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Aubenall II - Paragon Fulfillment Center

January 6th YC 126

Residents of Aubenall are on high alert as a Guristas Forward Operating Base [FoB] has appeared in orbit of the temperate world of Aubenall IV. As of reporting, Guristas Insurgents had been given the green light to begin plundering Upwell assets in the constellation. Already within the first couple of hours, there have been numerous cutthroat skirmishes in the area between Guristas pirates and Capsuleers serving both in the Gallente and Caldari militia.

Amongst the ongoing violence is a peculiar sight of ‘Depot-Graffiti’ littering the grid with the local Paragon fulfillment center in system. Only 1 astronomical unit away from the Guristas FOB, The Paragon station shares it’s grid with an assortment of mobile depots placed by a Guristas insurgent set to broadcast messages aimed at EverMore President Alexander Ducasse, and Paragon’s A.I administrator IRIS.

The messages express malice towards Alexander Ducasse from declaring him the “Chief Executive Opportunist of InterBus” to vaguely insinuating the late Haukkakka Pukara’s death as foul play. Messages aimed towards IRIS are shamelessly bigoted informing readers to “Reject A.I abominations” amongst other childish broadcasts towards Paragon’s station administrator.

As the Guristas insurgency begins to ramp up, only time will tell what the Guristas will manage to accomplish before friendly security forces uproot them from the system.


YC126.01.10 // ATHOUNON VI

Amid the ongoing turmoil on Athounon VI, Taayusaka Eskeitan has announced a significant breakthrough in the development of a vaccine against the ‘Triglavian Plague’ caused by MPHB-125A. While this achievement offers a glimmer of hope to the afflicted nation, it comes amidst a backdrop of profound changes on the war-torn planet.

The deployment of the vaccine’s first batches is currently underway within the quarantine zone of Qucrain’s capital, where corporate medical staff are leading the efforts to combat the devastating disease that has ravaged the population since the bio-terrorist attack perpetrated by Cieléclat partisans over a month ago.

However, this moment of hope is overshadowed by a notable political shift. Vice President Amélie Proulx, a key figure in the recent ceasefire agreement, has assumed the presidency of Qucrain. This transition follows the tragic news of her predecessor’s demise. In a press release, a spokesperson for the Qucrainais Assembly reported that the former president had fought the Triglavian Plague for the past two weeks but ultimately succumbed to the disease in the company of his loved ones.

President Amélie Proulx, in her first executive order, has announced that Qucrain will be joining Taayusaka’s protected territories. Shortly after the announcement, Taayusaka Eskeitan Security Forces have begun advancing towards the capital and the shared border with the Federal-controlled Bellevigne.

These developments are greeted with a mix of uncertainty and caution by the people of Athounon VI. While the vaccine offers a glimmer of hope against the mutadaptive bioweapon, the evolving political landscape and increased corporate influence on the planet’s governance have left many with a sense of unease.

News in Brief

  • Caldari forces host celebratory airshow in Cieléclat following string of victories and territorial gains across Placid

  • FCG splinter identifies itself as the ‘Torchbearers of Liberty’ in statement decrying the Garrison as ‘spineless controlled opposition’

  • Deserter military base in southern Qucrain annihilated by orbit-to-surface graviton missile strike

  • Bellevigne militia reinforces border defenses as Qucrain’s annexation allows corporate forces to advance closer

  • Outrage noted across Taayusaka-held territories as public terminals and newly imported consumer electronics lack keys to type out diacritics

  • Storm Wind Strikeforce reports the successful elimination of Commando Guri cell embedded in Sioux worker force

  • Federal Marine forces take control of civilian structures and supply lines as prolonged Caldari control of system threatens stockpiles

  • Extensive urban development works underway in Cieléclat bolster local economy and job market

  • Interstellar law experts call orbital missile strike against deserter forces a ‘flagrant war-crime unsupported by CEMWPA provisions’, call for CONCORD intervention


Notification To All Former and Current Patrons of the Brezia Companion Services Admin Hub fortizar in Archavoinet, and posted across a number of capsuleer, warclone, and baseliner GalNet sites and holo-adverts

Greetings Honored Patrons,
With the armor reinforcement of the Companion Services Admin Hub, we would like to extend the invitation to what may be the last week of entertainment operations. All drinks and meals will be free of charge, and all services, Relaxation, Wellness, and Pleasure will be available at significantly discounted rates.


YC126.01.15 // ATHOUNON VI

Khimi Harar-flagged Crane-class Blockade Runner in orbit around Athounon VI awaiting permission to commence cargo off-load operations.

A Light in the Darkness?

With the insurgency-induced wildifires under control in the Athounon VI city-state of Cieléclat, questions have lingered among the populace of who would pay for the extensive reforestation and ecological restoration. Estimates to replace the nearly 300 square kilometers of destroyed forests, wetlands, and rivers have been challenging for local government officials to develop since Taayusaka Eskeitan-occupied territories adopted Sukuuvestaa Corporate scrip as the local currency. Tensions have been high as residents shift their attention from who to blame to who would be responsible for rebuilding their livelihoods.

Many of those questions seemed to be put to rest through a broadcast on local news networks and social media applications. Identified as Draconari Legionnaire Michiko Soikutsu, the spokesperson for the Cieléclat Ecological Restoration Campaign outlined an initiative of aid born out of a partnership between Taayusaka Eskeitan and Khimi Harar.

Khimi Harar from the Amarrad for “Light in the Darkness” is an Amarr Empire-aligned capsuleer corporation with a history of providing humanitarian aid support to beleaguered locations throughout the cluster. Local Athounon experts note that the alliance has a significant Caldari presence and that this latest initiative was likely developed from within that cohort.

Capsuleer Michiko Soikutsu presents the Cieléclat Ecological Restoration Campaign appearing to wear camouflaged outdoor gear.

