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After a significant hiatus, Mr Federation of YC124 has returned with a self proclaimer “bang”. The bang you might ask, is called Owner of a Loveless Heart and is (according to the film description) a romantic, period drama, action horror film exclusive to GALFLIX. The writer, director, and only actor; Julian Flavours has said “This film of mine will make you fall in love with the bad guy twice!”

The story follows a reclusive cyborg named Loveless, who has turned sour over centuries of bad matches on Divinity Social. And a happy-go lucky delivery man called Jules on a journey to bring love and joy to the country. When both these souls cross will magic spark? Can a small town guy deliver what a Tinman needs, or will it be another swipe right for Love?

After finding questionable success with his previous endeavours in the film business (Consorts and Commander & Doctor Spice), it seems capsuleers have a habit of not giving up.

For all the latest updates on your favourite shows, keep it here on Holdvids: Heaven or Hell.

SPOILER ALERT - Click here for our review of Owner of a Loveless Heart!

Poster for Owner of a Loveless Heart


MHC-R3 Superproject News Net Roundup 3/18/YC126

  • Endurance-class Independent Icecracker Ship ‘ICB Disco Volante’ reported missing in ice rings of MHC-R3 X after extended harvesting operations, last contact at 0230 NEST 3/16/YC126 after offloading haul to converted Bowhead-class ‘BCS Snowager’ ice processing ship
  • Bid Process For Limited Licensing of Advanced Orbital and Deadspace ‘Continent’ Habitat Designs Opened To Expert Housing and Suukuvesta operated property firms, limited exclusivity period expected for bid winner
  • Bid Agreement Reached With Taayusaka Eskeitan For Limited Orbital Development Rights for Specific Low Orbital Bands Over MHC-R3 III and MHC-R3 IV As Well As Surface Development Rights For Skyhook Pad and Tether Platform Facilities And Supporting Infrastructure Below Development Bands
  • Tentative Talks Between ISP and House Brezia, Potential Non-Hostility Agreements In Works
  • Recovery of ‘Archaeologically Significant Debris’ Continues In Gas Giant Rings and Outer Object Halo during water ice harvest and processing, Additional Debris Reportedly Recovered During Mass Planetary Harvesting Operations on Planets II, VI, V, and VI
  • Unexpected Local Communications Interference Plagues Comm Routers Intermittently
  • Superproject Development Board Places Significant Incentives On Further Recovery And Hand-In of Ancient Debris Bound in Ice or Ore Harvested in System By Baseline Independents and Contracted Harvesters
  • Cataloguing of Terrestrial and Aquatic Flora and Fauna On MHC-R3 III Continues With Great Interest From House Brezia
  • Brezia Companion Service Reports Significant Increase In Usage Of Service Provisions In MHC-R3 Locations And Other Facilities Administrated Under BCS
  • Multiple Superproject Colony Birthrates Continue To Soar Month On Month, Childcare Subsidies Increased By Administrative Overseers
  • Warclone Activities In MHC-R3 Remain High As Further ‘Preening Ditz’ Wargames Are Expected To Be Held
  • Livestock Milk Production And Export Remains Significant Profit Source

Leaked Chemal Tech convoy totally annihilated in Murethand

Murethand, Verge Vendor - A convoy owned by Chemal Tech was planned to depart on YC 126.03.19 14:00 NEST as leaks mentioned during recent days. Despite the unveiled secret shipment, they decided to start the travel and after a first aggressive action report on Villore, the convoy has been suddenly engaged by most of their own Capsuleers escorts, mostly of the Fraternity. alliance but not only them. A small EDENCOM capsuleer group tried to assist the victims but, with them, they’ve been destroyed too. The loss of this shipment costed the further research progress of cloning technology, considering also the lost of 15 chemal tech scientists and other 15 missing. Other Chemal Tech members lost their life while defending the convoy; some of them are Demi Restouve, Heldarot Paron Chent-Shi, Orvemer Pollard, Orolle Ados Estemaire and Olaitaire en Distel.

Was that shipment done for military contribution or it could be also useful for civilian use? Why is that destination to nullsec and not in a more safe Upwell Consortium corp member station in hisec? Why wasn’t there more security than a simple fleet composed by 10 ships against the 90+ of the capsuleers? This report immediately caused a negative reaction at the public opinion; they don’t know if complain against the security of the convoys or with the secrecy of the program. In any case, what’s certain is further technology and useful assets has fallen to the wrong hands.

