Resource Redistribution Update

Even so it’s pretty dumb mechanics, need mining to raise index, and have no ores to mine.


Same.I really loved this game back in the old days.FY Ccp


Im sure there s another moon mining nerf cooming soon…

OK played with the new updates. and now with the ess. I see it has brought more fights and cut mining totally out . But that is not CCP’s goal they want all to fight. Seems there is a big war going on and they think we should all run all around the map to get the ore needed. Been with the game for awhile and i’m considered a senior citizen. Think It’s about time to find something else to do cutting the cords today as I have always paid $$ for my subs and i’m just a miner and builder. But the new ccp does not think it’s needed and we should all run around. It’s not for me anymore. I did do some ratting not a lot but a little. was here just for I guess ability to talk to people. But game is now unplayable as can never accomplish my goals for me. I’m not a hard core player but think about it now it’s hard to build a cruiser as not enough minerals without going all over the map. Have fun guys might see you elsewhere. may take a while for some of my subs to die as have them rotating to pay with ssi


CCP doesn’t want you to run around. They want to make earning ISK tedious so that you would just buy plex and make them some real money.


The water is boiling and the krabs are singing.

This is very encouraging.

Edit: What exactly was inappropriate about that? Some people will flag anything these days

You do realise how stupid this is, because plex is only worth isk if someone has isk to buy it.

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Nothing stops CCP from ensuring that whoever purchased PLEX using Credit/Debit Card will always be able to sell it. CCP can just buy these PLEXes from sellers with ISK which they can generate in any ammout they want, it will cost them 0 effort :wink:

So CCP ins’t really dependent on “wealthy” players who will generate demand in PLEXes, they can easily cover any shortage of demand.


Sure, CCP can ALSO change how Plex work in order to make this conspiracy viable…
Now we are just getting more and more complex with zero evidence. It just doesn’t add up to a realistic scenario

Enjoy while you can, cause the Krabs will soon leave the water and do something else


Guys, don’t get me wrong, I’m not for nor against this change, I’m just saying that CCP have all tools to convert purchased PLEXes in ISKs, this is their income, they will make everything to ensure that people who buy PLEXes using real money will always be “happy”.

And why would that lessen my joy?

What would you hunt, if all the deers move to greener pastures?

Thats very presumptive of you.

They’ve always had that ability though and they never did what you are talking about in the past, when Plex were 100 Mil (ok it might have been GTC back then but same thing basically).
So there is no real reason to believe they would now.

Theres has been already a hidden moon mining nerf. Since null ore mining is dead, everyone and his mother is mining moons, so the price of the goo has dropped 50%


Mining dont works anymore Rattin neither and Producing also is ■■■■■■ up. why dont just anything else then PVP?? more and more long term players are moving on to other games since their playstile isnt wantet anymore.


lesser crabs lesser easy targets

One : I dont have Targets

Two : Less krabs, more opportunities for non-krabs

like what? roamers will start to gank asteroids ?

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