The Face of the Campaign
Public scrubbing of Draconari Legionnaire Michiko Soikutsu’s profile indicates her capsuleer career began with the State War Academy and had previously led operations to recover species from Caldari State systems that were lost to Pochven. Little else is known about the capsuleer except that she is apparently of Achuran descent.

Her broadcast covered everything from the “Why,” the “Who,” the “When,” the “What” and the “How,” laying out what will apparently be a months-long operation to restore the forests and other impacted biomes of Cieléclat . The Campaign will rely heavily on local volunteers from university academics to construction workers to farmers to support restoration and re-planting efforts. She emphasized that the people who knew their forest the best were the people of Cieléclat and that Khimi Harar was only present to provide a neutral security presence and logistics support so they could begin rebuilding their lives.

Her message has been received with mixed feelings from the local population. Praising her upbeat, “can do” attitude, many younger Cieléclat denizens have embraced her message. Hundreds if not thousands are expected to register as volunteers once the Campaign’s administrative offices are established in Cieléclat’s primary habitation zone.

“The fighting in Athounon has disrupted my studies and many of my friends have had to make the choice between staying at home or joining the insurgents because of lack of jobs. I want to make contributions to Cieléclat my own way with what I know how to do,” said Forest Management student “Marcus.”

Older residents of Cieléclat were generally more wary of what they see as additional capsuleer-led intrusion into their lives. With Taayusaka Eskeitan’s security presence heavy in the territory, there are many who believe the Campaign is simply additional cover for more boots to surge into their beloved Cieléclat.

Francine, a long-time resident, shared, “What is Khimi Harar getting out of this partnership? Before you know it, there will be priests proselytizing on every corner of this city!”

Albert, who was recently displaced due to the wildfires responded by saying, “You city dwellers have no idea what it means to have your livelihood go up in smoke! At least someone is doing something. Or are your beloved ‘Torchbearers of Liberty’ going to burn down the restoration efforts as well?!”

Leaked manifest image from Athounon VI Customs Office.

Social Media Response Mixed

The response on Athounon social media was heated and mixed, amplifying the split reception of the people of Cieléclat. The spokesperson account for the insurgent organization the “Torchbearers of Liberty,” itself an offshoot of the Free Cieléclat Garrison (FCG), vowed that the project would be attacked until Cieléclat was free of foreign influence and that every native Cieléclat citizen was a traitor for collaborating with the “enemy.” The FCG for its part acknowledged that the people of Cieléclat had a right to rebuild their lives but that it should have been through “proper channels.” While both organizations have significant presence on social media, recent setbacks and evidence suggesting that the wildfires were set by insurgents affiliated with these groups have resulted in a plunge of popularity.

Nonetheless, both organizations recirculated leaked images of an alleged manifest pertaining to the restoration campaign. Although both pointed to the heavy equipment and military personnel, security and forestry experts in Athounon say they are surprised at how light Khimi Harar’s presence appears to be for an area 300 square kilometers in size.

When reached for comment, Michiko Soikutsu responded by saying, “We are here to help the people of Cieléclat and to keep them safe as they work to rebuild lives torn asunder by war and conflict. We will do all that we can to help and I look forward to working with those who will abide by the law and plant trees for peace.”

News in Brief

  • Thousands of volunteers flood sign-up for the Cieléclat Ecological Restoration Campaign as soon as sites go live.

  • Initial “flock” of survey drones spotted over areas hardest hit by wildfires.

  • Athounon influencers speculate on whether “Bouquet of Flowers” was a gift or is a gift.

  • Broadcast of Cieléclat Ecological Restoration Campaign reaches over one million views within twenty-four hours.


Propaganda posters briefly appearing in various places on Saisio III, the Achuran homeworld, before Caldari authorities remove them:


YC126.01.21 // ATHOUNON VI

The Qucraines Healthcare Committee has officially lifted the quarantine on the capital, marking the apparent eradication of MPHB-125A and the end of the so called ‘Triglavian Plague’. However, this milestone is met with a range of sentiments in the wake of Taayusaka Eskeitan’s occupation of the once defiant state.

While the streets of Qucrain’s capital are no longer under lockdown, the response from residents is varied. Some welcome Taayusaka as heroes, attributing the end of the Triglavian Plague to the corporation, whose first presence in the afflicted areas was in the form of medical staff, aiding a desperate healthcare system, not a military invasion. However, this positive reception is not universal, particularly in rural areas where resentment festers over what is seen as submission to corporate invaders, an unsurprising sentiment, given as they had been afflicted the most by the conflict.

Many urban areas were relatively untouched by the warfare, such as Qucrain’s industrial sectors, where only minor restructuring has been necessary. These efforts focus on streamlining logistics throughout Corporate-held territories and reinforcing key facilities against potential threats.

The most significant changes are evident in Qucrain’s extensive automotive industry. Under President Proulx’s leadership, the sector has been largely nationalized and shifted toward arms and fighting vehicle manufacturing to support the loyalist forces. Taayusaka supports this move, importing automated fabrication systems and providing materials, either sourced from their expanding territories or imported from the Caldari State. Concerns, however, are mounting over the swift militarization of Qucrain’s industry. Many fear that this shift could make them a strategic target in the event of renewed hostilities. This is further exacerbated by reports that many of the products rolling out of Qucrain’s upgraded assembly lines are meant to arm and supply not just Qucrain’s armed forces, but Taayusaka Corporate Security and mercenary contractors as well.