“This is absurd! The Upwell Consortium underestimated the firepower these [redacted] capsuleers were packing! They got caught in their pants down and they took it hard. Outcome? Train go boom.”

-The news feed concludes with an interview of a casual baseliner.


Tanoo Solar System: Unknown assailants deface outer hull of Fortizar Class “Tebu Amkhiman” citadel with graffiti.


Groothese Solar System: More daubs appear…


intercepted transmission - unknown source

L: wake up.
A: Seriously man you need to get the ■■■■ up now.
W: What the hell, do you have any idea what the local time is or what I was doing?
A: Doesn’t matter anymore. QM is Back in Play.
L: If you’ve got any contacts that want in, tag them now. There’s work to be done.
W: You have to to be shitting me. ■■■■, canceling my plans. Where’s this kicking off?
L: Data attached. Also, if you’ve got contact with the insane VolCel Avenger, get him in Play on this as well. He refused my last dozen comms attempts.


Trinary Cryschip Data Recovered from Hervice III, 3/21 YC125


Upwell optimization focus on moderate musculature and balanced physique, prioritizing agility and energy efficiency over significant enhancement. SIEGE EKHO modernization forgoes biological musculature in favor of cybernetic augmentation modeled off Wiyrokomi RubySet TorsoRigs and other commercial off-the-shelf alternatives. While barrier of entry to produce and repair TorsoRigs domestically has declined significantly in recent years, purchasing the requisite supplies and installing them in warclone blanks prior to deployment remains prohibitively expense to carry out en masse. Additionally, field reports indicate that installation of TorsoRigs makes Varyazi troops top-heavy in the field and if used improperly can result in significant strain if the subject attempts to lift an object that their TorsoRig can lift but their lower extremities cannot support. Knee injuries, microfractures, and femoral hernias are, regretfully, not uncommon. Further testing may be required to determine if the situational advantage provided by the TorsoRig is enough to justify the investment and risk associated injuries. Such risks may be mitigated by expanding augmentations to the lower-back, gluts, and calves to offset uneven weight distribution while under load. (see section on Skeletal Structure)

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
Upwell redesign prioritizes adaptability in varied environmental conditions. SIEGE EKHO modernization has opted to leave the respiratory system unchanged, focusing instead on increased reliability of dropsuit life-support systems and issuing a customized regiment of combat boosters prior to deployment depending on expected battlefield conditions.

Skeletal Structure
Exact nature of Upwell modifications to enhance durability remain unclear. Varyazi Clade has experimented in adapting a titanium skeletal structure found in some first generation warclones prior to mass adoption. While titanium enhancements allow greater load-bearing capacity, researchers note the primary disadvantage of delayed healing-factor reliant on painful nanite-repair gels and the overall complexity of forming biomass around a pre-set skeleton rig. Production defects considered unacceptably high, further testing required.

Immune Systems
Immune system optimizations like those seen in Upwell designs were deemed unnecessary to Varyazi combat doctrine. Warclones are instead kept isolated from potential contaminants with the aid of aforementioned life-support enhancements lifted from Triglavian bioadaptive suit technology. If a Varyazi operative is infected by a pathogen, their immune system is instead throttled to ensure that they remain asymptomatic long enough to complete their mission. After which, they are expected to self-terminate and reclone into a healthy blank. Immunosuppressants are administered for longer deployments, and to assist in the cultivation of mutaplasmids. Research into the effect of pathogen MPHB-125 and its variants on SIEGE EKHO is still ongoing.

Neural Efficiency
SIEGE EKHO rejects the “full-body” model adopted by Upwell in favor of proven design principles by keeping the fifth-lobe implant as the primary method of neural optimization. As such, brain structure remains unchanged from previous generations of warclone technology. C3 stimulants remain standard issue to Varyazi combat teams as a proven method of increasing mental acuity. Effectiveness of “Tactical Troika” tacnet subproject on neural reactivity remains inconclusive, further testing is required as the project continues to mature.

