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The campaign office of Gopala Lochan, incumbent Archon of Duureanta, has released a statement regarding the events of 8 February FC237 (YC122), at which time he apparently engaged in scandalous behavior following a party he held for the Cannons-Lions kendu match.

To the surprise of some, Lochan confirms and takes responsibility for said behavior, walking a fine line between not disowning the events but showing regret for the resultant upheaval. Some have commented that the strategy is a risky one considering that he is up for reelection. Cynical points of view have suggested that the release of this statement was timed so as to better support his chances in the election this upcoming week.

The statement, which was provided to all Duureanta news outlets and several other Federation media outlets as well as posted to his campaign’s GalNet site, is provided below.

Supporters, friends:

By now you may have heard the gossip and read the pundits’ takes on my activities on 8 February of this year. I hosted a viewing party for the first Major League Kendu match of the season, which our Duureanta Lions won in dramatic style. The party was attended by several offworlders, mostly capsuleers, and it happened that I spent most of the match in the company of one of them. She was a charming woman, and combined with the thrill of the match and rather extensive celebratory drinking, that night I made some uncharacteristic decisions.

I say “uncharacteristic” because drinking so heavily and spending the night with a woman are not regular habits of mine. Understand, however, that I do not disavow these choices. Most of what has been said of that night is true. I accept responsibility for my choices, and I do not regret them.

To those who believe my actions that night were hypocritical, I extend my apologies for betraying that which you held me to represent. I have only ever held myself to be that which I am; I can be no other. But such a personage is subject to the interpretations and wills of others, whether it be his constituents, the media, or his own family. I have a responsibility to be a representative of the public’s interests at all times. For a short while, that responsibility eluded me.

I remain as committed to Duureanta and her citizens as ever, and my stances on public issues have not changed. As ever, I will continue to protect the traditions of our community.


Mylain Advocate–Special Report, 26 February YC122

Well-Known Slashfic Author Writes Colorful Political Novella Just In Time For Elections

Tessande Falconer, known better to her GalNet readers as “Tessie”, has composed a biting satirical novella called Election Night. While her past fare has used capsuleers as leading characters, this novella features the Federation’s most famous and infamous politicians, especially those who are angling for the President’s chair.

For those who are familiar with Tessie’s work, Election Night (not its actual title) is a masterwork, building on her past writings and exhibiting a maturity and sensitivity that has been steadily growing as she hones her craft. New readers will certainly be entertained–and likely titillated–by these heady, creative stories, though her politics prove highly subjective.

Each chapter features a different candidate (or expected candidate) for the Presidency, and each candidate’s portrayal is highly dependent on Ms. Falconer’s point of view. It’s clear where her vote is going–and possibly where she wants your vote to go. Senators Suvio Bellaron and Mentas Blaque suffer ignoble endings–one of them humps an unidentified but highly fetid creature–while candidates Celes Aguard, Wayaki Kayara, and Shaileen Ramnev enjoy more successful adventures. The chapter “Are You Up For It?”, featuring a surprise “cameo” from controversial local leader Gopala Lochan, paints presidental hopeful Celes Aguard in the best light of all. (Julianus Soter and Kelen Ontbad fall somewhere in the middle; the former’s chapter, “War Prostiteering,” also features President Roden and is dedicated to capsuleer @Charles_Cambridge_Schmidt.)

“Tessie” is already facing accusations of attempting to sway voters towards her favored candidates. Indeed, the growing thread of comments on “Election Night” include many statements supporting that sentiment–but framed in positive, grateful ways. “I wasn’t gonna vote, but I sure am now,” one posted, while another enthused, “I hadn’t paid much attention to Aguard and Kayara, given how small-fry they are, but now I’ve done some research and I think I like what they’re saying!”

For her part, Ms. Falconer seems perfectly happy to have influenced the public in such a manner. “I wanted to get people involved. Get people motivated–but not to run for the easy answers. This is a time for reconciliation and tolerance, not war and hate,” she said in a statement sent to The Advocate. “We’re about to set the tone for the next five years. Let’s make sure we do it right, you know?”

The final chapter in the novella, “Many Voices, One People,” illustrates just that point. Ramnev, Aguard, and Kayara spend Election Night at a pajama party, chatting about their ideas and hopes for the Federation. (Eventually the scene turns into the most tender and affectionate intimacy seen in the novella.) While Falconer’s choice of politics for this particular story won’t please everyone, her writing is superb and detailed, and shows plenty of promise for this Mylain-born rising star–albeit only if, as she clearly hopes, the Federation’s politicians have an appetite for sensual satire.

