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Hueromont Herald 31.05.121

Several police raids have been conducted across Hueromont

Today Hueromont Police Department have raided several locations across Hueromont, primarily in Old Hueromont. The scope of the operation was made possible with the aid from Police forces from Caille, the FIO, and private security contractors. The targets of this operation were the Mannar and Minmatar gangs of Old Hueromont whom have escalated their fighting for the last month.

The Hueromont Police Department has not released any further information on the raids, but has made the following statement to the press:

Today’s operation has been a success. Several violent gang members have been arrested and a large number of illegal weapons have been confiscated. We would like to thank the brave officers of Hueromont Police Department, the City of Caille, the FIO, and the security contractors who made this operation possible. Your contribution to the safety of the citizens of Hueromont will be remembered.


Hueromont Herald

Sebiestor gang is calling for ceasefire while doomsday cults are emerging as the Triglavian invaders loom above the Hueromont skies

It’s the second day of the Triglavians invading Hueromont and the situation is still tense. Most of the stores remain closed as people fear what horrors the invasion may bring. However, the violence in Old Hueromont has been the lowest for weeks. Rumours are circulating that the Yetamos led by the infamous Sebiestor The Wraith has called for a ceasefire while the Triglavians still pose a threat to the city. How the other gangs have taken this request remains unknown. However, several anti-Triglavian posters have emerged on the streets and several groups have stated that they will fight the invaders.

One of the many posters seen on the streets of Hueromont

In the meantime, small doomsday cults have emerged on the streets and their posters can also be seen. So far, the confrontations between these groups and the anti-Triglavian groups have been minimal however authorities are prepared for escalations in the already tense situation.

A Pro-Triglavian poster

Capsuleer Mizhir Devara has taken the fight to space as she has been hunting the Triglavian ships with her own Drekavac class Battlecruiser, and she has already gathered much support in the city. A Hueromont drone operator has sent a camera drone after her and is live streaming her fight against the Triglavian Invaders.

Footage of Mizhir Devara’s Drekavac ‘Zethys’ fighting the invaders

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See and Hear YC121 06 12


I want to argue with my own instincts in this review because I like the work of Saccade Amir. I think there would be little of interest to say except that I liked the show and then to single out particular exhibits that I found most interesting and explain why. I think it might be far more interesting to take a contrary position and to attempt to argue against Amirs work and my own attraction to it.

Ranging from the whimsical like the Dive , to the downright offensive and shocking piece, Play House , the exhibition comprises extensive tones and much light and shade on both the Triglavians and the aspects of loneliness. It has been well constructed in this regard, with moments of high drama punctuated by reflective calm. But I wonder whether Amir has worked too hard and too self-consciously to manipulate the audience into an aspect of sex.

The greatest grand gesture in the middle of the scene Award Participatorie . This comprised a vast projections of a two-meter high conifer tree made of mass-produced human rubber dicks with little brass triangle ornaments hanging on the holes. The cheap ornaments I think states the mind of Amir in her work. Like all erections, including this one, they will end up looking limp and pathetic, even if made of rubber.

So, what do the participants say? The experience differs. The illustrious Ché Biko seems to have had a good time “I had fun. It was interesting. I gained new perspectives. I don’t think I totally got all the pieces, but I might come back for another try.” He also made a comment about the crowd that seem to have different perspective on the event. “There was quite a diverse crowd, and some of the non-Gallente were surprisingly cosmopolitan considering their backgrounds, interacting with the art. But most people left the opening before fully being aware of the workings of at least one piece of art. I’m also in the process of acquiring two pieces.”

Mr Biko is referring to Yakiya Verin Hakatain, also known as Stitcher, taking a dive into the interacting art called ‘Dive’. A glass cube two meters to a side, with small chest-high windows cut in on opposing sides. It is entirely filled with firm red gelatin with a golden coin in the center.

We have also found out that Mr Biko bought the light installation.

The directrix of LUMEN Lunarisse Aspenstar was not as positive as Mr. Biko. “The ‘art show’ was a perverted abomination fuelled by obviously sex-frustrated fantasies” she tells me in a short communication. She also left in a hurry after seeing one of the installations and one of her associates exclaimed rather loud that she needed a brain bleach. I wonder what Amarrians mean with that but I have no desire to find out.

