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Summit gets "white hot"

See & Hear, Caille, Gallente Prime, 08/05/YC122

When talking about sex, it’s hard to say how true stereotypes of Gallente and Amarrian attitudes are but a new study confirms that those awkward conversations aren’t happening often enough in Imperial society. According to a recent survey by Hedion University, the results of which were published this week, most Imperial subjects wish they had more information before their first sexual experience.

Researchers from the University surveyed almost 4,000 young Amarrian people between the ages of 16 and 24. They asked participants about their sexual experiences and education. Nearly 85 percent of those surveyed say they wish they had known more before their first sexual experiences, especially about relationships and the emotional side of sex.

Now, how does this apply to capsuleers?? Well, according to leaked logs of the Summit fluid router channel, Amarrians and one in particular, Amadin Wa-Sethna, say they have “white-hot sexual congress” more often then the rest of New Eden.


That comment has started a debate among Summit subscribers (and their adoring followers). Even the infamous Nauplius admitted that “white hot sexual congress” was a good phrase. He stated “I think I like the phrase. I will continue using it in the future”. We at See & Hear agree and are dying to know how much hot sexual congresses Mr Naupilus is having in his remote part of the cluster. One can only imagine the hareem he keeps and what happens in there when he overindulges in the whiskey he admits to being so fond of.

It all started when Mr Wa-Sethna was asked about his former partner Lunarisse Daphiti, who we all know ditched him after a concert a while back. Do we suspect jealousy about her new suitor Franco Phonaga? About as much as Shaileen Ramnev makes Mentas Blaque froth at the mouth lately…

What surprises us most from the logs is that the individuals who found this “white-hot sexual congress” among Amarrians most iniquitous were largely Gallentean. So, perhaps those stereotypes need closer investigation after all. University of Caille we need to know, for science!

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Old benefactors returning to Navyii Akat’s troubled Minuka quarter
VERIFIED VIRIETTE, Navyii Akat, Intaki V - 22/04/122

The Minuka patrol is the route that Federal Marines tasked with keeping the fragile calm on Navyi Akat’s streets like the least. “You ask Remelac to keep your squad out of Minuka, for sure,” says Sannor Fulliard, a Marine Sergeant from Des Ponticelles. “Nothing serious has happened there on this deployment, yet, but you can feel the hostility compared to other neighbourhoods. The streets just empty out when we pass through, apart from the militia types that is…

The Minuka quarter was the scene of the infamous suppression of the Raavi Festival Protest by Ultra-Nationalist forces 200 years ago. A significant proportion of those exiled to Poitot in the aftermath of the Intaki Uprisings came from Minuka and the quarter is now an epicentre of the anti-Assembly militia movement which took up arms just a few months ago.

Following the Election Day attacks on the Assembly Chambers, in which many of the protestors were caught up, it has become apparent that the passage of just two generations has not severed the bonds of kinship between Minuka and Poitot. A new hospital, named in honour of the Achaert Foundation, has been rapidly constructed in the quarter and is offering heavily subsidised treatment to residents many of whom, as we reported previously, are involved in the protest movement and suspicious of government facilities despite subsequent official reassurances.

Achaert is an ancient family name in Minuka, one branch of which holds a seat on the Poitot Station Owners’ Council as well as senior positions in Intaki Space Police. The hospital is administered by a Harroule registered corporation, Chatelain BioPharma, which is itself headed by one Isana Achaert, who commented, “We are privileged to be able to support the people of Minuka and to help the Achaert Foundation demonstrate the goodwill of many Intaki Syndicate organisations towards our ancestral home world and, yes, the entire Federation.

Others question the motives behind this new hospital and a number of other investments being made by Syndicate-linked entities in Minuka. “What in Cevesitis’ name do they need a ballistic injuries unit for?!” scoffs a Federal Marines intelligence officer, who asked to remain anonymous. “It’s clearly designed to support paramilitary activity. We know they even had technical advice from a group with experience on Thebeka…

With security around the delayed Federal elections at unprecedented levels, the situation in Minuka remains calm but the protestors’ grievances with the Assembly are unresolved as is the controversial (and seemingly endless) Security Franchise award process. Both issues seem likely to resurface after the elections and may be influenced by the outcome given the different stances of the candidates. One thing is certain, though, all the people in Minuka who we spoke to will be voting for Celes Aguard and hoping that she and her ally Wayaki Kayara will make good on their campaign promises about supporting marginal communities and reconciliation with the Intaki Syndicate.


Republic Star

Legal Battle Over Skarkon II Ferry System

Following formal protest by the CBD Corporation on the Minmatar Republic’s response to the ongoing Skarkon II conflict, the Caldari-based megacorperation began moves to purchase many previously nationalized industries on Skarkon II to protect their material interests during the war between the Krullefor Organization, Angel’s Cartel, and outside warclone incursions by the Bosena Accords. While many contracts to expand CBD’s influence on the planet went largely uncontested and remained focused on supporting their stronghold province of Ishohuolvi, a major sticking point seems to be their attempts to purchase the robust ferry system that connects several major local cities including the CBD mining hub of Iddeserigard to the central province of Skardisaad.

The only major region on Skarkon II not privately held by corporate control, cartel influence, or landholding clans, Skaardisaad acts as a major hub to all other adjacent districts due to its access to the planetary skyhook system. At one point, all other adjacent corporate cities maintained their own privatized ferry system to transport workers and settlers from the heavily populated cities of Skaardisaad to the frontier. After the planetwide fall of the local Twin Atomic Superconducting Crystals industry in YC65 the frontier began to collapse and many of these private ferry systems fell into disuse and disrepair. In an effort to preserve the only reliable mode of transportation connecting these remote provinces the democratic administration of Skaardisaad opted to purchase the ferry fleets from each corporation and unify them into one centralized public transportation commission. Since then, the ferry system has remained a source of pride for the natives of Skarkon II and is renowned for remaining fiercely independent in the face of unrest.

