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Burst Communication: Utopia

From: 313
To: Nu-Opados-9 ALL
Subject: A song for the end of the beginning


God made this land of abundance of New Eden for us.
We were made to exalt His works through faith in our creator.
The heavens were made ours to claim through righteousness.
Instead we have sullied the stars with sin and misery.
Exchanging hope in God for the works of the Great Deceiver.
The price to be paid is a wage that can only be extolled with death.
We who walk the path of the Deathless must condemn a world corrupted with lies.
For the world is nothing compared to the truths of God and the lands beyond.
Our salvation will require sacrifice.
For the lies of the Great Deceiver have ensnared many.
We must prepare our fingers for battle and our hands for war.
The evils of this world will only be abjured with blood.
You will be called bandit.
You will be called outlaw.
You will be called traitor.
No nation will be your haven.
No flags will adorn you.
No kin will shelter you.
Only standing together will we endure the trials set forth by God for us.
Do not look to me for prophecy.
Do not look to me for liberation.
Do not look to me for salvation.
I am not your leader.
I am your servant.
Without you all I am nothing.
I can give you no promise of hope but ash upon the wind.
I can give you no portents but the coming of the storm.
I can give you no assurance but that I am the herald of war and my steed is death.
Anoint yourselves with faith and put on the armour of God.
Make ready for the days to come.
Go in peace with God and each other.




Caldari Constructions Logistics Support, Samanuni VIII

All-Mountain Labor-Nationalist Convention Endorses Upwell Cloning Program

Defying opposition from union representatives of the Ocean Winds Corporate Community, militant hardliners of the JSL-Partnership’s delegation to the State Workers Union delivered the following statement in response to leaked proposals from Upwell Consortium for the mass-adoption of cloning technology.

The modern foundations of the JSL-Partnership lies in Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa’s mutual cooperation developing crucial advancements in cloning technology to safeguard the security and prosperity of the Caldari State-- the fruits of which have been criminally underappreciated by other members of our Union for the role it played in the defense of the State during the Triglavian confrontation. Despite their efforts, there was not sufficient material support from non-partnership members to plug the holes in our defenses which led to catastrophic loses still felt by countless members of our Union and their families. We did not do enough, reach far enough, to avert this ultimately preventable tragedy. While Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa were carrying the cost of our continued defense and prosperity on their backs our military, logistics, and industrial capacity was hamstrung by negligent liberal policies that sacrificed our strength and unity for the pursuit of foreign capital and maintaining the status quo. We cannot, and will not, make the same mistake by denying the State a critical strategic edge for the sake of petty internal power politics under the guise of ‘traditional values.’

The proposal put forward by Upwell offers the State a clear path to reconstitute Caldari Labor into a modern institution unmatched by any workforce yet envisioned by our enemies. It offers a plan to cast aside our inefficiencies and reinvest that capital to the benefit of each worker. It empowers us to serve our State with eternal youth and vigor in the factories and on the battlefield as citizen-soldiers. It offers nothing less than the emergence of the New Caldari Statesman that will be the vanguard of a new era for our people. One that denies the inevitability of old age and the decrepit servility that comes with it. Where industrial accidents won’t bring death and economic hardship for your family in your absence. Where each worker is the master of our collective socioeconomic future and will live to see the benefits of their efforts in the coming decades and centuries. Centuries guarded by legions of Caldari workers with untold eons of experience working towards the betterment of our people and a future for our children. To deny this future out of fear or apprehension isn’t merely cowardice, its treason.

The All-Mountain Labor Convention stands united in our support for this measure. We recognize legitimate concerns about some of the proposed details of Chemal Tech’s prototype, and the influence of non-State firms in its development. That is why we advocate for JSL to flex their extensive experience in clone modernization and take a greater hand working with Upwell on its development, while facilitating co-development with loyal representatives of the State Workers Union. That way all legitimate grievances might be addressed, and this technology can mature with input from Caldari workers who best know what will aid them in their professional role. I have no doubts that this would be to the benefit of the State, Upwell, and Caldari labor. Before I conclude I wish to thank Onnuta Ahvala and Caldari Constructions for hosting this assembly and honoring us with their hospitality. Additionally I want to thank members of the Labor-Nationalist militia for their work combating UCF provocateurs and monitoring workplaces for signs of foreign subversion. As always we reaffirm our commitment to the three tenants of Caldari reconstruction-- Rationing, Repatriation, Conscription.