News in Brief

  • Bellevigne declares martial law and continues receiving reinforcements from planetary Federal Garrison as invasion is deemed imminent

  • Environmentalist groups express ‘extreme concern’ over the impact of prolonged warfare and unregulated mining practices on the local ecosystem, call for a return to the previous status quo

  • Conflict continues in Qucrain’s rural territories as loyalist forces ordered to eliminate deserter units

  • Commercial flight to Belleterre hijacked by Torchbearers of Liberty, going dark above Lake Ambrierre

  • Ecological Restoration Campaign on schedule as representatives from Khimi Harar, Taayusaka Eskeitan, and the local government attend opening reception in Cieléclat’s corporate district

  • New line of stuffed toys in the image of Taayusaka Captain ‘Rusty Tsero’ inspires cult following in occupied territories

  • Serpentis lieutenant assassinated by unidentified sniper in Acruasau

  • Corporate Security forces deploy proprietary KRAKEN cybersecurity system amidst concern over escalating Guristas operations

  • Increased transit reported as Federal PoWs allegedly transferred off-world


Capsuleer Corporation Insider
Jita YC126-01-26

A little upset today as NOH ejects employees of SISOL from rented office space in Jita.

This follows Lai Dai refusing re-entry to SISOL employees in various establishments yesterday morning.

When asked for comment Cathy Okagima had this to say.

“Sigil Solutions is going through some turmoil but nothing ever lasts. We are not going anywhere these Gallente loving enthusiasts need to wake up and get out of State Space, honestly I thought highly of NOH and Lai Dai obviously I was mistaken.”

Lai Dai and NOH have noted that there decisions were entirely non political and based on a failure to pay office rental fees. Cathy Okagima has labelled this response as “fake news”.

This comes at a time when SISOL has found it’s self in a lengthy legal battle with the up and coming Intaki corporation Mastir Technologies Incorporated.

Another group with links to Sigil, the Intaki Liberation Front had this to say regarding SISOL.

“The ILF maintains a good relationship with Sigil Solutions. Our two organisations have cooperated and worked together for a number of years, and the wider IPI alliance continues to benefit from their freight transportation and logistics, as well as support in a variety of other ways. Additionally, some of the ILF’s membership have worked directly for Sigil in the past, so while there might not be any formal agreements in place, our paths appear to be running closely together for the time being, and I’m grateful for that.” (Suresha Bataav)

Political or financial I think Cathy is correct when they say SISOL is in turmoil and only time will tell if they can escape it.

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A conversation overheard in the living quarters of Evuldgenzo V Undersea Colony A-7:

“There’s this big casino they just opened in a station in Eygfe.”

‘Yeah. So?’

“Well, I’m telling you about it because apparently they’re offering comped rooms and house money for Krirald refugees, and since you’re-”


“Not interested?”

‘The room would be nice. Depending on if it isn’t some sleazy… what casino is this?’

“It’s uh… oh, Emara. Some big Edencom egger or something decided to start a bunch of casinos. This one in Eygfe’s brand new, seems like.”

A holoreel displaying information about the resort is viewed by both workers.

‘Edencom. I’m sure all the people in Eygfe are happy that their system’s still connected to the Republic.’

“Seems like a nice, cushy place, though, and I doubt that this Ellevrette guy doesn’t care about the refugees.”

‘It would be nicer if they cared enough to save Krirald. I expect Republic capsuleers to, but I doubt anyone else gave enough of a damn to try and defend a little backwater system that isn’t… wasn’t even connected to anything important. I’m sure the people in high-sec Metropolis will appreciate the memorial, though. Might actually pay attention to it while they’re walking through.’

“So, uh… you’re not-”


"How about I go in your stead? No disrespect, I mean… you know how ■■■■ it can be having to fix endless leaks, harvesting all the crap we do. I could use a break. No di-

‘No disrespect. ■■■■■■… eh. Fine. Why not.’

“I’ll get you something nice with all the kredits I’ll win, don’t sweat it!”

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YC126.01.27 // ATHOUNON VI

In the heart of Qucrain, upgraded manufacturing centers are working tirelessly to build up stockpiles of military materiel. The signs of increased militarization under Taayusaka’s influence are unmistakable as these facilities contribute to the growing arsenal.

Yet, the transformation goes beyond the production lines. Qucrain’s Armed Forces are undergoing a sweeping reform prompted by recent audits that exposed widespread corruption within the ranks. Investigations revealed that officers at various levels were receiving funds from illicit sources, with many implicated connections to notorious criminal organizations, including the Guristas, the Serpentis, and the Torchbearers of Liberty.

In response to this troubling revelation, President Proulx took a bold step by enlisting the assistance of Taayusaka to conduct a comprehensive audit of Qucrain’s armed forces. The decision was justified by the President, who cited Taayusaka’s purported commitment to the well-being of the planet’s inhabitants.

The fight against corruption is not isolated to Qucrain alone. Similar audits are reportedly underway in other occupied territories, with Corporate security officers and mercenary contractors temporarily assuming control of defense responsibilities. This widespread initiative reflects a concerted effort to root out corruption and ensure the loyalty and integrity of the armed forces across the occupied regions.

Director of Public Affairs Inachi Kaparainen delivered a speech broadcast throughout the corporation’s occupied states regarding the situation:

"The systemic corruption discovered within the ranks of Qucrain’s Armed Forces, a disconcerting legacy of the previous Federal administration, has come to our attention. Taayusaka Eskeitan, as a beacon of positive transformation, expresses deep concern over the erosion of trust and accountability within our military, a fundamental institution meant to safeguard the welfare of the people.

In swift response to this revelation, and at the specific request of President Proulx, Taayusaka has initiated an exhaustive audit, which aims not only to root out criminal corruption within the armed forces but also to instigate a comprehensive reform that will reshape the very fabric of the present defense infrastructure.

Our commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric, we understand the profound responsibility that comes with overseeing these military forces. It is with this understanding that Taayusaka pledges to ensure the long-term health, stability, and effectiveness of the militaries of our client states.

