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A fresh batch of propaganda posters issued by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist have appeared in the system of Nakri in response to a Gallentean Loyalist attack upon a Raitaru operated by the sedevacantists in the system. Each poster prominently features the slogan Предатели!, meaning “Traitors!”, as well as the now-expected sedevacantist slogan “The Throne is Vacant”. One poster features Gallentean marines ransacking an Amarr Church while prominent local nobleman Alexandr deSilvestris smiles approvingly in the background, passionately embracing his Minmatar bride. Another poster has the Gallentean marines rounding up working-class Amarrians into a concentration camp while nearby Gallentean loyalist capsuleer Edward Adams (aka MantelGlobalIndustries) presents a huge bouquet of roses to appreciative local noblewoman, Ekaterina deSilvestris.

Although House Sarum and Ministry of Internal Order agents have assisted local authorities in suppressing sedevacantist activities in Nakri, the presence of a Sedevacantist Church Citadel likely facilitates the distribution of propaganda in system, at least as long as at lasts—which may not be much longer as forces gather for a second strike upon the facility at this writing.

Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 18 May YC123


Leaders of the Faith announced a Day of Thankful Prayer today in the wake of a second assault on Raitaru-class station belonging to a heretic organisation. Following a preliminary bombardment by a Federation-based Capsuleer Group pursuing their own actions against the enemy, Task Forces from the well-known and highly-honoured Amarr Loyalist Organisations Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris and Khimi Harar, alongside vessels from the Duchy of Fekhoya in the Khanid Kingdom. It was reported that the armour defences of the station have been completely destroyed, leaving the heretic facility with an ever decreasing amount of time before it is vanquished for good.

Faithful residents across Nakri celebrated the successful attack, with many saying that they saw the co-operation between Empire and Kingdom against a common enemy as a positive omen for the future. Security forces reported some incidents of sporadic, unorganised revenge attacks against a tiny number of supporters of the heretic who had been apprehended attempting to distribute the vile propaganda of the foe. Security Chief Sokolov appealed for calm from the people of Nakri, recognising that tensions are understandably high against subversive elements, all of whom where noted as being of non-Nakri origin, but that the Faithful should remain vigilant and report any suspicions to the proper Imperial Authorities.

Chief Sokolov also stated that “it is only a matter of time before this shadow is lifted from our home, for which we must and shall give thanks to the brave and selfless Capsuleers involved”, and confirmed that as a precaution to an expected reaction by the heretics to “increase their futile activities”, security forces, with the support of the Ministry of Internal Order and elements from the Sarum Family and the local vassals, would be focusing increased effort on “detecting and neutralising” any enemy influence in Nakri.


Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 23 May YC123


Celebrations were seen across Nakri today as the shadow of vile heresy was cast away by the actions of Capsuleers loyal to Her Imperial Majesty. Following their previous attack which severely damaged the Raitaru station, members of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, commanded by famed Chapter Master Lord Lok’ri and including Nakri’s very own daughter, Paladin-Ordinary Lady Ekaterina Mariya deSilvestris, with support from seasoned Defenders of the Faith from both Khimi Harar and the Duchy of Fekhoya, purged the enemy from our system in a blaze of Righteous Light.

Residents of Nakri watched in awe at the demonstration of the Power of Faith and immediately upon the heretic facility erupting in brilliant explosion, celebrations and Prayers of Thanks could be heard throughout the Navy and Sarum stations, as well as space-borne and planet-bound facilities large and small. The names of the Capsuleers involved were on the lips of all those who saw the Hand of God in their actions, and numerous reports from across Nakri already tell of images of the heroes being given a special place in people’s homes, a custom not uncommon in our system for those deemed to have performed a great service.

Amongst the joyous reaction, there were calls for continued vigilance. Though there has been an increased crackdown on any subversive activity within Nakri, Security Chief Sokolov warned that it is likely that supporters of the heretic will “attempt to disappear into the underground”, though he vowed that “nowhere shall be safe for them”. Chief Sokolov also stated that a trial date for those already apprehended had been agreed.

Leading figures from across Nakri issued a Joint Statement, thanking the “Noble Capsuleers of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, Khimi Harar, and Duchy of Fekhoya, who stood in defence of the people of Nakri, and gave so selflessly of themselves. May their names be ever remembered and honoured.”