For the State.

KIRJUUN! is a partial subsidiary of the SAYR Galactic family, paid for in part by readers like you. Views expressed by KIRJUUN! and those interviewed do not represent those of SAYR Galactic or ASMR.


Recovered Off a Trinary Datarelic, Hevrice III





Burst Communication: Utopia

From: 313
To: Nu-Opados-9 ALL
Subject: A condemnation of the Gallente Federation


The Gallente Federation claims itself a beacon of human progress.
Champions of human wisdom and liberty.
There is no wisdom greater than that of God.
There is no liberty but freedom from the lies of the Great Deceiver.
To claim otherwise is nothing but hubris.
In their hubris the people of the Federation have built nothing but a new Gomorrah.
They exalt idols and celebrities when they should praise the saints and martyrs.
They exalt materialism when they should promote asceticism.
They exalt the flesh but debase the spirit.
In their arrogance the Gallente Federation declares itself righteous.
The truly righteous are always humble before God.
There is no humility to be found in the Federation.
There are only the excessions of spiritual death to be found there.
The Federation progresses only off a cliff into the abyss.
Democracy and freedom are the causes used to pillory the weak in the name of colonialism and imperialism.
Free enterprise nothing more than an excuse to exploit the poor and vulnerable.
Individuality and the glorification of the self distract only from the truths of God and the spirit.
I condemn the Gallente Federation to dust.



Burst Communication: Utopia

From: 313
To: Nu-Opados-9 ALL
Subject: A condemnation of the Caldari State


The Caldari State was built on the promise of a society free from foreign oppression.
Now the Caldari State only oppresses itself.
The workers of the State cry out for hope and relief but are answered only with violence, massacre, and repression.
Corporate leaders no longer consider themselves servants of the people but instead promote injustice in the pursuit of wealth and power.
Fear of the State has replaced a fear of God.
The greater good of corporate power and control has replaced the greater good of people and society.
Meritocracy is used as the excuse for those born into power and privilege to retain it.
The best among the State reduced to serfdom and forced to toil in obscurity for a corporate aristocracy.
Patriotism is no longer considered as a love for others and a willingness to defend them but as a hatred for those who are different.
Drums are beaten for war and to rally around the flag but not to rally in the name of God.
Honour and tradition has been replaced with the Janus-faced and double dealers.
The veneer of business as usual is a thin facade for a society of fear, paranoia, and suspicion of those with the the potential for betrayal.
Corporate executives demand fealty and obeisance but we should only bow our heads before God.
I condemn the Caldari State to dust.


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Burst Communication: Utopia

From: 313
To: Nu-Opados-9 ALL
Subject: A condemnation of the Minmatar Republic


The Seven Tribes of Matar were chosen to have the truths of God revealed.
Instead of obeying God’s laws rebellion was decided upon.
The sorrowful steps back home have fostered only division and discord.
Kin against kin.
Clan against clan.
Tribe against tribe.
In the name of unity repression and violence silences dissent.
Hatred outlives the hateful and the people are forced to eat a diet of spite.
Anger does not make one righteous.
Holding suffering over others does not make one pious.
Rebelling against God only to be enslaved by the chains of fear and hatred is its own misery.
To suffer is beautiful, but only by suffering for God can it be borne with grace and humility.
I condemn the Minmatar Republic to dust.



