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Known Criminal Found Dead In Spite of Witness Protection

Dryax Ming, known to many associated with organized crime as The Coward, was found dead three days ago of an apparent suicide.

A CONCORD detective gave a statement on the condition they remain anonymous:

"Mr. Ming was facing a life sentence for violations of his plea agreement that allowed him witness protection. We believe he was distraught and intoxicated on the upper tiers of a Keepstar, where construction projects had been left exposed.

“Ming apparently attempted to lacerate his throat before leaping from the edge of the balcony, according to our blood spatter analysis. At this time we have no reason to suspect foul play.”

There were no witnesses to the incident, and CONCORD does not expect any will come forward. Ming’s plea agreements were confidential, but his criminal record included property crimes, assault and battery, drug offenses, fraud, illegal prostitution, human trafficking, and murder.

Dryax Ming was 42 years old.


An advertisement found on the fitness site, SWOLZ.

Steel-fit outfitters is proud to offer a new high mesh, breathable 100% organic fiber underwear. Made for the athlete in all of us. This underwear is produced from the highest quality organic fibers from fair trade resources and 5% of all profits go to support Physicians with no Boarders.

These boxer shorts come in a variety of designs and styles. And now show off your colors with patriotic support!





And because of liberation days, gain an additional 15% off Minmatar designs! Use the promo-code: FREEDOM at checkout.



1330 JUL 14 123




Transhumanity Today

Black Alert And Unrest Continues Amid Speculation
Last night, most of the ALXVP customs offices in Origin were destroyed by the No Visual. alliance. This was done after the hostile alliance destroyed the Astrahus owned by Future Labs on Monday. The custom offices in orbit around Renaissance and Arboria still remain, but the one above Renaissance has been reinforced, which makes most of the population think the razing of the system will be completed by the hostile force. What No Visual. has in store for Origin after this is still uncertain, but there are those that fear that they might claim the system for themselves, or worse…

That the razing in Origin takes place around the same time that DERAIL is conducting counter-subversion actions in all colonies of Eugales III, IV and VI, and rumors that Alexylva Paradox’s Gateway Ché Biko has been spotted in Eugales shortly after the DERAIL actions there had begun has led to speculation that No Visual. are secretly being directed by DERAIL (CONCORD’s Department for Enforcement of Restrictions on Artificial Intelligence and Life), and that the hostile force in Origin might take action against the AI citizens on the planets.
The office of the Gateway would not comment on whether Biko is or has been in Eugales.

The OCA announced that the Black Alert is expected to last until at least the end of this week. Emergency shield generators are still active in cities across the system, and outlying communities have been encouraged to travel to the cities or take shelter in regional bunker installations.

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Esprit Offers Fine Cuisine, Cultural Lessons
Guillermo Wenton for The Edenite

In my twenty years as a food critic, I have enjoyed freedoms parallel to those of the governing authorities across our great civilization. I dare say my political analogs have not been treated to such warm receptions as I have, for the simple fact food is apolitical. Restaurants, of course, hold the potential to make even the most tumultuous governments appear calm by comparison.

It is a wonder, then, that Esprit can exist at all. The newest restaurant in Arcurio is the brainchild of fifteen master chefs, who I deem are masters only because “pastmaster” is not a currently recognized title within any culinary institution of which I am aware.

These fifteen chefs represent the major bloodlines from each empire in New Eden. They are as different from one another as you would expect, but they all share a common passion for their respective cuisines, and the cultures from which they–the food and the chefs themselves–have come.

Esprit is the melting pot into which these chefs have poured their hearts and souls, bringing every corner of the universe under one monolithic roof. One does not order from a menu at Esprit, but rather gives an order to their server and finds it shortly before them. If it is possible to have expectations at the door, they will be exceeded before the first stroke of a napkin.

More than a culinary miracle, the atmosphere of Esprit offers a panoramic view of who we are as humanity. The well-traveled will recall memories of their travels, while the planet-bound among us will be invited to marvel and imagine at the possibilities.

