Returning Player immediately Put off playing

Given that PLEX enters your PLEX Vault immediately and does not interact with Asset Safety unless you expressly choose to take it out of the PLEX Vault… yeah.

I haven’t looked into the topology of T-space beyond the basics. If the constellations are connected there’s a good chance we’ll see the emergence of a minor trade hub sometime in the future; which would give people like the OP other options.

You forgot that peeps first have to get some standings to travel thru gates. Without that its pretty much not a logistic heaven when you cant bring stuff around from trade hub to some other place without it. But maybe if everyone would stay in one only system, it woud work as a hub.


CCP will answer that it’s to the long-term benefit of the fundamentals of the game. And CCP has always been willing to throw any number of players under the bus in order to achieve their next vision of how players should really be playing.

From what I can tell your best options are file a ticket, see if you can get a freighter of the most valuable items moved to a decent location. Other option is to do some googling, find out how to achieve slight positive standings with both Trigs and Edencom (by fighting some Rogue Drones in Pochven), and then see if you can use the positive standings and some of the new filaments or wormholes to ferry your stuff out of Pochven.

Yes, CCP is once again walking down the path of sending significant numbers of players an “FU, we know what’s best for the game, suck it up!” message. Not like that’s anything new. So as usual, learn the options available, and then choose to adapt or walk away. Voting with your feet is pretty much the only message CCP is likely to listen to.


You missed “Ask around for a player who has all this existing, and contract it to them for hauling with collateral” & “Sell pre staged assets to someone wanting to mine in T space and buy new ones”

& the 3rd one for the Op, is the K space WH’s (Something 760’s I think?) that spawn in K space within 3 jumps of where the system used to be connecting to the system. You can tell if one is in system in K space by roaming Triglavian fleets.

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There are options,

Taking a random filament and hoping to get into the system you want is unlikely to be successful. What will work is taking a ship with long-range weapons and/or electronic warfare and “tagging” EDENCOM, Rogue Drone, and/or Drifter NPCs. Taking aggressive action against them will give you standing once those NPCs are destroyed whether or not you do so yourself.

Another alternative is to create a public courier contract for your stuff with a reasonable payout and collateral. My alliance operates out of Pochven and we do rates of about 25m for 50k m3 of Cargo.

If you are a solo player or don’t have a Corp why not join a corporation operating out of Pochven? Stribog is recruiting miners and industrialists. We can help you get to 3.0 standing so that you can traverse the region freely.

Or, another idea, contact EVE scout and try to get a wormhole connection to Kino.

Or, sell your assets in Pochven, fire sale everything for Jita -10% and someone will probably buy it.

There’s a whole lot of complaining about things that people can’t control in this thread. You have options, so only worry about those things you can control.


Reductio ad absurdum “Nothing should ever have changed since Eve first appeared, in case someone who left shortly after day 1 of Eve comes back and wants to find his stuff…”

Another one of these types of posts, expect we’ll see more as others return.

Or you know… CCP could do something like have the empires evacuate inactive player assets to a station one system over to not screw them while still allowing things to develop.


Buy a bunch of Home filaments to get in and Glorification filaments to get out, plus one Proximity filament (all cheap in Jita). Hop in a noob ship (or better cheap but fast and a bit tanky frigate, with MWD and cloak), and roll the dice. Eventually you will end up in Kino (make a safe spot). Dock in station, fill your freighter/Orca with as much as you can, fly to your safe spot, and jump out with the Proximity filament. Remind the timers. Repeat as you please.

This is not much effort, and maybe even fun gameplay.

CCP already made it absurdly easy to get in and out Povchen with “magic wand” filaments, don’t be lazy.


You have to filament out and in, and its random system. If you cant even dock up, and cant cloak, you are pretty much doomed to use trigs corps to grind good standings, then do what you want somewhere where you want it.

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BS … everybody not having negative trig standing can dock in all stations. If you never shoot trigs in the events you are fine, and the OP is returning from older times. You can cloak everywhere in space. You don’t need the fitting service to fill up a freighter.

And those who have bad standings cant. And Alphas cant use cloak.

I am writing it considering returning players, not Omegas only, not those who were not doing anything considering Trigs.

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Don’t need a cloak when you can dock, and MWD. How should OP have gained negative standing? He is just returning to the game!

But you cant know what different moment they were leaving the game, and what kind of standings they had. People who will read that, not only OP. I am writing considering many options.

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I can, by reading the OPs post …

I am not only considering OP, how many times I have to write that. There will be different people reading this, not only OP.

Also the filament solo method is pretty wastefull. Its better to find a fleet that will do that sort of content. Less hassle.


Just pay someone to haul it out of Kino for you then, contact me in game if you want the stuff out

I have been in this game a long time and I think that CCP has been degrading the game for a long time.

The involuntary poverty and the Triglavian Luminality nonsense have pretty much killed it for me.

What is the point?

I guess that means I have won EVE.


lol what a noob, leaving all of his stuff in a high sec station and not predicting that CCP would go on a rampage burning spree and pour nothing but misery on carebears and returning players.