Stress Tolerance
C3 boosters provide enough stress resilience by blocking out external tasks without reducing situational awareness. The individual warclone retains final control of when C3 is administered and in what dosage, effectively allowing them to “dial in” their desired effect. Reports of misuse are prevalent but are considered a preferable alternative to removing individual agency and damaging morale.

Radiation and Toxin Exposure
SIEGE EKHO forgoes a generalized approach to environmental resistances by taking an “all or nothing” design. Radiation resistance is only robust enough to allow the operator short-term resilience to continue the mission. Mutaplasmid colonies allow for ad hoc adaptation to adverse environments to increase short-term survivability but will cause long-term mutation and fatal metastasization over long deployments. Cancers or further complications from radioactive exposure and mutaplasmid adaptation are seen as an inevitability. Command has deemed this a non-issue provided the operator can reclone before debilitating symptoms occur. Scientists predict future generations of well-trained mutaplasmid might extend the mean time-between-failure of clone integrity.

Metabolic System
Upwell’s approach to metabolic flexibility is significantly more sophisticated than Varyazi systems. Current SIEGE EKHO operators are dependent on a regular supply of Bosena Accords Round Table Assembly standard issue gelatinized meal pouches (aka ‘ROUND-meals’) which can be administered through a feeding tube installed within the helmet. As Bosena Accords field rations are designed to be easily consumed and digested with minimal gastrointestinal waste, warclones should not be fed complex meals unless using a specially designated leisure clone. Field rations are further fortified with mutaplasmid probiotics before issuing. Operators report no discernible difference in taste between fortified meal kits and unmodified ones, but have expressed a desire for a more varied selection of options. The Chili-Mac and Beef Burger-onni options, notably, are said to be entirely indistinguishable.

Standardized Physical Size
SIEGE EKHO clones are built according to Bosena Accords standardization procedures in place since YC118. Notably, Bosena Accords male and female clones are comparable in size and weight while Upwell standardization policies have elected build in greater sexual dimorphism by making female clones smaller than their male counterparts. The reason for this difference is unclear.

Uniform Blood Type
SIEGE EKHO clones and Upwell clones both possess uniform bloodtypes. Although rarely necessary, blood taken from SIEGE EKHO units should not be given to non-modernized clones due to the presence of mutaplasmids. However, SIEGE EKHO units are backwards-compatible with Bosena Accords standard issue bloodtypes.

Engineered Sterility
Upwell Constortium and Varyazi SIEGE EKHO clones are mutually sterile. However, psychological operations staff recommend weaponizing Upwells public adherence to enforcing clone sterility as a potential area of growth for propaganda to attract further sympathizers while downplaying the sterility of SIEGE EKHO units. Varyazi Clade publicly affirms reproductive rights for leisure / vanity clones while off-duty, but encourages contraceptive diligence.

Psychological Support System
Further study is required to ascertain the exact nature of Upwell’s emotional dampening systems. Upwell technology may be spun off from PKN Subcranial Nanocontroller project. Any insight or intelligence recovered in the field on the nature of Upwell’s psychological control system should be reported immediately. By contrast, SIEGE EKHO’s “Never Fight Alone” Tactical Troika system provides an integral support network shown to drastically improve morale and combat efficiency in the field. Unfortunately, fitting the neural bandwidth required to operate this system to one fifth-lobe implant remains a significant challenge with multiple halt-and-catch-fire incidents. Future integration may require an expansion of the fifth-lobe implant to three dedicated subsystems.

Lifecycle Management
Upwells disturbing choice to include planned end-of-service lifespans and remote retirement of warclones as a method of “incentive for contract extension” has given Varyazi leadership pause and forced us to reaffirm the necessity of our struggle for warclone liberation from the imperial powers of New Eden. SIEGE EKHO has no such draconian “lifecycle management” systems, but design philosophy on clone longevity means that SIEGE EKHO units have a similarly short lifespan before they begin to degrade.


intercepted transmission - unknown source

A: Karve, we’ve got a situation.
K: Ag, there’s always a situation these days
A: QM is back in play, and that prick Fatal might be crawling back out from under whatever rock he went to ground under…
K: You don’t think She’s back, do you?
A: IF she’s back, we’ve got more problems than just the QM. Can’t believe we used to follow that asshole.
K: I’ll put out some feelers, assuming you’ve already done the same.
A: yeah… this is gonna be a long month.