Fearing an unprecedented level of instability and the potential for civil war the CBD Corporation was quick to present the Skardisaad Ferry Commission a multi-billion ISK contract should they agree to transfer administration over entirely to CBD. Many within the ferry commission are hesitant to sell out to an outside Caldari megacorporation and abandon their policy of providing transportation to all districts of Skarkon II equally regardless of corporate affiliation, with several union leaders threatening mass walkouts in retaliation if the ferry system is sold. Representatives within the government however believe that CBD’s contract is too good to refuse, and that CBD is the only force on Skarkon II with the the materials and capital needed to provide desperately-needed repairs and security to keep the ferry system safe from Cartel and Krullefor activity. With frequent acts of violence carried out against rival gangs onboard the ferry route connecting the Krullefor-controlled city of Kor’ali and the Cartel stronghold of Sa’kak, it is increasingly likely that the Skaardisaad Ferry Commission will bend to CBD pressure.

The prospect has been met with fierce opposition from the government of Sa’kak. According to Sa’kak’s city council their ferry system was never legally transferred from Minmatar Mining Corporation, the previous holder of Sa’kak’s Gulormola province. Instead, it was claimed unlawfully by the city of Kor’ali following MMC’s flight from Gulormola and their abandoned assets were repatriated by Skaardisaad without proof of ownership or legal authority. Therefore, they argue, these assets cannot be legally granted to CBD without explicit authorization from the Minmatar Mining Corporation. Given Sa’kak’s previous approval and financial backing of the Skaardisaad Ferry Commission, however, it seems clear to legal experts that the Angels-sympathizers of Sa’kak merely intend to delay CBD’s purchase as long as possible so the Angel’s Cartel can continue to use the ferry system to strike at Krullefor targets in Kor’ali without CBD interference. The warclone mercenaries of the Bosena Accords, who have also set up a forward operating base in the outskirts of Sa’kak, have declined to comment on the ongoing legal battle at this time.

(Above: Ferry vessel departs Sa’kak’s harbor locks while underway to Kor’ali.)


Gang truble or Blooder Raiders? the Kingdom Chronicle, Khanid Prime V, 11/05/122

Police are still looking for the two shooters from the restaurant Lilith’s Court in Garkehgrad two weeks ago, local rumors circulate that the shooters were a small group of Blood raiders wanting to hurt the Sorn name, but the comments from the matriarch of the Sorn family dismisses these claims as mere nonsense stating the shooters were merely gangers

Kingdom Chronicle managed to get an interview with her before she left Khanid prime

"These two shooters much be found, the Sorn household will not rest before these to godless vigilante have been found and brought to justice before God and man. For this, I issue a bounty of ten million isk for any that can bring me information or better yet, bring me them to me.


snippet from a Corporate Police Force post action filing
Customs Commissioner’s Testimony claims destruction of Occator vessel registered to United Neopian Federation capsuleer was in response failure to comply with routine customs check for Small Arms.
Official kill-report details contradict Customs Commissioner’s testimony, and further details suggests pilot was carrying multiple warclones and marines on sanctioned charter through State Space.
Customs Commissioner’s corporate account shows unregistered transactions to account just prior to interception and destruction of vessel.
Customs Commissioner suspended until further notice while investigation commences.


Republic Star

BREAKING: Explosion Onboard Skarkon II Ferry Vessel

Mere hours after the acquisition of the Skaardisaad Ferry Commission by the CBD Megacorporation, an explosion was reported onboard the Sa’kak-Kor’ali ferry with all hands lost. The ferry, shortly after leaving port for the first time following news of their acquisition by CBD, reported violence onboard the vessel thirty-eight minutes into its two-hour voyage across the Gulormola Channel. A two minute period of radio silence followed, broken by a report forty minutes in of military aircraft circling the ship. Navigation logs indicate that the ferry attempted briefly to reverse course to Sa’kak, but stopped dead in the water soon after. Radio communication halted once again but was restored following frantic reports of an explosion onboard the ship with multiple casualties and substantial flooding. According to the final radio transmission, the captain was killed on impact and the executive officer was attempting to regain control of the ship amid the chaos. The frequent breaks in communication are likely to be the result of some form of electronic warfare jamming, likely applied to prevent the vessel from contacting coastal rescue teams.

Despite the attempts at jamming, the aforementioned broadcasts were received and coastal patrol vessels were dispatched from Kor’ali, Sa’kak, and a passing CBD patrol fleet. Originally stationed on the Ishohuolvi Peninsula, the CBD fleet stated that they were en route to secure ferry stations across Skardisaad in accordance with their recent acquisition before redirecting to respond to the ferry’s distress signal. The CBD patrol fleet were the first on-scene, reporting that the ship had already sunk with fuel fires engulfing the surrounding waters leaving no survivors. As all three fleets convene on the wreckage, many on the mainland and within CBD are already calling for blood against whoever is found responsible for the ship’s destruction.

(Above: Final image transmitted by the ship’s onboard security cameras.)


Skarkon Station Free Press

BREAKING: Kor’ali Rocked By Massive Explosion
By Jerindine Orindold

Only a day after the attack on the Sa’kak to Kor’ali ferry route, an enormous radioactive explosion has forced the evacuation of large portions of the city of Kor’ali. The twelve kiloton blast originated in the riverside slums and obliterated large portions of the city’s northwest district as well as sending up a deadly radioactive plume. Fires have spread radioactive ash over much of the city and the surviving administration is calling for evacuations and emergency medical aid. Accounts of acute radiation poisoning are already being reported throughout the surrounding area as radioactive fallout spreads away from the blast on the western winds.

While responsibility for the attack remains unclaimed, humanitarian organizations were quick to decry the dirty bomb’s use as barbaric and inhumane. The death toll from the initial fireball is estimated to be at least twenty thousand, and the intense radiation has led many to fear the final death toll may be as high as one hundred thousand, making this the worst tragedy to befall the impoverished desert planet since the elevator crash and ensuing famine of YC109-110.