We also found Auriga Menkalinan the kendo player. He has given the pieces some thought and told us; ”The usual buzz-generating titilation mixed with some more thoughtful pieces. ‘Dive’ was evocative of the entering abyss and ‘Play House’ a chilling portrayal of the abyss entering our world.”

He showed up with the blonde that seems to be appearing frequently when Mr Menkalinan is around.

After a meeting with Franco Phonaga I conclude just as him; “I thought it went really well. Sac got to show off her studio and art, and a lot of people came out to support her.”

So, we wish Saccade Amir the best of luck with her art and are looking forward to seeing her new pieces in the future.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


“After a long period of seclusion from public life, local Holder, Lord Thiago Gallius, has submitted documents for an update to his family’s entry in the Book of Records, as well as a small public notice being published by the Alahmed and Rogan legal firm announcing a new version of his will has been received. While the contents of these documents have been kept confidential, sources close to Lord Gallius have commented that this is part of the ongoing process of preparing the heir designate, Lord Miguel Gallius, in taking over his grandfather’s duties.”
Sarum Prime Planetary News


“Following up from our recent scoop two days ago, we can report that capsuleer, and Amarrian Holder, Lord Thiago Gallius has been seen attending a specialist neurology centre in the capital of Sarum Prime! After news broke of updates to his will and family database, could this be a sign to some kind of illness for the old man, one that Capsuleer cloning can’t fix? Subscribe today to our feed and get access to our premium reader video where we interview some experts in Capsuleer health and wellness from the Gallente Federation Medical Society on what Thiago could be suffering from!”

GalNet subscription news site and holotabloid publishers, New Eden Capsuleer Press


Hueromont Herald

BREAKING: Business mogul Wen Zhelan kidnapped from his home

The Jin-Mei business mogul Wen Zhelan has been kidnapped form his home in new Hueromont. The police reports that a small group of armed men infiltrated the Zhelan tower, breached Wen’s private quarters, and shot down his security forces, before escaping with him. His whereabout and condition is still unknown.

Hueromont Police arriving at Zhelan Tower

The identity of the kidnappers remains a mystery and so does their motivation. There are already rumours circulating that it is connected to the current gang wars but that has been no signs of Jin-Mei groups being involved. The Hueromont Police has neither confirmed nor denied these rumours but are currently investigating the incident.

Do you know anything about this? Send us information and you can get paid!

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Numerous reports across the northern regions of Intaki Prime have called in sightings of black-clad warclone operators rapidly descending on the planet. Satellite imagery has shown that the unnamed forces have already committed to a sporadic landing of troops and supplies expanding from a northern-most base of operations. Eyewitness testimony suggests that the base is complete with what experts are describing as a ‘clone reserve unit’ and nano-factories that appear to be spooling out ammunition and other armaments. Despite initial alarm, the soldiers’ hastily made outposts on coastal regions appear to be stockpiles with assisting personnel gathering water and foodstuffs.


PRESS RELEASE: Ars Investment Group

Gillot: The Best You Can Get

OLD HUEROMONT – Today, Gillot launched the VECTOR lines of double-edged safety razor blades, designed for the closest, smoothest, and cheapest shave possible. The VECTOR blades are designed to allow you to access professional level shaving gear at bargain bin pricing and compatible with standard safety razor handles.

The advanced nano-coat on the blades allow them to last longer, be cheaper, be more environmentally responsible, and significantly less irritating to the skin. A single blade stays sharp for up to 30 full beard shaves or shaving your legs up to five times. The line is suitable for all personal shaving needs.

In addition we have partnered up with local artist and industrial designer Generosa Sartori to create a line of safety razor handles designed both to feel good and to look good. Securing you the smooth shave you deserve.

About Gillot Shaving Systems
Gillot Shaving Systems is focused on making the best shaving products possible at affordable prices. It is wholly owned by Ars Investment Group.


In a turn of events, the newly arrived unmarked warclone operatives on Intaki Prime have released a looping signal from their base of operations in the northern hemisphere, beginning at 01:00 on the 27th.

"Food. Water. Shelter. Come to the PW-WLI Command Center in the Northern Highlands."

