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Excerpts from a weekly sermon given by priest Sharav Shagdar in MHC-R3 VI, Orbital Ring to missionaries of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist and converted station contract workers.

In all of God’s creation, there is nothing more wicked — nothing more vile — than the Dark Sefrim Six. Who other than the Dark Sefrim Six would look around this station — with its abject moral depravity — with its man-beasts rutting in the streets — with more nude parts on display than in a Gallentean Triple X megaplex chain — and think, “Not degenerate enough. Needs more”. And so the Dark Sefrim Six are coming here. So arrogant are they that they have announced their intentions in advance in some sort of holoreel trailer. With the aid of the Neopians’ illegal AIs, they mean to drive us out of here by force. Well, I am here to tell you that they won’t succeed. For we sedevacantists are not humble and meek and mild. We fight back and we shoot to kill. While the degenerate Neopian leader @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia won’t let us have our Prototype Nuclear Small Arms, we have imported enough sidearms and rifles to give every sedevacantist here an arsenal — one we will all be carrying at all times. Should the Dark Sefrim Six try anything, the Neopian robo-janitors will be cleaning their blood of the floors of this station for weeks.
. . . .
Our great leader Nauplius has given us yet one more tool to convert the Neopians. Our best enslaved Science Graduates have been researching all the canine and feline species of New Eden, seeking the most potent sex pheromones. Their efforts have been rewarded with this. He holds up two vials filled with liquid. Pure liquid sex appeal, something we think will have these Neopian animal hybrids drooling all over us…kind of literally. All of our missionaries — and any sedevacantist wishing to preach among the Neopians — will be wearing one of these pheromone concentrates at all times. But remember — the goal is not promiscuity, the goal is loyalty, stability, monogamy, and primogeniture. Hook them with pheromones — keep them hooked with the preaching and a stable relationship. Show them a better way, and by God’s grace we will make this place a shining light of sedevacantism unto all the cluster.



The cessation of nearly a year of devastating ground warfare has sparked widespread celebrations throughout Athounon VI’s Corporate client states. The long-awaited end to the conflict has brought a wave of relief and optimism.

With the defeat of the Federal garrison on Athounon VI, which had stood as a defiant bulwark of the Federation since the Serthoulde Campaign of YC124, the wider system is now largely pacified. This victory marks a significant turning point, as Taayusaka Eskeitan announced the withdrawal of a large portion of its Corporate Security forces from the planet. Responsibility for safeguarding Taayusaka’s interests will now be entrusted to the Unified Colonial Peacekeeping Forces, supported by an elite Taayusaka “Overwatch” taskforce.

The announcement of the withdrawal has been met with mixed reactions. While many celebrate the prospect of reduced military presence and a return to normalcy, others remain cautious, aware of the inherent risks associated with being in a contested system. Nonetheless, the Caldari State’s now permanent link to Athounon inspires hope that stability and peace may gradually return to their once quiet system.

Large-scale mobilizations are already underway, involving the strategic withdrawal of CorpSec troops and assets from Athounon VI. Concurrently, there are reports of probing deployments to other planets within the Athounon system. Of particular interest to Taayusaka is Athounon VIII, a neighboring, less developed temperate planet that has seen multiple landings by Taayusaka forces in recent days.

News in Brief

  • Fresh Khimi Harar materiel and personnel arrives as organization augments its counter-insurgency capabilities

  • Taayusaka virtual idol ‘Kazene Mine’ debuts in highly successful concert at the Ciel-Huogaatsu Mind Clash Stadium

  • Concern over Bellevigne residents continues to rise as quarantine of area persists

  • Lumière de Diamant News emphasizes commitment to impartiality and journalistic integrity despite allegations of Taayusaka shareholding

  • Athounon VIII residents express concern amidst continuous reports of extensive surveying by Taayusaka

  • FCG broadcast celebrates Federal Defense Union counteroffensive in Alparena

  • Inachi Kaparainen promoted to Planetary Administrator of Athounon VI in televised ceremony

  • Belletere PM announces that they will be remaining autonomous amidst local concerns of submission to State forces

  • Taayusaka policy regarding upcoming release of Upwell Equinox suite notably muted as JSL ruling remains pending


Separatist Event Celebrates One Year of Autonomist Government
Placid Tribune, Intaki Prime

A number of government officials from the Intaki Autonomist party attended a private social event hosted by Suresha Bataav of the Intaki Liberation Front, celebrating the first anniversary of Chief Councillor Ivestara taking office at the head of the Intaki Assembly.