Although the cause and reason for the attack may take some time to determine, expert analysis of local video and sensor data has revealed that a four kiloton antimatter explosion preceded the larger and dirtier explosion by several milliseconds. It is believed that this antimatter blast occurred in the immediate proximity of a large number of plutonium fuel cells, some of which exploded themselves and others of which were broken apart by the blast, spreading radioactive contaminants across the city. This attack marks the largest potential escalation so far in the conflict between the Krullefor Organization and the Angel Cartel and has led many to fear that this may only be the beginnings of wide-scale open warfare on the Skarkon II. I’m Jerindine Orindold, reporting from the Skarkon II capital of Sahaal for the Skarkon Station Free Press.

(Above: Rescue workers pick through still burning rubble in Kor’ali.)


Heath Row News

Clone Pilot Airstrikes Begin in Earnest Against Krellufor Convoys and Supply Bases

Earlier this morning, a series of coordinated airstrikes began across the Gulormola district, confirmed to have been carried out by Clone Pilots under the employ of the United Neopian Federation, in support of ongoing Bosena Accord Warclone and UNF ArSec operations.

Security footage and eyewitness reports show that Jackal heavy assault fighters were heavily utilized in these strikes. Their XC-30 ‘Ripper’ Starburst Mortars being used to devastating effect against armored transports and installations alike. Wraith assault fighters were also seen both escorting Jackals to target zones and engaging ground targets with more traditional blastercannons and so called ‘StormWave’ Scourge Flechette Rockets, weapons normally used against other fightercraft and subcapital vessels.

During the course of these daring attacks, a handful of craft were noted to have been downed, but most crash sites were quickly secured by ArSec units, and recovered.

We’ve reached out to UNF and BosAc forces for comment, and one of the Clone Pilots involved in the campaign, going under the callsign ‘Agonarch,’ stated that 'This air campaign’s a lot different from my normal fair. Sure I’ve hit targets in atmo before, but haven’t run interference for ground ops since Caldari Prime when I was a CalNav fighter jockey. We’re working to minimize collateral damage as much as possible, most of our hits being carried out along desert highways or against Krellufor installations far removed from civilian centers. My sympathies go out to the poor bastards working for Krellufor, Jackals are normally used against Battlecruiser sized targets and up, or for crunching through clusters of fighters, and watching Ripper guns tear through their armor almost makes me feel sorry for them. Tore them open like an axe through a can of Quafe."

(Above: The UNF Clone Pilot ‘Agonarch’)

Breaking: UNF Logistics Support Raitaru Destroyed During Anchor in Orbit of Skarkon II by Nyx Class Supercarrier Belonging to The Ivana Trading Federation Federation, Payoff From Krellufor Organization Suspected



May YC122 Edition

Originally created as a Callie-based gentleman’s magazine, CallieGirls has gradually built a cult following of fans that have taken to reading the publication just as much for its exposé articles as its “exposure” articles. Detailing subjects ranging from thukk rock bands, drug industries, sex cults, and warzone violence CallieGirls reporter Hugo Harghest has seen it all and wrote to tell about it. Originally a little-known GalNet personality, he was hired by CallieGirls after the conclusion of Operation Highlander for his harrowing frontline reporting of civilian militia groups in the city of Arcurio.

Originally on Skarkon II to report on illegal weapons trades between nomadic groups of the Ngelgnieg desert, Hugo quickly volunteered to return to the city of Sa’kak to report on the immortal mercenary presence there as an imbedded reporter.

Hugo Harghest, CaillieGirls™ May YC121

I barely had any time to wash the dust of the Ngelgnieg off me before I got the call from the Bosena Accords that they had agreed to take me on as a ride-along.

All the better, as I had already burnt through the last of my per diem in one of the nicest hotels the Angels Cartel had in their pocket, which was to say all the ones that mattered in Sa’kak. I was still hung over from the night before when I was told they had already sent transport to pick me up, forcing me to leave behind a fair amount of broken bottles, dirty towels, a high femme krusual woman and a waifish sebeistor twink I’d shared a bed with since coming in to town. I had, however, remembered to take the block of hashish we had been splitting that I picked up from the nomadic tribes of the wastes in exchange for a few goods from the cities; more than enough to last me for however long I’d be stuck on the frontline of the Skarkon War.

A Saga scout car came by and drove me to the outskirts of the city, where the UNF’s ArcSec and Bosena Accords mercenaries had been working to establish a fortified outpost while Bosena’s Mobile Command Center fleet hung above wrapped in a circle like the tabor wagon forts I’d seen out in the Ngelgnieg. I brushed the hair out of my eyes to get a better look at the ships, hovering lazily in place like massive gun-strapped buoys bouncing up and down in the surf. Last time I had seen a warclone MCC they were hot-dropping Dragonaur troops in my home city. I wondered to myself, statistically, how many of the soldiers I’d meet today were there on Caldari Prime that day.

The briefing was relatively swift; several hours ago a twelve kiloton blast had rocked the city of Kor’ali. The blast was enough to send shockwaves across the Gulormola Channel and be heard in Sa’kak, which I can only assume I had slept through blissfully unaware thanks to the hashish. Reports indicated that the blast wasn’t the result of the original payload, but instead was triggered by a smaller antimatter charge that had activate a larger supply of radioactive materials. Ipso facto, the Krullefor forces were now potentially sitting on nuclear deposits across the city and were out for blood. The perpetrators and reasons for the explosion were yet unknown, but the threat of retaliation was high. In accordance, a Chakram II black ops Heavy Assault Vehicle team was dispatched across the channel to conduct damage assessment and comb the city for potential nuclear stockpiles across Kor’ali. One of the tanks were detracked by a man portable rocket launcher and sunk into the rubble, and was now surrounded by hostile Krullefor and enemy militia that were eager to blame the Accords for the recent explosion.

The Accords’ 1st Hellawes Fighter-Bomber Squadron had been at work all through the night conducting SEAD missions over the city, accompanied by a flight from the UNF’s spaceborne advanced fighter squadrons launched from the Wyvern-class supercarrier Wellspring Source. Now that the airspace had been cleared, I would ride along a warclone-piloted Crotalus VTOL bomber to hang on-station and support the Chakram II combat team. The pilot, a tall son of a bitch, kept me on a short leash as he brought me from the briefing room to the runway for sortie. He towered over me, clad in his sealed dropsuit frame as I struggled to keep up while we made our way down the tarmac.