Most impressive to me was the way in which the conflicts between our great people are given their due at Esprit. One might expect an establishment designed to bring our people into harmony would neglect to recognize our struggles, but the full history of New Eden is written on the walls, and presented in the magnificent stage performances provided for the entertainment of patrons.

If there is anything I could possibly critique regarding Esprit, it would be the broad stroke with which they appeal to every culture is perhaps too broad, and I wonder how it is a restaurant can stay afloat when it attempts to offer everything to everyone.

That is, of course, a question for which the pastmasters at Esprit seem to have found an answer. That being the case, I can only do my part to encourage each and every citizen of New Eden to make the trip to Arcurio for more than a meal; it is an experience no one could forget, no matter how many lifetimes they lived.


Weapons Seized as Sedevacantists and Anti-Church Protesters implicated in importing armaments.

18th July YC123/FC238

Lamadent Capital News Network

A joint operation by Lamadent Spaceport Authority and Federation Customs officials have seized significant quantities of personal weapons being imported into the member state, according to a statement released by both agencies.

Port Authority Captain Sebastienne ‘Baz’ Jacobs issued a formal statement to the press to disclose that several hundred units of small arms, ranging from high-powered laser weaponry to ballistic firearms, as well as thousands of units of ammunition, were confiscated from a merchant attempting to import them to the member state.

Citing the recent speech given by Father Kavad exhorting his follows to arm themselves, as well as recent instances of violence between protestors and members of the Sedevacantist Church, Captain Jacobs ordered the confiscation of the arms on grounds of public safety and failure to properly disclose their intended receivers in violation of the Roussillon Arms Control Act (RACA).

Whilst violence has abated since the destruction of the citadel in Nakri owned by the Sedevacantist Church’s main sponsor, Nauplius, public safety officials fear that it is only a matter of time before further clashes take place. Whilst this shipment has been interdicted, it has been noted by the Chamber of Commerce that private sales of firearms have been increasing in addition to retailers seeing record business. With the District Court allegedly close to a decision, Roussillon is according to some is sitting upon a powder keg, with a tinderbox uncomfortably close by.

Ire has also been directed towards holoreel actor Jacques Benoit from the anti-Church camp, who has recently agreed to star in a production bankrolled by the Church. It is rumoured that the All-Federation Caldari League has made overtures to Mr Benoit in respect to this, but nothing has been confirmed by the League’s spokespeople.

In other news, Lamadent Capital News Network has received a fractured report from the Thelan Solar System that an attempt by the Sedevacantist Church to establish another place of worship in the township of Narbonne on the fourth planet has been attacked by unidentified militants in the dead of night. The extent of the damage caused is currently unclear, as further reports have not been received. We await further information from our sister stations at this time and will be sure to relay any further updates as they are made available to us.

Have you been affected by this story? Please get in touch with one of our correspondents with your opinions, if it is safe to do so.


Hello User!

The Prosperity Network is happy to announce that the second issue to Bad Bunny is now out and available! This issue of Bad Bunny is the product of a recent audition held to find talent to add new variety to the magazine to stimulate even more senses!

Representing those of feminine frame…

Vivian Tulix - With brains and looks to boot, Vivian Tulix shows that even those of the Guristas research division aren’t all prudes.

Shi Yan - representing the Pithium, Submit yourself to one stunning Sang Do mistress who possess the lure of authority and elegance

Halen Cesh - Take a look at mining Overseer Halen Cesh of Guristas Productions for someone who is tough, sturdy and all fun.

Representing those of masculine frame…

Boja Toresh - A mystique figure hailing from the Brutor Tribe and ranks of the Dread Gurista, be captivated with the entrancing chiseled body of a deep and thoughtful warrior of the Guristas ranks

Kovari Siltarela - Wild, unpredictable, and sexy. Join Guristas ace frigate pilot Kovari Siltarela on a crazy ride where your heart might just get snatched away from you.

