Reduce system cost

Hi, CCP should introduce a mechanic that allows players to reduce system cost. I dont know how it should work, but such a mechanic will give players something to do that actually ties into the game unlike these uninteresting Arms Race and Resource Wars mechanics.

Preferably the mechanic works on an individual basis so that if you put in the work to reduce system cost in a specific system only you will benefit. Im leaning toward some kind of mission/standing system that players have to “grind” to maybe get a maximum of 1% point reduction in system cost.

The reason i bring this is up is because i found a system i want to use as a base but the system cost is very high. Even if i was able to get a rebate so its goes from 3% to 2% the cost would still be high, but at least i would have something to do between manufacturing and updating market orders to keep a lower system cost. This is the kind of direction CCP needs to take the game in, because it ties in better with existing mechanics contrary to Resource Wars and Arms Race which seem more like filler content and poor use of dev time.

You could make an interesting mechanic i guess where NPC corps requests certain items. Perhaps they give you a blueprint copy but then you have to come up with the materials and the means to manufacture it. So it will be like a mission, but the item you turn in is something you have manufactured. I guess it should be an item that could not be bought on the open market - But honestly i dont see why not. Maybe it will kick the economy up a notch.

Obviously such a mechanic requires careful consideration. But im not getting paid to do this so why would i spend alot of time on it :slight_smile: This is just to get things going you know. And i play the game anyway so may as well share a gist of my ideas. BRING ON THE HATE

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No hate, but yes, such a mechanic requires careful consideration. My first impression is that such a feature would be bad as you described by providing a non-disruptable mechanical advantage to veteran players and incumbents over newer industrialists.

We did have that whole teams thing for a while:

Perhaps that just needs to be dusted off and fixed somehow?

I believe system cost index is working well. Those who care can easily find systems with indexes less than 1% and a year of manufacturing several billion/week has pushed my manufacturing index all the way up to 1.5%. It takes a few more jumps to take my production to market but, in a blockade runner, that isn’t a big deal.

I didn’t like the original concept for teams and am glad CCP removed them but think personal teams or crews:

  • assembled and trained by individual players,
  • paid a small salary that can provide an ISK sink,
  • granting a small bonus similar to an implant that increases with training,
  • tradeable through contracts and recoverable as loot,

would add some interesting choices - if you’re paying them a salary, you’ve got to keep them busy!

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System Cost index was introduced to spread the production to different systems instead to be in one system only(ie Jita). Arms Race and Resource Wars was introduced to improve Small Group Content, also as new player content. If you don’t like it because is not solo player content, don’t do them but also don’t criticize it if you do not understand it.

CCP wants people to group up and meet other people. Yes, they know there are solo players in the game, but EvE Online is focused on Group Content, not solo content. And this is what CCP wants to focus and should focus. But I also agree that CCP should take a look at solo content, but at the existing ones not create new ones.

And people will bring the hate if the reason behind an Idea is “because I want it this or that” and you do not understand why the mechanic you want to change is in place. So, first understand the mechanic you want to change, second does not say “Because you want to” and third understand CCP roadmap and intentions.

And to finish, if you want to start Industry in a system but the cost index is high, search for another system. Even 1 jump away could mean a huge difference. This is CCP intentions and the reasons behind it are to increase production of Items which are required to industry(like Structures), increase movement of material and reduce the load on the system.

I constructed a raitaru in a system with 0.1 % system cost
After few weeks of intense production 24/7 multiple queues running…
System index reached 1.07 %

So if it still rising that way i will consider to move to other system and wait this cool down.

you may not also be the only one building in your rat unless you have it limited docking.

SCI is (iirc) a weighted average of sorts of the last rolling 30 days of manufacturing activity. The only way to reduce SCI is by reducing or eliminating manufacturing being done there.

You also need to keep in mind, 3% is piddlychump for a cost index. Some systems can be burnt out so badly the SCI exceeds 10%, and they’ll be burnt out for months. Keep hunting around for a system with a lower index. Find one but doesnt offer what you want for manufacturing? Drop your own down and get busy.

I dont really care how it works or if 3% is cheap compared to other places. I just want the option to make it cheaper. Why is this not an option? Im not talking about making it free, im talking about being able to get it a bit cheaper. It will make the game better because it will give people more things to do. I used to grind standings with NPCs to get a better broker fee, but now that player structures are introduced you can use the hubs and get cheap broker fee by default. So actually content was removed in a way, i have less incentive to gain NPC standings. Please figure out a means to lower system cost, it will make the game slightly more interesting.

You still do not get it. If the index is high in one system, move to another system where the index is low. This is the intended mechanic behind the index. Is not needed a way to reduce it.

Well, with your Idea Manufacturing of Raitarus (to give an example) will be reduced, the use of fuel(Item Sink) will be reduced, the movement of material around will be reduced, the ISK sink will be reduced. All of this will affect the economy of EvE badly. And will increase the load on particular systems.

If you do not see this, I’m not the one who lack on vision.

Thanks for the insults.

Im not even going to bother to read your post. Sorry.


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Yeah you’re supposed to move. You probably won’t have to go far to find a low cosr system. I go one jump.

But as I’ve mentioned before, the game is deliberately designed to get you moving around in space. That’s when the magic happens.


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“Thats when the magic happens”

You are wrong. When CCP introduce new features like being able to reduce system cost THATS when the magic happens. Otherwise the game stagnates and people run out of stuff to do.

If CCP provided a mechanic to reduce job cost, the structures in Perimeter would be packed so tight you could walk from Urlen to Jita. They want to encourage people to spread out and system cost index does the job reasonably well. The old slot limits did a better job of limiting the amount of production in a system - maybe we should go back to that and eliminate SCI altogether!

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Right, game goes stagnant because you’re entirely unwilling to move over ONE SYSTEM where SCI is lower? SCI is an indication of the amount of manufacturing being done in a system. You DO understand that, right? That means there is precisely two options you have: reduce/stop the manufacturing in that system until SCI lowers to a satisfactory level, or choose another system.
CCP isnt going to arbitrarily add a way for you to reduce SCI beyond what is already available. Why? Because SCI is player-modified and player-managed. That’s ALSO why market skills really only affect npc owned markets.

Perimeter does not gain an advantage over other systems from this since other systems also benefit from this mechanic.



System A system cost = 5%
System B system cost = 1%

Lets say the mechanic enables a maximum reduction of system cost of 20%

So post-mechanic

System A system cost = 4%
System B system cost = 0,80%

You still save money by moving from system A to system B, but now you have something extra to do to squeeze out a little more profit. I dont see what the problem is.