“Hey man,” the six-foot-seven war machine laughed down at me, “Don’t worry about it. I was five-nine before I took this job. I’m assigned to babysit you, so keep up, sit down, shut up and don’t touch anything so you can blog all about it later. I don’t need a dead reporter on my consciousness or our records, so let’s knock this sortie out and we can send you home to your polycule in Luminaire or wherever you came from.”

His crew was just finishing their pre-flight checks and helping load armament with the aid of their powered exoskeletons as we boarded. The clone nearest to me hunkered down next to the door gun, assumedly staring at me through the piercing lights of their helmet. All of the clones wore their signature armor, even this far from the front lines. Each bore their own individual markings and personal flair, either in the form of unconventional and improvised equipment, custom decals or stickers, battle-weathered paint jobs, or scratched out insignias bearing marks ranging from the Republic Fleet to the unmistakable emblem of the Guristas. Standardization, quite simply, was not a concern for these soldiers. Their armor was their only source of identity separating them from each other and the pale, featureless clones sealed inside.

As we passed over the Gulormola Channel, I could see passing CBD patrol vessels below circling long black veins of distant smoke plumes rising from the water. The bomber banked right, pulling away to the very edge of the patrol frigate’s range of fire to give the Caldari troops a wide breadth. I’m informed over the on-board radio channel that CBD patrols had tripled since the sinking of the Kor’ali-Sa’kak ferry and that they were looking for any reason to fire on our dropship.

“How are the Bosena Accords managing the situation here on the ground?” I shout, looking out over the open ocean down onto the Caldari fleet, “Seems like everything’s a bee’s dick away from civil war. Is someone running ■■■■ down here, or all you just ‘cowboying’ your way into this?”

“Galm Fae has been keeping a close monitor of the situation personally from the front,” the pilot responded from the cockpit, a fair amount of frustration in his voice.

“From the front?,” I pry, shaking my head and pulling back from the door into my seat, “You mean from orbit? I tried getting an interview with the guy, last I checked he was coordinating efforts in space alongside the UNF.”

“Hey!” the door gunner groans, quickly changing the subject as if inspired while she carves new markings into their armor with her survival knife, “I got a riddle for you paperboy; A man and his son are out for a drive in the countryside. Both get in a horrible accident. The man dies on impact but the boy is airlifted to the hospital. He’s sent to the emergency room for life saving surgery. The catch is, it’s got a forty percent chance of killing him. Only one doctor’s willing to take the risk, but when he sees the boy on the operating table he stops and says ‘I can’t operate on him, he’s my son!’ How’s that ■■■■ work?”

“He’s got two dads,” I answer flatly, unimpressed.

“Ha! Yeah,” she spits, clicking her tongue and going back to her carving, “Good answer I like that one.”

“Did you have a point or?–”

“Naw,” she barks wolfishly in a thick Lonetrek accent as she brushes aside a pile of paint dust to reveal a newly etched effigy of a ghostbird on her arm guard, “Just checking to see if your a homophobe I guess before I decide to throw you off this ship or not.”

I squinted incredulously, trying to search for some sort of hint or tell from the four “eyes” that made up the optics on her helmet before realising how pointless that was. If there was any deeper meaning to her riddle, it was lost on me.

Twenty minutes later we were passing over the coast of Kor’ali, lowering ourselves down between the jagged buildings to avoid ground fire. The onboard geiger-counter began to spike, alerting us to the radiation that was already wafting over the city from the ruins that were once the riverside slums. Small arms fire bounced off the tritanium hull while the door gunner rained a line of hot plasma down on scattered rooftop infantry. Clearly, they were expecting us.

“This is Persival,” the radio called out as we made our way deeper into Kor’ali, barely audible from the caucoffany of fire around us, “Our HAV has been detracked. We’ve been deploying troops via our onboard reanimation unit to defend this position while we conduct repairs but are receiving heavy artillery fire from the enemy command post to the north and are being swarmed by enemy infantry. Requesting ‘hammer down’ on our position, then release the remaining payload on the enemy base.”

“Copy all Persival,” the pilot called back without hesitation, “See you in the next life.”

With that, the Croaltus flew over the target position. I watched out the side window, catching a passing glance of the Bosena Accords tank formation in the center of the street surrounded by burning rubble as the barrel bombs released and came down on top of them. The shockwave shook the bomber, causing me to lurch up out of my seat, my safety strap barely keeping me from tumbling out. The bomber climbed up over the next several adjacent blocks and dropped our remaining payload on a stout administration building brimming with gun positions, completely caving in facade as the support pillars collapsed. We hung briefly on station, waiting silently for any response from the HAV team. Eventually, a weak signal began to come in.

“This is Percival. Good effect on target. Multiple hostile and friendly KIA, but the tank is still in one piece. We’re reanimating now and staging to clean up that command post so we can get rolling again. Good talley, boys.”

There were only a few short moments of celebration before the pilot received a message from friendly forces informing us a “Block” electro-optical missile had recently been spotted in the air by UNF aircraft. Rather than relying on acquiring a direct thermal or radar signature before firing, the Block missile is fired from the ground to hover at a high altitude, using an AI algorithm to parse multiple camera angles across the spectrum to identify aircraft based on their overall silhouette. While the missile had no way of identifying the advanced UNF aircraft, our aging bomber had no countermeasures that would block it from acquiring us as a target. With that, the pilot hit the afterburner and turned us back to Sa’kak for our next sortie.

I was later informed in the after-action briefing that the missile had been fired by CBD.

End of Part I. Next article, UNF’s Lauralite Anne Brezia gets electric on Eugales VI while punk icon Renee Ramalin shows us how hot Mannar can get!

(Above: Crotalus dropship bombers strike at Krullefor positions.)


Subject; “Step up your travel game with double Interbus travel points!”

