Rise fellow capsuleers!

Take this as feedback, error report, whatever in Hek I don’t care. But on one side you encourage feedback, on the other you hinder people that wake from their slumber outside the forums, joining them after YEARS of playing the game and then THIS. THIS.

Fellow Capsuleers, do we really have to deal with this? Do we have to let our mouths be sewed shut for tolerating CCPs decisions over years, months, for some just weeks or days of gameplay and then suddenly, finally, speaking up about our feelings? OUR Thoughts? OUR critique? Do we have to accept that a company is using methods of keeping the peace that rival only the ones of historical bolsheviks?

We have been playing this hogwash of a game and made it ours, we players make the game to what it is. You all know that. It is our stories, our ships, our ore, our content that we create in this game. What would EVE be without US?

Well, veterans know what it would be. An empty piece of space. A vacuum as empty as our wallets being sucked dry by a corrupt Finance department, desperate attempts to please shareholders the easy way by raising prices by 34% instead of raising player count by 34% by creating new and engaging content. Deep content and not some easily slapped on epic arc that goes for about 15 missions or so.

As we all may know, when the question of NFTs was around, eveblackout rised to the obligation to remind CCP that it is US that make the game whole and that WE do not like NFTs.
I say let’s do that again! Let’s remind CCP that we do not stand for this! We cannot stand for this!
Many of us consider leaving EVE, quitting their subscription. I, myself am downloading FFXIV right now as I’m writing this.

However, unless the renewal hits on January I say hold! Hold it for now! Instead let’s rise in a unified protest against this dastardly decision of rising the price to a ludicrous amount and watch how CCP will respond! We may be able to turn this ship yet before it goes under. But for this we have to scream! We have to shout! As loud as we can. So loud that even the shareholders will hear that this will ultimately destroy the project.

If they then keep the course, well, at least it’s been fun as long as it lasted. I will not be around to stay on this sinking ship. As many others. To CCP I hope you got happy with your increase, the Forum Moderation - I hope you keep this topic at least visible as I’m not trying to destroy the peace, merely lead the anger of our fellow capsuleers to a more productive way to let your company know we are not standing for this decision. I know you’re only doing your job. Regarding that, greetings from the Ubi Office.

And to my fellow capsuleers…my neighbour is fighting a war in Ukraine right now. My gas prices are higher than they’ve ever been. All the while there’s inflation going on in the U.S. aswell and my country’s political chamber is on fire. I’ve been looking to escape all of this stress by playing EVE and it has been an absolute pleasure. The hate, the love, the kills. Know that I never took anything or meant anything personally in space. For me it was just a game where I could be whoever I wanted to be and have some good banter in chat.

I don’t know if it will helps or matters what I’m trying to do here and this cloud of uncertainty isn’t just over me. I’ll stand with you tho. In protest on Twitch, in the guilds of other MMOs. On Discord. Or even Elite.
Fly. Fly with Godspeed you beautiful bastards!

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Cheers. First time here :sweat_smile:

Is it worth going into Braveheart mode over some minor and temporary forum restriction that is likely simply designed to prevent new accounts from spamming ?

Yes. Yes it is. Because it’s not about a Forum restriction. It’s about many years without content, rising prices for no actual reason and the rising discontent of players coming off it. You see, it’s not just about forum restrictions. It’s about making a bloody point to CCP that the new update is something we cannot stand for. I guess you didn’t read the entire post else you’d be not asking that question

Time for Jita 2.0?

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