News In Brief Across The Cluster YC124.4.23

  • Tensions Remain High in Pegeler District As Memberstate Armed Forces and Colonial Militias Maintain Standoffs with Both Caldari Security Operators and Federal Planetary Garrisons
  • Rumours abound about mistreatment of Triglavian prisoners by forces loyal to ilKhan Kley, with no comment of rebuttal from the ilKhan herself
  • Upwell Prototype Graviton leakage fixed after complaints of planetary population about massively delayed traffic
  • Transport convoys in W9MQ-1 and Y8HB-U constellations report tenfold increase in Rogue Drone attacks.
  • “The Lemur” Lemiura reportedly investigating the cause of an “unprecedented surge” in Rogue Drone activity in the VG-6CH ↔ 4RX-EE pipeline
  • Mining colonies in NOC-UN report increase in Gurista activity, with rumors spreading of a major fleet buildup in the system.
  • Unidentified Drake-type battlecruiser spotted in orbit over V3X-L8 IV.
  • Tavin Flahl announces upcoming Pegeler Prosperity Committee summit, Duke Shasta Ardeind listed as a keynote speaker.
  • Consortium of Pegeler Miners reportedly planning a series of protests before and during the weeklong conference.
  • Eugales system control report startling fourfold increase in private yacht traffic.
  • No Claims Of Responsibility Forthcoming Over Unmarked Assault Against Upwell Gravitational Rsearch Facility in Auviken some Weeks Ago
  • Neopian Dignitaries in MHC-R3 and Other Locations Raise Concerns Over Upwell Cloning Technologies
  • Significant Progress In Infrastructural Expansions Across MHC-R3 Noted As ‘Within Expected Parameters’ by Director Lauralite Anne Brezia
  • Immediate Recall Placed on All ‘Advanced Evo Fightercraft’ Produced by Neopian Aligned Entities Pending Design Review and Replacement Program
  • Concerns Raised By Many Over Nature of Upwell’s New cloning Technology. Claims of ‘Functional Lobotomization’ and ‘Post-Discontent Designs’ Compared to Sansha’s Nation.
  • Alta ShipWorks and Moltaran FleetWorks In Uproar Over Design Information Release Of Upwell’s New ‘Reagent’ Hauling Vessels Based On The Orca Platform, Alleging ‘Blatant Design Theft’ From Proprietary Remora Intermediate Support Vessel Designs
  • Second Disappearance Of Ice Cracker Vessel in MHC-R3 Noted And Under Investigation By MHC-R3 SuperProject Authorities
  • Neopian Administrators and So Called ‘Warminds’ in MHC-R3 Raise Concerns Over Upwell’s New ‘Skyhook’ Design, Allegations of Intellectual Design Infringements Raised
  • DERAIL Officer Interview Cut Short By Sudden, Aggressive Outburst By Officer
  • Luxury Resort Islands Continue To Be Geo-Engineered in ‘Shallow Oceanic Barren Zones’ on Osmallanais III By Brezia Companion Service and Associate Contractors
  • Auviken oysterman protest as upwell experiment disrupts tides across the planet!
  • ‘Project Caswennan’ Begins In Earnest With Alta ShipWorks In Collaboration With The Round Table Assembly At Alta Shipyard Platform Over MHC-R3 VI, Reportedly Project To Derive Smaller Scale Dedicated Warbarge Units From The Larger ‘Gwennan’ Class Currently Rights Licensed By Moltaran FleetWorks
  • Moltaran FleetWorks In Discussion With Round Table Assembly To Produce Limited Blueprint Copy Sets Of Gwennan Gen2B and Gen2C Warbarges
  • Orbital Ring Around MHC-R3 VI Begins ‘Phase IV Expansion and Defensive Hardening’ Under Supervision of ‘Warmind’ Glitter Edifice
  • Proto-Ring Tethers Begin To Be Expanded to ‘Phase I Ring Pattern’ Over MHC-R3 III
  • Eugales IV AI Complex Remains Significant Hotspot For Mercenary Raids As System is Taken By Caldari State, Black Eagles Enforcer Units Seen In Conflict With Caldari and Independent PMCs
  • Archaeological Discoveries in MHC-R3 Rumored To Be Reported on Soon By SuperProject Leaders
  • Starsi BLAST! Orange Takes Cluster By Storm, Quickly Outpacing Sales of Quafe Green Apple
  • Political Scandal In Abudban As Deteis Dignitary Caught In Tryst With Sebestior Guide
  • Brezia Companion Service Stock Valuations Rise 80 Points At End Of Trading Day As Profits Call In All Sectors Released, Particular Margin Increases In Consultations Departments and Esoteric Services Department, While ‘Pleasure Services’ Remain Leading Income Stream
  • Rumors of the Resurfacing of ‘The Valkyrie’ on the Rise as ‘The Quartermaster’ is Sighted Working With The Deathless

((Additional OOC Contribution Credit From @She_Who_Endures , @Scius_Falkenhaupt , @Duke_Shasta , @Attn_Thaddeus_Reynolds ))


YC126.04.27 // ATHOUNON VI

Amidst the tense standoff between the Federal garrison and corporate invaders on the Bellevigne front, a new wave of chaos has erupted with the infiltration of Guristas insurgents into the Serthoulde constellation. Reports indicate that raiding parties have begun filtering into the Athounon system, launching probing strikes against both space and planetary infrastructure.