Hello user!

After the harrowing incident that occurred two weeks prior aboard the N5Y-4N station, the location of the space-bound Windchime shrine has been deemed an unsuitable location for further spiritual teaching due to security and safety hazards exposed by the aforementioned incident.

The space-bound shrine of N5Y-4N is therefore closed permanently. In it’s place however is the upcoming opening of a new space-bound shrine aboard the Rabbit’s Warren above 6NJ8-V. This new site promises to be a vastly superior new location boasting a far wider and more spacious location for seating during spiritual sessions and a wider assortment of amenities. This new shrine promises to be a step forward to the future ahead with all mistakes taken into account to make a more updated, and safer location for reflecting in life spiritually.

Windchime Guru Suha Raibuya has already relocated over into 6NJ8-V and the Prosperity Network plans for a smooth opening as early as June 15th. IF you’re in the area, we hope to see you there!

Suha in 6NJ


Article published on SmEggtalk Press:

Seemingly Sloshed Biko Visits Summit

A recent visit to the FTL channel The Summit by the controversial Alexylva Paradox [ALXVP] Gateway Ché Biko has not gone unnoticed by his fans and critics, who have been commenting on it on various GalNet sites. The visit was special just because Biko has not been very visible in public since the destruction of Phoenix Station in ALXVP’s Anoikis colony Origin on 123.02.01, but this visit to The Summit would be likely be remarked on regardless and have left a lot wondering about his mental well being.

The first comments raising a few heads concerned Sansha’s Nation and the Triglavian Collective. Biko mentioned that he preferred Sansha’s Nation over the Collective, in part due to the latter’s disapproval of hivelinking. Some Origin citizens defended him: “He was actually doing his job as Gateway, representing the hiveminded people in our colony.” Others see it more as evidence supporting the theory that Biko is secretly some kind of Nation agent, pointing at Biko’s Nightmares and previous publications by SmEggtalk Press and Gutter Press, as well as his friendly attitude towards True Purpose capsuleer Ji Yung Lee during his visit on The Summit.

Later Biko mentioned that he had encountered sefrim while under the influence of alcohol and possibly other drugs after having been shown a video which had severely distressed him. “I was shown a recording of myself attempting to shoot myself in the head, but I don’t recall that happening”. He continued claiming that sefrim are Sani Sabik. Amarr in particular are labeling these statements as outrageous insults of the Amarr religion by a heretic sod. A spokeperson for the Church of Ché in Caille commented “This is nothing new. I think there have been multiple occasions where Ché discussed these encounters on The Summit. Here…one of the first times was on 115.12.18 when asked about what the strangest thing he had seen was. He also seems to refer to that video then.

Soon after discussing the “sefrim” encounters, Biko continued to comment on problems with his memory, then went on to say no one liked him, not even himself. Biko then chatted with Intaki Darius Chambers. In that increasingly incoherent conversation he mentioned once sounding and having been like Chambers, having love for all, but that he could never be that someone again after something broke him and he lost his “Way”, and that he was dulling the pain of his loveless life with frentix.
A user of a Biko fansite comments on the forum: “Has anyone else noticed how he tends to act like this more often around this time of the year? I bet it is related to the anniversary of the attack on the Ishukone HQ in Malkalen. His experiences there must have left some scars.


Court battle over Sedevacantist Amarrian Orthodox Church continues as violent clashes reported in Lamadentin

29th May YC123/FC238

Lamadent Capital News Network

The legal challenge issued against the self-styled Sedevacantist Amarrian Orthodox Church continues to be deliberated by the Aeman Federal District Court as new evidence has been produced by the aggrieved parties.

New evidence, including an alleged parcel containing images of equipment commonly used in slavery compliance delivered to a Matari capsuleer from Sedevacantist sponsor and infamous mass-murderer ‘Nauplius’, has been presented to the Court as episodes of violent confrontations have been reported within the Tribunate of Lamadent. Violence has been particularly virulent within the township of Roussillon, between crowds supporting the Church and those that have protested its presence. Lamadentin, the Capital, has also seen significant civil unrest from organised protests aimed at removing the Church from the member state.

