Revised Eve Career Chart Project - Work in Progress

Not at all offended by that reference as there will always be tasks in New Eden for the scared little mice.

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Wasn’t meant as an offense anyway just a funny reference. :wink:

[Death Star Toaster Droid]

Toaster Droid

Droid bot-aspirant Toaster :nail_care:

robots and automatons

MSE-series droid often used for delivery and maintenance purposes.

Scared little mouse just trying to survive in a harsh New Eden.

The origin of the mouse is the connection with my chosen name, Mu’ad Diib. I’m pretty certain that the mouse that the author had in mind was the Jerboa and I figure that’s the kind of piloting style I strive for in Eve.

I listen to what’s going on (Jerboas have large ears), they’re tenacious and like Jerboas I run fast when I see a big ol’ nasty predator coming my way. I’m not scared, just pragmatic and keen to survive.


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To be clear, I wasn’t offended at all.


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I’ve now started to get the feedback in from the various people who have been looking over the draft chart which is proving really useful.

There’ll now be additional cards to be added for Abyssal Running, Project Discovery and Pirate Stronghold Destruction, just a little thinking required about how to incorporate these and where to place them.

There were also some suggestion about the career stem locations. This will necessitate some significant shifts on the chart in terms of layout, but it will definitely make it a bit more logical.

There’s also been some really good suggestions from one of the game designers at CCP (on the theme of trying to identify which activities rookies might need to fleet up for and which can be done solo) which I’m going to have a think about with a view to how I can incorporate these.

Lastly, I’ve had a couple of chats with the manager of the Eve University Wiki who is very keen to have a page on the chart on their site, so that’s also in hand now - the page is about 70% written, I just need to populate it with the relevant download links and finalise it.

My aim is still (tentatively) to publish this side of Christmas if I can but, failing this, it’ll definitely be in the first quarter of 2023.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this project. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. You’re awesome.



Good to hear things are going on well.

Also agreed the marking of solo vs fleeted activities is an important detail, I assume a marker is enough to denote if an activity is either.

On that note maybe some other similar things worth to be marked is if an activity requires a corp or alts but probably some others might also be worth considering as well. So for example if an industrial activity requires a supply chain it might be marked differently than say a simple manufacturing activity and so on.

Though not sure how necessary this distinction is but others will provide feedback to help decide just throwing it here as an idea for consideration maybe it can improve the chart (or decided it is unnecessary and just makes things more complicated) but either way I think it is worth thinking about and what other additions might be worth considering.


snagging | ˈsnaɡɪŋ | noun | British
Definition: a common term used to describe the process of checking
and identifying any defect, issue or faults that need to be rectified.

Ah, the delights¹ of the snagging process … < sigh > … some days you’re ahead and some days you’re behind.

Having put in place some of the changes suggested so far, it’s thrown up a couple (well maybe [read: definitely] more than a couple …) of snagging issues - cards slightly out of alignment, etc - which I’m now working through.

Given that there are now in excess of 9,748 individual graphical elements² on the chart, to some degree it’s unsurprising that there are some small snags, it’s just a bit frustrating to discover them now when I thought I’d captured most via in-process checking that I did while working on the chart.

They’re not massive, but it does make sense to deal with them at this stage just so that when the chart is released, it’s as good as I can make it; and also because they’re the kind of pesky things that if I don’t correct them, will keep me awake at night with a faint feeling of distressed dissatisfaction.


1 - While snagging definitely is boring, time consuming and turgid and takes a lot of mental energy, it’s also really important to get rid of the annoying errors that will be much more time consuming to track down and fix later.
2 - When it’s finished I will be doing a count up of the individual elements that are on the chart, partly for reasons of my deeply geeky attention to detail, keeping tabs on the stats and for curiosity and partly just to ascertain quite how much of a masochist I am … LOL


Aside of the snagging process that I’m doing at the moment, I’ve also added in some additional cards to cover areas that had gaps (big thanks @Arin_Mara and also @Murloy_Habalu for their help so far here).

  • Abyssal Running
    New card added. I need to generate some short, succinct descriptive text though and also identify a suitable link to location.

  • Pirate Base Destruction
    New card added. I still need to generate some short, succinct descriptive text though and also identify a suitable link to location.

  • Advanced Broker Relations
    Because the Margin Trading scam has now been eliminated, this has been replaced. I have a link to include (I think!) which is to here: Broker Relations | EVE Online but I’m struggling to come up with a piece of short succinct text for the card to sum it up - feel free to suggest something!

  • Activating Kill Rights
    I’ve added a card for this and generated some text but I still need to identify a suitable link to location.

  • Ganker Gate Camping
    I’ve added a card for this and generated some text but I still need to identify a suitable link to location.

  • Wiki Editing
    I’ve added a card for this. Generally I’ve tried to write the content on the chart from a completely objective point of view without being beholden to any particular style of play, faction or other in-game group. Having said this, a lot of the hyperlinks will point towards the EVE University UniWiki (mostly because it’s such an awesome educational resource for the game) and therefore I think it would have been pretty churlish to not tacitly acknowledge this on the chart and encourage people to get involved if they can.

  • I’m also going to add in a card for Project Discovery. The location for this is a bit pesky. It’s a kind of community activity, but it’s not about the Eve Online community as such; It’s science based, but nothing to do with the science of Eve as such. I think the most practical think is to have it as a floating box beneath the community section, but not actually connected to any specific stem, so that it’s associated, but still standalone.

Onwards and upwards…