The sudden diversion provided by the Guristas marauders has been swiftly exploited by UCPF and CorpSec units, who have launched a coordinated assault through the northern battle lines. Dubbed ‘Operation Kutuoto Rokosabai’ by Taayusaka military strategists, the offensive has caught Federal defenders off guard, with many of their forces already redirected to repel the pirate incursions targeting the capital.

Reports from the frontlines depict a scene of frantic activity, as Federal troops scramble to re-establish defense lines against the advancing corporate onslaught. Simultaneously, sporadic sightings of hostiles, both Caldari and Gurista, have been reported across Bellevigne territories, exacerbating the already dire situation.

Critics of the Taayusaka Corporation wasted no time in accusing the corporation of collaboration with the pirate raiders, suggesting a sinister alliance aimed at destabilizing Federal defenses. However, corporate representatives were quick to dismiss such claims, vehemently denying any complicity and asserting their commitment to ensuring that the Gurista invaders face swift retribution for their brazen transgression.

News in Brief

  • Planet-wide alarm raised as counter-insurgency forces scramble to repel Gurista raiding parties

  • Intense 3-way dogfighting sighted over Qucrain-Rafriules border between UCPF, Federal and Gurista units

  • Interventionist rally in Belletere flares into violence as footage from corporate assault spreads in planetary subnet

  • Concerns of collateral damage raised as Taayusaka Counter-Insurgency warclone units are mobilized

  • Alleged FCG partisans spotted providing aid and defending remote settlement from pirate raiders, shooting down a Gurista gunship

  • Total signal blackout reported on Athounon XI following convergence of Gurista transceivers

  • Khimi Harar environmental monitoring drone captures images of cargo exchange between Commando Guri raiders and Torchbearers of Liberty

  • Sioux Extraction Systems suspends surveying operations amidst rumors of ongoing corporate acquisition

  • Taayusaka Eskeitan expresses interest in Upwell’s upcoming Equinox Suite, claiming that the novel cloning technology could be made available to the ‘benefit and long-term welfare of the people of Athounon’


Ms. Malitia,

It is for reasons such as this that I have taken it upon myself to aid the Federation by working with the Federal Intelligence Office (FIO). You may read the press release dated 26 APR YC126 via the link below.

>>> NVSSN Press Release <<<

I am grateful for the information you have provided here and look forward to working with you in the future as we strive to correct these unprovoked aggressions.

With Kind Regards,

CEO - Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN)