As we embark on this journey of reform, we recognize the need for new leadership, leadership that embodies the values of integrity, dedication, and duty. Taayusaka will actively identify, nurture, and elevate emerging talent, ensuring that those who serve within the armed forces are not only skilled professionals but also guardians of the trust bestowed upon them by the people.

Athounon VI deserves a transparent and accountable defense force. It deserves a military that reflects the values of the citizens it is sworn to protect. Our mission is to forge a new era of stability, security, and untarnished integrity.

Taayusaka remains dedicated to collaborating with our client states to institute lasting reforms that will redefine the trajectory of Athounon VI. Together, we shall build a future where the military stands as a symbol of honor, dedication, and unwavering duty to the people in these tumultuous times."

News in Brief

  • Mass arrests reported across corporate territories as military audit unfolds

  • Firefight breaks out in rural Rafriules between garrisoned unit and corporate auditors

  • Torchbearers of Liberty claim responsibility following firebombing of automated farm

  • Taayusaka Chief Microbiologist issues warning following reports that FIO operatives were involved in ‘extensive biosampling’ within the MPHB-125A quarantine zone

  • Bellevigne Minister of Finance arrested by Federal authorities under suspicion of corruption and treason

  • Corporate representative dismisses reports of collateral damage by autonomous hunter-killer drones employed in anti-deserter operations as ‘Inflammatory propaganda perpetuated by renegade militants’

  • Extensive cryogenic containment measures employed on Federal PoWs as off-world transfers continue

  • Montaigu Entertainment’s ‘Wings of Valor: Guardians of Cieléclat’ production reportedly back on schedule, featuring an ‘exciting new narrative’

  • Noise complaints spike in Cieléclat corporate district due to extensive construction works on Taayusaka’s administrative tower

  • Serpentis drug lab raided by Storm Wind Strikeforce mercenaries, seizing millions in illicit funds

  • Corporate warclone units suspend operations to participate in off-world wargames


Placid Tribune

Associated Press Sound Alarm Over Biological Contamination of Hervice III Industrial Sacrifice Zone

One month following the crash-landing of a Mordu’s Legion freighter on Hervice III, anonymous sources close to Mordu’s Legion Reserves report concern over a new pathogen effecting salvage workers and security staff in and around the crash site. Last month saw little progress in clearing the debris due to an ongoing dispute between Mordu’s Legion and Federal authorities following the Federal Intelligence Office’s decision to deploy Black Eagles “kill teams” to secure the area from raids by the Deathless Circle’s associates. Since then, Federal authorities have attempted to claim ownership of the wreckage under planetary zoning laws and moved to mark the area an industrial sacrifice zone to begin the process of clearing hazardous materials. Mordu’s Legion expressed extreme hesitance to allow unregulated Federal access to the downed-freighter, with insiders suggesting their reticence is based on fears of Federal Intelligence officers hoping to exam and reverse engineer proprietary technology.

While both organizations were at an administrative and diplomatic standstill, civil engineers and security teams began reporting life-threatening symptoms matching those previously reported by the Qucraines Healthcare Committee in Athounon. While field clinics work diligently to identify and examine the afflicted, civic authorities have already started raising the alarm over a possible “MPHB-125B” variant uniquely adapted to Hervice III’s sulfur-rich atmosphere. Clean-up crews and combat teams have been placed on minimum staffing, greatly reducing both FIO and Mordu’s Legion grasp on local area dominance.

FIO liaisons suggest that exposure was brought by hostile agents previously operating in close proximity with infected Guri Malakim present on Athounon. Other sources remain unconvinced, citing improper handling procedures of hazardous materials by Federal operatives suggesting a “culture of unsanitary negligence and flagrant disregard for open communication making contact tracing difficult if not impossible.”

Quarantine measures have created a new opportunity for warclone incursions seeking to plunder data and materiel not yet secured within the Industrial Sacrifice Zone.

( Above: Hervice III FIO Field Hospital Abandoned Following Raid by Warclone Mercenaries.)


Le Défenseur – Patriotic GalNet News

(image provided by Imonainen Nakka Togenada)

Rabbits cower in their burrow as the snare closes in
Militia Operation Resolute Enforcer suppresses FOB-System of Ouelletta

YC126-02-02, Intaki by Célia Cretiette

After the suppression of the systems Jufvitte, Loes and Murethand in the previous days, Federation forces have successfully established full suppression control over the Gurista basing system of Ouelletta, as well as the system of Melmaniel.

Reliable sources within the federal security forces have told the Défenseur that the level of control will be enough to exclude any possibility of ‘security backsliding’ in those systems. Furthermore, security forces have started to deploy additional sentry turrets and patrols into the insurrection zone. “You could say some of these systems are even better protected than usual” said Guillaume Legrand, analyst with the Intaki Institute for Space Security (IISS) and regular contributor of the Défenseur Netcast.

He also predicted that the force posture of the federation would soon allow an outright attack on the Forward Operating Base of the Gurista Pirates in the Ouelletta system. “The snare is closing in on the terrorist forces. Once sufficient space superiority is established, the overwhelming firepower of the gallentean force will be more then enough to reduce this problem to ashes in a matter of minutes. It’s much less resistant than a traditional station.”

At the tip of this decisive effort stand the capsuleers of the Federal Defense Union and allied forces. It is through their heroic efforts in defending the freedom and security of the Federation and its citizens that the rapid progress against the Gurista insurrection could be achieved. While the name ‘Operation Resolute Enforcement’ has not yet been given official approval, it is nonetheless spreading among some parts of the militia.

Confidence among our resolute defenders is high. A well-placed source in the militia commented “They’re not used to fight. Blasting undefended mining ships or merchants for profit is all they do. When they face serious resistance, they just melt.” We are sure many civilians in the affected region will cheer for this attitude, as well as many patriots across the whole federation.