Welcome to Lonetrek Freelancers.

If you’re receiving this message, that means all agents have successfully made it to their first place of residence in this operation. Don’t get too comfy as your task is going to take you elsewhere real quick.

Another message will be sent out shortly after this one containing a list of addresses of Wayist Shrines throughout the region. Each list will be different for each agent to avoid anyone retracing one another’s step or bumping into each other. This list must be completely in its entirety before you are eligible for payment AND extraction. You are to visit these shrines and make contact with whomever there holds all the clout and present to them a -DONATION- in scrip appropriate to their respective mega-corporation.

We have predetermined donation amounts for each type of scrip set aside already, information for this will be sent alongside banking information that you’ll be using. Each agent will have access to their own accounts set aside with the funds they’ll need for shelter, travel and food. Additional funding can be requested by making contact with BLUE HARE.

Do not force the donation onto them, suggest it can go to the shrine or local families, but if they ultimately reject - then pull out and report it in with GREEN HARE. If you’re looking for some additional payment, providing GREEN HARE with names of spiritual leaders or mere workers at these shrines will net you some extra credit.

Keep a low profile and keep moving, don’t stay in one colony for too long and importantly you -STAY IN CHARACTER-.

Which means…

> -SHOWER!!!

You are all now charitable representatives of -REDACTED-! A non-profit organization set up to look out for the cultural enriching beacon that is Wayism within the CALDARI state. So you damn well better look good when you visit these shrines. After you have completed your list, you can contact TEAL HARE to arrange for extraction.

If you’re busted, we can arrange for your release and immediate extraction in one to two weeks of captivity given that you don’t have any blood in your hands. And there shouldn’t be, this should be the easiest money you people will ever make. If you do end up killing someone however? You’re on your own, and for those we do manage to pull from captivity will not be eligible for payment.

There is another stage to this operation for those that wanna stick around and make even more money. Further information on the first stage of the operation will be sent as needed. Stand by for banking account information and Shrine list, Agents that are sent this information will be considered -ACTIVE- and be expected to get to work on their visits as soon as possible.

Good luck Freelancers

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Heath Row News

Breaking: UNF Facilities on Skarkon II Assaulted by Unmarked Warclone Units, Presumed Tronhadar Freeguard and Onikanabo Brigade Connection

In an unexpected turn of events, UNF Staging Bases 285km South Southeast of Sa’kak in the Gulormola district on Skarkon II have reportedly been assaulted by two separate unmarked Warclone forces using older Minmatar and Caldari patterned Dropsuits and weaponry, though forces were not seen to be in active coordination, neither were reported to engage the other group during their assaults.

The current reasons for these assaults is as yet unkown, but they were repulsed with minimal human casualties with tenacious efforts of ArSec combat operators, Clone Pilots, and Bosena Accord warclones responding rapidly to the situation, though extensive damage was done to the V9-QG9 Orbital Launch Facility, one of three launch sites under UNF administration, reducing UNF’s logistical resupply capabilities to ArSec and Windstalker Installation Security Service forces by approximately 17%.

Though unconfirmed, tactical doctrines noted for both assaulting groups draw a disturbing connection to both the Tronhadar Free Guard, and Onikanabo Brigade, both of which have recently been confirmed active on Skarkon II.

In a public statement, UNF Capsuleer and Diplomat Lauralite Anne Brezia said that, “This assault on authorized planetary installations that have been assisting anti-Krellufor operations is quite disturbing, as it is confirmed not to have been carried out by the Krellufor Organization or the Angel Cartel, but instead other operating entities. All current UNF installations will be further fortified against future attacks, and contact has been made with RSS liaisons regarding the potential connections that we have identified so far.”

Requests for comment were sent to Tronhadar Free Guard and Onikanabo Brigade, but have so far declined to respond.

(Above: Simulated Map Overlay)

In Other News:*

  • Capsuleer Spitfire Lauralite Anne Brezia Seen Directing Deployment of Pre-Fab Emergency Medical Centers Onto Skarkon II
  • Bosena Accords stages emergency Round Table meeting to discuss the course of the Skarkon War and Operation Galatine.
  • Gulormola District Administration Condemns Attacks Against UNF Facilities
  • Strange Activity Reported in System of Ennur

Achura Nichinichi Shinbun YC122-05-15

  • Newly inaugurated president Celes Aguard still mum on Achura.
  • Earthquake in eastern prefectures, damages initially estimated to be low.
  • Cherries now bloom in northern Yamashiro prefecture.
  • Achuran tourism to reach all-time high this year.
  • SuVee tea production is rumored to be at a 7-year low, cause still unknown.
  • Trade between Achura and the Federation back at normal levels.
  • Asanokawa Golden Lions’ Ken Kawahara pitches perfect game.
  • Caille’s historical Achuran jazz cafe The Count set to reopen after renovations.
  • Shochu in the Federation and where to find it.

Achura Nichinichi Shinbun, your trusted source for Achuran news.


Anonymous Broadcast Sent to Multiple News Outlets Across the Republic and other open channels, voice distorted and mashed through multiple vocal filters

“They’re out in the Ngelgneig, digging. The Krellufor Organization is looking for something. Something important, out in the dead deserts here on Skarkon II, and someone’s paying them to look for it. They think they’re being discreet, unnoticed by the eyes in the dead dust. They are wrong. We see their crews scouring Sand and Rock and Dust, we see their search for ancient technologies and lost relics. They are not welcome here.”


Skarkon Station Free Press

Skarkon II Continues to Destabilize
By Jerindine Orindold

Following the escalation of fighting between Krullefor, Cartel, CBD, and capsuleer backed forces on the surface of Skarkon II, political instability has hit an all time high. Earlier today over a thousand workers walked out of the central CBD mine in Iddiserigard, demanding increased pay and safer working conditions. Additional protesters established a blockade across the Ishohuolvi-Skardisaad bridge and are stopping all vehicular traffic between the CBD owned district and Skardisaad. Union leaders Talrok Jadilan and Hesper Yimerose have stated that they intend to keep the mines and industrial sites shut down until the CBD corporation accedes to their demands. The CBD corporation has declined to comment on the strike at this time, but spacelane patrol troops have been spotted moving into position to put down the protests.