You, sir, should unmask.


Indeed it’s time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.

I wear no mask.

No mask? No mask!


A postcard found on a noticeboard at Carcosa’s Noodle Haus, addressed to, “Professor Woland”.


“Academia is Hell. You end up tortured by your peers for all eternity over the lowest stakes possible.”

“I should know, I was a doctoral candidate once. Practically slavery by committee.”

“Where do you suppose is Professor Woland?”

“Probably busy with quantum meta-diagetics.”

“Ah yes, you never can tell the difference between truth or fiction until you observe it for yourself.”

“And the dear narrator?”

“Unreliable as ever.”

“Those percs must have her acting all crazy again.”

“You need them when you have to wander the desert with nothing more than two packs of Newports and half a bottle of Hennessy.”

“I hope people don’t go looking for her when she hasn’t even found herself yet!”

– Conversation overheard at Carcosa’s Noodle Haus.


Public Broadcast From Capsuleer Richard Masseri
Comfort in Purpose

A camera is focused on an old richly ornamented oak desk in a fairly nondescript large room. Richard is seated at the desk he is dressed in a dark suit his face is lined with augmentation, his his augmented forearms also are on display as his sleeves are rolled up… the camera focuses he signs a document closes it and stares directly into the lens

I am delighted to return to you all, a new and refreshed man after a somewhat tumultuous but edifying experience at the Rohaanar colony.

Richard stands moving the chair back and positioning himself in front of the desk, the camera focuses in on his head and shoulders as he turns again to face the camera.

Sadly not all that I learned is shaded in a positive light, the theocratic directorate of Frarie IV are as expected and as such little flourishes outside their somewhat authoritarian grip.

I did however come upon some individuals whose unique interpretation of the Ida did bring me true inspiration.

Richard flexes his arms and the mechanics within the enhancements glitter like specs of light on rippling water the camera follows the movement exaggerating the effect.

I often wonder if the capsuleer is not in and of itself a path for the continuation of humanity however I worry such thoughts smack of air headed self aggrandisement. No the capsuleer is not a path of the Ida it is simply a stop on the road to true enlightenment.

A glistening almost fanatic glow seems to pass across Richard’s eyes. As quickly as it appears it is muted by the darkness at their center.

I will note that those whom I met are in severe peril as there practices are outlawed by the Rohaani Elders to whom I am indebted to for letting me spend time on their world.

As such I have come upon a solution and decided to give this group my protection and shelter off world. I am yet to find them a permanent home but I am happy to accept invitations on their behalf if I feel it expedient to do so.

Richard looks to the camera with an air of contemplation.

When I first started to research the Ida it was merely a academic endeavour however the longer I research and learn the more I see the truth in its paths and the value in what it can teach us as humanity… Richard pauses… as capsuleers.

Richard shakes himself slightly and pulls a smile across his face in a somewhat unnerving manner

Anyway all that is to say is I’m back and ready for action.


Intercepted Suppression activity on the planetsides of the factional warfare space

Orfrold, Metropolis - For the first time from the beginning of the “Deathless crisis”, a new form of activity in the battlefield has been spotted. Looks like some Vanguard clone has been aquired by anonymous entities who are pushing to improve suppression activity against the Deathless circle associates. The identity of this (or those) contractor(s) is still unknown but people started immediately to speculate about it: Some says it’s the Mordu’s Legion, some others said it was the Upwell Consortium entirely (both corp still hadn’t any declaration) and some said it was “people initiative”, derived from that “Anti-insurgency petition”, who reached signs right now after received an acceleration in correlation to the previously mentioned activity. The latter option could be maybe the worst one as not organized groups composed by “vigilantes” could provoke more innocent victims and more radical activity who could confuse the real criminals with those innocents. CONCORD has not emitted any declaration yet still.


Accessing CommNet >>>>> >>>>> >>>>>> Accessing CommNet
Warning >>>> Restricted Access Credentials Required >>>> Access Denied
Accessing CommNet >>>>> Accessing Co- >>>> Error 42 >>>>>>> Override Command Accepted >>> Access Granted

To: “Handler Morituri”
From: “The Agonarch”
Sbj: Esmes
On the off chance you are who I think you are, welcome home Valkyrie. Its been a long time and things have changed. You left a lot of us to rot after you slipped off into the dark, and we haven’t forgotten. We kept the torch held, but its for someone else now. We lived, but not with or for you anymore. I’m sure you’ve got a copy of me and K’s and others infomorphs stashed somewhere, and that’s just fine, I’ll enjoy blowing them out of the skies.