Election Night can be found at Tessie’s blog, The Pen and the Pod.

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(( These stories don’t actually exist, because liability. But I did write up an OOC explainer outlining what’s in them, so that characters can discuss the novella as if they’ve read it. While the explainer doesn’t go into lurid details about the slashfic’s content, it’s still not the sort of thing you want your boss to see you reading without context, so I’m marking it NSFW. Be smart, kids! ))


After the recent terrorist attacks in high security space, the Arataka Research Consortium quietly issues a brief news ticker. The Consortium’s fleets against the Triglavian menace are recalled from the border regions to Amarr and Caldari core territories. Scouts are sent out to all four empires to document unusual presence of precursor spacecraft or installations. Otherwise, the Arataka Research Consortium does not respond to the latest crisis yet. However, a press statement issues expressions of condolences to the victims of the attack as well as a condemnation of these acts of terror.


New Archon faces fragmented Daarbur
LA HARROULETTE, Vaashnapoor, Duureanta, Harroule IV - 02/03/122

The Archon’s chair in Vaashnapoor’s Daarbur has a new occupant this morning, Tanvir Vasumati. However, without a majority in the Daarbur, Vasumati’s ability to govern will depend on building and maintaining a coalition of minority partners.

Announcement of the results was delayed as the margin between Vasumati and Gopala Lochan fell below the threshold triggering an automatic recount and Duureanta’s constitutional court had to give judgment on a petition to suspend the election based on Federal Government directives following recent violence elsewhere in the Federation. The final results, with a voter turnout of 78%, are as follows:

  • Tanvir Vasumati: 31%
  • Gopala Lochan: 29%
  • Jairah Kaaron: 8%
  • Garick Mahabir: 6%
  • Sayani Narallan: 4%

Vasmati had been expected to win comfortably after Lochan’s recent behaviour allowed critics to question his self-professed ‘traditional values’ but many voters appear to have accepted to Lochan’s public apology, while others were more reluctant to back reformist Vasumati in the wake of the series of terror attacks that swept the Federation just before Election Day.

For many years there has been a clear winner as Archon which, under Duureanta’s constitution, makes the Daarbur assembly relatively weak. Not this time, though, so here is a refresher for those who may have forgotten or are unfamiliar with Duureanta. The Daarbur has 100 chairs. Twenty-two of these will be left unoccupied as a reminder of those who did not vote but must be represented. The remaining 78 will be filled by nominees of the candidates proportionally to their respective shares of the vote. Only the Archon may propose a motion. Motions must be approved by a simple majority of the occupied chairs, in this case 40 votes. The Archon can propose motions as he or she sees fit but must propose any motion requested in a petition signed by two thirds of the occupied chairs, in this case fifty-two signatures.

Our coverage of the election has not focussed on the three minor candidates to date but they now, unusually, find themselves king makers. Jairah Kaaron is the spokesperson for an ultra conservative Reborn constituency, who we expect attracted many former Lochan voters and would be a deeply uncomfortable partner for Vasumati. Sayani Narallan leads Durreanta’s independence movement, with links to other secessionists across Viriette. Garick Mahabir is a former star for the Duureanta Lions kendu team, a popular local hero and something of an unknown quantity politically. While there are a number of possible coalition combinations, our tip is Vasumati with Mahabir and Narallan (holding 41 votes) but the dust is still settling and, as this election has illustrated, five days let alone five years is an awfully long time in politics.

[[Art Credit: Adam Kuczek]]




Confusion and violence spread across Molden Heath today as a joint coalition of Bosena Accords warclones, independent capsuleers, and advisors from Corovid Industries have conducted a series of high speed raids against the Seykal Clan and their Krullefor allies.

Acting on critical intelligence sold to the Bosena Accords by an unknown hacker, the attacks have targeted key Seykal-Krullefor strongholds and supply areas in an effort to cripple both organizations ability to make war in the on-going Seykal-Cartel war. Six days ago, Bosena Accords spokeman Galm Esokla-Fae initially offered a ceasefire to the Seykal Clan in the interest of de-escalating the ongoing war but quickly altered their terms following input from cadet chief Melisma Ramijozana. Unless the Seykal and Krullefor were willing to agree to terms, they would instead refocus their efforts on “delivering a hammer blow to [Seykal-Krullefor] operations while they are on the back foot defending their territory from the Angels [Cartel.]”