In Kalilia, a series of eight nuclear detonations occurred deep in the ngelgnieg, destroying a number of mobile mining outposts and bases. The choice of targets and the scale of the blasts have left many puzzled as to the reason and intent of the attackers. Some believe it to be a show of force by Krullefor forces, destroying Angel assets in a disproportionately destructive way as revenge for the attack on Kor’ali earlier this week, while others believe it to be a sign of internal power struggles within the Cartel which have been brought to the surface by the ongoing war with Krullefor.

In Sahaal, protesters threw rocks, bottles, and broke windows at the Sebiestor Tribal Embassy. Over three thousand protesters surrounded the Tribal Embassy for several hours, turning over vehicles, drawing graffiti on the nearby buildings, and starting small fires. Despite the anger and energy, the crowd refrained from outright violence, and even engaged with a long although heated dialogue with Sebiestor tribe representative Edelulf Arinold when he came out from inside the building. For the rest of the afternoon, the crowd sang songs, drummed, and chanted, demanding aid for those left starving and destitute by the tribal administration and justice for the crime of their abandonment by the tribe at large. The Sebiestor tribe has yet to make a formal comment on the protests but representatives have indicated that they are preparing one and should have it ready within the next few days.

In Kor’ali rescuers are continuing to pick through the wreckage following a 12 kiloton nuclear blast that irradiated large portions of the city. Even with the radiation and the destruction, Kor’ali remains a hotbed of activity, with local clashes between Angel, Krullefor, and independent warclone forces occurring almost nonstop. Small tragedies are happening on a near daily basis in the wounded city. Earlier today, A group of fifty unarmed civilians was gunned down by Krullefor forces while protesting outside one of their installations, an action which was quickly denounced by the city’s surviving administration.

All the various military and corporate forces operating on Skarkon II have armed up and placed themselves into high states of military readiness if they aren’t already engaging in outright conflict. At this point, it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when it all boils over into near planetwide violence. This is Jerindine Orindold, reporting from Sahaal.


Achura Nichinichi Shinbun, YC122 05 16

The Geisha’s Dojo

I am a capsuleer in the Gallente Militia, and I suffer from a terrible dilemma. As you are surely aware, Strike Commander Diana Kim of the Caldari Militia submitted herself to public lashing a few months ago. My dilemma is that, ever since I watched the holo on GalNet, I haven’t been able to face those wretched Templis CALSF in battle. Every time Commander Kim is on-grid I can’t help but to picture being tied up, and her goose-stepping up to me in her militia uniform and extinguishing a cigarette butt on my naked same. More than once I’ve dropped the logi chain as a result of this distraction. What should I do?
Signed: Smitten in GalMilistan

Dear Smitten,
Were I an author of romantic pulp fiction, I would advise you to resign your commission and run, why, warp to Commander Kim and submit to her discipline. However, in the real world, we all know the Commander has no patience for traitors, even those whose treason would benefit her. Moreover, she can probably not distinguish domination from torture, which she is averse to. So, were you to follow the dramatic course of action, you would be liable to find yourself dishonoured at home and turned away by the subject of your fantasies. Instead, I suggest that you take a cold shower immediately before immersing in your pod to prepare for each fleet. Also, please delete any holos featuring the Commander from your neocom and instruct Aura to block future GalNet searches for her.
Signed: Madama Chou




In response to the ongoing developments in Skarkon, Bosena Accords founder Galm Fae called for an emergency Round Table session. Functioning as the warclone community’s trade union congress taking part in Avalon’s conference room B7-R the “Round Table” has acted as the de facto legislative body for warclone clans and territories since the conclusion of the War of Planetary Conquest in Molden Heath. Ostensibly an anarcho-syndicalist institution, the various warclone clans and corporations that make up the Accords use the Round Table Assembly as their method to coordinate on the general direction of the warclone community, negotiate policy standards for contracts, and pool resources so smaller independent warclone bands can continue to operate without the support of a larger empire-affiliated patron.

Citing “extraordinary circumstances” Galm Fae called the Assembly, until now largely hands-off on the Skarkon War, to vote on several actions that would dictate the future direction of the war while calling for major policy changes within the organization.

“I find it extremely suspicious, though not at all surprising that the Republic Security Service has deployed forces to Skarkon II under the casus belli of ending Cartel influence while blindly, openly, and audaciously ignoring the Krullefor Organization’s role in the ongoing crisis. To all among you that have lent your support in this war, you know precisely why the RSS will continue to ignore the Krullefor-Seykal threat in Molden Heath and why it is absolutely essential that we consider every option on the table when deciding how to proceed.”
–Galm Fae’s Opening Remarks to the Round Table Assembly

Discussion was lead by Fae’s overwhelmingly vocal support-base of radicals, who increasingly feel disenfranchised by the Republic’s policies towards warclone lands and their general policy in Molden Heath. All major opposition within the assembly was led by Thaddeus “Blackshield” Reynold’s reformist faction, who believe in avoiding armed struggle and remaining committed to the Bosena Accord’s founding policies of cooperating fully with local authorities. The proposed actions and results of the assembly are listed below.


Following Warden Fury’s focus on expanding his own mercenary clan within the structure of the Bosena Accords, Galm Fae has continued to operate as the main executive of the Accords and the Bosena Accords CEO while Knight Guard Fury has remained in a ceremonial role as Warden. Facing extraordinary circumstances, the Bosena Accords should vote to reinstate Galm’s status as Warden of Avalon and continue the Skarkon War.

The measure pass, reinstating Galm Fae as Warden with a vote of 60% approval, 30% abstaining, and 10% opposed. He is expected to keep the position until May of next year, where regular elections for the position of Warden will be held as scheduled.


The Pendragon Council, Glatisant Tribunal, and the Office of Warden [the cabinet, judicial, and executive institutions of the Bosena Accords respectively] shall be combined into a single unitary structure under the direction of the Warden known as the Grand Litigation and Tribunal Institute / Administration Team (GLATISANT).