It is understood that members of the Lamkatka party were also present, along with leading advocates from the pro-autonomy and pro-independence movements, at the gathering which took place this evening at the ILF’s Intaki Cultural Centre complex.

It is not known whether Chief Councillor Ivestara attended himself, and the Suresha’s office has not immediately responded to enquiries.


MHC-R3 News in Brief 6/12/YC126

  • Alta ShipWorks and Moltaran FleetWorks See Surge In Demand For New ‘Upwell Hauler Warbarge Conversion Kits’, Squall Conversion Kits Leading Over Deluge and Torrent Due To Cluster Production Bottlenecks on Deluge and Torrent Production
  • Avalanche Conversion Kit Sales Very Low While Production Lines of Avalanche Class Freighters From Upwell Blueprints Spool Up
  • Alta ShipWorks Mulls Mobile Hospital Ship Conversion Kits for Squall and Deluge Class Haulers
  • Several Difficulties With Mercenary Groups on MHC-R3 III Not Leaving Prepared Engagement Zones After End of Operation Darting Finch Wargame on June 1st
  • Carrier Battlegroup Spiritas, Led By Refurbished and Modified Wyvern Class Carrier Wellspring Source Seen On Parade Near MHC-R3 VII Ring System

>Incoming Transmission_
>Source: Unknown_
>To: Whom it may concern_
>Subject: Operation: Dike Samas_
>CONCORD is not responding_
>EDENCOM is shut down_
>SoCT is ignored_
>Upwell is weak_
>The empires are not cooperating_
>The wait is over, we'll do that ourselves_
>Complete the contracts ONLY classified as <<Suppression>>_
>Reports must be pure_
>Reward: High_


Leaked Image Of First Warbarge Modified Avalanche From Alta ShipWorks LTD yards in MHC-R3


Alta ShipWorks LTD Warbarge Conversion Prototype, WB-Q001a Susano’o, Pressed into early service for relocation towards Auviken after ‘Jammer Blip’

Subsystem Testing conducted en-route as Warclones from the Round Table Assembly and United Neopian Federation gathered for potential joint operations.

A speech from The Warden of the Round Table Assembly while the ship made the first of several stops en route at Caldari Prime indicates that this deployment is being done out of an abundance of Caution, citing issues relating to previous circumventions in the Equilibrium of Mankind attacks and events as far back as the titan Shiigeru and the still active scars the destruction of the Titan left on Caldari Prime in the background.

Scans and cargo manifests suggest a small if robust complement supported with a variety of equipment available as the ship arrived in Auviken, indicating it was prepared for fire support with long-range missile attacks, and although most efforts have concentrated on void engagements, it has been confirmed there is extensive equipment aboard for terrestrial operations including aquatic operations.



Teaser poster for the upcoming holoreel Protein Delicacies funded and produced by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist:

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-OnComm- Ongoing Operations Continue -break- Search&Recovery and Salvage Reclaimation Are Primary Focus -break- Modified Warbarges In Orbit Providing Above Expected Operational Flexibility Despite Scrutiny From Spacelane Patrol -break- Continue With S&R and SalvRec -break- Minimize Conflict With Mordu Security and Intercept and Conflict With CG, MZ, and DW Forces -EndComm-



As Taayusaka Eskeitan and its client states solidify their control, Athounon VI is experiencing an alarming environmental shift. The planet, typically enjoying a median temperature around 12.8 degrees Celsius, has witnessed a rapid and unprecedented temperature drop in recent weeks. Overcast skies and plunging temperatures as low as -23.6 degrees Celsius, accompanied by heavy snowfall, have been reported worldwide.

