Rookie NPE crisis unfolding in Gallente space

Imagine spending your energies trying to trick people into staying in this decrepit, aged MMO that is 6 years past its prime and on life support. I’m sure if you step back and think about what you’re doing, you’ll soon realise you’re doing these guys no favour.

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Imagine spending your energies posting on the forums of a game you don’t like…


Bringing chaos to high sec. Love it.

New players aren’t children. They are gamers, looking for a challenging and interesting game to play.

They don’t need your “protection”, especially from these NPCs that can be largely avoided. They do want your guidance, at least most will, so feel free to interact with them and help them understand the world, but you don’t need to shield them from the very game itself.

There is a bell-shaped curve of ‘difficulty’ that players will find acceptable or interesting. Some players will turn the game off if they experience any setback, others will turn it off out of boredom if they don’t feel like they earned that progress. Most want something in the middle where they feel challenged but still progress. Given a rookie system spawn hasn’t happened before and we have had many months of Invasion spawn, I’m even willing to be this spawn is intentional and is an attempt by CCP to gather data on new player retention in the face of slightly increased adversity.

Regardless, go help the new players if it stimulates some parental circuit in your monkey brain giving you pleasure. But let’s stop the virtue signalling and infantilizing other adult gamers on the forum so you can feel better about yourself.

Honestly, this tendency of Eve players to treat new entrants as children might even hurt retention more than it helps. Most adults are fine with accepting they are a novice and have a way to go until mastery of a new thing, but when you treat them as a child and mollycoddle them from the game itself or just tell them what to do rather than help them learn, it just contributes to the perception of Eve as an inaccessible game where they are at a massive disadvantage (which, to make things worse, is also true).


This thread is kind of about that, I think. Or rather, the form of guidance and the pacing of the challenges.

And I bet spawns are more frequent.
But rookies don’t report things (actual CCP data). They will just quit because broken NPE.


Why would we want new players? fresh content? I would recommend Warcraft Classic, much better experience

So what if they die?

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hisec is not a place to new players / it should be but it is what it is - this type of thinking is a relict of the old time. if you are new player buy some injectors using isk or visa and go to 0.0 directly.

goonswarm will welcome you.


Yes, sure, of course they get the advice of safely undocking in a pod and gtfo to Clellinon or Trossere to try again, but they shouldn’t have to need that advice in their first hour of Eve. It’s a concern.

This has nothing to do with our usual spartan-darwinian attitude of htfu or gtfo, we keep that until they have at least Spaceship Command level 2 and know there is a Corvette button.

The situation (re-read “situation” and not “adult gamers”) I signaled is more along the lines of a waitress screaming at you to p*** off when you ask for the menu while stabbing you to death with a huge carving knife. Remember the last time you tried out a new game and could not even get started ? Would you consider the word ‘unwise’ in describing such an oversight in the approach to your New Player/Consumer Experience ?

You may not remember what exactly a career agent hub is. The typical new player there has no workable knowledge of the UI yet, is trying to start the career part of the tutorials, literally barely knows how to undock, in short a total noob. Throwing those fresh, potential subscribers to trig campers in a single-station system they are told to go to by the tutorial, a fight they can’t possibly survive until much later (let alone win or even understand), regardless their intellect, attitude and knowledge, should perhaps be reconsidered. That is the underlying suggestion. Remember, there isn’t a single veteran who started his or her Eve stint under these conditions. Being ganked by players early on is an experience one can at least understand, accept or defend, but powerful game npc’s turned against the newest of players in an unwinnable scenario that’s perhaps not a welcome at all.


As usual we get the “kill them all and let God sort them out” types with their knee-jerk “random death is good for new players and is in the spirit of the game, anyone who doesn’t think so is a baby”.

New players aren’t children. They are gamers looking for a decent gaming experience. For the vast majority of players “random death to superpowered (in relative terms) NPCs that don’t even show up on your overview” is not what they call “a decent gaming experience”.

