Remove Local From DOCKED Areas

Having local while docked is the ultimate in free intel.

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People shouldn’t be allowed to socialize while docked?

-1 No

They can chat all they want, they just can’t see the list of people in the system.

Or remove it in general.

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Only incompetent people keep demanding local removal.

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The incompetent ones being the ones trying to remove a magic crutch…

Got it :roll_eyes:

The incompetent one is the one who wants to remove a perfectly leveled playing field in favor of one side or the other having a massive advantage. :wink:

Removing local as an intel channel if nothing but a good thing.

+1 Remove local while docked or otherwise

Oh there are “sides”, what sides are those?

It is a game based on realism and being able to magically see everyone in space while docked is not realistic.

It is absolutely realistic. I am on Slack and Discord and see all the people on these services, online and offline even. You do not see offline people in EVE. :wink:

It is also lore realistic because your mind is linked via the pod to the fluid router network which links all the pilots.

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Sniff sniff … Smells like CODE xD
Also, the massive advantage is the PVE/HIGHSEC one am I right?

If everyone has local it’s a level field. If everyone doesn’t have local it is surely still a level field.


No, it is not because sov null sec will get some structure that gives them something like the current local or reduce delay until you show up but you roamer will keep the longer delay because benefits for sov holding and such.

Alrighty. But you’re making assumptions that I’m not. We have different ideas of no local.

Eh, Delayed constellation instead of local wouldn’t be a bad idea. Still tells you that there are people around, but makes it a little murky if they are camping you or someone else, and allows fast ships to run through a constellation without showing up. Though I’m in agreement that Sov alliances should not get special bonuses if such a delay happened.

On the other hand removal local while docked is just sucky. You are in a station, said station has sensors, probably far better sensors than a ship has. And you need to know if you are about to undock into a giant station camp or a gang. The only reason to removal intel while docked and make you utterly blind is to allow station campers to win.

Nice misquote.

Surprised overall anyone would defend being able to spy on a system while docked in a station.

Because it doesn’t impact spying much but it does impact defenders massively.

It impacts no one really, they can undock and cloak, take that tiny risk.

You only see them if they want you to.
They can simply not be in the same channel as you and you would never know…