This dramatic climatic change has sparked a wave of speculation and concern among the populace. Some attribute the sudden shift to the extensive destruction in Bellevigne, suggesting that Taayusaka’s invasion might have triggered a global nuclear winter. Conversely, long-time critics of anthropogenic climate change argue that the shift is a natural occurrence, completely unrelated to human activity.

Taayusaka representatives have declined to comment on any specific theory regarding the cause of the climate change. However, the corporation has been proactive in securing contracts from their client states to prepare for the harsh winter ahead. This includes equipping regions with cold-weather clothing, specialized vehicles, and household environmental control units, which have seen a surge in demand as panic grips the populace.

The preparedness and swift response by Taayusaka, coupled with the substantial profits they are accruing from these contracts, have fueled numerous conspiracy theories. Among the most vocal is the notion that the Caldari corporation is intentionally terraforming Athounon VI into a “New New Caldari Prime”, creating a climate more suited to “their kind”.

News in Brief

  • Interplanetary travel advisory issued as Guristas raiding parties harass Upwell mining fleets

  • Homesteader near Bellevigne exclusion zone raises alarm, claiming that ‘radioactive, pitch-black snow’ is raining down his property

  • Independent ecologist team announces intent to investigate cause of abrupt climate shift

  • Belletere Minister of Defense calls Taayusaka executives ‘Ecoterrorist butchers’ during heated interview

  • Taayusaka and Upwell reportedly finalizing a labor export agreement to recruit from client states following CEP decision.

  • Massacre uncovered in FCG training camp following suspected Torchbearer attack

  • Federal loyalists express dissatisfaction in subnet message boards as FDU offensive into Serthoulde stalls

  • Viability of Khimi Harar environmental project comes under criticism as temperatures continue to fall

  • Evacuated Chatellerault spaceport allegedly visited by House of Records operatives amidst continuing rumors of Triglavian craft sightings

  • Taayusaka warbarge leaves Athounon VI as withdrawal of CorpSec forces continues


The peculiar appearance of a worm painted in pink and white camo was reported in Republic, Imperial and Angel intel channels earlier in the day. Patrolling between the Metropolis and Bleak Lands, The stray Guristas operative piloting the oddly skinned ship, engaged indiscriminately against the sponsored Capsuleers of all three parties. Adorned holographically on the hull of the ship was the emblem of the pirate alliance A Band Apart and its primary corporation Stay Frosty.



The Ciel-Huogaatsu Administrative District has been abuzz with security forces activity as transports identified by Khimi Harar Automated Identification System transponders descend upon the district’s spaceport escorted by a combination of Taayusaka Eskeitan and Unified Colonial Peacekeeping Forces fighter craft. First reported by spaceport watchers on the system’s local social media fluid router networks, the arrival of a surge of Khimi Harar security forces follows a sudden and unexpected change in climate, which has raised questions about the viability of the Khimi Harar-led environmental project aimed at restoring forests in the Ciel-Huogaatsu Administrative District.

Captain Michiko Soikutsu, the spokesperson of the Ecological Restoration Initiative, made a public address as Khimi Harar SVTOL atmospheric fighter squadrons lift off from the spaceport and fly in the direction of the affected area.

“Khimi Harar is committed to completing the Ecological Restoration Project. Much has been accomplished in a short period of time, but the limited success is marred by continuous attacks on Khimi Harar facilities, equipment, and personnel by the Torchbearers of Liberty. Rather than lower their arms and allow their fellow citizens to rebuild their lives, the Torchbearers have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted and that their duplicitous words can only be met in a language that they understand: strength. In concert with our hosts, Taayusaka Eskeitan, on behalf of the people of Ciel-Huogaatsu, Khimi Harar will be the true light in the darkness and we shall hunt down and apprehend these enemies of order and security. To this end, I formally announce the commencement of ‘Operation Deluge.’”

Minutes later, reports of explosions in the affected ecological restoration zone began to emerge across social media. Torchbearers of Liberty social media accounts responded to Captain Soikutsu’s announcement with their own battle cries and denial of significant casualties being taken in the initial airstrikes. The estimated number of Khimi Harar security personnel surging against the Torchbearers of Liberty is known to be in the thousands.

Professor Darma Nararine teaches ‘The Philosophy and History of Modern Combat’ at the University of Ciel-Huogaatsu and agreed to be interviewed.