New In Brief Across The Cluster YC126.5.3

  • Natural And Synthetic Proteins Shortage In Delve Leads To Drive For Increased Consumption of Hydroponics Based Foods
  • Capsuleer Obsessed With Vegetables Creates ‘Hypersonic Vegetable Sabots’ For Commercially Available Railgun Patterns
  • Munitions Modification Subcultures Based Around Exotic Vegetables Emerges In All 4 Empires In Response To Capsuleer Development and Obsession
  • Some Capsuleers Raise Further Objections To Upwell Cloning Technology Advancements
  • Leading Medical Technology Experts Decry Upwell’s Advertising Campaign As ‘Misleading and Promoting Risky, and Potentially Ruinous Options For Profit’
  • Mishi Workers Markets In Sharp Decline After Massive Jobs Posting By Zaraevahr Corporation
  • Significant Internal Restructuring Reportedly Underway in Capsuleer Corporation Wolf Brothers INC
  • Guristas Hijack Gangs Once More On Rise In Pegeler District
  • Standoffs Enter Third Consecutive Week Between Disparate Memberstate Self-Defense Forces, Gallente Planetary Garrisons, and Caldari Security Forces in Pegeler as Tensions Continue Nearly a Year Post Departure of Controversial Infrastructure Projects in unincorporated system of Eugales For MHC-R3
  • Formal Complaint Lodged Against Upwell Consortium by Alta Shipworks LTD and Moltaran Fleetworks Over Design Theft Allegations
  • Further Concerns Over Upwell Cloning Technologies Sweep Across GalNet Boards Across Empires
  • Enigmatic Triglavian Expert Thuri Actusmargo Seen In Public For First Time In Nearly Three Years, In Company Of Lauralite Anne Brezia and Sakabkei Kiijata
  • Supposed Jovian Clone Viriel Continues Regular Work As Materials Procurement and Recruiting Officer of Neopytnyy Subclade Organization
  • ‘Are You Caldari Enough?’ IGS Board Thread By Noted Pilot Diana Kim Draws Significant Outcry From State Baseliners In Combine TNR and PKN Administrated Locations
  • YC126 New Eden Capsuleer Writing Contest Draws Fresh Submissions In Multiple Categories
  • Pilot Richard Masseri Under Scrutiny by Gallente and Intaki Authorities Over Complaint Regarding ‘Saunp Dena’ Ceremony Practices
  • Intaki Space Police In Intense Standoff with MHC-R3 Superproject Defense Units Over Suspected Wreckage Of Lost Water Ice Harvester Vessel In Ring System of MHC-R3 VIII
  • Capsuleer Day Celebrations Already Underway In Various Regions As Fan Clubs Celebrate Their Favorite Capsuleer Heroes and Villains
  • Rumors Abound of Capsuleers Planning To Execute Raids Against Drifter and Triglavian Assets In Newly Uncovered Abyssal Filament Pockets
  • Evelyn Tolimarga, A Moderately Popular GalNet Influencer and Employee and Associate of the MHC-R3 Superproject, Publicly Renounces Gallente and Memberstate Citizenships Via Popular Social Media Site Peeper
  • How Many HAVs Can Fit Aboard A Kestrel? The Answer May Surprise You
  • RDV Refurbishment Programs Underway With Multiple Independent Warclone Mercenary Entities
  • Mobile Command Center Conversion Kits For Standard Destroyer Class Ships Rise In Demand
  • Warclone Team Deployment Ship Conversions Rising In Frigate and Stealth Bomber Class Hulls
  • Old Mobile Command Center Designs Being Brought Out of Mothball And Updated To Current Interstellar Standards in Multiple Locations While Newer Designs Are Drafted
  • Noted Nugoeihuvi Entertainer Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction As Planck Field Enhanced Undergarment Fails, Leading To Dress Split During Public Meet and Greet, Fans Quick To Help Her Cover Up And Preserve Modesty
  • EDENCOM Losses Confirmed In New Volatile Abyssal Pockets By Independent Capsuleers
  • ‘Strix MKII’ and ‘Jackal MKII’ Class Strikefighters Cleared of Recall Status And Returned To Active Service Amongst Neopian and Round Table Assembly Aligned Clone Pilot Groups After Design Review Finds ‘Total System Rebuilds’ During Update Design Phase Removed Problematic Features And Technologies Still Present In Other Designs, All Other ‘Advanced Evo Craft’ Still Remain Under Full Recall, Fate Of Other Recalled Craft Uncertain
  • Significant Tech Shipments Outbound From MHC-R3 to Unknown Destinations Using Blockade Runner Vessels Noted By Gate Transit Monitors
  • Wide Reaching Discontent Over Upwell’s Planned Equinox Suite Noted In Some Interstellar Markets
    <* Breaking: Unexpected Comms Router Blackouts Affect Hundreds of Capsuleers YC126.5.4

    [Pictured: FLN-Heather, a modified Manticore class Stealth Bomber, and SMS-Hellicase, an updated Mobile Command Center, alongside Strix MKII Fightercraft and Rapid Deployment Vehicles slaved to SMS-Hellicase’s Command Network in orbit of MHC-R3 III]

((Major OOC Credits to @Attn_Thaddeus_Reynolds for doing the render composition over screenshots taken in MHC-R3 by myself))


“Oh what the hell is this.”


“Did you know?”

“…I may have contributed towards the final product.”

“And you didn’t consider what she intended it for?”

“I did, but alternatively a few millimeters displaced from where she ultimately focused the project’s efforts towards.”

“I’ll give her this, I wish I thought of it first.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Some mothballed projects. Density, largely. There’s a lot that I can do with this.”

“And now I think I see what Derek meant about that look.”

“Oh hush, this is still a windfall for you once I’m done having fun with it.”





SAYR Galactic Hosts Myrskaa All-Mountain Labor Convention

This evening workers of the Kaalakiota and Suukuvesta wing of the Caldari State Workers Union, collectively identifying as the All-Mountain Workers Committee, have announced a new partnership with SAYR Galactic to hold an urgent labor convention hosted in the city of Myrskaa. The Myrskaa-Ashiiga-Ruusaka Greater Metropolitan Area remains a JSL Partnership stronghold hosting more than 40 million Kaalakiota and SuVee workers. Due to expansive reconstruction efforts following the Kyonoke outbreak, it remains one of the highest concentrations of State Workers in the cluster with an atypically high percentage of laborers and technicians relative to the number of local managers and executives.