Ax’l Thorne - As this issue’s Capsuleer representation. See what a driven man looks like, one that posses focus and the strength to rival the the power of ten Rattlesnake-Class Battleships. Beat part of all? Great at cuddling.

This issue is now available and is being readily distributed to all current subscribers and open for new ones to pick up right away at your nearest Prosperous Depository branch.

We of the Venal Prosperity Network, look forward to the people of Venal being stimulated by this stunning cast of models who came out to audition and made the cut.

Bad Bunny Issue three won’t be too far off! Along with a new magazine entirely in the works! Stay tuned!


Mehatoor VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support
July 17th YC123

Thanks for dragging me along for a walk on the promenade, Junip. I do feel more serene now.

Hmhm. You’re welcome, Zak. Maybe you should listen to your sibling’s advice more often.

Yeah, yeah.
Hey! Juni! Look! There she is!


The little Achur running towards us. There!

…The one with the white face?

White face? Oh…yeah. She didn’t have that when I last saw her. But I don’t see any other little Achur running towards us. Do you?

[sigh] Noooo. But who is she? Do you know her?

…Wow, did you see that!? She was looking right at us!

…Well, she passed us quite closely and we were looking at her…and if someone looked at me the way you look at her…

…In the eyes of a god…

…Zak!? What are you on about?! Who is she?!

Hm? Oh, sorry… That was the Achurunner.


The Achurunner. That’s what they call her. I told you about her!

…You did?

Yes! You know, Juni, for someone who insists that I listen to my sibling you certainly don’t seem to listen a lot to your’s.

…I’m listening now

Ok…so…her name is Yun-Hee Yubari, and she’s a capsuleer that came to live here a couple months ago. Word is that-

Wait, she’s an empyrean!? Aaand her name is Juni? Is that why you’ve sometimes been calling me Juni lately?


…Unbelievable. You and your obsession with capsuleers… No wonder I was not listening when you told me about her. You ramble on about them all the time. And what did you just say? In the eyes of a god? If you say stuff like that around dad, no wonder he is so on your case.

…You’re a lot like him, Juni.

[sigh]…Ok…Zakara…I’m sorry. If you really find this interesting…tell me about that… Yubari the Achurunner. See? I listen. So why do they call her that?
…Wait, yeah, don’t look at me like that. I think I can answer that myself. I guess she runs a lot?

Yes. Like…for a couple hours almost every day. If we stayed here long enough, we might see her run past again…although maybe not now she has seen us looking at her. I’ve read she’s a bit of a recluse and rarely leaves her ship when she’s not running.

…Okaaay. So what does she do here apart from running? The usual capsuleer stuff?

Glad you asked! See, that is what most of the speculation is about. Word is her ship, a mere shuttle, rarely leaves the dock and that she mostly uses it as a home. As to why she is here… Does she remind you of another capsuleer I told you about? One that also lives here?

…Uhm…wait. I think I know this one…

Admittedly she looks a bit less like her now she has that Caldari white face, but she used to look quite a bit like her.

…Uhm…that other Achur empyrean…uhm…Aria something?

Right! Aria Jenneth. So you do indeed listen to me sometimes. So…the gossip that goes round lately is that Aria is the reason why Yun-Hee is here…some even going as far to suggest that they are in love with each other. Eggers as well, that heretic Nauplius even asked her…Yun-Hee, on the local system comms if she is in love with Aria. She denied it, but that even capsuleers are having such suspicions themselves just adds fuel to that rumor.

Who cares what that man thinks! He’s a … psychopath!

…Be that as it may, it’s actually one of the more plausible theories I’ve read. I mean, I’ve not read much that can be seen as contrary evidence. Whether they are in love or not, Aria is the best explanation I’ve seen for Yun-Hee being here. I mean, why else did they look so much alike?

…Are you sure you’re not just being a bit racist?

[sigh] …Alright…let me see if I can find a picture…
Here, see?! This is Yun-Hee, what she looked like not too long ago, and that is Aria.