LDD: Do you believe that Khimi Harar’s adjustment in strategy will be effective against the Torchbearers of Liberty?

Prof. Nararine: It is no secret that the Torchbearers of Liberty have been a thorn in the side of Khimi Harar security forces on Athounon VI. There are numerous factors in play, however, including off-world support for the Torchbearers of Liberty, the sudden shift in climate, and the cessation of hostilities in Bellevigne.

LDD: Let us talk tactics. How would you prosecute a campaign against the Torchbearers of Liberty?

Prof. Nararine: That would depend. My goals would be to re-integrate the Torchbearers into our society through pursuing full amnesty of fighters and inclusion of Torchbearer leadership into positions of authority and governance. That is the way I would end an insurgency.

Khimi Harar, Taayusaka Ekseitan, and the Unified Planetary Colonial Peacekeeping Forces are unlikely to pursue such a course of action. Thus, to examine the Torchbearers, I would say that they have been able to maintain the initiative by attacking Khimi Harar outposts and disappearing back into the forests, likely utilizing advanced cloaking technology. However, there is no population for them to disappear into, which allows Khimi Harar to treat all unregistered persons in the ecological restoration area as a combatant. Essentially, the entire area has become an exclusion zone.

Standard light infantry and special forces tactics are available in this regard. And with the shift in weather, the campaigning season for the Torchbearers has ended abruptly while Khimi Harar forces were in a position to evaluate and re-calibrate for the cold. A combination of air attacks and quick-striking forces will likely play an important role in curbing the Torchbearers who are still in the zone.

LDD: Do you believe that the Torchbearers are in the zone?

Prof. Nararine: Yes, absolutely. They were actively campaigning against Khimi Harar and avowed to remove all “slavers” from Athounon VI. It is unlikely that they withdrew before the climate shifted. If you will forgive the pun, they are, for all intents and purposes, frozen in place.

LDD: How long do you think that this ‘Operation Deluge’ will last?

Prof. Nararine: A fitting name, ‘Deluge,’ as if to snuff out the Torchbearers. Very poetic. But I digress. The major combat theaters on the planet have quieted down, allowing security assets to now focus on secondary theaters, such as the ecological restoration zone. While Khimi Harar security forces may be doing the fighting, this certainly frees up support assets, intelligence gathering, satellite resources, and logistics support that Taayusaka Eskeitan CorpSec or Unified Colonial Peacekeeping choose to provide.

Above: Khimi Harar-flagged Deluge-class Blockade Runner makes final approach to Athounon VI


Capsuleers sponsored by the Angel Cartel operating in the Essin constellation, have been facing harassment in the form of a Commando Guri Ace flying a Worm coated in pink and white camo. Numerous frigates, destroyers and even cruisers have been reported destroyed by this lone pilot - Who in turn - Has suffered their own losses amidst their brazen behavior by being gunned down by retaliating Cartel pilots. While Capsuleers flying for the Empire and Republic have been attacked, this clear interference in Cartel operations suggests the pact between the Guristas and Angel Cartel isn’t as cooperative as people may be led to believe.


Rumours are abound on Mekhios that a large financial transaction has recently occurred between Lady Arudvard Chailwala and her vassal-baron Holders, including noted Capsuleer Baron Onzo-Gallius of House Gallius. House Chailwala has reportedly been in financial trouble since the Sarum military campaign in the Floseswin system, having bled a significant amount of men and material after the banners were called for the protracted invasion.

With discontent growing among the Barons, inside sources have suggested that Lady Arudvard might be attempting to bring her vassals back in line with a planned meeting after the up coming ball at her family’s estate, with the reclusive Baron Onzo-Gallius expected to make a surprise attendance at his liege’s court for the first time since his controversial succession as Head of House Gallius and Holder of the Gallius Estate. Lord Onzo-Gallius’s brother, Baron Miguel Onzo-Gallius of Asham Azor, has usually represented the family at the Chailwala court but sources say Lady Arudvard’s recent actions have drawn Lord Utari away from his Freelance Capsuleer work in Tenerifis Nullsec.