You can make all the stupid excuses you like for why this is ‘actually the way EVE should be’, but the fact is that when someone is new, trying something out, trying to advance, doesn’t even know what his overview is yet… having a Trig lock and nuke him in seconds does not “make him a better EVE player, or push the trash out of the game”. It simply adds one more checkmark to the list of “things I don’t like about EVE” for new players.

Across the MMO genre, players try out new games daily. It’s well known that most games do not retain players past the first few hours. That’s because when players are making their mental checklist of “things in this game that are cool / crappy”, anything in the “crappy” column really reduces the chance of them playing much longer.

Making excuses for CCP to continue to allow sloppy, lazy coding, poor UI, and an NPE that ranges from “boring and repetitive” to “sudden invisible death” doesn’t help anyone. And certainly doesn’t help EVE.


Have to agree. I am all for HTFU and PvP is natural part of the game as that is EVE, but that has nothing to do with someone just learning how to even interact with the game world around them and deciding whether to continue playing the game or not getting destroyed in a way and in a situation he has utter difficulty to recover nor even understand what happened. There is a reason the rookie griefing rule exists.

If they leave the starter system they are free game, if they haul their whole wealth and get sploded it is all on them, but just entering the game, trying to learn how to even fly their ship and getting destroyed where they haven’t even made a bad decision yet (not even taking loot from a yellow jetcan) is just dumb and will make them wonder if this is the first step of the journey then what will await them. Hardcore gamers exist and they might like this kind of intro but the majority of players are not like that.

People who like challenge prefer one where they get punished for their bad decisions not just getting destroyed without anything they could do at their power level, a challenge is something you can and should overcome and when doing so you feel accomplishment, while this can not even be overcome and is not something they could do anything about, and which also prevents them to continue the tutorial missions and learn the game proper before reaching a level where they can actually make mistakes and learn from them or if smart avoid the mistakes to begin with.

Nobody should want to water down EVE nor to not embrace when weaklings quit who never would want to learn, to adapt as they have no place in EVE and better off in a game that suits them, with that in mind this situation has nothing to do with that.

Yes many people started back then when there was no crimewatch and you could be shot at without consequence. I understand some might prefer that but CCP’s intention is not that anymore, evidence by the existance of crimewatch, rookie griefing rule and whatnot, so with that in mind, without wanting to make EVE easy, this situation is complete nonsense to the intentions of the developers, who themselves always made it clear they want better player retention and continuously work on the NPE and initial player experience to make that happen, thus this situation should be corrected and requires CCP’s attention, not because we say so but because they themselves expressed that is their intended goal.

So yeah triglavians should not invade starter and career systems imo.


i’ve just checked and there is no triglavian invasion going (as claimed by OP) anywhere near Couster system.

There are triglavian scouts too completely separate from the invasions. Also there are triglavian conduit anomalies as well though those can be avoided by not warping to them so those should be fine even in such systems.

Edit: Or maybe the invasion despawned by now. Either way…

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Imagine hating your grandparents because they are aging and past their prime.

–Gadget misses hers


Keyword is: separate from triglavian invasions.

I’d assume it is/was a new conduit that didn’t have proper restrictions applied and instead of crying on forums “but think of the children” it would have been better (and proper) to file a bug report. Imo

Probably would have been better along with a support ticket too just in case the GMs could handle it even sooner if they have the power to influence such content.

So maybe it is different in today’s theme park MMO’s but all the ones I have had in the past had dangers even around the noob areas that could kill you.

Maybe CCP could program them so that if they detect a week old pilot they can just lock them up and then start a private convo. They could say something like

" Hello capsuleer, I see that you are new. Today is just a warning but if we encounter you again we will shoot to kill".

Actually that would be hilarious :slight_smile:

Make it a grid-wide message like when a criminal is warned by the local authorities for extra hilarity. :wink:

Step 1: start tutorial.
Step 2: undock and die to NPCs.
Step 3: undock and die to NPCs.
Step 4: undock and die to NPCs.
Step 5: log off, uninstall and count your blessings to have avoided getting hooked to EVE Online.

Bonus: NPCs killing you are invisible on the overview. You REALLY are lucky to have been driven off the game this early, before this kind of lazy incompetent mouthbreathing sh*t looks “normal” to you.