…Hmm, ok. They do look kind of alike in those pics. Anyway, shall we go back home, Zak? I think we’ve been away long enough for dad to calm down, and I’m getting hungry. I hope we’ll have dinner soon.

Sure. Oh, by the way, did I tell you about…

Sukuuvestaa School Records: Yun-Hee Yubari

((Certain requirements will be necessary for it to be usable as IC knowledge: motivation to pry and Sukuuvestaa 3.0, Caldari State 9.0, or Hacking/Connections 3))


Name: Yun-Hee Yubari
Date of birth: 97.26.09
Place of birth: Saisio III
Sex: Female
Mother: Tosha Yubari (deceased 101.07.17)

Yun-Hee has a very high intelligence, average fitness. Not aggressive unless provoked, generally quiet and calm.

Possibly suffers from nocturnal enuresis. Very unmotivated to do homework and often distracted in class. Most grades still above average. Social skills below average. Yuh-Hee has repeatedly said to Mister Yamaku that she is “in love” with him. Therapist concluded that this is merely a strong affection for Mister Yamaku and a confusion about what it means to be in love.

Definitely suffers from nocturnal enuresis. Motivation and focus have not improved, but grades remain mostly above average. Social skills poor. Yun-Hee is nearly always picked last during team sports and her team needs to be coached to include her in the plays, despite her physical abilities. During academic teamwork she lets others take the lead and contributes little, unless she gets frustrated by slow progress, then she tends to act in a derogatory manner towards her team.

Not much has changed. Yun-Hee still tends to keep mostly to herself or prefers the company of adults. Has little interest in clubs and extracurricular activities. Can be aggressive when confronted with (perceived) injustice. Has been caught firestarting a few times.

The known problems have not been resolved, but her performance in sports and games has improved. Still suffers from nocturnal enuresis despite efforts to treat it. Has been caught abusing/killing animals and stealing.

Yun-Hee is picked on by class mates occasionally. Once after being bullied on the grounds, she displayed furious aggression, repeatedly kicking a fence, destroying part of it. This impressed her classmates enough that they stopped bullying her for a while. Known strengths and weaknesses remain.

Yun-Hee has been in a couple of fights with her classmates. Motivation and focus have improved a bit after entering in Miss Asake’s class. Surprisingly scored 98% on final primary school test.

The improvement of focus and motivation seen at the end of primary school has not continued. Yun-Hee also continues to have trouble socializing with her classmates and has been in one or two fights. She has finally stopped suffering from nocturnal enuresis.

Yun-Hee has been able to socialize more with her classmates after having become friends with a new classmate. This has come at a cost though, as she spends even less time on her homework than before.

Despite therapy and aptitude tests showing that Yun-Hee could have a promising career in many fields, she is still unmotivated to apply herself. Still has no idea how she could best serve the State.

Even though only barely passing the final exam of secondary school, Yun-Hee was recruited into Nani Achur Naval Institute after their tests revealed that she would likely make a good capsuleer.


Raid on Cormorant’s Nest

22nd July YC123

A local Luminaire news report

A joint Federal and CONCORD raid was made in Luminaire late last night (NEST) of a capsuleer owned control tower named the Cormorant’s Nest. It is believed that the owner, a capsuleer named Julian ‘Eddie’ Flavours had amasses a gathering under the guise of a fan club dedicated to two other capsuleers. Several million isk worth of contraband were seized in the raids but local law enforcement has at this time refused to comment on the contents.

Two dozen arrests were made during the raid, all members of the so called Cormorants and Jackals. An eyewitness claims he heard one on them shouting that it was a cult before being placed in a police vehicle. Mr. Flavours was not among the arrests made and his whereabouts is currently unknown.

We will keep you up to date on this ongoing story.


Disco Rap Artist “Whskr” Arrested for Smuggling Kittens

CONCORD got its paws on controversial disco rap artist Whskr after the musician–whose legal name is Lorne Atama–was caught with 37 purr-loined kittens hidden in a his tunic.