Given the rapid progress of the federal intervention forces, analyst Legrand expects that the destruction of the FOB and an end to the insurrection might be as soon as the coming weekend, “Maybe there will be fireworks in the next 72 hours!” We are certainly looking forward to it.

Many political commentators also look favorably on these developments. Marianne Caibert, a spokeswoman for the Radical Relation Realist party commented: “Clearly, this effort shows the supremacy of the democratic system in delivering security for our populations and the wisdom in the decision to put Intaki under the direct security umbrella of the Federation. While the Cartel has burrowed themselves into the State, this makes it clear: The only thing they will get from our citizenry and our defenders is resistance and bite. Bunnies, go home!”

We will continue to monitor the situation and bring you further updates from the battlefield in record time. If you want to support your fellow patriots, please donate to our war chest under contribute.le-defenseur.galnet!

Other Headlines:

  • Radical Intaki Secessionists Riot over Additional Space Security Measures Necessary for Pirate Suppression
  • Anonymous Taskforce Member Worried About Renewed Insurrection Activity in Hevrice, Complicating ‘Planetary Operations on Hevrice III’
  • Graduating Class of the Federal Navy Academy on Ouelletta V Receives Commendation for Exemplary Service in Repelling Pirate Raid
  • Radical Relation Realist Party Blames ‘Lack of Spending on FDU’ for Set-Back in the Placid Warzone
  • BREAKING NEWS: Daring Militia Members Anchor Propaganda Beacon in Front of Pirate Base

The following is a news alert from the Sovereign Duchy of Beseth Dunijia

New from Dam Vishen: Unconfirmed rumors of a clandestine Dark Wolf Legion deployment to Hevrice III. Pictures have circulated of a pair of Badger-class transports bearing the signature red and black livery of the Sovereign Duchy in high orbit over Hevrice III along with a convoy of Guristas transports and escorts. Duchy officials have refused to comment.

The following news update is visible to anyone with the TranquilNews app in the Pegeler constellation

  • Coalition of Pegeler and Sovereign Duchy of Beseth Dunijia businesspeople form the Pegeler Prosperity Committee (PPC)
  • Complaints raised with SCC claiming PPC funding linked to illegal currency exchanges in Venal
  • Pegeler mining tycoon and founder of the PPC Tavin Flahl thanks Sovereign Duchy of Beseth Dunijia and hails the start of “a new era of prosperity for Pegeler” during banquet celebrating the creation of the PPC.
  • Isaribel Naralfe, mayor of the Eugales mining colony ‘Roid-Town, condemns Flahl and the PPC, and the involvement of Beseth Dunijia, asking “has Eugales not suffered enough? Must we be drawn into more war?”

Gallente Federation successfully suppresses a Deathless circle Insurgency

Ouelletta, Verge Vendor - What you’re seeing on the feedcam is something that many were beginning to not hope to be able to happen anymore. After 3 months of insurgencies and terror caused by the Deathless circle, the Federated Union of Gallente Prime has been the first of the “Big 4” to send a message to them. More than 150 Capsuleers managed to destroy the 64 of the aligned ones to the unlawfuls and the Forward Operating base after a suppression operation that lasted 1 week and limited at the minimum (Only 1 corrupted system) the losses. This is the first time a counter-insurgency operation not only managed to have success but doing it (almost) flawlessly and local population is hoping the Gallente example will be taken from the other empires. Speaking of the latter, looks like even the Malakim Zealots are having issues to corrupt the Minmatar space like the previous months and maybe another miracle could come from the Republic front. Various Gallente militias said they’re ready to “intervene to their allies” in case of help request.

CONCORD Capsuleer Militia petition reaches 648.153.065 signs

Yulai, Genesis - The Lowsec crisis managed to find a stop for these days but the situation remains at dramatic levels. People are extremely thankful for what Gallente just did but this is not the end and the Deathless circle can return even stronger than before. Others says that all this enthusiasm is too exaggerated if not false as they think the Militia acted only for their interests to not put a crucial rearguard system in a vulnerable state that Caldari could take advantage to eliminate what’s left on the Gallente CEMWPA frontier on the southern regions. This success boosted the petition signs mentioned some time ago, risking to reach the trilion, that request that CONCORD would have more power on the management of the insurgency crisis forming a unique Capsuleer militia responsible to fight the Deathless circle and reduce further fights in the CEMWPA systems. There are still reports of “warcrimes committed by the unlawful militias” and hundreds of thousands of victims in the area and the authorities are still receiveng desperate messages about the push of that proposal; one of them mentions the “extinction” of a colony: all the people starved to death due to the destruction of the only ORE Rorqual miner and his hauling convoy that usually brought them resources and food to survive.



EverMore’s Paragaon corporation signs lucrative sponsorship deal with Villorian stock car racing team Tiger Raceworks!

February 4th CY 126

The YC 126 Vilorian Stock Car Racing ( VSCR) pre-season holiday continues to breed intrigue as more bombshell contracts find signatures. In a peculiar move, Evermore’s Paragon Corporation has entered the sponsor market of Villorian Stock Car Racing.

Last minute rookie driver of the YC 125 season Lei Hu of the newly minted Tiger Raceworks team, landed an unlikely deal with EverMore’s Paragon corporation early in January behind closed doors. Becoming his primary sponsor for the YC 126 VSCR season, the deal includes a condition that the car be outfitted with Paragon’s signature nanoholographic projection technology. A technology that has since been used exclusively for Capsuleer vessels to display their corporations or alliances emblems on the hull of their ship.

Heading up the sponsorship deal is a Paragon representative named Valdon Madeek, who provided the following response.