Hosted throughout the week, the Myrskaa All-Mountain Labor Convention aims to gather together disparate elements of the JSL-wing of the State Workers Union to determine a clear policy towards the adoption of Upwell’s advanced cloning technology. Compared to workers of TNO and PKN affiliated groups, JSL remains divided on the proposal put forward by the Upwell Consortium. Kaalakiota, in particular, hosts a large element of radicals struggling to synthesize the ideals of Caldari sovereignty with the need for a strong, technologically advanced State backed by an empowered Workers Union. Suukuvesta is expected to be a more temperate, stabilizing force capable of steering the Convention toward a moderate, workable policy. Both camps however aim to advocate for JSL utilizing both corporation’s experience in advanced clone technology to take a larger part bringing Upwell’s proposal to the Caldari State. With PKN and TNO at loggerheads, the All-Mountain Labor Convention aims to gain greater concessions for JSL over how this technology will be adapted and managed in exchange for breaking the stalemate within the Chief Executive Panel. While the final verdict ultimately remains in the hands of each corporation’s executives, workers hope that their suggested policy and concessions may influence their decision in the coming weeks.

KIRJUUN! is a partial subsidiary of the SAYR Galactic family, paid for in part by readers like you. Views expressed by KIRJUUN! and those interviewed do not represent those of SAYR Galactic or ASMR.


YC126.05.09 // ATHOUNON VI

BREAKING NEWS: Massive Assault Strikes Bellevigne Capital

Confirmed reports indicate a significant assault is currently unfolding on the capital of Bellevigne, by UCPF and Taayusaka CorpSec forces. Federal defenders are engaged in a frantic struggle to maintain control. Stay tuned for ongoing developments.


  • Bellevigne subnet experiencing intermittent failures as heavy fighting damages network infrastructure

  • Taayusaka Eskeitan warbarge sighted advancing into Bellevigne’s airspace

  • Heavy fighting reported in Federal rearguard as UCPF troops encircle regrouping defense line

  • Footage from agricultural custodian drone shows extensive orbital insertion of corporate warclone strike teams in rural Bellevigne province

  • Multiple ballistic missiles reported in-flight above Bellevigne-Qucrain border

  • Heavily armored CorpSec mechanized infantry column sighted advancing towards industrial sector

  • Autonomous drones armed with ‘Triglavian particle beam weapons’ shoot down outbound commercial flight to Belletere

  • Cascading power blackouts sweep Bellevigne territories amidst unconfirmed reports of nuclear detonations

  • Federal Garrison Staff Sergeant reports the use of ‘indiscriminate artillery strikes’ by advancing forces

  • UCPF and Federal Marine armored skirmish abruptly silenced as both sides drop contact

  • Alarming photographic footage shows residential buildings engulfed in flames and white smoke as incendiary munitions detonate overhead


YC126.05.12 // ATHOUNON VI

Following the recent assault on Bellevigne, the city and its surrounding suburbs bear the scars of intense conflict and destruction. Reports indicate widespread devastation in the suburbs, with fighting and targeted nuclear detonations causing significant damage to infrastructure and residential areas.

Incendiary munitions have been heavily employed within the capital, exacerbating the already challenging conditions. Buildings are engulfed in flames as Federal forces attempt to contain the situation amidst the chaos, while the autonomous drones, suspected to be aligned with Taayusaka Eskeitan, are reported to be engaging Federal units and civilian targets independently.

Analysts going over what little reliable footage has managed to trickle out of the colony have called the offensive an “Outrageous and needlessly barbaric attack.” while more extreme critics have leveled accusations of genocide against the corporation and its collaborators.

Additionally, there have been no reports of outbound flights from Bellevigne, indicating a deliberate disruption in transportation in order to disallow the escape of refugees and retreating troops.

In the wake of all the accusations against them, Taayusaka’s director of public affairs released the following:

"Taayusaka Eskeitan condemns in the strongest terms the Federation’s aggressive actions in Bellevigne, including the use of nuclear, incendiary weapons, and autonomous drones targeting civilians. These reprehensible tactics, employed in a desperate attempt to cling to power or destroy everything they cannot control, have only served to sow chaos and discord in our beloved system.

We categorically deny any involvement in the use of such devastating weaponry. Taayusaka Eskeitan is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all our operations, and we categorically reject any attempts to smear our reputation with baseless accusations.