Estimates of the amassed resources at the PW-WLI Command Center show a considerable stockpile of emergency supplies. 250,000-litres of water are in reserve while hundreds if not thousands have already been shipped out to established ramparts near the Ida Monasteries the unmarked mercenaries have claimed. In addition, agricultural livestock have also been amassed in the area, though the conditions they are being kept in have conservatively been described as “cramped and messy”.

Unconfirmed claims of loose skirmishes between the unmarked mercenaries and the Onikanabo Brigade have been reported. However, journalists arriving to the affected areas found little more than pitted scenery and without vetted eyewitness testimony, it is currently impossible to say whether these rumors are true.

A field officer of the unmarked mercenaries, who wished to remain anonymous, explained: “Just scary stories from frightened children. They hear clackers in the night and think it’s gunfire, or some raging beast-thing. The warring days of infantry clones are over.” When asked why the armaments he and his men held were necessary, he gave no comment.


Breaking News: In a sudden change of apparent affairs, the greater majority of unmarked warclone operatives have shifted focus away from humanitarian efforts and have begun encircling the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility.


Journalist: "What is the purpose of this reconnaissance?"

Operative: "We’re just establishing preliminary observance to know where we need to set up further patrols."

Journalist: "Are you aware you have no jurisdiction here?"

Operative: "Take it up with my commanding officer."

Journalist: "Yes, but do you understand what you’re doing here? The security checkpoints you’re establishing to keep people out are facing inward; They’re facing toward the launch facility. Are you trying to keep the soldiers from leaving?"

Operatives: "That’s enough questions. Turn it off. Now."

It seems we’ve lost the camera feed to our field crew. We’ll have more updates as they become available.


Neopian News Channel – 01.07.121

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Heritage, YC121-07-01

While local news has concentrated social reporting on the commendable efforts of Rhiannon and allied clans in aid in the containment of and clearing up after the devastating Blood Raider attacks in Sundsele, Heritage also has news from the internal workings of the clan, where not everything proceeds as smoothly as the official PR would have you believe!

With the Clan Chief Mira Shaninn (may the ancestors welcome her) confirmed dead in the initial chaos of the attack, the young heir Aeron Shaninn has returned to Sundsele in the aftermath. As expected, the succession was confirmed in the Midsummer rituals, and the young Chief is in the process of taking his place in the relevant Circles - if he can get past all the uncles and aunts more than willing to advice him!

Unlike the clan front would like you to believe, there has indeed been a strong push for the removal of the Shaninn line from the core of the clan, something which many in the city feel is long overdue. Further complicating the issue, Aeron Shaninn is a capsuleer, and the Rhiannon clan has never been a welcoming one for outside influences.

No comment has been given by Rhiannon regarding the allegations that the attacks were targeted at the clan. According to sources, the capsuleer Elsebeth Shaninn has herself admitted on capsuleer channels that she thinks the attack was a response to her provoking the Blood Raiders in a high-stakes debacle involving a Thukker bountyhunter earlier this quarter. Same sources have informed the Heritage that Captain Shaninn has left Republic space after these allegations surfaced, to join a mercenary company fighting in the lawless fringes of the space. With this, Shaninn influence in the clan is now very thin, and almost rests on young Aeron alone.

Last but not least, there is the question of the heir to Chief Aeron Rhiannon. The young man, being in his diversion years, would be a prime candidate in marriage both for Rhiannon internally and for many traditional allies. Prior to succession, he had not shown interest in any particular young woman of eligible clans, though he has had his share of flings (subscribers see inside for pictures!).


The following post appears on a GalNet blog operated by a young Gallente woman known only as “Tessie,” who has garnered a high degree of fan adoration for her exceptional slashfics. Her most recent release was a well-developed and quite explicit story imagining how the mud-wrestling match between Sir Utari Onzo and Archbishop Constantin Baracca might have ended. This post is only noteworthy because it is the sole example of personal writing on the blog.

Today–8 July YC121–marks the ten-year anniversary of an event that absolutely no one but me will ever care about. The police have closed the case, my family has moved on, our neighborhood has forgotten her, but I won’t.

Ten years ago today, my mother passed away. The case was never officially solved, but everyone knows who pulled the trigger: Her husband. My father. And then, being the coward that he is, my father vanished from Caille completely.

Not that I care what happened to him, other than that I’ll never have the answers that I want from him. I do know that he was a waste of a human being. A con man, a drug dealer who was never home to take care of his wife and daughter. Sure, he made bank, and we lived like the rich, but it was like I never had a father at all. I never got what my mother saw in him.

