[Resolved] 20220707 - Issues with Minmatar Liberation Day Sites

CCP QA department works like a charm. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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First day online always is beta testing day :wink:


Is there any chance of being able to get improperly dropped skins if tickets are filed?


And for the love of BOB please give players “set destination” and “warp to location” buttons for the parade sites.
It’s laughable that the various help chats are still having to guide every new player to the sites on a one by one basis.
Every single time we have one of these events in any of the 4 Empires, rookie help and english help are a never ending barrage of “how 2 fynd Titan plz”


They haven’t fixed the general issues for the Warp and Dock or Warp and Jump regular game commands for years, now.

Perhaps if they fix your issue they can get working on those two, years old problems?


'Cuz CCP?

Oh, and “'Cuz {insert ANY computer software ‘management team’ here]”.

After today’s (2022-07-08) patch, this is still the same text and wrong event.

Is it fixed, couldn’t find any mining sites.

yesterday some mining sites spawned but somehow they didn’t respawn anywhere after completion. :confused:

Ok it’s not the first time we’re having this issue of not knowing the exact restrictions of the event sites, but this event is region specific. So CCP - do you think it’s a good user expierence to travel across half of the galaxy only to know that your ship is not allowed to enter the event site?

Is it too hard to do something like this right into the event agency page?:


What event? The capsuleer day one? Another day, another patch, still the same Capsuleer Day Faction Selection.

You guys are either blind, out of ideas to replace that window, or plain simple not caring about details anymore. Good job CCP.


Nothing to worry about. The Federation experts are on their way for technical help to them through Concord.

CCP are laughing their way to the bank while they recycle content.


Fun Fact:
Sites are respawning in the same constellation when you do them. So there are some systems like Hulm where nobody goes and those mining sites pile up.

There were 70 Ressource War sites in that system and all other Systems in the Constellation were empty.

The bad thing is that Hulm is a starter system and if those sites flood your overview that is probably not the best new player experience, especially since 50% of those sites will kill a new player in seconds.

EDIT: I would also like to know how the sites NPCs were balanced according to the mining ships balance changes where a Retriever now has 90k+ EHP. Are those NPCs buffed to scratch them? :wink:


Well after a week of back and forth with CCP

(looking far more like the communist party of “you take our answer and you like it” than i remember)

They will not do anything about the unlootable items. Effectively they have told everyone your time and effort mean f all to us. Thanks for bug and beta testing for free now give is our overpriced 25$ sub fee for working for us. Just rediculous how far this company has fallen since i played last in 2010. Sad.

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maybe just read patch notes?

What in those patch notes have anything to do with mining sites not spawning and bugged hacking sites?

Wеll, i think Boosters and Accelerators drop rate isnt normal.

It should be written in the news, not hidden in the middle of patchnotes.

Also - should we play a guess game of what is considered an “empire” and what is not?
For example - Concord ships? Soe? Edencom? Why not?

Isn’t adding a quick hint in the event agency page (as i suggested) a better solution? :sunglasses:

they are too lazy for that. they just copy/paste old stuff between latte and avocadotoast.