Deep within the belly of the Fulcrum in Zarzakh is a sleepy economy fueled off the destruction of Gurista and Angel Capsuleers in their respective insurgencies. Stocked primarily by a handful of opportunistic Capsuleers with questionable financial sense, who are willing to put up with the difficult logistics Zarzakh provides.

One of these Capsuleers, responsible for trafficking a lion’s share of the weapons, ships, modules and rigs currently supplied on the open market. Has made a curious move that has deviated from their typical market strategy. Aligned with the Guristas, this Capsuleer has taken full advantage of their direct supply of NET Resonators to mass produce Worm hulls.

Currently, fifty Worm hulls are listed on Zarzakh’s market for fifty million ISK a unit. Beating Jita’s going rate of sixty-six million ISk. While the trimmings are still at a ruthless markup, Zarzakh is the current supplier of the cheapest Worm hulls in all of New Eden. Creating a new price ceiling in Zarzakh, the price can only go lower with more competition. Benefiting the consumer.

  • Pink-And-White camouflage sold separately

The pilot of the pink-and-white camo worms seen in the low security warzones has been identified by the Guristas assigned moniker of “Bunny Buns”. Having suffered the lost of 25+ Worm hulls in the span of half a month, Though an assortment of engagements that range from being boneheaded to outmatched. Like… Sliding into an ORE corporate outpost because there was a lone Auguour - NOT NAVY ISSUE - sitting inside on D-scan and not expecting there to be combat recons inside waiting for them.

Amongst other examples

Despite the losses, this pilot appears to have no shortage of replacement hulls to redeploy into the moment the last one is shot down. Pulling out of the Angel insurgency for the time, ‘Bunny Buns’ has been spotted in their proper A.O raiding Upwell assets alongside Guristas forces. Their worm, not fairing tell well in a few skirmishes with the local Caldari and Gallente militamen. WIth as much as some kills with extremely mundane fittings to show for their effort and some tall tales behind them about having used their speed to isolated them from larger gangs of ships

If a Gurista’s word is anything to trust.



Significant upgrades to Athounon VI’s corporate-provided defense grid are currently underway. These improvements include the installation of anti-orbital weapon systems, sustained shield emitters to protect major urban centers, and a drone-based interdiction network designed to intercept and eliminate unauthorized landing parties. Ordered on behalf of the Unified Colonial Peacekeeping Forces from Taayusaka Eskeitan, these measures aim to safeguard the planet from foreign threats, such as pirate raids and incursions from Sansha’s Nation.

Critics of Taayusaka and its associated client states have been quick to point out the timing of these upgrades, in the aftermath of a recent probing attack by Federal forces into the Serthoulde constellation. Skeptics argue that the enhancements are conveniently timed to bolster Taayusaka’s grip on the system, and prevent a future liberation.

Simultaneously, the corporation is spearheading a radical overhaul of city infrastructure to better cope with the planet’s unforeseen freezing climate. The sudden drop in temperatures and heavy snowfall have necessitated immediate action to ensure the smooth continuation of operations and the well-being of the populace.

The promise of relief from the harsh winter has swayed many previously independent states to apply for client state status with Taayusaka. However, notable exceptions remain, including Belletere, the largest independent colony, which continues to resist the notion of collaborating with the ‘Caldari invaders’. Belletere and other holdouts are either attempting to manage the crisis independently or petitioning the Federation for urgent aid.

News in Brief

  • Lowering temperatures begin to stabilize globally

  • Ecologists warn that persistent cold could lead to ‘total collapse’ of planetary ecosystem

  • Khimi Harar security forces launch large-scale anti-insurgency operation targeting Torchbearers of Liberty

  • Horrific reports of independent rural communities devastated by freezing weather surface

  • Torchbearers of Liberty leader Naliana Rouram broadcasts mocking message targeting local Khimi Harar forces, including extensive footage of security casualties

  • Taayusaka Eskeitan refuses to comment on alleged low-yield nuclear detonation featured in Torchbearers broadcast

  • Athounon VIII planetary assembly expresses ‘great concern’ as Taayusaka landings and surveys continue

  • New line of Mofumofu™️ plushies based on virtual idol Kazene Mine sold out after less than an hour