But my mother! She was an incredible woman. Smart, funny, loving. She had almost finished capsuleer training! She had so much ahead of her, such a bright future–only for my drug-dealing dad to waste it all. For a 16-year-old girl–that’s me–to be left grieving and empty, with no one to look to for the rest of her teenage years.

(Yeah, so now I work a dead-end retail job on the Crystal Boulevard and write capsuleer porn as a hobby. Exactly. You really get me.)

Anyway, everyone else may have forgotten, but I haven’t. And I write this here because I get a ton of hits on this site for the slashfics, and I’ve never asked you guys for anything before–and I’m not really now, either. Because the chance that one of you will run into that bastard is probably something like 0.00000001%.

But I do want to tell you, just in case you do see him, that the one good thing my mother’s family did was put the rest of her training-school money toward a reward for her murderer’s capture. And the reward money does still stand, a decade later. That’s right, if you see this man, and you bring him to any law enforcement agency in Caille, you’ll be richer by at least 1m ISK!! Yeah, ISK!!! 1m ISK if you bring him in dead, 10m ISK if you bring him in alive. Information leading to his capture is also worth 1m.

His name is Ira Falconer, and he looked like this 10 years ago. Obvs he was last seen in Caille 10 years ago, but I’d be willing to bet he’s still dealing drugs somewhere. He’s also half Krusual and part of some Circle or other, so he could have run to them too.

If you know anything, anything at all, please please please reach out to me. And if you see him, don’t let him get away.

Anyway, that’s enough about that. Thanks for reading. I’m working on something extra special for you guys, and I’ll post it on Friday. Here’s a hint: A huge fleet. Big ships. Lots of people. Data corruptions. Invasions!!!


Placid Tribune, YC121.07.08

Intaki Capsuleer Activist Involved In Fatal Bus Crash
Intaki Solar System, Intaki Prime

Prominent Intaki capsuleer advocate, Mishielle en Carteau, is currently being hospitalized for severe injuries sustained in a fatal bus crash in the Akat Mountains of Intaki Prime. En Carteau, leader of the self-proclaimed “social advocacy” group Intaki Resilience Advancers, was reportedly on her way to a local spaceport following a visit to a remote mountain village. She was one of 56 passengers aboard a charter bus which was making its way down a windy mountain road when the accident happened. Eye witnesses claim they saw the bus enter a tunnel but failed to exit; it was later determined that the bus somehow crashed while inside the tunnel. 42 fatalities were reported, while 4 victims remain in critical condition, 5 in severe condition, and 5 in moderate condition. Local law enforcement is still trying to piece together the events of the tragic accident.

En Carteau was set to participate in an Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive (I-RED) led summit regarding the status of Intaki Prime, along with other prominent capsuleer entities such as the Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) and Nadire Security Consultants (NADSC). Conspiracy theorists and rabble rousers are suggesting the ill-timed events of this accident are in fact a plot by malevolent forces to silence a pro-Intaki voice. Interestingly, en Carteau was observed touring ravaged villages and pillaged Ida sites on Intaki Prime throughout the previous week, strongly criticizing the Onikanabo Brigade for their assaults conducted on Intaki Prime. Many of these rumors are purely speculation, of course, but this has not stopped their spread into mainstream media. Already they have mobilized many pro-Intaki groups to express their disdain towards the Onikanabo Brigade, and the general situation on Intaki Prime regarding its security franchise system. Other Intaki advocate groups are increasingly putting pressure on the Intaki Assembly to leap into action.

It will remain to be seen if prominent capsuleer groups will be able to affect any change on Intaki Prime with the Intaki Security Summit set to take place within a couple hours as of this article.


Placid Tribune, YC121.07.13

Intaki Capsuleer Activist Makes Full Recovery From Fatal Accident
Intaki Solar System, Intaki Prime

Mishielle en Carteau, a prominent capsuleer activist of Intaki descent, has made a full recovery following a tragic mountainside bus accident in which 46 people were killed. The accident came at an untimely period for the capsuleer, as she was set to participate in a capsuleer-led summit which would discuss matters related to Intaki Prime’s current situation. This led many to hypothesize that the attack was an attempt on Carteau’s life, and an active effort to silence vocal individuals who have a track record for pushing for action.

