Reluctantly returning player

This character currently has only bout 27mil Sp which is a messy mix of ■■■■ the alliances needed for various crap on various accounts. But has ok pvp skills, mostly mimitar.

Looking for mainly small gang type stuff maybe wormholes, not a fan of 0.0 much since anytime someone jumps in they dock or safe up, maybe that’s changed but doubt it.

What I don’t want:

-Mining, Can fly a orca and crap but no…just no

-multi boxing, Been there done that not interested

-Endless blues/alliances, If everyone in eve is your friend or possible future friend im not interested.

-Epi or whatever check, Not hiding anything, want to know ask, but you don’t need to know what I have or what I can afford. I have enough banked up over the years to not need hand outs.

-Mandatory Ops, Like I said I’m 43 work all day and have a family. If I’m available Ill be there but not dropping what I’m doing for some pixels.

-Drama, my life is mostly drama free and I’m not going to deal with game drama.

-Multiple communication apps and ■■■■, I’m not signing in to this that and the third so you can contact me.

-Anybody associated with Providence/CVA. I just don’t like you.

-Stupid Interviews, If need more than I just told you then you asking for too much.

OK with that being said let the offers begin or not…can you feel my enthusiasm?


Looks like only CODE left from your filter lol

Between your ‘no ESI requirement’ and no interviews, you are not going to get a lot of options. Maybe Eve isn’t your game.

Might I suggest WoW, SW:TOR, City of Heroes: Homecoming, and/or Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2.


Spare me your Eve is not for you non sense. Played for years everyday straight on multiple accounts, multiple screens and ridiculous amount of spreadsheets for various crap. My wife couldnt tell if I was playing a game or had second job. The ESI/.Interview crap is more for the paranoid leader that thinks everyone is a spy. What does the ESI get you? My mail, isk, characters etc . Really tells you nothing of my intentions, I can train up a new account and play the role for as long as it takes to earn your trust before doing anything. Interview? I’ll tell you everything you want to hear. So fine, if its a requirement still after all these years of alliance thefts that these precautions did nothing to stop, then I guess I’ll have no choice.

Like I said I’m back just to play a game not restart a second life. I’m self sufficient so dont care bout your stuff, all i want is to blow up the stuff. Besides Im getting to old and lazy to put all that effort into that any more. :laughing:

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I would suggest reading up on the latest changes to EVE. With more coming. That you can do while still being a good family man.

I would also suggest looking through the recruitmet center forums for a WH corp tp your liking. In “The Age of Chaos”, wh’s seem to be the most profitable and fun atm.

Welcome back! You are going to regret it! :rofl:

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You’re looking for PvP. I’ll admit you might be able to find a new corp to take you without the ESI and interview; but, most of the established corps aren’t going to take you. Again, if you want a active corp that’s going to do what you want to do, you’re going to have to concede on the ESI and the interview.

Yes, and you admit you were doing hi-sec mining for some of that. And then moved onto null sec. So, I know you were API/ESI at that point because I don’t know of any null sec corp that takes anyone who doesn’t require them.

Also, I don’t frankly don’t care how long you’ve played. You left for some reason and now you’re back (that’s good). However, your demands are probably not going to get met. I’m just being honest with you.

Considering the first major alliance in Eve was taken down by a spy, yeah its safe to assume everyone is a spy.

And any WH corp that isn’t fledgling (AKA new and likely building) is not going to take you without an ESI and an interview. Why? Because all it takes is a spy with access to the corp’s pathfinder/tripwire/etc. and a lot of information that another corp could use to evict you can be gotten there. Things like what wormhole is your home, where your closest K-space connection is… and these are wormhole specific… nevermind about being able to reveal fleet comp information (which is important to both wormhole corps and small gangs).

In Eve, information is probably more powerful than the ship you are flying. One of Goonswarm’s greatest advantages is their spy network. Its amazing.

Speaking as someone who used to run APIs for a faction warfare corp, I’ve found a spy or two just using what is now done via ESI. You just need to know what to look for… and no, I won’t tell you. If you’d like to learn, I believe there is an actual corp that teaches people how to be spies.

I’ll admit its harder to read people when you can just hear voice, but sometimes you can hear something in someone’s inflection that sets off warning flags. There have been whole psychology books written on how to read people. I’ve read a few.

Just because spies have been successful doesn’t mean that ESIs and interviews haven’t stopped thefts from happening by not recruiting someone. That’s like saying, “Well, you know… some bad meat got past the inspectors, we should just quit inspecting because it doesn’t work.” Again, I’ve caught spies via API.

Oh, you have a choice, you can keep your demands. But I’m just telling you that your options are going to be very limited.

And I’m going to offer you some advice here, feel free to ignore it. If you have to do an interview, use it to your advantage. I returned to Eve because my wife started playing and she wanted me to find a corp that would fit both of us. I had 4 corporations ready to accept us in before we chose one.

Why? Because I asked questions during the interview to make sure the corporation was a good fit for us. Do the same. Ask about corp culture. You said you don’t want any drama… well, I’d suggest making sure you’re flying with similar and like minded people. Because if you’re on voice comms with people, small talk will occur and you will talk about things other than Eve… and that can cause drama.

TL;DR version: You are going to have to make compromises if you want an easier time finding what you are looking for… and my advice is that if you have to do an interview, make sure you use it to find the right corp for you.

This exists for a reason:

And why it is like that in EVE is for a reason too. Just something for your consideration. Others also explained it in detail so pointless to repeat that.

Good luck o/

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I’m CEO of brand new corp called Darth Rome, started it a week ago. We are a free and relaxed high sec corp. We have a few structures including a Raitura, a moon mining Athanor and an Astrahus. We should be getting an Orca in a few days. We have about 20 members. We do exploration, mining and industry. Where looking at running wormhole fleets and doing pvp roams in low and null. Let me know if you’re interested. :slight_smile: Sincerely Darth Roam. :slight_smile: P.S no interview required.

Know the feeling.

Have more fun these days than old, just flying with a group of players,some in the same corp, some belonging to others.

But we have fun, don’t stress the stupid stuff, just follow the rule of KISS (Keep it simple stupid)

Sure we have to odd PVP, and other things, but mainly its a group of guys and girls that have real lifes (kids, family, work, and other real world things to worry about) and jump on EVE to chat with others and blow of steam.

Sounds like you need to find the same thing.

Hi Lords Servany,

Wow, you’ve created quite a stir!
We are recruiting, and we are looking for both old and new players, since the 2.5 months we started were up to nearly 40 members. We have a lot to offer and a different mentality to ‘most’ eve corps, take a look.
I think we tick most of your boxes, certainly the majority of people including me are more muture so no dramas in game. We will never ask for you API/ESI…please take 5 mins to have a read.

If it looks like it could fit please give me, Terrus Askiras or Glendees a shout inagame.

Fly safe, GM

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