Reworking Scrambler Mechanics

(Anderson Geten) #21

I think webs strength should not be a direct 60% value either.
Instead, the speed of a ship should be a factor of its thrust, and its mass.
Then the propmods would only have a additional thrust and an additional mass, instead of the speed bonus they have now.

EG let’s take the machariel
instead of having a max speed of 161, it would have a base thrust of 94.7MT*161= 15.2 GT, which would effectively make a base speed of 161 m/s.
We can assume a “average” BS mass is 100MT.

Now consider the 500MN mwd T2
Instead of providing a speed bonus of 510%, they would instead

  • add 100MT of mass on activation (= doubles the BS mass)
  • add a raw amount of thrust to multiply the standard BS speed by 6.1.

Webs would simply increase the mass of the targeted ship

  • small webs increase the mass by 1 MT with 40m sig radius
  • medium webs would increase the mass by 10MT with sig radius 130m
  • large webs would increase the target mass by 100MT, sig radius 400m

The sig radius is to avoid a single large web does divides a frigate speed by 100. Effective mass increase = module mass increase * min(target radius / module radius, 1) just like for stationary targets and missiles.

THEN some ships could also have a webifying resistance, which reduces the mass they are given by module, INCLUDING THE MWD/AB : the effective mass gained is module_mass*100/(100+bonus webifying resistance), so even with a +100 web resistance you only resist 50% of the mass gain(yet not enough for yo mama).

(Daichi Yamato) #22

Battleships aren’t well suited to killing frigs because rock-paper-scissors is how this game designs balance.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a frigate preventing a battleship from warping when using the correct mod. A ships size/mass is a data input on a spreadsheet. It has nothing to do with warp disruption (except bumping perhaps).

Battleships fell behind in the meta true, but they have since been given a lot of tools like grapplers and mjds to become stronger.

Battleships can take on several smaller classes when fit properly.

(Ember Fireheart) #23

TBH, I think it’s their lack of mobility combined with the 80+ jumps needed on a roam to find anything that takes them out of the meta, I’d be fine with 4.5 second align time for bs’s with macherial warp speed’s, and faster for BC’s, Cruiser’s so on.

Either that or the eve universe shrinks to 1/3rd the size same layout less systems per region, but that would have other implications I guess, really curious what % of systems don’t get any use.

(Nevyn Auscent) #24

You just literally linked an active tanked battleship which even has tanking bonuses that a single frigate killed.
You also massively overestimate the active tank on most battleships. And most are not cap stable because large reps eat cap like a black hole. So you run them out of boosters then they die.
Certain Marauder fits do ok yes, mainly due to the OP of the dual xp asb fits. And you pay about 3 bil for current fits.
And please go ahead and dual prop your battleships to have a mid and tell me how the rest of your fitting looks.

Basically you are taking the very best anti frigate fits a bs can offer and assuming they are average.

(Ember Fireheart) #25

That’s because the npc’s did 90% of the damage, the frig hardly did anything, also that was a 15min fight where more often than not 100’s of alliance mates go to help the guy.

I do agree to an extent that the gap between tracking on bs’s and frigates are too large but then so are all the other stat’s if bs’s can be a stronger version of a bc then it wouldn’t be to bad, less tank more tracking less damage more agility, it would make them a lot better in general for pvp but worse at pve.

(Nevyn Auscent) #26

You do know most bs fits are barely more dps than a bc right? A lot of bs fits are sub 1k dps when not blinged out to high heaven.

Oh, and not to you but an earlier poster. rock paper scissors hasn’t been true for ages. Because cruisers eat bs as do caps as do frigs.
Maybe at a certain fleet level this changes vs cruisers… maybe. But that makes them still very poor in the meta. And while cost should not mean automatically better at everything, they do need to be better at enough things to justify their cost.

(Ember Fireheart) #27

T1 BS’s are pretty cheap thou, after insurance your loosing less than 100mil, a well fit retribution is 200-300mil a command ship having less stats than a bs is 650mil-1bil.

An af going against a dominix is a death sentence, large neuts hit out to 30km’s which is still within faction point range.

The avg bc damage is not 1k btw its more like 550-800 (astarte/eos as exceptions). Bs’s are closer to 900-1200. This is not including talos and so on as those are large gun’s.

A solution to bs’s that might work out better is to have bs sized scram’s that have slightly more range than normal scrams 11k instead of 9k and even that might be way to op.

A 11km BS scram + 6 second base align time’s (4.5 with some nano) and a 3-4 AU/s warp speed will make everyone and their grany fly BS’s, might have to remove insurance from the game to bring the balance vs cost back thou.

(Mala Zvitorepka) #28

Mostly this. Frig roams are OK enough. BS roams are a huge pain in the ass for two reasons: 1. it takes ages to get anywhere. 2. any semi-decent corp/alliance can drop a few dreads and/or faxes to wipe the fleet with the press of a button.

(Ember Fireheart) #29

Yea I kinda wish cap’s where never invented, they force us to roam in small stuff.

(DrysonBennington) #30

This is a good idea, ships that have reduced mass due to webifying resistance or modules that can be fit to the ship to reduce mass associated with webifying.

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