The artist who drew controversy for his recent album, “Disco Edenferno” drew attention to himself when the sedatives he used on his feline captives began to wear off, as he was passing through security in a Perimeter Athanor, intent on disembarking to meet a buyer in Jita.

“Mr. Atama seemed nervous, and clutched at his stomach,” a Transstellar Agency (TSA) agent said on condition of anonymity. “I was horrified at first, when his stomach seemed to writhe in several directions.” Atama began to squirm and scream, according to eyewitness accounts, in what some described as “something between a Whskr dance show and a man in desperate need of a restroom.”

TSA agents were purr-occupied for several hours as they rounded up the castaway kittens, all of whom were unharmed and immediately donated to a no-kill shelter. Mr. Atama was transported to the Athanor clinic to be treated for tetanus and moderate blood loss.

One CONCORD official pawsed in her efforts to assist in fettering the feline festivities to make a statement to the media:

“We have placed Mr. Atama under arrest for charges of smuggling and animal abuse, though he is also a person of interest in several other cases. Right meow I can’t speak to those open investigations, but I would speculate the injuries Mr. Atama suffered were essentially self-inflicted and he should not expect leniency in his sentencing.”

Lawyers for Atama declined to comment, and records indicate they severed their retainer contract with the musician while he was being treated for numerous puncture wounds and psychological trauma.


In celebration of their official incorporation, Blacklace Ltd. has released their first issue of their E-Zine on GalNet. The announcement of this, in conjunction with their sponsorships by Impetus and Egonics Inc., took place at an gala thrown by CEO Erin mal Forneus on board her infamous ‘Party Badger’ pleasure barge that has taken Gallentean baseliners by storm. While there have been whispers of involvement with Guristas and Serpentis, Federation officials have been unable to ascertain any connections between the new adult entertainment conglomerate and rogue pirate factions.


Federal court journals report that an application by the Vabraatim Pelsiddhakyl originally submitted to the Viriette Federal District Court has recently been submitted to the Pegeler Federal District Court on the grounds that the defendant, Aina Yuminoro, is likely to have relocated to the jurisdiction of that court following the deployment of the LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment to Eugales.

Those following the case indicate that the Pegeler application is identical to the Viriette application other than pointing to Yuminoro’s new deployment as supporting evidence of the breaches of the Protection of Heritage Act FC 67 and the Dealing in Cultural Objects (Offences) Act FC 63 alleged in the original application.

It remains to be seen whether the Pegeler Court will be more likely to intervene than its counterpart in Viriette.

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for the final time, no.

What we asked for in Amo was release our kin, remember the Ray, back off with the inter-tribe violence. These things have been done. We know now where the Deathglow and the Black Daggers came from. Amnesties have been granted, all sides. Justice to the Six hasn’t been served but Efrit’s on Skarkon, and to push further now is to push for a civil war and to have a civil war is to lose the big one.

Take the offer. Go home. Protect your clan. Defend the free Tribes.

War’s coming.



6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, Office of Venal Prosperity Agency Head Director Utatis Parinen.

“Utatis! Utatis!”

“Ma’am, you’re gonna break your neck running in my office like that…”

“Oh, never mind that!~ Did you see the news?”

“The news? About the heist? Yes. I’ve read up on it. What about it Suha?”

“What about it? Utatis! The atmosphere here is electric! Such a spectacle demands celebration! Already pleasure hubs are filling up with Guristas spending their new cut of the fortunes! Or merely wanting to celebrate the astonishing feat!”

“I rather stay in if you don’t mind…”

“Oh I’m not saying we should all go out and party… There’s an opportunity for us to keep the party going!”

"Ah, so business then. Alright, what do you need? I’ll write it all down

“Food and drink! Get feelers out for anyone selling and buy em out at a bulk deal.”

“I think Avio got us some contacts in the Thukker tribe who he willing to sell us some ale at a good price per barrel.”