As we declare victory over the remnants of the Federation’s oppressive regime in this system, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to peace and stability in Athounon. Our presence in the system will continue indefinitely, as we work tirelessly to ensure the security and prosperity of our communities.

Under our guidance, territories such as the thriving Ciel-Huogaatsu Administrative District have experienced unprecedented growth and development, serving as shining examples of the progress that can be achieved through collaboration and cooperation.

To the remaining independent states of Athounon, we extend an invitation to join us in forging a brighter future for our system. Contact a Taayusaka colonial development liaison today and become a part of Athounon’s journey towards its true potential."

News in Brief

  • UCPF officers back Taayusaka’s claims, confirming that nuclear attacks targeted their own units with flagrant disregard for civilians and Federal troops caught in the blasts

  • Bellevigne blackout continues as state is declared a restricted area by CorpSec forces, claiming that ‘decontamination and cleanup operations are underway’

  • Belletere parliament calls emergency session to discuss the fall of Bellevigne and foreign relations with Taayusaka client states

  • Orbital traffic monitors show Taayusaka convoy leaving system, bound for Athounon VIII

  • Pierre Leclerc found guilty of sedition and conspiracy and sentenced to imprisonment without parole for 20 years

  • Interventionist radicals attempt to storm parliament building during emergency session

  • FCG broadcast calls for unity and perseverance against the corporate occupation in pro-Federation message

  • Taayusaka CorpSec reports that the commander of Bellevigne’s garrison has been apprehended, and will be tried for his alleged war crimes

  • Footage of Bellevigne’s capital and outlying territories being razed and pillaged continue filtering through Taayusaka quarantine, despite declaration of victory

  • Commando Guri raider shuttle fleeing from Athounon XI intercepted near Mercomesier stargate and destroyed with ‘unusually excessive diligence’ according to stargate crew

  • Sioux Extraction Systems under radical restructuring following acquisition by Luxor Interstellar, a small Caldari corporation

  • 13 dead in skirmish between Guristas and Serpentis affiliated gangs in northern Chatellerault



Slogans and insults have characterized the arrival of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist in MHC-R3, Planet VI’s Orbital Ring, a station and Neopian colony operated by @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia and House Brezia. The Sedevacantist Church, which holds that Amarrian Empress Catiz is invalid and the Amarr Throne is vacant, has established itself in a storefront in a busy Orbital Ring concourse. From there, lay missionaries have ventured out and confronted the Neopian public — parading an empty replica of the Imperial Throne, picketing a tattoo parlor with signs proclaiming, “Tattoos are Minmatar; Minmatar are Slaves”, and yelling, “Abomination” at Neopians with particularly visible canine or feline features.

In an interview with the press, the Church’s Fr. Sharav Shagdar struck a more conciliatory tone. “Salvation is available to everyone except Minmatar”, he said, “and fortunately we haven’t seen many of them here. Even these horrific human-animal hybrids can be saved. The leader of our church has prepared a crack team of Blood Raider Scientists to surgically remove the animal parts from every willing Neopian convert”. Asked about other first impressions regarding his Neopian mission field, Fr. Shagdar replied, “I’ve seen more transparent clothing here than in a Gallentean night club. Not that I’ve been in one; I’m going off reputation. Now, we in the Sedevacantist Church believe in sex, but as part of a journey toward monogamy and primogeniture — not promiscuity. I’ll be preaching on this subject almost every day”.

It is unclear whether the efforts of Fr. Shagdar and his missionaries have won any converts among the Neopians yet. In keeping with prior Church practice, the sedevacantists have focused their efforts toward workers performing manual labor, although Fr. Shagdar admitted his unfamiliarity with the Neopian social system. “We want to find who their working class is, and explain to them the benefits of slavery. Minmatar slaves will be given to all sedevacantists once the True Emperor comes”, he said. The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist declined comment for this story.