“Make no mistake, this is not Paragon changing its tactics. We are still focused on our Capsuleer customers first and foremost. This sponsorship deal fits perfectly into our mission statement. Not only are we expanding our avenues for advertisement, but we’re getting a means to test our technology on planetside vehicles… Maybe a Capsuleer would like to wear their corporation’s symbol on their personal sports car? Or for military assets to bare alliance markings? This sport is the perfect playground to figure out how our technology looks on vehicles, and how it handles in the harsh conditions found in stock car racing… Paragon has complete faith in Lei Hu to make the most of the financial backing being provided to him. We expect to have ample data to work with by the time this season is over.”

  • Valdon Madeek

Paragon’s nanoholographic projections are exclusive to Paragon’s logos and Lei Hu’s new number of 124. All secondary sponsors outside of the EverMore family remain bound to the car’s nanocoating SKIN. When pressed on why the number switch to 124, Vladon Madeek said it was to pay tribute to the year Paragon was founded, YC 124.

Several teams have already declared protest of Paragon’s technology being Introduced onto the grid. With the prevailing argument being a concern for drivers not being able to properly determine how close they could drive alongside Lei Hu. Valdon Madeek shot down these concerns guaranteeing that their technology would provide no such confusion.

Tiger Raceworks has already begun investing their new income source into turning their patchwork crew into a proper race team. For insight on this, we spoke with Tiger Raceworks’s Crew Chief and six-time stock car champion Stent Kuham.

[Stent Kuham]
“Sponsorship money was bound to come though, was thinking it be like… Protein Delicacies or something cheap like that. Was prepared to have to work with a shoestring budget, but I guess EverMore wants to spoil us… Yeah we got money now. Does that make us championship contenders? No. It does however let us look pretty. We got a new car, better pit crew, stickers (New tyres) and hell! We got actual uniforms!”

[Kalto Moxin]
“What do you think about your sponsor Paragon?”

[Stent Kuham]
“I don’t think anything about them personally speaking. A sponsor is a sponsor professionally speaking. I drove a car that were advertising Fedo hygienic products at some point.”

[Kalto Moxin]
“You ever win in that car?”
[Stent Kuham]
“I did! YC 97, Impetus Superspeedway! Drove like complete ■■■■! I got it first over the line still…"

[Kalto Moxin]
“Fair enough.”

[Stent Kuham]
“Now, the only difference with these Paragon folk and those people trying to make fedos smell good is Paragon got some fancy tech. Beyond that, I don’t really care who pays to keeps this car running. Could be… Jovians or Rogue Drones for all I care.”

  • Stent Kuham

Driver Lei Hu has refused to comment on these developments. Wanting their privacy to focus for the upcoming YC 126 VSCR Season. The opening race, The Quafe Challenge 600 is dated to start February 11th at Liberty Square raceway. If you haven’t obtained tickets, it might not be too late!


YC126.02.07 // ATHOUNON VI

In a move that underscores Taayusaka Eskeitan’s commitment to reshaping the military landscape on Athounon VI, the corporation has successfully completed audits of military high command structures. This comprehensive assessment has paved the way for a significant restructuring effort, consolidating command under a unified hierarchy for all client states’ armed forces.

Under this new paradigm, officers scouted and endorsed by Taayusaka Eskeitan now occupy key positions within the unified command structure. The corporation claims that it aims to infuse fresh talent into military leadership roles, fostering a cohesive and effective armed force capable of facing any threat to the prosperity of its clients.

Simultaneously, the corporate-aligned forces have initiated an all-out assault on Federal Garrison positions along Belevigne’s borders. These forces, predominantly composed of Qucrain’s armed forces, augmented by auxiliaries from Rafriules and Acruasau, are the vanguard of Taayusaka’s invasion force.
Taayusaka Corporate officers have been assigned as a mobile assault force, acting under their own command hierarchy parallel to the local forces.

The conflict in Belevigne thus far is characterized by the extensive use of saturation missile artillery by Corporate forces. This tactical choice aims to overwhelm interception networks and establish a decisive advantage on the battlefield. The escalation of hostilities in Belevigne raises questions about the potential outcomes and the broader implications for the region.

News in Brief

  • Belletere Republic issues public condemnation against the invasion of Bellevigne, calling it a “Needless re-escalation of hostilities fueled only by imperial ambitions.”

  • Taayusaka refuses to comment on reports of executive aerospace shuttle diving into volcanically active rift in Acrausau

  • First tree planted by Cieléclat Ecological Restoration Initiative in highly televised event

  • Surge of refugees flee to Bellevigne capital following invasion

  • Automated Hunter-killer drone depot struck by EMP warhead by Free Cieléclat Garrison insurgents

  • Kyrios Animation Studios announces upcoming animated series ‘EcoQuest Friends’, sponsored by Ecological Restoration Initiative


Dammalin Solar System, Huvilma Constellation, Heimatar Region

Local news agencies bring word of an unnerving incident which occurred in the Dammalin system during the early hours of the morning. The system, usually a busy hub for orbital and planetary industry, as well as lunar and asteroid mining, has been the target of repeated attempts by the Angel Cartel to raid it. Whilst combat in the void is not a forgiving phenomenon at the best of times, hostilities seem to have escalated to a new and unusual level.

Eye-witness reports from several members of the local Fortizar’s crew, who elected to remain anonymous, tell of a Capsuleer-piloted Condor frigate which, at first glance, seemed to have rammed into the station’s dorsal observation tower. Upon closer inspection, the frigate appeared to have reversed thrusters at the last possible moment, before pulling away from the tower and entering the hangar bay without incident. Camera drones released to inspect the armor plates in lieu of a minor damage alert purportedly showed footage of a small, sharp metal object lightly penetrating the side of the tower. Upon closer inspection, the metal object, which was identified as a flap belonging to the dorsal heat exhaust array of a Kikimora destroyer, appeared to be impaling a male human corpse, pinning it in place against the station.

