Remove all game provided intel now


you chose to remove local from null. This is ok. Please also remove all the free out-of-system intel provided by the map and agency! I do not see any reason, why the hunters should know where to go by any other means than actually go there and look for themselves.

These claims have been made before, and some answers were like “if those tools would be missing, no one would find anyone for PvP” or “the PvP would just happen in certain hotspot systems”. So what? If you want to hunt your prey (PvE-players), then you would need to actually find them. You would not know how many people are in a system before, you wouldnt know about activity before. The 2 carriers on D-Scan could be alone, or they could be just the bait for your group.

As it is now, any smart hunter group can easily avoid traps. You do not need to do much more than to just check starmap, and you know all you need to know. I do not see how this is balanced in any way.

So, removal of local in null - fine! But dont keep the tools for the hunters as they were. Remove all starmap intel, remove all agency intel for nullsec too.


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