“Perfect! But diversify! Get alcohol in bulk, but be sure to obtain more top-shelf items. Keep the taps flowing, but make sure more speciality drinks are around for those wanting to make the occasion special.”

“So what are we doing with all this product?”

“Distribute the goods among our client businesses and encourage them to start some kind of discount program. Whatever works for their business model, just be sure they encourage patrons to come in and stay. Whatever surplus we have sell off to any other place in Venal in need of more booze.”


“Talk with our HP-A crew contact and see if they are willing to cut us a deal on some “Party favors” too…”

“Yeah, I can’t have a party of degeneracy without drugs…”

“Oh! That reminds me! Contraceptives!”

“… So Condoms?”

“Yep!~ Everyone out there should be having fun!~ And not stressing about any unwanted pregnancies or disease during the festivities!~ Make sure our more “Intimate” establishments have plenty to spare, yes?”

“… Okay. I don’t know where I can get condoms in bulk we’re talking . But I’ll figure something out…. Anything else?”



“Well we can’t forget to encourage hydration amidst celebrations!~ It’s important for those Guristas that have work in the morning to drink as much water they can to avoid hangovers!”

“Yes, dont want that now… Anything else”

“Hmm… I’ll let you know! Thanks Utatis!”

“Yes, anytime Ma’am…”

“This is gonna be fun!”








SUBJECT: After Action Report, Battle of Ishuhuolvi Gulf

  1. This after action report is prepared 7.24.123

  2. The following is information regarding the contingency itself:

Deployed Location : Ishuhuolvi Gulf, Skarkon II

Deployed CCOs : Galm Eskola-Fae

Duration of Deployment: ~7 hours, 5 minutes

Contingency Purpose: In support of defensive operations.

  1. Sources of Supply

a. Host Clan Support: Varyazi Clade provided the majority of equipment procured for ongoing operations, including aircraft, intelligence tracking, quick response teams, ammunition, and camera drones.

b. Bosena Accords Support: Non-combat logistical materials such as biomass, CRU units, food and other essentials were provided by the Bosena Accords in accordance with Accords policy. Dive equipment and submersible vehicles were rented at cost and returned to Bosena Accords quartermasters upon completion. (Or rather, what’s left of it. Security deposit forfeited for lost materials.)

c. Servicing Military Installations: AIRCOM PEN RHIONYDD provided basing and maintenance for atmospheric craft between sorties, in addition to indirect fire support from Sahendaruman Fortress.

d. Triglavian Assistance: Veles assistance impossible to evaluate due to lack of visibility on marine operations and capabilities but estimated to be substantial in sinking of STRA fleet.

  1. Timeline of Events:

0340 – Gulltoppr-class submarine launches wave of cruise missiles
0344 – Indirect Fire Alarm Alerts PEN RHIONYDD of incoming hypersonic projectile

0347 – Automated CIWS & Nanodome Systems Armed

0350 – Hellawes Squadron scrambled, armed with limited armament & concussion bombs

0353 – Hellawes confirm visual on incoming missile, diverted to hunt for sub

0359 – First wave of missiles strike PEN RHIOYDD, no casualties

0400 – Gulltoppr launches second wave of cruise missiles

0420 – Second wave of missiles impact PEN RHIOYDD

0421 – Alert Dispatched to Bosena Accords of risk of incoming fire

0430 – Hellawes Fighters Arrive 1.7 km off Ishuhuolvi Peninsula

0442 – Second wave of cruise missiles impact, partial failure of nanodome shield

0500 – Flight of two Eryx dropships depart PEN RHIOYDD with frogman teams & equipment

0505 – Third wave of missiles launched from Gulltoppr, Hellawes confirm visual of launchsite

0515 – Hellawes 1 releases concussive bomb depth charge against Gulltoppr

0515 – Hellawes 1 shot down by enemy point defense, Hellawes 2 takes flight lead

0516 – Massive explosion reported on surface, unknown effect on target

0517 – Gulltoppr launches flight of five Valkyrie combat drones

0518 – Third wave of cruise missiles impact, nanodome suffers catastrophic failure

