Recommended Sys Specs

Are these specs serious? A gtx1060? Here I am with a gtx 770 not really noticing a difference. Will my card be good for a while or should I think about upgrading anytime soon?

We don’t know why the supposed minimum specs are way more than needed.

I’m running this game on an 4710MQ (notebook cpu) with a GTX765m on all settings maxed except shadows, because there’s not really much of a point in them.

To put that into perspective:

The 1060 is around 300% faster than my notebook GPU.
The specs CCP tells us are complete bogus.
Nonsense. Outright insulting.

Yes. No.

For even more perspective:

Your GPU is around 180% faster than mine.

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The system requirements (Specs) are more or less optimized for large battles which can put quite a strain on the GPU having to render thousands of ships, their weapon systems, Drones and what have you.

It’s quite possible to play EVE with hardware less than the minimum requirements but you should avoid large skirmishes. I’m running a GTX 970 and have no problems running multiple clients at once.


Yes they are serious, they are high to allow you to avoid potato mode in large engagements.

nobody avoids potato mode in large engagements :slight_smile: lol


true, i had not very large engagement in mind, more like a couple of hundred, wich is large for me.

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