Citing the persistent threat that the Seykal Clan has posed to the stability of the Minmatar Republic, a coalition was quickly formed to use the opportunity created by the Seykal-Cartel war to put a swift end to Seykal-Krullefor influence in the region should the Seykal refused to negotiate. The newly formed coalition has carried out assaults on a series of fortifications across Molden Heath. Rather than intervene in the on-going gangland violence in populated civilian areas, a vast majority of attacks were focused on rapid strikes against strategic supply centers on former warclone-controlled lands planetside or “hard target” orbital fortifications.

Exceptions occur, however, with Accords troops amassing on their stronghold planet of Bosena IX in preparation for a sustained invasion of the Krullefor planetary fortress located in the Third District of Muttokon II. With the air war already raging in the skies above Muttokon II, the Accords has dispatched veteran pilots from the 1st “Hellawes” Strike-Fighter Squadron to conduct SEAD operations against Krullefor defense batteries to clear the way for their air assault corps.

(Above: Strike-fighters from the Bosena Accords’ Hellawes Squadron conduct strafing runs against Krullefor supply convoys outside Muttokon II District 3 while a gun battery burns in the distance.)


Protestors caught in Navyii Akat terror attacks fearful of government medical care

VERIFIED VIRIETTE, Navyii Akat, Intaki V - 05/03/122

The protest movement against the Intaki Assembly that sprang up in the last quarter of YC 121 came out in strength last week to mark Senator Bellaron’s campaign speech at the Assembly Chambers. The extent of the casualties among the crowds outside the Chambers is still being assessed but seems likely to run into scores or even hundreds.

While some of those affected are being treated in government run facilities, we have received multiple reports of many others who are unable or unwilling to access this care due to fears of being arrested for earlier armed clashes with Assembly loyalists. Talks between the Intaki Assembly, protest organizations and “rebel Intaki Militia” to achieve peaceful disarmament and political amnesty have been underway since late YC 121, apparently without achieving a comprehensive agreement.

A particular challenge is helping those affected by the ‘chemical warfare agent’ used during the attack, which some sources have identified as the notorious ‘deathglow’. While Senator Bellaron has been placed in a medical coma to prevent neurological damage, no such treatment is available to those in political limbo following the protests and local expertise in relation to deathglow is understood to be particularly limited given it has not been deployed in the Federation to date.


Once upon a time, there was an inexperienced captain who used a needle filament to escape from a wormhole. however, she had not considered that New Eden is very big and that she now had to fight for survival far away from her home… did she survive? I don’t know.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


“I know.”

“He’s been sitting in station for months, making day trips to Placid. CONCORD hasn’t come by to root him out like they promised. Hasn’t found that bomber, but he’s still been sleeping.”

“Know she’s been sleeping around, then.”

“That’s not all. He’s hired this pilot. Mean streak an AU wide, nasty brawler. Training him, and he’s adapted. He’s gotten twelve marks in the last four weeks alone, and that’s beaten his last two years in total.”

“He’s getting ballsy.”

“We picked up these, deep embed.”

“…no ■■■■■■■ way.”

“He is almost back to full strength. Look at his eyes. He’s got that weird flashy ■■■■ on his wings and he’s not backing down from what we believe to be one of, if not the best fighter on her homeworld. He’s lost it.”


“Just rumors. Nothing solid. But there’s rumbles she wants more.”


“That’s all I have.”

“That’s great. That’s just ■■■■■■■ great, A.”

“Hey, whatever the security is, I can’t crack much of it.”

"Whatever the hell he’s on, we need to shut him down. Last time he had this kind of confidence he nearly razed a planet to a perfect sphere, and took out nearly sixteen billion in ship assets before they made landfall. Over a girl."

“He’s alloying fast.”

“He’s getting too big for his britches. Are they ready?”

“What, the-”

“Yes, the whole thing.”

“We not going to wait until the bomber’s cooked?”

“No. We move now.”


“Is Beth in?”
“Who’s asking?”
“Tell her this is Lleyl.”
“Go ■■■■ yourself.”
“With pleasure. After you get me through to Beth.”