Incidents of violence have increased after the televised destruction of Nauplius’ Raitaru-class installation in Nakri on the 23rd, described as a ‘Temple of Sedevacantism’. The moment the Raitaru exploded under excessive weapons fire from Federation security contractors Nadire Security Consultants and Imperial-aligned paramilitaries, audible cheers could be heard from the gathered crowds in the Capital and elsewhere in the member state.

The Roussillon Sheriff’s Office and Tribunate Gendarmerie have issued statements that anyone found engaging in violence will be detained. Nonetheless, accusations from the Sedevacantist supporters have been made against local and member state law enforcement organisations for perceived leniency against the protestors. An example cited to support this inequality in treatment was the alleged release of several protestors in Roussillon armed with incendiary devices near the vicinity of the Church premises after their weapons had been confiscated by deputy sheriffs.

Groups elsewhere within the Federation have as cited previously offered financial and legal assistance to the protestors as well as the coalition of groups that are challenging the Tribunate’s decision. Minmatar focus groups in Sinq Laison as well as the All-Federation Caldari League continues to provide counsel and advice to those parties as well as canvassing support within the District Parliament through lobbying officials.

The Aeman Federal District Court has not yet decided on this case, but it is understood by L-CNN that they are acting with impartiality and fairness, hearing both sides arguments. Nonetheless, inside sources within the Court have confirmed that the allegations of Constitutional breaches and terrorist support for the Church have been made a priority, with observers from the Gallente Police Directorate and Special Department for Internal Investigations present.

L-CNN will provide further updates as they are made available to us. We have been unable to reach a representative of the Sedevacantist Amarrian Orthodox Church for comment on the latest developments.

Have you been affected by this story? Are you a supporter or protestor of the Sedevacantist Church? Please get in touch with your opinions, if it is safe to do so.


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The Venal Prosperity Network would like to inform you of a special and lucrative opportunity. As of right now, The Network administration is putting out a request for a wide assortment of professional level equipment used in the recording and production of music.

Everything from simple instruments to A-98871 Sound immersion Converters is of interest to us and request that anyone who manages to acquire any equipment related in music production and are looking to sell go to their nearest Prosperous Venal Depository branch for appraisal.

If the equipment meets quality standards, the seller is entitled to 50% above the equipment’s retail value. Interested parties should be aware that not any brand will do, as administration not in the market for amateur or budget grade equipment. A list containing the names of all the interested brands can be found by follow the application’s portal to the Depository’s main page.

It should be noted that any official Egonics licensed recording equipment comes with a premium rate of 100% above the equipment’s value. Interested parties scouting out potential acquisition opportunities are highly encouraged to check in with their nearest Depository branch and check and see if administration is still purchasing the scouted goods and reserve their payment in advance to ensure no misunderstandings occur when all the effort is made to acquire and haul the desired products to Venal.

The Venal Prosperity network has high Hope’s those reading this will seize the opportunity. If you’re one of them, we wish you luck in acquiring any and all interested products.

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Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities

Kirjuun! is a independent publication supported by Home Guard veterans and by readers like you.

Lai Dai Protection Service Implicated in Saisio VII Raid

Peace and Order security services were shaken this morning as they awoke to a swift and ruthless raid by an elite strike team attempting to force access to the Saisio VII Testing Facility shipyards. Thought to be the location of the now-mothballed LDSS Airkio’s Promise following its reemergence from wormhole space in April of 2020, the vessel was the topic of fierce contention within the Corporate Executive Panel before it was ultimately granted to SuVee at the discretion of CEP Chair Puok Kossinen following unexpected support for SuVee from the Kaalakiota delegation.

The status of Airkio’s Promise has been an embarrassment and a sticking point within Lai Dai leadership since the incident, with the Raven-class battleship relinquished by Lai Dai as an assumed bargaining chip in negotiations over future territorial concessions. With SuVee dominating the market share in real estate within the Caldari State, particularly within the Archura home system of Saisio, Lai Dai has expressed their intention to negotiate within the CEP for increased ownership over disputed property rights and unresolved zoning conflicts. These talks ultimately failed to materialize any tangible gains however over the following year, leaving Lai Dai down one potentially valuable research asset without just compensation. LDPS has demonstrated multiple times their willingness to repossess their perceived property, by force if necessary. With the balance of power upset following the bombing of CEP Spire in Landfall City many believe Lai Dai has now taken the opportunity to correct this supposed “injustice” before a new CEP Chair can be appointed, avoiding potential consequences for an act of aggression against SuVee.