The measure was met with skepticism and opposition from the reformists, with the Blackshield criticizing the measure as a “unilateral consolidation of power.” Ultimately the measure passed, granting the new Warden greater power and overreach over the Bosena Accords’ main institutions. Fae, sensing division within the Accords, immediately offered his reassurances to reformists that the consolidation of power would be an emergency wartime measure only and would see further review within the Round Table Assembly following the end of the Skarkon War.


Cooperation with the local administration of the Gulormola district of Skarkon II has required that we form a non-aggression pact with the Angels Cartel on Skarkon II. However, with the Republic Security Service pledging to end Cartel influence on the planet (potentially to the benefit of Krullefor troops) we may have to adjust our policy to avoid open conflict with the Minmatar RSS or the Republic at large.

Faced with several options, the Round Table voted to continue the status quo and preserve their non-aggression pact and limited coordination with the Angel’s Cartel while avoiding conflict with the RSS. The measure was opposed with 20% of the vote wishing to break the non-aggression pact and coordinate with the RSS against the Angel’s Cartel and another 20% wishing to coordinate directly with the Angel’s Cartel against RSS influence on Skarkon II.


With the Caldari CBD corporation deploying Onikanabo Brigade mercenaries planetside and staging attacks on our allies in the UNF from the adjacent province of Ishohuolvi we must consider if we are willing to risk open conflict with CBD troops. While we would prefer to keep CBD out of the war as long as possible, their uncontested interference may jeopardize our goals against the Krullefor Organization unless we begin to take a direct approach.

The Round Table voted to pursue limited action against the CBD Megacorporation on Skarkon. Under their plan, the Bosena Accords would focus on obstructing CBD interests on Skarkon II wherever they conflicted with Bosena Accords goals and objectives but would not actively target CBD assets and facilities in CBD territory.

The Bosena Accords has already identified the Seykal Expeditionary Group, Krusual Covert Operations, and Tronhada Free Guard as hostile targets should they attempt to support their Krullefor allies on Skarkon II. With reports of mercenaries from all three organizations converging planetside, we must collectively commit to expanding our war to these three armies.

The action passed near unanimously to pursue war against all cobelligerent factions on Skarkon, with only a small enclave of reformists voting to engage the Seykal clan but avoid conflict with Krusual Covert Ops and the Tronhada Free Guard.

(Above: Bosena Accords Warbarges Staging at the Avalon Warclone Refuge)


Skarkon Station Free Press

Protests in Sahaal continue as Gulormola and Ishohuolvi Declare Independence from CBD and Minmatar Mining Corporations
By Jerindine Orindold

Shockwaves were felt all across Skarkon II today as the latest round of protests and demonstrations turned violent. The incident began in the early hours of the morning when troops from the Spacelane Patrol attempted to break up the Ishohuolvi-Skardisaad Highway blockade and the strike actions by the Skarkon-Ennur Mining Circle and arrest protest leaders.

In Iddiserigard, protesters refused to disperse and began throwing rocks and bottles before finally rushing the Spacelane Patrol Positions. The outnumbered Spacelane Patrol troops panicked and opened fire on the crowd with riot control rounds resulting in at least ten deaths and numerous injuries. This precipitated a fierce standoff with armed local elements resulting in the deaths of five Spacelane Patrol troops before they pulled back to their encircled headquarters building. Snipers from both sides have been firing on one another since then, with local skirmishes playing out across the city turned warzone. Local guerillas also used mining explosives to attack CBD mining facilities and set fire to a TASC processing facility which has been burning since.

On the Ishohoulvi-Skardisaad floating highway, the blockades came to a similarly violent end when Spacelane Patrol troops in personnel carriers overran the protester’s positions. In response mining explosives embedded beneath the bridge deck were detonated, resulting in the destruction of three miles of the elevated highway.

Shortly following the initiation of hostilities local forces calling themselves the Ishohoulvi Freedom Corps began broadcasting declarations of independence from the CBD corporation and declaring the district the property of the people of Skarkon II.

Following this declaration, the city government of Sa’kak declared that it would be breaking all ties with the Minmatar Mining Corporation and declaring independence for the Gulormola District as well. Unlike Iddiserigard this transition has been mostly peaceful as the MMC has maintained little to no presence within Gulormola for the last forty years. Sa’kak city administrators announced that they would begin processing land claims for areas of Gulormola in three weeks in order to give all the clans of the district who are interested in making claims a chance to do so. The Minmatar Mining Corporation declined to comment on unfolding events, while the CBD Corporation put out a short statement declaring that they would defend their holdings and hostilities would be responded to in kind.

In Kor’ali refugees stream out of the city on foot and in vehicle caravans as Krullefor and Capsuleer-backed warclones continue their conflict on the Kor’akak peninsula. Attempts to send supplies and rescue workers to the beleaguered and wartorn city from both Sahaal and Sa’kak have been hampered by ongoing fighting. Krullefor backed troops forced emergency vehicles en-route from Sahaal to turn back, and a Sister’s of EVE emergency dropship was shot down outside the city to fierce condemnations from human rights groups both locally and abroad.

In Sahaal, the local Sebiestor Tribal Embassy released a statement indicating that they hear the pleas of the clans and were investigating all avenues available to provide support to the Sebiestor clans of Skarkon II. While some protesters took this as a step in the right direction, many believe that these are empty words and will result in token and half-hearted gestures from the Tribe in order to quiet dissent without changing the political landscape. Protests in Sahaal have continued and spread to other tribal embassy buildings but have remained peaceful. Protesters have set up camps in public areas throughout the city and are distributing medical aid and food to protesters as well as local inhabitants affected by the protests. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Jerindine Orindold and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

(Pictured: Drone captures of the fires sweeping through the CBD’s TASC Refinery)


From Troubled Youth to Armed Fanatics, The Legend of The Sao Va’atar Militants.