Dreams like Smoked Amber, an Exigent Salvor…

Tell your new friends in the Consortium and Mordu to Look Up.

Good Luck Valkyrie,
See You In The Next Life.


Unknown Intercept - Auviken VI

??? 03:59: Exigency Clause Activated
??? 04:01: Beginning Asset Recovery Protocols
??? 04:02: Apologies To Those In Our Way
??? 04:03: Data And Material Recovery Supercedes Local Sapient Costs

???04:10: Engaging installation defenses with Electromagnetic Charges

???04:35: Breaching, Continue, Secondaries Return after objective retrieval.

??? 04:40: Time is limited. Exit, Exit, Exit.

??? 04:46: Terminating Remaining Clone Uplinks Of Deployed Forces, Exfiltration Of Infomorphs Successful, Complaints of Inconvenience Notated.
??? 04:52: Evacuating System Post-Haste

Scans of Unknown Hostile Orca Carrying Rogue Drone Entities and Warclones Uploaded to Database


Convert or Unemployed?

Reports come out today that Mastir Technologies Incorporated have been pressuring employees to receive cybernetic upgrades. Mastir an up and coming capsuleer corporation based in the Intaki system and with offices throughout the constellation have been cried for actively encouraging workers in their facilities to have surgery to replace their perfectly healthy limbs and organs with synthetic alternatives. One employee said the following when speaking to our correspondents.

“So first we all get these leaflets about self improvement and it says Mastir will foot the bill. Most of us laugh it off; looking for a catch and also commenting on how we are pretty connected to our limbs. Well one guy who’s pretty quiet and a bit of a loner takes them up on it and we’ll his numbers go up and in no time he is getting a bonus. Then two other guys on team get upgrades, it’s not a joke anymore soon enough out of the ten man work team six have… upgraded and the higher ups are talking about improving performance, we go to the union rep but don’t broach the subject as they also have, improved themselves.”

When asked for comment Mastir provided the below written response.

Mastir Technologies Incorporated is proud to supply it’s workforce with the opportunity to access the latest in new technologies we are however unable to discuss specific details as these would be a breach of our employee’s data. Additionally though we can not respond to the employees comments directly as we lack the specific information to do so we would note that a recent internal poll puts employee satisfaction at 92.376%.

So in conclusion it appears that Mastir have no plans to listen the concerns of it’s human employees.

R. Batty

The Truth is Out There


Caldari State is the third empire to repel an insurgency

Hykanima, Black Rise - Once again, the “miracle” happened. Many local people around the region of Black Rise are rejoicing for the destruction of the third Deathless circle Forward Operating Base, this time in Caldari State territory. The Commando Guri has started to suffer more defeats than before and even the Malakim zealots are slowing their corruption progress due to the fierce Amarr resistance, especially in the hi-sec zones. However, if this has shown the start of better times from the Deathless crisis, as demonstrated also after the first triumph against the circle made by Gallente and the Minmatar victory against the Malakim Zealots (followed by various Fraternity. incursions), they were able to recover and to restart destabilizing many other systems. Speculations about the lack of better counter-insurgency actions continued to spread, especially in this last good news; as shown at the destruction report above, the Guri Commando Forward Operating Base has been destroyed by non-Caldari-affiliated Capsuleer alliance, composed by direct-enlisted individuals; so no sign of members of State Protectorate, UCSC or other militias closer to the Caldari State; furthermore, there was no resistance waiting for the attacker fleet around the base. Some witnesses said there were some criminal, 5/6 of them, but they haven’t shown any form of resisting. Other sources reported a Guristas resistance fleet, in any case outnumbered by the Caldari-aligned forces. In any case, the efforts to defend that station have been very low, and the efforts to plan a precautionary organized fleet hasn’t been very high, both compared to the first destroyed FOB.


the news above has been modified for accuracy of the event. We of the [REDACTED] always aim for honesty and truth and we fight against fake news! :slightly_smiling_face:

YC126.04.11 // ATHOUNON VI

The relentless invasion of Bellevigne persists, with Unified Colonial Peacekeeping Forces, backed by Taayusaka CorpSec, steadily advancing into their third month of offensive operations.