At approximately 0600EVE, bulkheads in the drydock hangar where Airkio’s Promise is held were breached by an exothermic charge granting gunmen immediate access to the hangar’s control room from the adjunct deck. A secondary device was then triggered to release a high-frequency pulse deafening those inside. Confused and disoriented, research workers scrambled to defend themselves but were further caught off guard when found themselves being assaulted by soldiers in Lai Dai Protection Service dropsuits. Those that surrendered were zip-tied and funneled into the nearby breakroom while those who attempted to resist were cut down by rail rifle fire. The gunmen continued to make their way room to room to gain access to the vessel, but were ultimately cut off in a corridor by a Peace and Order Unit quick response team. A firefight ensued, with several hundred rounds exchanged between both sides before the assailants were neutralized.

Bodies recovered from the alleged Lai Dai Protection Service team quickly began to undergo nanite self-termination to prevent recovery and identification, but weapons and equipment recovered from the scene do not seemingly match LDPS standard issue gear. Instead, several recovered rifles could be tracked to NoH weapons shipments originally produced under license for joint PKN Interstellar testing aimed to to optimize and streamline small arms production among Forest Faction security services and to compete with Upwell Consortium’s export-focused small arms project. It is unknown where the assault team staged from, or how they were capable of gaining access to the facility.

Nugoeihuvi, at one potion Sukuuvestaa’s largest shipping partner, increasingly transferring shipping and equipment to PKN Interstellar allies over their historic partners within the now largely defunct Practicals bloc further demonstrates the new political divides facing the state of a time of increasing turmoil and shrinking opportunity for reconciliation between two dialectically opposed camps; the austere plutocratic Forest Faction and the reformist Ocean Faction with Kaalakiota & SuVee’s Mountain Faction torn between the two. The future of the Caldari State seems increasingly determined on the actions of the Mountain Faction now in response to this crisis, be that through negotiation and compromise or through submission to an increasingly authoritarian Forest Faction.

While perhaps previously unthinkable, the potential for the Mountain Faction including the historically Patriots-allied Kaalakiota to side with the progressive Ocean Faction in response to Lai Dai aggression merely demonstrates the ongoing paradigm shift among the Caldari people. As the former tip of the spear for the Provist movement, it is perhaps fitting that Kaalakiota now draw closer to Ishukone as public support grows for a new form of left wing populism that hopes to synthesize the workers protections and nationalization of the Heth regime with syndicalist reforms.

“One of the irrefutable lessons we can learn from Gallente colonial history is their failure to reconcile nationalist and left-wing factions during the Steroyn Arcologies War, as if they simply must remain vehemently opposed and share no common cause” comments House of Records agent Suky Karkinen, “I think the Caldari Spirit, born from the inhospitable conditions on our Home, not only prevents us from falling to that same mistake as the colonizers; it practically inoculates us. Pooling of resources, supporting each other’s livelihood, and service beyond ones self was absolutely necessary for survival from each according to their ability to each according to their needs. I think a form of rapprochement between the Mountain Faction and the Ocean Faction offers an opportunity to rekindle that spirit and evolve the State organically in response to the current turmoil rather than doubling down on the status quo. This latest incident is just another example of how fragile the status quo has become.”

Lai Dai representatives have yet to respond to inquiry on the incident.






[RESTORED DATA FOLLOWS / / / / / / / ]

erxdd (gvvdd announcement of the newest public works project at Stribog Clade’s headquarters in the Wirashoda system. Stribog Clade officials were on hand to welcome visiting dignitaries from nullsec capsuleer power block The Imperium / / / / /CORRUPTED DATA/ / / /

/ / / /sa largest travel hub on the Fortizar, “Triangular Trading Tower.” Beneath the arching ceiling of the station’s main concourse area, work crews have been laboring for months to plant terrestrial green garden space and lay walking paths surrounding the enormous Imperium Diplomatic Embassy compound.

