Report: Constellation Eugidi

TOP SECRET – Operation: Purge

Stage 1

Gammel III - SBA Office - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support


Lord Consort Shutaq-Newelle,

If I may convey my gratitude, it is a great honour to have been entrusted with command of the discovery phase on this operation.

I hope that this message finds you in good standing?


Following intelligence provided in the previous brief, this team has undertaken action seeking to secure the following criteria:

  • Investigation of RSS operations
    • Eugidi Constellation
    • Obtain assets
    • Discover enemy security breaches
    • Identify enemy supply sources
    • Locate pathway of infiltration & data package couriers
  • Status report on Amarr forces
    • Eugidi Constellation
    • Deployment of House Sarum Troops
    • Morale of Imperial Navy system patrol fleets
    • Capsuleer Militia
    • Infrastructure
  • Recommendations

Observations & Status

  • Significant transportation of targets monitored from Avenod V – M1 – Republic Parliament Academy on to Isbrabata VIII – M5 – RSS Assembly
    • Sections of the Republic Parliament Academy may house Covert Training Facilities
    • Current system control provides monitoring of civilian transport but not interdiction
    • Acquired asset; from inside Turnur II – M5 – RSS Assembly plant, presumed dead, caught in fleet action
  • Concerns over effectiveness of security operations in Kurniainen
    • Border controls found to be substandard
    • Kurniainen IX station under strong influence of mercenary & pirate capsuleer operations
  • Signs of a covert infiltration routed through the Bleak Lands via Saidusairos into Everyshore & Sinq Laison identified.
    • Ultimate destination identified ship transport into the Sanctum Constellation.
    • Clues indicate that the route has gone cold.
    • Alternative route of infiltration & data couriers considered probable.
    • New gate Irgus to Pakhshi suspected route.
  • Clear evidence of military supply or assistance not yet established.
    • Investigations continue on links between RSS and unsavoury elements in Eugidi
    • Possible black market sources of materials and pirate provision of transportation
    • RSS has a reputation for unsavoury links.
  • Eugidi Constellation
    • Star systems superiority held by Amarr Militia
    • Logistical supply of deployed Kameira Regiments & Bragian Order considered good
    • Said forces deployed, supplied and troops at 100% readiness
    • Orbitals anchored by the Yassavi family holdings have proven very useful
    • Number of additional deployed structures shown to have been effective blockades
    • Effectiveness of Imperial Navy lower ranks diminished by low morale and poor equipment
    • Producing little or no defence of outposts, facilities & compounds
    • Training of non-capsuleer crews below par
    • Maintenance & equipment of standard issue patrol ships considered substandard


  • Activation of skilled infiltration units requested
    • Deployments for Avenod in Eugidi & Gedugaud in Brazinget
  • Deployment of further frontline uniformed security for customs / border control
    • Recommend deployment of Amarr Light Marines to stations in Kurniainen, Isbrabata & Floseswin
  • Further resources required to determine the increased links between Suvuuvestaa & RSS.
    • Can we move current assets planet-side on Isbrabata V & Eytjangard IV?
  • Request you send a private petition to Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum
    • Request an immediate review of Imperial Navy with an aim to improve performance of both Patrol Ships, equipment and crews defending outposts, installations and facilities
    • Imperial Navy Midshipmen, Major & Captains performance reviews increased in frequency and robustness.
    • Overhaul or change of routine to security measures on stations controlled in Eugidi
    • Dialogue opened with representatives from House Ardishapur to ascertain if any support is required in Hed constellation. Systems are currently under relative control and forces have been staging from the Yassavi Family Holdings in Dal.

We will await your further communiqué on the matters arising and hope you find the recommendations agreeable and applicable?

It is my personal hope that we might see a recognisable difference in front line forces across the regions, so that we might see a reduction to the reckless loss of life. I wonder whether our holders have considered application of the Clone Soldier programme for use aboard Imperial Navy Warships in order to raise quality and effectiveness.

In honour & privilege,

Master Sergeant MacRobert

Legatus Commordore of the 24th Imperial Crusade

Commissioned to [SBA] - Optima Upsilon Delta Mallaeus

“For when you are consumed with self-doubt; stride forward in the knowledge, that although imperfect, you will overcome weakness & be guided through by his Holy word”

Rumoured passage from the Litany of Truths, Book of Emptiness - an excerpt from”Arkan’s lectures on lost Theo-archaeological scripture”.


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