En Carteau spoke at a memorial in a village near the site of the accident earlier today. “I do not know why this senseless tragedy occurred, only that we as a people must endeavor to keep moving forward”, she started. “Although my life nearly ended, and I am still recovering from my wounds, I will put forth every last drop of effort to keep fighting for my people. To speak up against the injustices we face currently. And to honor the lives of those who were taken from us on that fateful day.”

Her corporation, the Intaki Resilience Advancers, has already set up a fund dedicated to helping families of those that perished in the accident with funeral costs and some compensation. At the conclusion of her remarks, en Carteau pledged to assist other capsuleer entities such as the Intaki Prosperity Initiative in providing relief for areas ravaged by the recent Onikanabo Brigade assaults.


Breaking News: Mere hours after their scathing remarks and announcement of impending medical aid to the people of Intaki Prime, Icarus Conflict Solutions has already established planetary colonies on the first and fourth planets of the Intaki system. Experts in capsuleer production agreements have stated that the colonies look to be specialized for the production of vaccines. We at channel forty will keep you updated as the situation develops.


Icarus Conflict Solutions Enters Local Planetary Vehicles Market?

Icarus Conflict Solutions, a PMC that has been operating on Intaki Prime since late last month, has posted buy orders offering a premium on disarmed, military-style vehicles of Caldari make. With an estimated increase of 181.25% on current buy orders in Dodixie, and 400 units being requested by the PMC, the buy order itself could be lucrative to anyone wanting to make a quick buck in the area.

In other news regarding Icarus, the PMC has recently shut down their vaccine production only a week after establishment. Stranger still, the PMC has recently cordoned off areas in their operations sites to even direct and contracted staff members, citing ‘operational security’. In accordance with the newly restricted areas, the group moved relief stockpiles to the newly designated 76-95A Relief Center and are directed those seeking the supplies to it.


Obituary Notice
At 03:41 NEST 08/08/121, His Lordship Thiago Gallius of House Gallius, Baron of Asham Azor on Sarum Prime, passed away under natural causes. A veteran of the Imperial Navy, Capsuleer and Holder vassal of the Sarum Family, Lord Thiago Gallius departs this realm to face the Judgement of God before his passage to Paradise. He leaves behind two Grandsons, Lord Miguel Gallius, Baron of Asham Azor (formerly Onzo) and Sir Utari Onzo.

In accordance to the traditions of House Gallius, Lord Thiago Gallius’ funeral will be conducted privately, attended by family and retainers, while a public reading of the will and estate bequeaths will be announced shortly by his Lordship’s ecumenical and temporal attorneys.

  • Sarum Prime Planetary News

Verified Viriette
UNF and Valkyrie’s Curse Deploy to Intaki

In a surprise move, the United Neopian Federation, and Valkyrie’s Curse corporation have jumped a pair of Chimera class carriers to the Intaki system at the Intaki V - Moon 5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery, and multiple smaller ships have been sighted filtering into the system with similar identifiers. Large numbers of personnel from Windstalker Installation Security Operations, a sub-division of Windstalker Security Corp, have also been sighted aboard the Astral Mining station in and around the docking hangars alotted to the carrier vessels. The purpose of this build up is as yet unknown, but it may be that both groups could be preparing to get involved in the ongoing situation on the surface of Intaki Prime, but currently there has been no public statements made.


Industry news - August 11, YC121 - 21:13

Aliastra dismisses capsuleer over toxic waste

ALILLERE (The Nexus Inquirer) Aliastra (A) sources tell the Inquirer that Valerie Vynneve, one of their capsuleers, has left the corporation over her involvement in the smuggling of toxic waste onto Lai Dai Protection Services (LDPS) stations across Lonetrek and Black Rise.

According to an Aliastra human resources executive, who requested anonymity as the corporation has not made any public statements on the affair yet, the corporation felt that Ms. Vynneve’s accions reflected poorly on Aliastra’s distribution operations. They also posed a reputational risk with the wider public, particularly in the Caldari State. She also refused to explain her activities since the LDPS incident, which apparently involve building 60 mobile depots within a few jumps of the Intaki system. Rather than be put on probation, the executive said, she resigned from Aliastra.

Ms. Vynneve was not available for comment.