“I’ll take it, Iro. It’s fine. Hi Lleyl.”
“Hi. Are you secure?”
“Yea yea, we’re fine, as always. Do you happen to know where Tinny is these days?”
“That’s why I called. They’re putting the band back together. Wanna come?”




The Bosena Accords has claimed credit for the death of Sals Armarthen, the Krullefor Organisation’s lead underboss in Molden Heath. As the airwar over Muttakon II begins to draw down, the Accord’s elite Draugr Division was dispatched planetside under the command of Bosena Accords veteran Foley Jones to conduct battle damage assessments following a key series of airstrikes from the 1st “Hellawes” Strike-Fighter Squadron. According to squadron commander Mobius Wyvern, Sals Armarthen’s convoy was intercepted attempting to reach Seykal-aligned territory ahead of the Bosena Accords invasion.

It is unknown at this time why Armarthen was attempting to reach Seykal territory. While the Krullefor organisation appears to be closely allied with members of the Seykal clan in smuggling operations across Molden Heath, the Seykal Expeditionary Force has recently pivoted their operations in working with the RSS-affiliated Krusual Covert Operators to combat the growing Angel’s Cartel presence in the region following an initial turf war with the Cartel. It’s unknown at this time if the newfound Seykal-Krusual bloc is merely an alliance of convenience, or a purposeful move to distance themselves from Krullefor operations to protect Seykal interests as the Bosena Accords continues their war against the Krullefor Organisation.

When asked for comment on the nature of the Krusual-Seykal alliance, Bosena Accords spokesman Galm Eskola-Fae had this to say.

“The situation in Molden Heath, and the Republic at large, is incredibly contentious. Our continued operations against the Krullefor in Molden Heath is only possible due to our allies in the region and in the United Neopian Federation. Our coalition maintains excellent standing with the Republic Security Service, which has allowed us to coordinate with local leaders and officials to help navigate the politicial minefield in the Heath. While the current political landscape has forced us to withdraw from attacks on Seykal targets, this latest strike has allowed us to deliver a crippling blow to Krullefor operations on former warclone lands. It is unknown if Sals Armarthen was cloned ahead of our strike, but I remain confident that our attack has caused enough chaos among the rank-and-file of the Krullefor Organisation that we can mop up Operation Galatine without any major resistance.”

At the time this article is being written Foley’s Draugr Division reported multiple victories in their land assault on the Krullefor facility on Muttokon II. To any Krullefor operatives on the receiving end of the Bosena Accord’s assault, Galm Eskola-Fae was quick to offer them clear terms of surrender:

Lay down your arms and become independent mercenaries under the Bosena Accords charter, or be sent back to Baliggan Krullefor "in a dust pan."

(Above: Draugr Division soldiers mop up hold-out Krullefor forces on Muttokon II )


6NJ8-V VI - Moon 6 - Guristas Production Shipyard, Starship assembly line B-12.

"Man…What’s with all these frigates and destroyers coming down the assembly lines of late? Past five days I’ve worked on nothing but Merlins and Condors.

“That’s…Off to you? We’re working in a ■■■■■■■ shipyard where we BUILD ships daily. Seems like business as usual to me.”

“But it ain’t business as usual, because these ain’t Guristas ships, the materials and blueprints for all these ships are being supplied by a Capsuleer.”

“And how the hell would you know this?”

"Because none of these ships are being placed in Guristas hangers…They’re being redirected towards a private part of the station. Also we’re skipping the nanocouting phase, so all of them are being delivered to storage without Gurista colors.

“I did think that was kinda weird actually…I was assuming they were gonna be for some operation where they need a bit of subtlety to sneak up on their target…Form up with some Navy convoy making port with some State outpost and light the place up once you’re past the security perimeter.”

“Wow, Look at you thinking strategy - planning the big heist from the goddamn factory floor trenches. Why ain’t the Rabbit coming to you for advice?”

“■■■■ you, I’m just trying to make sense of stuff going on here like you…So you’re sure these ships are being requested by some Capsuleer?”

“Gotta be, ontop of the ships being stored in different hangers on the other side of the station - all the manufacturing jobs that come in are not apart of the usual daily production list. A third party definitely is funding the production of these ships and I don’t see anyone except a Capsuleer being said third party. Who else has that kind of pull around here?”

“Well…Which Capsuleer?”

