Reversal of Blackout

This thread is about the REVERSAL of Blackout, not about Blackout itself. Please do not close / merge this with the main Blackout changes feedback thread. Player thoughts on Blackout reversal need to be heard, not lost in a megathread.

I recently resubbed 2 accounts after reading about Blackout and the upcoming chaos era. I loved that idea. So I think did many others. So hearing it’s now being reversed is hugely disappointing.

CCP you need to have more faith in your vision; EVE is supposed to be hardcore, but for a long time it seems to me that the safest place to be, with the highest ISK rewards, is null. Krab mine run endless anomalies in near perfect safety for the highest bounties and best ores. Oh and asset safety just in case. That is not what Null was supposed to be.

In my opinion, removal of local was a great start. You should have followed it up with removal of free intel from the API, removal of Fozzie sov, removal of asset safety, reduced caps on corporation and alliance numbers, bringing the nerfbat to Rorquals caps and titans.

The very harshness of EVE is what made it unique and drew players in. Bring it back!



and probable another hundreds of spam topics about same thing. Why create this trash? Also topic about blackout is for this type discussion.

Why so many posts by different people about this? Well maybe it shows how many people thought BO was a step in the right direction and want to make their feelings known?


Why not post to the already existing thread :roll_eyes:

How many people will read post #3617 in the main thread? If my voice and the voice of people like me is going to be heard, it needs a separate thread.

Also, the main thread is for feedback on the change that was the introduction of BO. We now have a new change, the removal of BO. That deserves a new feedback thread.

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i was in favor of BO, initially. But, both as a hunter for blops fleets and as an explorer in all null sec areas, it became obvious to me that, due to BO, null space was empty and people were not playing/undocking anymore. Which also meant very few targets for hunters. I am now happy to see BO removed


There’s already a thread on the blackout here.

Another is not needed, place your feedback and theories there.


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