Resource Redistribution Update

Alright I get it now, thanks for the clarification. While I agree with everything you said, there is no need for popups and the choice is up to the miner. It fits with the “risk versus reward” policy. You could either do the game and maybe get ganked (although you could leave the game anytime you want) and earn more, or play safe and do not engage the mini-game, keeping full attention to local and surrondings.

No it doesn’t, that’s the problem.
Playing a tedious mini-game every few minutes is not risk vs reward, it’s forced make work or be penalised.

Tie Project Discovery to mining, solve sample every two minutes with accuracy applied to mining efficiency. J.

You can just choose not to take it and nothing changes so its not the same.

I would absolutely be up for that, as soon as they reinstitute blackout. Seems fair.


I ran into the same problem, twice in different ways. I trained the hell out of armor and shields to try to die less and not constantly have to start from scratch, they nerfed the hell out of both and I would up dying more. So I changed tactics and started training mining and industry stuff only to have it happen again with that. I only wanted to be able to make my own while so I could afford them but after all that wasted (I hate this stuff, it’s boring as hell to me, I like flying, not screwing with fiddly buttons and waiting for mining cycles) time I find it’s still much cheaper to just buy my ships and get blown up in them.
When you are new, or in my case fairly new, these sorts of things just make skill training seem pointless.


But but but… It’s not pay to win

Removed some spam posts.

i just want our ice back. our former ice system shows on the agency as such but we havent had an ice belt in 3 weeks now.


Actiive miners already make more than an afk miner. Active miners want to take full advantage of the skill we trained a long time for. The longer you keep your mining lasers running the more you mine. If you afk mine, you do not take full advantage of the skill bonuses and mine less.

Waddabout some new phase or something? It would be the perfect excuse to kick leo from the browser, I´m quite sick of it.

More room for nullsec alts

Hi there I would also like to comment on it and translate it with Google. Eve-Online is a great game that has a lot more potential. We pay the people of CCP, without us players, CCP might go bankrupt. CCP would like to achieve something with the changes?

  1. The PvP so promote the destruction

  2. Upgrade some solar systems Solutions or starting discussions, but discussing 3 people, we have 5 opinions, so we should find the mediocrity with which most people are satisfied.

  3. There can be some kind of contamination for every station after 1 million visits (the best height would have to be found out) And the cleaning of the station takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the expanded departments + sum x ISK, where no player can then enter the station because it has to be disinfected. - There can also be some kind of tax and repair costs if I fly a ship and make 10 jumps, or if I leave the constellation, I have to dock and pay the sum x for map updates. Every ship and module can be damaged by radiation (which penetrates shields and armor). Every module, including clockings, fail after 2-5 hours and have to be overhauled. The time and extent of the damage and the costs have yet to be determined

  4. Instead of working on the minerals of the Belts, take a different perspective to revive unpopular regions. A chunk in an Astrobelt begins as a Veldspar, when the mineral is ripened in peace "through the cosmic radiation and after 1 week it is dark ocher and after 1/2 year it has become the best material. So I have 3-6 belts around the system at the beginning I have veldspar what I can break down, I leave the belt or the chunk of Veldspar in rest, I have the best mineral, but I only run the laser once on the chunk, then it stays the mineral what it is right now until i mine it. And everything starts all over again.
    You can also screw on the agent, not that an LVL 4 agent gives me missions 24/7. 10-20 missions can be carried out per person and agent within 24 hours. Then I have to go to another agent (since he can’t take me anymore) or do something else in New Eden.

That’s it so far
Stay healthy and fly safely

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i just dont get it i really dont . first the blackout you lose thousands of players i mean thousands . and now this are you trying to just end the damn game i mean really ccp ,what kind of ppl do you have working there . ppl that want to just keep losing money i mean for real you have been screwing miners and indy ppl for years and now this whats next . you just take minnig and indy out of the game for god sake. i spent for ever learning my rorqual skills up for 4 players and now my rorquals are no more thanks ccp for screwing the game all the way up for me and when you dont have the ships that we build to replace the ships blown up then you will seed the market and its no long player base you have went back on what you started this game for you have and the devs need to go back to what you believed in the players made the game we build everything ships everything now just seed it for god sakes stop just stop indy is no more thanks for screwing it up for me again

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There, there - diddums feel better for a good rant ??

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