The central plaza has been converted into a memorial space recognizing the vitally important role that the Imperium played assisting with Triglavian efforts to capture the Niarja system on behalf of the Triglavian Collective. The new facility has been named “Heroes Of Niarja Liminality Plaza,” with locals already referring to it as “Bumblebee Park.”

Standing tall among the trees and grassy expanses is a series of forty-seven monument statutes honoring the major leaders of the Imperium. / / / / DATA MISSING / / / / crafted by well-known artists from across New Eden, who labored under ironclad confidentiality contracts for weeks before the Grand Opening event.

Caption: Monumental statue of The Mittani, overlooking the central courtyard.

[/ / / IMAGES MISSING / / /]

Caption: Statues honoring Imperium director @Arrendis Culome and fleet commander Alterari Phoenix.

Caption: Visiting dignitaries f/ / cvdaa ifozo R/ / / DATA MISSING

[/ / / IMAGES MISSING / / /]

/ / / / / DATA CORRUPTED / / / / /


Hello User!

Due to the overwhelming success of the first Issue of Bad Bunny, we’re pleased to announce the opening for auditions for the next issue of Bad Bunny! Interested parties are to make contact with the Prosperity Agency to apply to establish a time and place to have their audition. Applicants are required to provide sample pictures in their applications to be approved for an audition.

Potential prospects are required to have upmost confidence in their own bodies and appearance and be prepared to take control of their own audition and show what they can bring to the brand. Bad Bunny wants original and inspired material to ensure that the magazine remains to be the most stimulating magazine in all of Venal.

Auditions will conclude on June 30th YC 123. We hope to see your application before then!


The studio news casters complete their previous story, and a new image flashes up on screen, that of a three-towered fortress surrounded by a circle.

“And in Warclone News, The Bosena Accords’ new Warden, Thaddeus Reynolds made his first address to their Round Table Assembly Today. For this we go to Pochven correspondent Kristur Amurald.”

A video plays showing the slightly above average height Khanid approaching the podium, wearing a variation of an Amarrian uniform in black, sleeve cuffs embellished rather modestly for an Amarrian formal wear, matte steel gorget with attached, shield shaped spaulders being the only additional ornamentation worn.

Greetings Warclones, friends, allies, enemies, all those who have come to this, the first official meeting of the Round Table Assembly since my ascension to the office of Warden of Avalon. Our previous esteemed Warden, Galm Eskola-Fae, has been most cooperative in bringing me up to date with our current holdings, standings, and other items relating to the state of our organization.

Today though, is a historic day, a day in which we should begin our process of returning to what The Accords have always intended to be.

For my first official act as Warden, I, Thaddeus Reynolds, am hereby relinquishing the Emergency Powers granted to the office of the Warden, and formally disbanding the Warclone ground forces reporting directly to The Bosena Accords and returning the vast majority of forces back to their original Warclone Clans. The concentration of forces and consolidation of command is never what The Bosena Accords was intended for, as such we only will go back to our original garrison size for security personnel, and instead assign out contracts as before as clans our individuals bid on them.

Additionally, I am officially welcoming new applications from Warclones Clans and Warclones to join, though this was never officially closed, we want to ensure that Warclones and those who may hire are assured that we are a neutral force, one who stands for Warclones, for whom we develop standards and best practices, and function as a centralized repository for contracts for several Warclone clans, corporations, and individuals. The actions of the previous administration have made several of our previous clients, and law enforcement organizations, fearful of us and those like us, for whom death is but an inconvenience. CONCORD and SARO have always been skeptical of us, and recent proposals from Colonel Drust have made it apparent that we need to be pro-active. We need to ensure that as many Warclones as possible become compliant with standards and best practices as soon as possible, to ensure compliance as much as possible. To that end we are re-introducing previous weapon system restrictions within Empire Space, among many other reforms or returns to form to follow.

Then Finally, as my third official act, I am beginning an exploration of allowing for additional Questors to join the ranks as Warclones. We will be setting up a funding operation to sponsor individual warclones, and I will be personally funding the completion of questing for 6,000 of the most skilled from among the Skarkoni militias to become full Warclones, should they so choose.

"Warden Reynolds then went on to reiterate a number of codes of conduct applied to signatories of The Accords, and to many represented a welcome return to stability and neutrality among The Accords, and left a number of questions from the Assembly unanswered, such as the allocation of the districts under Warclone Control on Skarkon II.