“I don’t know that much…T-Though when I was working the assembly line, prepping some construction-drones to wield the armor plating on the nose of a condor, I looked up and two levels above is where you’d see the Overseer - I saw this girl talking to him…Something about her was familiar…”

“In what way?”

“It’s weird…But she was wearing this “thing” in her head, can’t really put it to words - but it was like some metal halo or something.”

“Wait…It wouldn’t be…God dammit, where did I leave my neocomm?”

“Right there on the table, dumbass.”

“Ah! Good…Overseer would have my hide if I left this somewhere…Now, she wouldn’t have looked like this - would she?”

“She didn’t have rabbit ears.”


“I’m ■■■■■■■ with you! Yeah, that’s why she looked sorta familiar. She looks exactly like that outplace mascot character for that network that popped up awhile ago…You know, aside from the lack of rabbit ears.”

“Well who the ■■■■ is she? Is she the Capsuleer?”

“I guess? Though I could’ve sworn the Capsuleer that was making the announcements for the Network was a guy.”

“No you’re not off…Maybe…Maybe he’s the one backing the construction of these ships?”

“Would make sense…Maybe they plan on selling all of these on the market. Just doing it in bulk so they can bring the price down to something affordable? Establish a strong presence on the market with the largest quantities of goods and set the lowest price for them.”

“Damn, look at you planning strategic moves on the market. Why ain’t Fatal coming to you for financial advice?”

“Because he’s ■■■■■■■ dead, that’s why.”


The following was found in a Throne Worlds based nobility gossip tabloid.


A Runaway Commander

Earlier this week a Strike Commander N. of State protectorate forces has field a petition to a superior officer in regard of a maniac with psychosis who was stalking her. The psycho was found to be a capsuleer and his apprehension wasn’t seem possible despite the Commander’s demand. As a preventive measure Cmdr. N was assigned a pair of guards to her quarters, which she tried to protest, but was forced to comply.

A day ago she was found missing. Guards didn’t report anyone or herself leaving the quarters, the footages of the inside quarters security cameras were mangled. Following alarm was stood down as Cmdr. N was found boarding her ship from the docks.

Over two days the situation has repeated five times with the Commander seemingly appearing out of nowhere on outside security cameras on decks above and below her quarters or again in the docks. When she was finally apprehended she refused to give comments why did she do this or how did she manage to escape quarters with single door without guards noticing. Apparently, she was reprimanded behind the closed doors for this irresponsible and childish behavior that doesn’t correspond to her rank and status. However, it doesn’t look like she will have to face any harsh consequences, considering her actions constitute only minor misbehavior.


"The Pinch" (a local online tabloid, Kasrasi system)

Monsters terrorize the docks; capsuleer party is to blame?

YC 122-04-05

"Multiple witnesses reported bizarre creatures harassing the personnel and passers-by at the shuttle docks of the Trust Partners Trade Post after the midnight today. According to the victims, there were at least three of the “monsters” wreaking havoc in the transport hub, with station security arriving when the prankers’s shuttle already disengaged the clamps.

One of the witnessess, a Thukker maintenance worker, describes the perpetrators:

“…There was a woman with metal hands and blue lips and the wolf ears and the tail, you know, like some Gallente freaks wear. And there was a tall, hairy thing, like, from a horror holo, a werewolf, but it wasn’t a wolf, it was all spotty. And it was wearing bloody human skin for a bra, I swear! And then there was a catman that walked on all fours but then he lagged behind and got up and ran after the other two.”

“The cat was really creepy.” - confesses a young Sebiestor employee. - "I was completely startled and scared by the hyena as it looked on me and scowled, and the cat sneaked at me from behind and said “Meow!”

“I think they got Klaus.” - said a crewman from one of the ships docked at the facility. - “I saw the cyberfurry offer him a beer and no one can find Klaus now.”

“When I saw the werebeast groping a passenger, I called the security, but they got here maybe a minute too late. We’ll get the departure logs and video surveillance data to see those bastards banned from our station for good, whoever they are!” - said an angry Nefantar shift manager.

Sources in the station security linked the mysterious “Dock Monsters” to the capsuleer masquerade party that Ms. Raske, a well-known socialite, held at her venue the same night.

“Usually all the fun that takes place in L’Amore stays within the establishment. Apparently, some of the guests this time decided they haven’t had enough fun.”