War knows no bounds when it comes to unnecessary but psychological effects on the youth involved during The Ground War. However, it’s been nearly 4 years since the war’s abrupt conclusion, this current tale not only involves the infamous Molden Heath Region, but as a consequence of war. Even though the rebuilding process has been very slow due to schisms of society, to total anarchy.

It is unknown at this time when or what caused the formation of a small militant group composing of young adults affected by The Ground War. What we do know is only a rumor. According to Terran Mythology, a “Jihad” or Religious War of cultural ideologies under fire from others through use of violence. The Sao Va’atar Militants fit this description, from cultural correspondence in Pator. The words Sao Va’atar translates as “The Gathering.”

These are not your average fanatics who follow mythological doctorates of history as par of the total destruction and the costly effects which may arise at a later date. Sao Va’atar Militants, statistically are at this time at around 250,000 armed militants spanning 5 planets from 2 systems in the Elfrard Constellation. The Systems of Klingt and Aeditide. Unfortunately, their beliefs are tied to the Warclones who fought violently in The Molden Heath Region as their deities, as the militants’s leader is a Warclone who fought in The Ground War, and has a grand reputation of evading capture.

These superstitious fanatics in recent failed attempts of staging protests against The Angel Cartel Loyalists and the escalating conflict on Skarkon 2 has drawn the attention of the militant group as they recently hijacked a Iteron 5 Class Transport vessel en route to the staging area in a deadspace pocket in Skarkon.


Heath Row News

Second Unmarked Warclone Assault Against UNF Thwarted By Joint Defensive, Forces Traced back to OB and TFG Forward Operating Bases

A second assault attempt on UNF ground facilities on Skarkon II has been reported, though unlike the first series of attacks it was detected well short of perimeters, and engaged by joint UNF/BosAc strike units and forced back, reports from line marines and warclones leading the defensive charge claiming to have ‘dusted’ over half of the assaulting forces.

While the previous assault only implicated Onikanabo Brigade and Tronhadar Free Guard based on tactical doctrines witnessed, solid state drives recovered from intact vehicles further corroborate previously circumstancial evidence and have been confirmed to trace back to OB and TFG Forward Operating Bases within the Gulormola District, and massed retaliatory raids have been noted to have already begun in the time since against these bases, using conventional and warclone troops, backed heavily by Clone Pilot air wings and Warclone dropships.

How long these battles will continue is as yet unclear, but fighting has been contained mostly to the unpopulated areas around the Onikanabo and Free Guard FOBs. It is believed that though outnumbered in the Gulormola District, both have large stocks of biomass in shielded Clone Reanimation Units deep beneath their defenses.

In Other News:

  • Bosena Accords executive Eskola-Fae coordinates with local rebel militia groups to hand over administration of liberated regions, "We aren’t going to hold any ground, just advance. The only thing we’ll be holding is Balligan Krullefor, by the balls!
  • Minmatar aligned DammFam capsuleer coalition officially registers as CONCORD Sanctioned Alliance.
  • Ushra’Khan offers asylum to hunted baseline Council of Stellar Management candidate Komi Valentine
  • Khaprice Heska Places 1Bn Isk Bounty For Healthy Breeding Pair of ‘Giant Black Slaver Hounds’ Purportedly Seen on Floseswin IV, Various Interested Parties Noted

Tamo V - Moon 11 - Lai Dai Protection Assembly Plant - Personal office of Commander Valf Haaldean

May 10th YC 122

“Let’s try this again… Based off of these pictures of all known fighter crafts in New Eden…What fighters were used in the attack?”



“Lt.Kelkei? Care to answer?”

“Sir… Some of the fighters in the attack looked like the Dragonfly-class.”

“-Okay, I’m gonna put down Dragonflies in the report then-”

“-Well excuse me sir…They weren’t exactly Dragonflies.”

“Oh god dammit Are we doing this again Lt.Gebrel?! After i bring out the pictures to try and help you both?!”

“I just have to make this clear to you that we were attacked by irregular fighter crafts sir.”

“Irregular how exactly Lieutenant?”

“Unusually advanced maneuverability and tactics that far outclassed any of our own pilots, foreign designs and weapon systems.”

“-Some of the fighters didn’t even appear to use it’s weapons systems and instead was… Repairing others. Much like a logistics cruiser would perform.”

"And out of these fighter hulls, which one was providing logistical repairs Lt.Kelkei?’

“…A mix between the Amarrian Malleus and Matari Tyrfing fighter bombers sir.”

“Ooooohhhh ancestors save me… Alright, what are some other irregular weapon systems you two supposedly witnessed?”




“… Shotgun blasts? Hull was red and looked like some mutilated Mantis fighter bomber.”

“And then? Lt.Kelkei?”

“A fighter that shot plasma beams and was capable of cloaking.”

“What the ■■■■?!”

“More or less my reaction Commander…”

“What did it look like?!”

"Nothing like any of these pictures sir.c

"Okay! So let me get this straight - You two are expecting me to report back to Lai Dai - to report back to the greater PKN interstellar body, that this heavily secured facility was attacked by alien fighter-crafts that ‘kinda’ look like dragonflies or ‘kinda’ look like a cross between a Malleus and Tyrfing and then mention a fighter- that nobody here can even describe - that can cloak! I’m suppose to just go up to my superiors and tell them that we lost a hundred thousand Subcranial nanocontrollers to basically a ■■■■■■■ Sifi-Holoreel strike force?”






“…Unbelievable … Hoookay, can you at least tell me what kind of carrier they were using? Lt.Gebrel?”

“A Wyvern, sir.”

“Lemme guess, it wasn’t exactly a Wyvern though was it?”

“No, he’s right - It WAS a Wyvern, it just carried some strange modifications.”

“Strange how?”

“Well I haven’t seen any schematics, but glaring difference in the design was the fighters were launching out of the broadside instead of the head of the carrier.”

“Did it have any insignia on it? Like a Guristas insignia?”

“Didn’t get a good look at it during the fight, but I did see a skull with wings on it.”

“I thought it was a skull with another one ontop of it?”

“This is gonna be a long day…”