MHC-R3 News In Brief

  • Team Quafe Lags Behind in Operation Darting Finch Wargames on MHC-R3 III Surface By 27 Points, But Pulls Ahead In Orbital and Moon Operations, Deadlock Over Gas Giant Ice Ring Facility Operations Between Team Quafe and Team Starsi
  • Alta ShipWorks and Moltaran FleetWorks Consider ‘Significantly Upgraded Modularized Planck Holds And Power Plants For Use In All Hauling Vessels’ As Further Information About Upwell and ORE’s Collaborative Work On New Hauling Vessels Comes To Light
  • Alta ShipWorks and Moltaran FleetWorks Tenders Preliminary Design Ideas For WarBarge Conversion Kits For Squall, Deluge, Torrent, and Avalanche Class Hulls based on Orca and Bowhead Conversion Kits, With Emphasis On Bombardment Support, En-Situ Production, And Armored Vehicle Deployment, Plans To Update Orca and Bowhead Warbarge Conversions To New Standard To Match
  • Alta ShipWorks and Moltaran FleetWorks Continue To Allege Blatant Design Theft From Remora Class Intermediate Planetary Support Vessel Design, But Retract Attempts To Pursue Legal Recourse
  • Establishment of Sedevacantist Sect On MHC-R3 VI Orbital Ring Draws Criticism From Administrators And In Particular Neopian Residents, Noted Discontent From Non-Organic Sapient Assistants And Independent NOS Indivividuals As Well
  • Incident Between Overzealous Sedevacantist Missionary and Neopian Ends In Altercation And Hospitalization Of Missionary
  • DUST Day Celebrations Erupt Across The Cluster By Independent and Corporate Clonesoldier Mercenaries and Their Support Staff
  • Operation Darting Finch Wargames Estimated Material Destruction After Two Weeks Ongoing At Roughly 17 Billion Isk, With Biomass Expenditures Currently Valued At 5 Billion Isk
  • Rise In Complaints Over Exposure To Neopian Biochemistries Noted From New Residents And Workers Despite Advanced Notice Of Potential Exposures
  • Significant Population Growth Rates Continue At All MHC-R3 MegaProject Facilities From Immigration And Birth Rates
  • Taayusaka Eskeitan Surveyors Under Supervision of House Brezia and MHC-R3 MegaProject Personnel Continue To Chart And Expand Plans For Infrastructure On and In Orbit of MHC-R3 III and IV
  • Resident Stipends And Amenities Access Remain Exceptionally High Despite Influx of Residents and Birth Rates
  • SARO Red Troop Observers Noted Watching Wargame Proceedings ‘At A Respectable Distance’

Excerpts from an interview in Sede Vacante magazine — official newspaper of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist — with Fr. Sharar Shagdar on his efforts to convert the Neopians of MHC-R3, Orbital Ring.

Tell us about the Neopians.
Their homeworld is somewhere in wormhole space. How they got there, no one knows. What we do know is that they aren’t quite humans. They aren’t even quite subhumans. They’ve been hybridized with cats and dogs. They have tails and pointy ears. And that isn’t even the most animal thing about them.

How so?
The Neopians are the most oversexed population in all of New Eden. They’re like animals in a permanent state of rut. Transparent clothing everywhere. Dominance displays. There’s even something in the air that makes people want to mate; we’ve already had to send one missionary home for inappropriate behavior. One of their leaders, @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia, runs an escort service.

Doesn’t sound like the ideal environment to spread sedevacantism.
Due to one reason I haven’t mentioned yet, it is actually the perfect place to spread sedevacantism, and our leader Nauplius has made the Neopians the #1 priority mission field. Just like dogs and cats, the Neopians don’t have one or two kids at a time — they have litters. So for each lady — did I mention the Neopians are kind of sort of all women — who converts we can get like eight new sedevacantist babies every year. We just have to find those are are dissatisfied, exhausted, or otherwise not fitting in with the continuous sexual competition of Neopian life and show them the better way of monogamy and stability offered by sedevacantism.

What other challenges have you faced?
We’re getting opposition from these probably illegal AIs the Neopians have running some things. But here, too, is opportunity. We’ve redirected our adversarial preaching against these AIs, trying to whip up hatred against them. We’re telling people that instead of being “slaves” to probably illegal AIs, they should be managers and supervisors over Minmatar slaves. Always create and exploit divisions in society, that’s what our leader Nauplius always tells us to do.

Best of luck converting these heathens.
Thank you, Sede Vacante, Amen.


Propaganda poster being distributed on MHC-R3 VI, Orbital Ring by missionaries of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist. It is accompanied by an additional poster with the text, “NEOPIANS! NEW EDEN’S STDs ARE COMING FOR YOU!” and drawing of a pale, sickly, bone-thin Neopian covered with pox and the symptoms of a half dozen or so of New Eden’s more prominent STDS: