[RESOLVED] 20240404 - Temporarily disabling all NPC in-space item trader services

UPDATE: We deployed a small patch at downtime today to address this issue and have re-enabled the NPC in-space item traders throughout New Eden.


Due to an issue which was recently uncovered we will be temporarily disabling all NPC in-space item trader services in EVE Online.

Traders affected include:

  • Upwell Applied Gravitation Research Centre in Auviken
  • Triglavian Biocombinative Schematic Cache
  • Drifter Wormhole Vaults
  • Pirate Laundering Centers and Counter-Insurgency Outposts

When attempting to interact with the above traders, players will receive an error message which says “You cannot do that because the structure is currently offline.” We anticipate this outage will be resolved within the next 24 hours.

In the meantime, players can still run content and accumulate the tokens which you will be able to resume trading when the item trader services are re-enabled.


Send it via ingame popup or in launcher. Number of “WTF” players insys is groving :-]


Exploit, exploit… lol.


need to change game name in EveOffline! somehing wrong with current game designers all new dont have optimisation, test and logic. so its does not work corretly. every time happing same, but you have useless pewpew intead smooth interface and grafics!


Are you for real? This is insane. Shame on you, pcc, what a pitiful disgrace

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I’m so happy I didn’t spend hours running around getting these stupid items just to get a headstart on some fresh content for once.

(Hint: I did really :frowning: )

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Do you just enjoy complaining that much? Seriously, this will be fixed soon, and it’s not like you suddenly lost all that junk you gathered.


You can still play the content and get a head start on collecting tokens as far as I can tell. It’s just a 24 hour or less delay in being able to redeem those tokens.

I get being dissatisfied that things aren’t 100% working, but it seems like people have to exaggerate the impact of the issue to be able to find something of enough significance to be worth complaining about.


Let’s blast some rogue drones into dust!


Maybe I do? And what?

Nothing was exaggerated, but I get that people have to exaggerate.

Is this the same “temporary” as the “temporary” suspension of the bounty system a few years ago? :stuck_out_tongue:


Kill rights were only disabled ‘temporarily’ also?

I meant this:

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