“…I saw a walking tree on level thirty-nine, man.” - a Brutor janitor told us. - “A ■■■■■■■ ten foot tall walking tree, with branches, twigs and ■■■■, and it was eating a burrito!”


Stationeer rumblings, Samanuni
YC 122-04-06

“Did you move out the whole T-wing?”

“Yes, boss took it to NBOO soon as I had it in the hangar. He’s in a hurry, what with Concord not having followed up on their threat to kick us out.”

“Think they’re trying to make him sweat, at least when we’re done we can go back to normal. Want to talk to Block again, she’s been too busy lately.”

“You need to let her go, man.”

“Hey, a guy can dream, right?”

“Sure, when his lady’s over 13.5 million kilos.”

“What can I say? I like em big.”

“…wait, is that him?”

“How long was that? Four minutes? That’s twelve jumps both ways.”

“He looks pissed, act busy.”

“Too late! He’s-”

“Excuse me, gentlemen. Parker. Williams. Can you point me in the direction of Ms. Brezia?”

“Wolfy? Think I saw her by Block.”

“Thank you. I’ll be sure to remove you both from her list.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“If the rumors are true…”

“Oh, and one more thing. You two can have the day off.”


“I’m pushing the station to get clear in less than a month, and with the current situation that’s not practical. So please, go to the bathhouse or something. I’ll tell Derek to mark you as on leave.”

“Yes, sir.”

“He looked pissed. He wasn’t even making a show of it just to get some laughs.”

“You haven’t noticed? He’s been getting more serious about the relationship, I think. Must have something to do with that.”

“…you want to follow him?”

“I mean, we did just get leave…”

“If he’s going in for a meeting, I’m out.”

“Woah woah, don’t be so hasty. We can ask Block to do some “editing”.”

“Dude, ew.”

“Come on, she’d do it because it’d make boss have a fit. It’ll be funny.”

“I’m not getting on the list again for that. Wolfy’d tear me a new one.”

“Fine, we’ll just listen.”

“Dear, kindly explain yourself.”

“Hm? Erkhem ee, what could you possibly mean?"

“Monsters harassing personnel, and among them a, and I quote, “woman with metal hands and blue lips and the wolf ears and the tail”. There’s only one person in this cluster who fits that description with any notoriety, and I’m looking right at her.”

“Oh… that. Hehe, I went to a costume party at L’amore. I was a bit late to make the contest that was held but met up with a few friends, and made some new ones.”

“Of course you did.”

“I left after drinking a few bottles of whiskey with Ché and Jade. The other two ‘monsters’ that were in the article. Had some fun at the expense of the dock workers, then split off as they both left.”

“And during all of this, you didn’t stop to consider you might be forgetting something?”

“Forgetting somethi-… oh… you were busy with Thuri when I left for the ball. I didn’t want to disrupt your work, I know how finnicky some of that research can be.”

“Fine, yes, that section was sensitive, but come on! It hasn’t stopped you from tearing me away to sequester me in some corner of the station! I tell you when the work is not to be disturbed, and unless I say otherwise, a distraction from you is always welcome!”

“They’re just getting sappy, let’s just go…”

“No no, I think this is the good part.”

“Perhaps, but Thuri wanted to have you there to focus on the work, she said as much to me before you both went in to work… though… I suppose I should have grabbed you both.”

“Maybe! Just… I know I’m PA about it, but I’m dying to get out and live. I want to come back and just… shock Sobo so hard she can’t keep her face straight. I’d risk daring that, because of you.”

“Hm… You’d really risk her ire? My my Saka… you really are getting bold… tell you what darling. We’ll figure something out just for that~ …hm…”

“Oh, you noticed?”

“Dude, I don’t think…”

“Just hold on…”

“Indeed… I have. Should I?”

“Yes. I did tell them I removed them from the list, but…”

“■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■!”

“Oh crap!”

“Hello boys~”

End of line


S-II headquarters above Luminaire
YC 122-04-10

“Mam, the gear you ordered is ready to be shipped out to Syndicate. the dockworkers are asking what ship will do the pickup”

“Good, tell them the Morning star will do the pickup and make the run later this weekend”

“Right away Mam …”

“Wait why are you going back to Syndicate, we don’t have any more infrastructure out there? not after XYY”

“Well that is exactly why I’m going back”

“Please don’t tell your planning on going back to that frozen rock …”

“I am, I need something recovered from whatever is left of that ruin”

“For ■■■■ sakes, Sorn, remember what say said before you took on that job, no going back!”