When reached for comment, the Warden’s Office Provided the statement:"

“There is little point in the various warclones clans ceasing operations on Skarkon at this time, and I know for a fact that both the AEGIS Umbrorum clan and the Varangian Freeblades have already begun mustering forces to retain control of the active theaters in addition to the Freed Legion and the First Avalon. It is the official position of the Office of the Warden that the districts are only under the administration of Avalon at this time.”

"They declined further clarification

When pressed on further plans for Avalon or the Warden Specifically he responded that:"

“There are plans in the works at this time, and we’ll have something to put forth to the Assembly soon”

“When asked about the Skarkoni Militias, the office of the Warden had this to say:”

“As a general rule, we prohibit mortals from fighting in the frontlines, but the realities of Skarkon have allowed many to prove themselves in combat. I…we seek only to give them the best chance of fighting for their homes and livelihoods as best as possible.”

“Kristur Amurald Reporting for Heathrow News, Skarkon.”

“Thank you Kristur for our next story, it sounds like a joke: an Angel, a Krullefor, and a Warclone walk into a bar, but for Patrons of the Roadhouse in orbit of Oddelulf V, it was no laughing matter…”



0500 JUN 16 123







0504 JUN 16 123



(((Artist Credit)))


Intercepted Transmission from Skarkon II

Origin: Skarkon II Low Orbit, Warbarge Veil of Amber

Source: Planetary Operations Coordination - Type NIS ACTIVE

Transmission Contents:

NIS Thought Speech Analogue Transcription: Inner Dialogue – Varyazi flights to coastal areas have increased significantly…

NIS Thought Command Resolution – Retrieve Flight Record Data, Clan Varyazi, by Destination, timeframe: 24 Hours. Compare Retrieve Flight Record Data, Clan Varyazi, by Destination, Timeframe 24 hours to 3 months.

NIS Though Speech Analogue Transcription: Inner Dialogue – Increase by 350% compared to previous logs.

NeoComm Notification – Incoming Mail – Sender: Hermes – Subject: Intercept Varyazi – Aquatic equipment requisitions from CAERNARFON

NIS Thought Command Resolution – Open Mail, display contents, Scan and Open Attachment

NIS Thought Speech Analogue Transcription: Inner Dialogue – Damned Fools have taken almost all the dedicated submersible Equipment from the largest store of it.

NIS Thought Command Resolution: Activate Adjutant Construct – Run Strategic Analysis

Adjutant Construct Return: Loading

Test Confirmed
Initializing KI Strategic and Tactical Planetary Operations Software Divisions: Heuristics and Realtime Uniform Tactics online– HARUT
License – Confirmed, Valid
DERAIL Check – Checking…
[Transmission Delay, Please Be Patient, Patience is a Virtue]

NIS Thought Speech Analogue Transcription: To hell with this whole region, transmission delays to even online a Adjutant Construct

Adjutant Construct Return:

Check Complete – Authentication Valid
Starting Construct

NeoComm Conversation Request, Incoming, From: Tactical Adjutant Construct HARUT, Accepted

HARUT: Awaiting Parameters

NIS Thought Speech Analogue Transcription: Conversation, Command – Evaluate Parameters sending on NIS input array

HARUT: Receiving, Processing

HARUT: Permission to Interface with Orbital Telemetry History [Y/N]

HARUT: Resolving, Strategic Objectives Likely Found

NIS Though Speech Analogue Transcription: Inner Dialogue – ■■■■, what is he doing?

NIS Thought Command Resolution – Prepare Vanity and Combat Blanks for Reception

SYSTEM WARNING: Requested Download has not been in direct control of Clone for more than 4 years (max listed), disorientation Expected

NIS Speech Analogue Transcription: Announcement, AEGIS Umbrorum – Tribune Logistico, get the Next Gens ready, Grav harnesses tuned and powered on for Oceanic Operations, we have some emergency testing to get to.

NIS Thought Command Resolution – Download to new NIS - Target Clone Body [GUID]

Audio Log: “HARUT, assume directed control over Veil of Amber Planetary Operations Coordination. Time to get to work.”

