Please send them all over here, and then come over here yourself so that we can flay your miserable carcass and turn it’s remains into a nice banner to hang from one of the posts.

You would be welcomed with open arms.


Did you just look into a mirror? You attack civilians yet you call us tainted and corrupt. The only filthy rot is scum like you and I hope that the Empire seeks to cleanse itself of their own tyrans. If your words are the official stance of the Kingdom it’s probably time for the Amarr to reclaim you and not us.


Frankly, gassing the ****er in the flesh would’ve been more of a power move, but I can appreciate a good middle finger. Good on you and Mizhbear.


This is because I keep reviving that old “Sir North” joke, isn’t it?

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So. It’s treason then.


And there’s the other shoe.

Isha, I’m not even sure why I’m addressing this to you: fundamentally you, Mizhara, and Chakaid are all on the same side in this.

See, Samira Kernher was, up to now, a wonderful anomaly, a highly-principled freed slave and orthodox Amarrian Matari, looked up to by many, seemingly, on both sides of the war: honorable, knowledgeable, forthright. Someone both sides could admire, and did.

Now, her having sponsored an attack by Matari militants on Amarrian soil, that becomes … harder. Samira had her choice of allies in this. Choosing Mizhara allows militant Reclaimers in the Empire to paint even the most upstanding freed Matari as unreliable friends, unable to set aside their blood ties to the most violent elements of the Empire’s enemies.

A person upheld as a paragon of Ammatar potential and a rare point of common ground is now in such disgrace that PIE feels it has to sever itself from her completely. This may set back efforts to improve conditions for her kin in the Empire by years, and will likely have knock-on effects for recent converts such as Utari Onzo or allied heathens like myself.

This to the delight, I expect, of not only Sub-Baron Chakaid, but also of Matari extremists such as Mizhara and yourself. Better to have an “honest” enemy who “shows its true face,” yes?

Well played to Sub-Baron Chakaid, I’m exceedingly sorry to say.


Or Del’Thul, I wouldn’t put any of this past her either.


Possibly all of the above. Working for opposite, yet ultimately hand-in-hand goals.


I never thought I would live to see the day where I support the actions of Ms. Del’Thul. As I find the retaliation for the attack on the Brutor Tribe Treasury station in Rens completely justified, an outright attack on a capsuleers family is a serious thing that should be punished.


If PIE actually had the guts to stand up for what’s right then Chakaid’s “plan” wouldn’t go so nicely. Instead they hide and while letting Ms. Kernher take all the beating. Pathetic.


While I kind of enjoy the notion that I’m some sort of grand manipulator, I kind of have to question whether or not anyone would actually believe me capable of it. I mean, your side has repeatedly now compared me with… what was it, a rock? Not the most strategic of creatures, as it were. I don’t play games. I do what must be done, no more or less.

Of course, actually doing anything at all seems to be anathema and something to be condemned among PIE.


Well done…


Working with a terrorist to attack a target whose guilt has not yet been proven is what is right, now?

I’m fully intending to have my vengeance upon whoever is responsible for the attack on my family in Oris, but I would really prefer to be certain that I am punishing the actual culprit.

That means being patient when it comes to vengeance.


Stand up?

Respectfully, Dr. Starsurge, I agree that a response was probably warranted. Probably so does PIE. Probably so does … well, basically everyone.

Samira-- who I’ve long considered a friend-- chose Mizhara’s methods. “Not the most strategic of creatures, as it were.” (Don’t worry, Mizhara; I don’t think this was you, which doesn’t mean I think you’re not pleased as can be with how it’s turned out. You idiot.)

She went with catharsis-- with what felt good. In so doing, she tapped an ally who looks on collateral damage within Amarrian territory as a bonus prize.

That wasn’t, by a long long shot, her only option. And many of the ones she could have tapped understood the game that was being played. Samira had a lot of friends.

Fewer, now.

Gods DAMN it, Samira. . . .


I am wondering that as well, but I will take up the challenge!

I am not certain about this one. Quite frankly, there is very little “both sides” to the IGS, most Minmatar loyalists that are actually, well, loyal don’t seem to frequent these channels, but perhaps she did hold this respect in the past.

I will say I did not admire her, if anything she was an exemplar of everything I reviled.

That is, until she sponsored an attack in the Khanid Kingdom. I ah-…Have changed my mind a bit now. It would seem that her Minmatar blood has not been completely suppressed after all.


I would never be happy about the Amarr treating the Minmatar worse. While their treatment does not change our ultimate goal, I am not so heartless as to wish for the Amarr to be more brutal on their Minmatar servants just so that we have a bigger banner to rally around.

I do believe that the “true face” of the Amarr is heinous, evil, and nigh inhuman, and I do believe that the sooner the rest of the galaxy realizes this, the sooner we can enact a permanent solution to this conflict.

And I will celebrate any reluctance on the part of the Amarr to try and convert Minmatar and others to their cause, for it means less poor victims tangled in their web.

But I will not celebrate harsher treatment of my people, even if it benefits me. That is too much.


Doesn’t look like she did, to be honest. But Amarrian posturing demands keeping up appearances, so what are few friendships just so they don’t look bad themselves. One reason I have trouble trusting people who pledge themselves to the cult.


And letting the guilty have a chance to go unpunished because politics and people saving face. I am tried of the same old tactic of doing nothing, so this is a good change for the better


This target was guilty of countless vastly greater crimes than this. Even if he was somehow innocent of these attacks, which of course he wasn’t, he is a perfectly valid target for pretty much anything I could dream up.

Please, what exactly would any of you have done? What would PIE or SFRIM have done? Nothing. It’s all you ever do, either of you. None of you helped her with the clown. None of you put in the damn time and hours to actually stop him. All you feckless cowards ever did was stir the pot and then sit back and hide while things went to hell as a result of it.

So what exactly would you cowards and spineless runts actually do? Sit and pretend really hard that you ever do anything, that’s what. Cower in your stations, posting a lot while not actually getting anything done.

Some ‘friends’. You have failed her, time and time again. You failed her with the clown. You failed her now. You always failed her, be it SFRIM, PIE or any of the rest of you. If any of you had actually been there and stepped up when it was needed…

… well, you didn’t. And you lost out because of it.

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Nobody is saying to do that. We’re a society of order and nobody gets to be the judge, jury, and executioner. What if the attacks are proven to be from another, unexpected source? Then the attack on Chakaid was completely unjustified. There should and will be Retribution, but we absolutely need to deliver it to the correct target.


A statement from SFRIM will be forthcoming. For the time being, due to the sensitive nature of this thread, SFRIM pilots have been asked not to post without authorization.