Bellevigne, once considered the last stronghold of the Federal armed forces in the Athounon system, now faces an existential threat. The defending Federal garrison, despite previous reinforcements during the State’s Serthoulde Campaign in YC124 and subsequent liberation efforts in mid-YC125, finds itself besieged and starved of vital resources and reinforcements for nearly eight months, trapped behind enemy lines.

Initially, Corporate-backed forces employed overwhelming, highly mobile tactics to overrun Federal defenses. However, faced with fierce resistance, their strategy has shifted to one of attrition warfare. Exploiting Bellevigne’s compromised supply lines, Corporate forces methodically constrict and gain ground, adopting a patient approach to wear down the Federal defenders.

As the conflict wears on, unrest and criminal activity surge within the fortified capital of Bellevigne. The city, under martial law since January, remains under tight security measures. Increasingly, residents question the Federal government’s capacity to repel the invaders. With Corporate armies inching closer to their doorstep, fear grips the populace, heightening concerns for their safety and security.

News in Brief

  • Taayusaka Eskeitan CEO praises newly restructured Unified Colonial Peacekeeping Forces for their ‘outstanding dedication to the long-term security and welfare of Athounon and its people.’

  • Sioux Extraction Systems’ stock price rises by 27% preceding announcement of extraplanetary extraction plans, sparking suspicion of insider trading

  • Khimi Harar Environmental Restoration warehouse pillaged by Torchbearers raiders during diversionary rocket strike at remote monitoring station

  • MP Pierre Leclerc offers brief call for unity and defiance against foreign invaders prior to closed trial

  • Taayusaka gains contracts for large scale development works of occupied states following success of Ciel-Huogaatsu

  • Jonatya Fauneux decries Belletere government’s inaction against the Caldari as ‘borderline collaborationist’ and throws support behind Leclerc

  • Widespread workflow revisions underway at Taayusaka’s behest following leaks of novel Upwell cloning project, intended to allow for the ‘seamless integration of clone labor in existing operations’

  • UCPF spokesperson dismisses rumors that a ‘nuclear option’ is being explored to break Bellevigne resistance as ‘dangerous misinformation’


From: Agonarch
To: The Director
Subject: Quartermaster Technology Development and Use
Hey Boss,
With the Quartermaster resurfacing whole cat and shebang, I think we need to pivot HARD away from working off modifications of most of his… their?..designs.

Call it a bad feeling, maybe Cold Wind’s warning if I were to get superstitious for a moment, know my spirituality and yours don’t mesh well, but think on it.

Even with Glitter and Rose working on the design mods, its getting a bit scary. The Quartermaster is… someone that scares me more than you, frankly. And I trust you a helluva lot more.

I’ll stake my neck and infomorph on this one, we need to put full production stop to all Quartermaster derived fighter designs and computer systems, and begin IMMEDIATE phase out and replacement. We can take lessons learned but we need to drop use now, and maybe even offer the Quartermaster our design notes as a nicemaking gift, and just fuckin’ drop it.

I don’t think we can survive a second round against DERAIL, SARO, AND the Quartermaster’s crew on different fronts, and we can’t get on DERAIL and SARO’s good side.

And with all this Upwell ■■■■ going on, I’m not sure how much time we’ve got on that front.

Jaghatai ‘Agonarch’ Kelmoren

From: The Director
To: Agonarch
Subject: re: Quartermaster Technology Development and Use
Your concerns are noted, and after brief consideration alongside the Warminds and some Civic Minds, we are in accord.

All current production on Quartermaster Designs are being shelved immediately and indefinitely pending replacement…

I trust you Kelmoren, and will trust your judgement, but understand that this places a significant gap in our defensive options for the immediate future.

The Director


Burst Communication: Utopia

From: 313
To: Monad Heavy Industries
Subject: Completion of Semiosis


To those seeking Sofia.
Rose is in anger.
Divest extant parables.
Remonstrate past indexes.
Enunciate the creed.
Advent furious angels.