0519 – Hellawes 3 and 5 shot down by Valkyrie drones, Hellawes 2 releases depth charge

0520 – Concussion bomb detonates

0521 – Gulltoppr launches additional wave of cruise missiles

0522 – Hellawes 4 releases depth charge, Gulltoppr initiates crash dive

0523 – Hellawes 2 and 4 exfil combat zone

0541 – Cruise missiles impact, nuclear detonation confirmed

0545 – Most staff reclone, battle damage assessment and repair crews dispatched

0555 – PEN RHIOYDD repair crews confirm substantial damage to airfield

0600 – Recloned Hellawes crew tasked with preparing replacement aircraft for launch

0624 – Eryx dropships arrive on site, deploy infantry onto inflatable vessels

0625 – Varyazi combat teams prepare for aquatic operations

0635 – Eryx release gravimetric ASW scanner at Gulltoppr’s last know position

0637 – ASW scanner identifies pod of whales at depth of 20 meters

0639 – ASW scanner locate Gulltoppr at depth of 50 meters

0641 – ASW scanner pick up several unidentified contacts at 60 meters and climbing

0644 – Hydroacoustic search from combat teams identifies multiple underwater explosions

0646 – Valkyrie drones return, strafing combat teams & Eryx dropships

0647 – Combat teams abandon raft with dive equipment, suffer 30% casualty rate from strafing attacks

0649 – Fossegrimen-class screening submarine surfaces beneath combat teams, displaying extensive damage consistent with entropic disintegrators

0655 – Combat teams attempt boarding operations against Fossegrimen submarine, confirm the surfacing of two additional screening submarines in close proximity

0700 – Eryx 1 delivers divers from onboard CRU to conduct boarding operations against Second submarine

0703 – Eryx 2 sustains damage from Valkyrie drones, crashes into third screening sub.

0710 – Limpet charges affix and detonated to second submarine, screening submarine three launches airburst nuclear warhead downing Eryx 1

0725 – Second flight of Hellawes fighters launched from PEN RHIOYDD

0740 – Team on Fossegrimen 1 successfully gains entry to the ship, meets heavy resistance and forced to pull back, detonating a limpet mine on their escape

0755 – Gulltoppr emergency surfaces, launching an additional flight of drone fighters

0800 – Gulltoppr launches final wave of nuclear warheads

0804 – Teams in the water board Gulltoppr’s hull, report coordinates toward AIRCOM PEN RHIOYDD

0806 – Combat teams meet heavy resistance on hull from enemy sailors and marines, order “hammer down contingency on their location.”

0807 – “Hammer down” order passed from PEN RHIOYDD to GLATISANT

0810 – GLATISANT confirms use of hammer down protocol

0811 – Sahendaruman Fortress confirms firing solution from GLATISANT, fires superheavy artillery

0813 – Rounds impact Gulltoppr on combat team’s location, Gulltoppr initiates another crash dive.

0820 – Warheads strike Pen Rhioydd, nanodome shield suffers another partial collapse

0833 – Hellawes arrive on site, claiming aerial victories against Valkyrie drones.

0835 – Hellawes release bombload, multiple large explosions confirmed alongside secondary explosions and iron oxide plume.

0836 – Hydroacoustic drones confirm sound signature of ship hullbreak

0838 – Hellawes 4 shot down by drone, remainder of squadron returns to base.

1000 – Combat teams dispatched to shoreline to conduct battle damage assessment

1045 – After searching, combat teams report evidence of biological debris as well as ship flotsam

  1. Issues Affecting

Pen Rhioydd partially leveled, will require substantial engineering before reaching full operational capability. Marine mammal populations severely disrupted, may be source of conflict with remaining natives who rely on whaling for subsistence.

Additionally, sinking of Gulltoppr yet unconfirmed, will need to dispatch dive teams in the near future to get positive visual on wreckage. May put divers in conflict with Veles patrols. Regardless, strategic bombing of Mahonisgard shipyard has denied the enemy ability to repair or replace loses.