Subsequent Packet Fragments indicate source change
Source: Planetary Operations Coordination - Type Tactical Construct(c)



Firebrand preacher Balash Kavad of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist celebrated Federation Day in the only way he knows how — with a sermon making a thundering denouncement of the Minmatar people. Addressing recent violence against his church, Fr. Kavad said of anti-sedevacantist protestors, “To call them subhumans is too generous. They are animals. Beasts. Yet we will not be baited — until that glorious day of days when God restores a True Emperor to us, we will obey the law of this Federation. Arm yourselves to the maximum extent this Federation allows — but no farther. Practice self-defense to the maximum extent this Federation allows — but no farther. For the day will come when these filthy Matari protestors will lie broken at our feet and their wives will be our mistresses!”
There followed an orgiastic display of violence against effigies of prominent anti-sedevacantist protestors which were beaten and then finally ripped to shreds by the congregation. Having thus exhausted itself, the congregation, itself swollen by an influx of ethnic Amarrians fleeing crackdowns against so-called heretics in the Empire proper, sat down and listened to Fr. Kavad announce the planting of two additional satellite churches to accomodate the growth of sedevacantism in Constellation Aeman. In keeping with recent sedevacantist practice, the churches were placed in hardscrabble locations whose desperate residents might find the promise of salvation through a True Emperor appealing. One church was announced for the town of Narbonne on the barren world of Thelan IV, a system directly across from the Minmatar border and which like the world housing the first sedevacantist church plant in the Federation, Lamadent, has experienced large scale Minmatar immigration and accompanying ethnic unrest. A second church was announced for a disused warehouse on Rancer VII - Moon 22 - Federal Freight Storage, the Rancer system being a haven of capsuleer piracy — and the civilian displacement that goes along with it — since the beginning of the Empyrean era.
Reached for comment, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist repeated Fr. Kavad’s admonishment that sedevacantists in the Federation should strictly obey the letter of Federation law in matters of self-defense and rights to bear arms even as they prepare for the coming of the True Emperor to the maximum extent thus allowed.


Khanid news network
Blood raider structure decloaks after wormhole activity in Neda

After a massive increase in wormholes over the last two days, with one appearing and disappointing again near Neda v. A smaller Blood raider structure has appeared in orbit around the planet moon, RKN suspects it’s a leftover from the blood raider incursions at the end of last year. RKN is planning a cleanup job within the next few days.

The newly appointed matriarch of the Sorn holder family, Lady Asat Sorn had no comment when approached for comments.


Don’t you all find the new place to be marvelous? Spacious, filled with many amenities to suit our spiritual needs and conveniently located within the heart of our beloved region… This is an upgrade and a step forward, but it has come at a tragic price… Not to along ago, the original shrine came victim to a vile attack by the Equilibrium of Mankind, using a poor misguided soul as a suicide bomber in an attempt to not only silence me, but to cause horrific collateral damage. We lost good people, some of whom I’m sure many of you knew, and there’s a hole in my heart still that makes me feel as if I’m responsible for what happened… That my words are the cause of this tragedy.

Let me tell you what I felt went… For a moment I felt bliss in looking out to the faces of those assembled. Then the bomb goes over and my bliss turns into a mixture of confusion, pain and fear as I’m blown back and left to see in full view the damage… People I knew by name were dismembered, with part of them one side of the room and another next to my feet… My ears filled with the screams of agony of those fortunate enough to survive but unlucky just enough to still be maimed by the explosion. I was in shock, I was horrified and I uh… urinated on myself even. As embarrassing as that is to just say aloud… It’s the truth of what I went though, how while I say this is a step forward, it’s by far one of the most agonizing steps I wish I never had to take. Because of this I want to ensure everyone that such a matter won’t happen again, that we’re learning from our mistakes and promise the safety of all that come here to connect with their spiritual selves.

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V

Ardall Sentinel - Ardallabier V - Moon 12 - FedMart Retail Center site of mysterious conflagration

12th June YC123

A series of severe fires have broken out in the offices of EQ-EXEquilateral Exports on board the FedMart Retail Center station above Ardallabier V in the early hours of the 12th of June.