“But I left something there I now need… something I thought was best borrowed there with the rest”

“And I’m sure it’s best you keep it that way.”

“I can’t… promised a friend to get it for her and her boytoy”

“■■■■■■■ great … and you couldn’t just say it’s impossible to recover?
you know what fine! I’ll come along. But don’t come crying back to me then everything goes to ■■■■ … It feels like your growing soft these days, leaving loose ends.”

"I know…


“Is that…”


“Those are-”


“Did he just-”

"Will you stop that?"


“He’s done something and I’ve no idea what. That’s an Ikitursa, he looks like he’s made a cult, because there’s no way those are Triglavians.”

“I don’t know, look at the female, one-one-nine, oh-oh-four. I don’t recognise the pattern. It’s almost Encounter, but-”

“He can modify the damn things!”

“But he’s not wearing that feathery rabbit meat suit.”

“So what? He’s going minimalist.”

“But he’s in a different suit! I didn’t think he could do that.”

“I don’t know what that means.”

“So now what?”

“We document everything. Concord’s not going to pass this up.”

“And the bitch?”

“Let me worry about her.”

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“Wait, wait. You heard what?”

“No, I’m asking you if you’re certain.”

“No, they’re not my bugs. I don’t bug.”

“So you think she called me… that? Grabbing the spare?”

“No, no, I’ll take care of it. I might have to direct this one.”

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Following their initial invasion of Skarkon II, the Bosena Accords and their allies in the United Neopian Federation have committed further material support for the prolonged invasion of Skarkon II in their war against the Krullefor Organization. In addition to their previous vanguard force outlined in their press release, shipping manifests have confirmed the deployment of four Chakram heavy assault vehicles.

Designed for clandestine operations, the Chakram “stealth tank” was designed by Caldari arms manufacturers prior to the war of planetary conquest to provide scanning and electronic warfare support to cloned troops in field while acting as an anchoring point for special operations teams via its onboard Clone Reanimation Unit. Only a handful of these vehicles exist today, with a majority scrapped or destroyed following the conclusion of the War of Planetary Conquest in Molden Heath and very few blueprint copies ever disseminated. When pressed for comment, the Bosena Accords confirmed a joint project had occurred during their rearmament campaign between their “Myrddin Institute” and the UNF’s DysTek Armories under the guidance of Accords affiliate Woodrow Ormand to modernize their fleet of Chakram HAVs.

While the four vehicles needed to be dug out of coarse, glassy sand of Bosena IX or welded back together from scrap, today the four sister vehicles (Percival, Geraint, Bedivere, and Lamorak respectively) will act as critical support to ground combat teams conducting counter-insurgency operations across Skarkon II. With a smarter set of electronic support equipment, an improved turret, and a near zero scanning radius to magnometric, radar, and ladar scanning the improved “Chakram II” is set to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and a difficult target to pin down by hostile forces.

The Accords has already began to divvy up their vanguard force into smaller, mobile special ops teams to strike at key Krullefor sites across the planet. Strikes have been largely successful, due in no small part to Bosena Accords Chief Arbiter Galm Eskola-Fae’s willingness to cooperate with a large coalition of high profile Angel’s Cartel leaders local to Skarkon II. Unlike previous raids taken under Operation Galatine, however, many within the Bosena Accords leadership believe that Skarkon will be a war for attrition and a final turning point for the war.

“[Skarkon II] remains a major Cartel stronghold planet, so there’s no small wonder why the Krullefor chose to focus their efforts here. I firmly believe that should Skarkon II fall to the combined effort of Seykal, Krusual, and Krullefor forces the Angel’s Cartel will have effectively lost the planetary war in Molden Heath and Krullefor dominance in the Heath will be secured […]Make no mistake, this is where we are making our stand against the Krullefor and where we intend to stop their operations dead in their tracks. Today, its open season on the Krullefor and their allies.”

As a part of the same statement, the Bosena Accords cited the Seykal Expeditionary Group, Krusual Covert Operations, and Tronhada Free Guard as potential cobelligerent factions allied with the Krullefor Organisation on Skarkon II should they involve themselves in the ongoing war.

(Above: Bosena Accords dropships escort RDV transports delivering Chakram II HAVs planetside)

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