The capsuleer responsible for the incident, a pale, tired-looking Sebiestor, did not stop to speak to reporters after decanting, but was willing to answer questions whilst walking from the hangar bay to his bunk. When asked about the incident’s meaning, he merely responded with “Diplomacy”. When pressed for clarification, he added:

“The Cartel has been preying on our people for many years. Recently, they seem to have gotten the idea that they are welcome here. My intention is to show that this is not the case. Let this be a message to all Empyreans who, having been tempted by promises of wealth and power, come into our home with their weapons primed, to enforce the will of thugs. To avenge my brothers and sisters, they will be crushed like the Kybernauts of yore.”

The man was later identified as a member of the Swolin Clan named Jesoph and is known to have fought alongside forces of the Republic Fleet as well as loyalist Minmatar Capsuleers during the Floseswin conflict, the Triglavian Invasions, and the punitive expedition known as “The Burning Of Pochven”. Sources say that the Capsuleer, who had dissapeared from the spotlight for some years, resurfaced in the Dammalin system during the initial uptick of Cartel activity, citing obscure oaths as the reason, before taking up a leading role in the local defence fleets. The macabre impalement comes as a surprise to many, but some have pointed to his former association with the notorious entity known as Ushra’Khan as a potential explanation. The office of the chief of the Swolin Clan has neglected to comment on the incident. A spokesperson for the station’s crew described the action as “reckless” and “not something our flight control crewmen needed to see.”

Station authorities have suggested that both the corpse and the piece of wreckage impaling it were products of in-system skirmishes between Capsuleers loyal to the Minmatar Republic and Capsuleers loyal to the Angel Cartel. This appears to be supported by eye-witness accounts from the crew of the stargate leading to the Bosboger system, who spoke of a small group of loyalist frigates and destroyers warping directly on top of a Kikimora destroyer broadcasting a hostile IFF. Military experts are describing the incident as a “brawl”.


YC126.02.12 // ATHOUNON VI

As the conflict between Corporate-Aligned forces and Bellevigne reaches unprecedented levels of intensity, the battleground echoes with intense warfare not witnessed since Taayusaka’s initial landfall on Athounon VI.

The formidable defenses of Federal garrison positions in Bellevigne have proven resilient against the invaders. While Corporate-Aligned forces have managed some territorial gains, these advances have come at a high cost, with sustained and heavy losses being incurred.

In a surprising turn of events, Federal forces have launched an amphibious counteroffensive through Lake Miroitant, successfully establishing a beachhead in Western Acruasau, opening an unexpected new front.

As the battle lines continue to shift, concerns mount regarding the well-being of civilian settlements trapped between the frontlines. Disturbing images of rural communities devastated by Corporate artillery bombardments have begun to surface, painting a grim picture of the toll exacted on innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

News in Brief

  • Taayusaka corvette sunk by kamikaze drone strike amidst Federal amphibious assault

  • Enlistment in Bellevigne militia soars following circulation of disturbing frontline footage

  • System traffic monitors report notable material shipments bound for Athounon XI

  • FCG spokesperson claims that Corporate Hunter-Killer drones make use of ‘anomalous AI templates typical of rogue drones’

  • Torchbearers of Liberty demand the ‘full removal of disgusting slavers’ following raid on Khimi Harar monitoring outpost

  • Taayusaka whistleblower releases information on ‘Project Carmine Mirage’, revealing mutadaptive pathogen research preceding Qucrain outbreak

  • Disturbing trend of Belletere youths performing mock executions of Taayusaka ‘Mofumofu’ plushies goes viral

  • Qucraines Armed Forces report the complete eradication of organized deserter forces


MHC-R3 Superproject News Net Headline Roundup 2/12/YC126

  • ‘Operation Preening Ditz’ Combined Arms Wargame Hailed Significant Success By House Brezia, Alta Shipworks, and Warmind Overseers
  • Water Ice Cracker Fleets Trawling System Outer Object Halo and Gas Giant Ring Systems Report Increase In ‘Recovery Of Archaelogically Significant Debris’ Buried In Harvested Ice Blocks
  • Invitations To ‘Operation Preening Ditz II’ Capsuleer/Warclone Wargame Expected To Be Sent Out Within The Week To All Previous Participants and More
  • Difficulties Working With Neopian and Neopian Derivative Workers Noted By Some Foreign Contractors At House Brezia And Other Neopian Facilities, Potent Pheromone Based Biochemistries Likely To Blame
  • Local Trade Indices On Advanced Technologies Spike Several Percent
  • Stock of Alta Shipworks LTD Rises 15 Points In Steady Upward Trend Following Sub-Licensing Of ‘Gwennan’ Class Gen2B and Gen2C Integrated Planetary Support Vessels
  • Moltaran Fleetworks Approach Sub-Licensing Deal On ‘Nightjar’ class Command Destroyer, ‘Zipray’ Class Cruiser, ‘Beluga’ Class Blockade Runner, and ‘Remora’ Class Intermediate Support Vessel Designs With Aricantha Myrtle Skunkworks, Melodica Juris Logistics, and Alta ShipWorks LTD
  • I-RED Colonial Efforts In DS-M4Q Reportedly Proceeding Smoothly
  • Guristas cells persist in Archavoinet despite law enforcement crackdown
  • Guristas commodores Ebigekazu Isopala and “The Lemur” Lemiura recently spotted at Guristas-Serpentis summit
  • Pegeler residents question if the Guristas-Serpentis summit will keep Commando Guri raiding parties away from the constellation.
  • PPC announces additional 1 billion ISK in investments to “struggling mining colonies and refineries”
  • Isabel Naralfe again condemns the PPC, forms the Consortium of Pegeler Miners
  • The Consortium alleges impropriety by the PPC in Eugales, claims PPC investment terms were “predatory” and “effectively a hostile takeover”
  • Significant Expansion Of Defensive Installations Across Planets in MHC-R3 Continue Under Supervision of Warminds Per ‘SpiderSilk Protocol’
  • Matrial Apex Miralite Inasyl Mora Brezia, Mother to the Capsuleer Spitfire and Director of Superproject Activities Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia, Sighted Visiting MHC-R3 VI Orbital Ring and Surface Colony Facilities With Retinue From Neopian Homeworld
  • New Amateur Splinterz League In Planning Stages For Local Tournament in MHC-R3
  • Confluence Of Unlikely Circumstances Lead to Ousting of Guristas Forward Operating Base in Ouelletta in a Crushing Victory By Both Gallente and Caldari Militias, Gallente Militias Claim Glory
  • CONCORD DERAIL and Red Troop Observers Spotted Surveilling Superproject Infrastructure, Local Alert Status Raised
  • Friction With Intaki Space Police And Wider Syndicate Station Owners Over Sudden Ingress Of Megastructures and Populations Continue To Rise
  • Significant Progress On Skyhook Systems For Inner System Planets Surface To Orbit Material Transfers Continue To Augment Extant Use Of Mundane Rocketry and A-Grav Transfer Barges