Station fire suppression and rescue services have battled the blaze throughout the day, and it is believed that they have brought it under control without it spreading to neighbouring station districts. It is not currently known if there are any casualties.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a Deteis man in his thirties fleeing the offices, followed shortly by a Ni-Kunni woman and an Amarrian man, just before the fires are suspected to have started.

Whilst the exact cause of the inferno is currently unknown, the Sentinel can reveal that in addition to station fire suppression and rescue services, several officials from District and Federal intelligence services could be seen mingling with two individuals that have been identified as members of the Nadire Security Consultants from their uniform insignias.

EQ-EXEquilateral Exports, a logistical corporation involved in the transportation and supply of Quafe, offered no comment to the press.

The Sentinel will provide further updates as they become available.


An Article in some Cheesy Tabloid

We all know that Capsuleers are akin to the immortal. They have prestige, influence, wealth beyond imagination, are celebrities and in some cases revered as gods. Some are followed with great interest due to their political appointments and others not so much.

And it’s one of these no name capsuleers that we have taken in interest in. One Ax’l Thorne. Those of you who do know who he is, he’s a hulking mass of muscle. A gym rat in the extreme and some, though not confirmed, have even gone as far as calling him a himbo.

Most people ask, upon seeing him, “How do you even fit in a pod?” But the question we want to know is how did he get so big? It’s normal to see extreme body modding in the Federation, but in the State?

But that’s for another time. Scuttlebutt has it that Thorne was recently was spotted at Bad Bunny, and as some of you know, the Guristas equivalent of the naughty- magazine. He certainly has the body for it, if you’re into that sort of thing. But is it as innocent as taking a few pics for publication? Or something more sinister?


Clementine Lafleur stands on an elevated platform in full combat fatigues looking over a full complement of her crew.

“My friends of NSV Retribution, it is my obligation and duty as your Captain, but more importantly as a fellow citizen that I should speak with you on a very morbid subject, Death. It is a very real and permanent thing that I believe that every single person here should have a say in the manner in which they meet him.”

“I want to sing of glory and fame, of riches and easy living. But what we do is not a fairy tale. Our enemy is without mercy, and they will not treat you with the dignity you deserve. They will take away the most important choice you will every get to make. I am here to say you will. I have arranged that every crew member to be supplied with a set of ‘Liberty’ Pills. These are to be taken if we are to be captured or if the ship must be scuttled."

Murmurs begin to rise amongst the crew. She raises her hands to settle the crowd.

“Please do not misunderstand the meaning this. I have no intention of throwing away our ship, or your lives so easily. I solemnly swear with every fibre in my being, we will bring vengeance for fallen brothers and sisters. We will burn every ship, structure, and semblance that these pretenders have built. We will liberate these systems not just for the Federation but for all humanity.”

She clears her throat, her face flushing as she shouts.

Retribution begins now!

Captain Clementine Lafleur of NADSC addressing her crew of NSV Retribution stationed in Angymonne - Smokey (Gradient).


Message Intercepted from Skarkon Dispatched to DED/SARO Task Force from Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army

Transmission Heavily Degraded, Attempting to Run Heuristic Analysis

General Failure

General Failure

General Failure

General Failure

General Failure

Advanced Heuristic Analysis Approved by DERAIL

Rescue, survival, and escape training for aquatic environments in Skarkon II are proceeding swiftly. Mutadaption observed to have noticeable, but unverified effect on marine ecosystems. Scouts confirmed presence of bioadapted local territorial crustaceans effected with gigantism, carapace shell appears weak in several locations.
Positive confirmation on theory of carcinization among native marine life, while fascinating, has done little to improve my thalassophobia.


Varyazi away team in Wirashoda is reporting successful sapper operations in planned demolition and recovery of structures in accordance with Stribog scorched earth policy. Diplomatic links created between Varyazi warclones and baseline militia groups Eagles of Stormwind, Sobornost Security Services. Recruitment and warclone conversion training offered for proven militia members, as well as Varyazi Clade membership. New recruits to return with away team for Questors training in Ishuhuolvi at the bequest of drill instructor Sawdeth Terminus. I will be closely observing the training for prospective candidates. Physical endurance and strength not considered essential compared to willingness to face death.
Valklear units in the Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army have a recruitment motto; “I am not going to train you; I am going to try to kill you.” I assure you warclone training is much the same way, and we take this challenge far more literally.