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Gallente Federation successfully suppresses a Deathless circle Insurgency

Ouelletta, Verge Vendor - What you’re seeing on the feedcam is something that many were beginning to not hope to be able to happen anymore. After 3 months of insurgencies and terror caused by the Deathless circle, the Federated Union of Gallente Prime has been the first of the “Big 4” to send a message to them. More than 150 Capsuleers managed to destroy the 64 of the aligned ones to the unlawfuls and the Forward Operating base after a suppression operation that lasted 1 week and limited at the minimum (Only 1 corrupted system) the losses. This is the first time a counter-insurgency operation not only managed to have success but doing it (almost) flawlessly and local population is hoping the Gallente example will be taken from the other empires. Speaking of the latter, looks like even the Malakim Zealots are having issues to corrupt the Minmatar space like the previous months and maybe another miracle could come from the Republic front. Various Gallente militias said they’re ready to “intervene to their allies” in case of help request.

CONCORD Capsuleer Militia petition reaches 648.153.065 signs

Yulai, Genesis - The Lowsec crisis managed to find a stop for these days but the situation remains at dramatic levels. People are extremely thankful for what Gallente just did but this is not the end and the Deathless circle can return even stronger than before. Others says that all this enthusiasm is too exaggerated if not false as they think the Militia acted only for their interests to not put a crucial rearguard system in a vulnerable state that Caldari could take advantage to eliminate what’s left on the Gallente CEMWPA frontier on the southern regions. This success boosted the petition signs mentioned some time ago, risking to reach the trilion, that request that CONCORD would have more power on the management of the insurgency crisis forming a unique Capsuleer militia responsible to fight the Deathless circle and reduce further fights in the CEMWPA systems. There are still reports of “warcrimes committed by the unlawful militias” and hundreds of thousands of victims in the area and the authorities are still receiveng desperate messages about the push of that proposal; one of them mentions the “extinction” of a colony: all the people starved to death due to the destruction of the only ORE Rorqual miner and his hauling convoy that usually brought them resources and food to survive.