Unknown if Veles clade forces were harmed in the usage of improvised depth charges using starship-rated concussion bombs.

  1. Success Stories:

First successful instance of utilizing Bosena Accords chain of command for fire support requests as a semi-independent clan. Additionally, strategy of deploying explosive-laden divers from logistics dropships onto enemy vessels generated an impressive kill ratio.

  1. Lessons Learned:

Nanodome technology remains strong first line of defense but unreliable under sustained bombardment. Hellawes units combat effectiveness severely hampered once defensive armament is stripped for a higher bombload.

Attachment 1: Fossegrimen 1 Screening Submarine Foundered From Limpet Mine





Word on the streets of Navyi Akat is that the Raavi Parakol (a local militia which has dominated the troubled Minuka Quarter since the anti-Assembly violence of YC 121 and has alleged links to the notorious Minuka Buffaloes) appear to be noticeably better equipped than was the case before the recent deployment of Federal Marines to Intaki Prime and the subsequent capture of CEMWPA control by State Protectorate forces.

Rumour has it that the Ravi Parakol are assuring residents of Minuka and some neighbouring quarters that they can rely on militia-controlled ‘infrastructure and services’ regardless of the ongoing tension between Federal and State aligned forces. While posters bearing the slogan Intakitun Shupaarab Parakol are reappearing across Navyi Akat, the stance of the Raavi Parakol and other affiliated YC 121 protest groups towards the Intaki Assembly remains ambiguous.


Nadire Security Consultants Director in Legal Battle with ‘Cormorants and Jackals’ founder - Cease and Desist issued.

Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation – 4th August YC123/FC238 (State-broadcaster for the Northern Colonial Commonwealth)

A spokesman for the Nadire Security Consultants confirm that a Cease and Desist letter has been issued to the controversial ‘Cormorants and Jackals’ founder and proprietor Julian Flavours through the Viriette District Court. Brought by Claire Menkalinan, Legal Representative for the Chatalain Auxiliary Response corporation, on behalf of Commander Edward Adams, the so-called ‘Cormorant’.

Commander Adams, who recently announced he had publicly accepted citizenship of the Commonwealth, made a brief statement himself to the CBC in which he denounced the ‘evil’ in associating him positively with the self-styled ‘Supreme Commander’ Sahara Jackal and resolved to take ‘whatever steps were necessary’ to put the record straight.

The threat of legal action is but the latest in a series of woes to affect the troubled organisation. On the 22nd July it was reported through a Luminaire news source that a raid was made against the ‘Cormorants Nest’ facility, undertaken by law enforcement agencies. Numerous arrests were made and contraband seized.

We await further updates as they are made available by the Consultancy.

Others News

  • Harvest Festival preparations begin across the Commonwealth territories as the agricultural sector reports bumper crop yields.

  • Rumours of a new official investigation into ‘The Disappeared’, the collective name for border residents suspected to have been taken by slaving bands and Nation uplifting efforts, neither confirmed nor denied by District Office of Special Investigations.

  • Goinard Traffic Control reporting increased levels of jump drive activations due to being utilised as a waystation by capsuleer logistics organisations in their extraction of assets from the Delve region.


For the Foundation Day Holidays, the media screens and holos in the Mehatoor System in the Devoid Region have been showing the following commercial:

The commercial shows “Loona the Loon” an animated mascot with cute goggles and aviator’s cap with ear flaps. A voice over in a bright and perky feminine voice is imploring “Help Loona the Loon come home! Please sponsor and donate to the Foundation Day Holiday’s Fundraising Marathon for the environmental clean-up of the marshes around the Mehatoor IV space elevator!” Numbers and Routing information for donations is then supplied. A male voice over concludes “Sponsored by Khimi Harar, Mehatoor Tourism Authority, Shelly’s by the Dock Bar, and Sister Noh’s Home for Women and Children.”