YC126.02.19 // ATHOUNON VI

As Taayusaka’s offensive against Bellevigne unfolds, casualties continue to rise, and the conflict takes on a more contentious and devastating character.

The Taayusaka Gwennan-class corporate warbarge, once stationed over Cieléclat’s capital, has been relocated to bolster the invasion force in the west, and multiple warclone soldiers, notorious for their indiscriminate counter-insurgency purges some months ago, have been reportedly deployed alongside CorpSec commando units.

The Federal defense of Bellevigne has faced substantial challenges, with reports indicating that defenders have fallen back to secondary defensive positions after being overrun by the advancing corporate-aligned forces.

Amidst the conflict, reports of the invading forces lacking restraint continue to surface. Multiple outlying towns caught in the crossfires have been devastated by artillery bombardment, prompting concerns about the well-being of civilians trapped in the combat zone. Conflicting reports regarding civilian casualties have been emerging. Qucrain’s military command asserts that all possible measures are being taken to minimize harm to non-combatants. However, Bellevigne continues to decry what they describe as the ‘wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians by Caldari-backed raiders.’

News in Brief

  • Heated protests flare up in Belletere Republic in favor of lending military aid to besieged Bellevigne

  • Taayusaka Chief Microbiologist dismisses Carmine Mirage leaks as ‘disingenuous rumor by a disgruntled ex-employee’

  • Khimi Harar worksite ramps up security as threat of further Torchbearer attacks looms

  • Acruasau naval units secure Lake Miroitant, claim that Federal landing party is ‘stranded, contained and soon to be neutralized’

  • Sisters of EVE request to provide humanitarian aid in conflict zone rebuffed by both sides

  • Kyrios Animation Studios to soon release official information on new EcoQuest Friends series

  • No responsibility claimed after haunting images of Free Cieléclat Garrison members hanging from lampposts in eastern Bellevigne surface in local subnet

  • Châtellerault officially changes name to Chatellerault following controversial motion in colonial assembly in overwhelming vote

  • Arctic research post in Athounon XI goes dark following reports of extensive orbital cargo drops

  • Sioux Extraction Systems reports record profits as mining operations expand across Taayusaka client states

  • Lumière de Diamant News nominated for Excellence in Journalistic Integrity Award

  • Corporate auditors reportedly making use of embedded informants in client state armed forces in order to combat corruption and dissent among enlisted


YC126.03.11 // ATHOUNON VI

Widespread unrest grips the Belletere Republic as support surges for a burgeoning movement advocating military aid to the embattled region of Bellevigne.

With the conflict in Bellevigne now stretching over a month, the death toll continues to climb, fueling growing discontent and aiding the rise of the interventionist movement.

Initially a fledgling movement, support for providing military assistance to Bellevigne has rapidly gained momentum in recent days. The movement’s cause received a significant boost when opposition leader Pierre Leclerc openly endorsed it. Leclerc accused the current administration of willful inaction, suggesting collusion with Taayusaka Eskeitan to maintain Belletere’s neutrality in the conflict.

However, the situation took a troubling turn when opposition leader Leclerc was detained under suspicion of conspiracy and inciting unrest. His arrest has sparked widespread outrage across Belletere’s territories, igniting riots and clashes between interventionist factions and Republic gendarmerie.

The detention of Leclerc has only served to galvanize the movement, with protesters demanding his immediate release and intensified action to support Bellevigne. Scenes of unrest and violence have unfolded across Belletere, underscoring the deep divisions within the Republic over its stance on the conflict.

News in Brief

  • Cieléclat Premier Darmain Kuvier and Taayusaka Director of Public Affairs Inachi Kaparainen announce state’s reorganization into the ‘Ciel-Huogaatsu Administrative District’ following completion of urban expansion works

  • Acruasau marines successfully capture Federal amphibious vanguard after weeks-long standoff

  • Belletere counter-terrorist taskforce intercepts bombing attempt against parliament building

  • Taayusaka Eskeitan sponsors regional Mind Clash tournament in newly constructed stadium

  • Spaceport in Chatellerault evacuated by Corporate forces prior to arrival of ‘distinctly Triglavian’ shuttlecraft

  • Large scale assault on alleged FCG HQ results in numerous partisan casualties, though insurgent leader Jonatya Fauneux reportedly still at large

  • Ciel-Huogaatsu Air Marshal found mutilated in home in brutal killing by Torchbearers operative

  • New Starsi Blast!™️ product line achieves record sales as first imports arrive to occupied territories