve tried really hard to read all those nearly 300 posts on EC nerf thread, after reading all these whining (myself included, and I whined really loud lmao), I 'm trying to be constructive. Here’s some ideas about how to rebalance EC instead of simply nerfing it to ashes. Please add up your suggestions below, and try to be polite lol

The main problems with EC pre-nerf are as follows:

  1. Too easily accessed: ECs are seen literally everywhere in highsec, combined with very low respawn timer this lead to exploits as we’ve already seen.
  2. Nearly zero risk combined with unreasonable high reward: As far as I know running ECs is very low risk. Of course you see some MTU hunters that try to bait and gank you, but normally you only lose your MTU, which I would not call a risk, but a slight inconvenience.
  3. Easily soloable: Alpha players can do it in a praxis, although much slower. While this is good for newbros, such low difficulty also offers a wide profit window for bots since the cost to create and maintain dozens of bots is veeeeeery low compared to the isk they generated.

So here’s my own suggestions regarding these issues.

  1. About accessibility: Restrict EC spawns in a smaller area. For example, only systems invaded by Triglavians will spawn ECs. Respawn timer can use a similar mechanics to jump fatigue, the more ECs you run the longer the timer. But such timer should not scale up indefinitely and must have a cap(like 10 min after cleared).
  2. About risk: Reduce CONCORD presence in trig invaded systems. As local police force and navy are busy dealing with the invasion, their response timer should be much longer(Like double the response timer in accordance to system security). Also increase loot drops from players inside these invaded systems so the gankers have a better incentive to chase the reward.
  3. About difficulty: I think this content should remain its current difficulty as it was designed to contain newer players. The increased risk of suicide ganking should be enough to keep those bots away…maybe. I don’t really have a solution yet, maybe someone below can help me with that.

I wrote these because of my own selfishness. I’ve invested quite some time to run ECs fast and I really want it to stay as it was, at least to some extent.

I’ll really appreciate it if these words are heard and the change is made, but a very huge probability is that this thread will just sink to the bottom and nothing happens. If that’s the case…well, I can always move on. I can move on to low/null/worm, where CCP want us to go, or I move on to those “carebear” games where I can farm as much as I can. It’s time for the MR 22 Tenno to rise again.


Good riddance.




As a new site perhaps rather than taking EC’s away from new players.

But you’re probably never going to see the same rewards for easily soloable content. And i doubt players would even run it if they couldn’t get as high isk/hour.

Many people have demonstrated that it’s less about how fun the content is. They run it because it’s good and easy money.

For that reason, I’m skeptical people will keep running what you describe.

Then they deserve lower income, you shouldn’t earn that much without shouldering any risk. If all those people saying “We do it with newbros and raise them”/“We do it for relax” were honest, there will still have pilots running these sites, and they’ll find ways to adapt to the risk.


I sure could do with you two outta here instead. Your regurgitated, asshole responses bring nothing to the table, their only purpose displaying how much of a ■■■■ you are.


How about make them spawn better, but require them to be probed down.

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Sorry, but when farmer trash threatens to ragequit because they can’t mindlessly AFK farm at maximum ISK/hour the only thing to say to that is “bye”. People like that don’t belong in EVE.


Since I’ve heard there’re bots that can run relic/data sites, I don’t think probing can stop the bots. Besides this does not increase the risk, it will simply increase completion time slightly, and will be considered an meaningless annoyance by most players.

Bruh have you read the whole post? I spent like over 80% of the post talking about how can we fix the content instead of nerfing it brainlessly, and all you’ve noticed is the fraction of the last paragraph. Should I question your ability to read?

You lost all credibility at “farmer trash” - try less of a personal attack, and more of a rational argument next time, maybe you won’t come across as troglodyte who can’t form coherent response apart from insults.


The rational argument is **** farmer trash because they are farmer trash and deserve only contempt. I don’t care one bit about the opinions of farmer trash and their apologists.

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Then how about you prove what you say is true and shut up. Thank you.

It really comes down to balancing and fairness to all players. This one upset the balance and needed rework.

However long term the risk vs reward balance needs some tweaks that all players can agree on.

  1. remove L3 and L4 missions from highsec completely so the new players have incentive to move on.
  2. remove ore anoms, ice anoms, and anything beyond veldspar and scordite in HS
  3. Incursions removed from HS
  4. trig invasions and emerging conduits further reduce payouts in HS - have escalations to low and nullsec for the primo rewards

This will allow the new players to get introduced to the game but incentivized to spread their wings into low and null and form lasting corp bonds and less solo play.

Rebalancing is good and we want more players to stay and join game not quit.

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I think if those things were to happen then CCP would see the “Black out Effect” except in hi-sec. In that there would be a lot of people just log off and stay logged off until it was reversed.

Yeah I remember you posting this on other threads, but I don’t think removing everything from highsec will encourage players to move deeper, they’ll simply get bored and leave the game. Of course you can react like our informative friends above said, “People like that don’t belong in EVE.” But remember the game needs players to keep going, when you turn off the “newbie faucet”, you kill the game itself.

I can almost imagine that happening, and it probably will. It’s good, if they can’t take the risk they should stay away. I’m suggesting increase the content’s risk to match its reward and avoid exploits, you should never have free lunch.

After I said “try to be polite”, you spit out things like this?! Totally speechless.

I agree with you, but not all hi-sec players are farmers, there are plenty in null (see the Blackout rage).

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waht ?

BS. the only with zero risk were the passive shield fits, assuming no ganker would come, that were very bad reward-wise.

adapt or perish …
I paid vindis to friends because they had a hard time making money.
They will give me the vindis back. Or not.


It’s consistent money, but good … for HS, it’s pretty low. and actually rather demanding, skill-wise.
I had stopped them after reaching 200M/h, because that’s low.
I only did it with friends, but without minmax, just for fun. But not that much actually.

Again, you start by claiming you are wrong. Well then, we already had guessed so.

Your post is the opposite of speechless, farmer. I don’t give a ■■■■ about your thin-skinned, whiny ass asking for politeness. What you deserve is a boot right out of the game and that’s exactly what CCP gives you.

I won’t say it’s skill intensive, even an alpha can do it, although they’ll be much slower than dedicated players. This lead to botting, like 24/7 shield booster praxis. About the risk/reward, the ganking mostly happens near jita, while in Amarr/Gallente space a vast systems are conduit haven where you earn really high income and the only “risk” is the random guys that try to shoot you MTU.

About the adapt or perish part, sure, conduit is not the only thing I do here, I’m returning to the old way, gassing, hacking and occasionally incursions. EVE do offer much content, it’s just a pity to see some good content with good potential wasted.