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Through its spokesperson, Calyce Io, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist has issued a press release in response to a recent report in the Gallentean tabloid See and Hear. The Church claims that its labor practices all fall within historical Amarrian and Khanid slaveholding traditions and that it does not engage in “kidnapping”. The Church continued that other allegations contained in the See and Hear article are “beneath contempt” and unworthy of response.


list of headlines form the Pegeler District 11.11.YC123

  • Independent Associated Administration of the Argallant Skyplatform of Eugales V raises further grievances against Federated Republics of Renarelle V, continues pursuing independent colony status.
  • Additional convoys of FRoRV ‘Self-Defense Forces’ turned turned back in low orbit of Eugales V by UNF backed colonial security forces, no shots fired
  • State Protectorate Specialist Observers reportedly watching altercations in Eugales with ‘rapt interest’, so far deny hostile intent
  • Federal Defense Union remains on the back foot across pegeler low security systems
  • Unified Principality of Archavoinet continues to hold ground after mounting pressure from other district memberstates, legal dispute in district court deadlock
  • CONCORD DERAIL joined be DED SARO in Eugales, aggressive arrest policy continues, DERAIL and SARO activity denounced by majority of independent colonies in system, and memberstates from nearby Archavoinet, Frarie, and Moclinamaud
  • FRoRV and other Renarelle memberstates in outspoken support of the continued DERAIL and SARO actions, particularly those against UNF
  • UNF aligned entities continue construction megaprojects on and in near orbit of Eugales VI despite aggression from SARO and DERAIL
  • Parts of Eugales VI Orbital Yard officially opened as ‘diplomatic venue’ by UNF and Eugales VI Colonial Development Administration
  • presiding High Magistrate Remblin of the FRoRV council caught in uncouth and highly inflammatory tirade against capsuleer, diplomat, and holostar Lauralite Anne Brezia, stating “[She] is nothing more than a cheap animal whore parading as a contributor to the cluster,” in private meeting with consultants, the Office of the High Magistrate refused to comment on the leak
  • inflamatory tirade sparks protests amongst enclaves of extreme bodymodders and sex work advocacy groups across Pegeler district

Olives the green oil from Intaki

See & Hear, Intaki, 13/11/YC122

It has been some time now since we visited the famous James Syagrius, and as stated in previous article about this worldly man we wondered what he was going to do now after he has retired. So here is a little update.


Over the past two years, James has razed the centuries-old Bravaati family villa, much to the consternation of the local inhabitants. It has been replaced with a state-of-the-art complex in the neo-classical Garounian architectural style.

In addition, he is using advanced drone technology to perform tasks previously occupied by the local population, including agricultural work.

The new Villa has many colonnades and blends contemporary with traditional details. It lies in an ancient olive orchard on a peninsula extending into Lake Crucis in Intaki V’s northern hemisphere. In the mornings, the sun breaks pink over the visible mountains, and if observant, one can see the silhouettes of the fishermen pulling in their nets from the glittering waters.

James has expanded his holdings to encompass nearly the entire peninsula, including the northern coastline of the lake.

Without specifics using past information to guide your imagination, you may assume he has used various means to accomplish this acquisition. Making a few isolated villages anxious as they consider his future intentions.

He has also managed to gain permission to import a Ni Kunni variety of olive trees, an unusual concession from provincial officials considering Intakis strict environmental standards regarding non-native plants and animals. He regularly entertains willing officials, both local and planetary, using various methods to obtain their favour.

He has recently, through his legal representatives, applied for Intaki citizenship.

So, concluding, things are going well for the good man and we will keep you updated on things that might come about this magnificent and great business man.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent



JITA 4-4 Office

Kirjuun! is a independent publication supported by Home Guard veterans and by readers like you.


Facing extremely heavy stargate loads inbound to Jita 4-4 and spillover into neighboring Perimeter, representatives from stargate labor commissions in The Forge have approached Kirjuun! voicing their sympathies towards the ongoing teamster strike in Jita.

The ongoing riots in Jita, spurned by capsuleers, may seem far removed from the labor of statesmen. But the extreme demands placed on workers within the system and the spillover to the rest of the constellation represents a new unreasonable burden placed upon the shoulders of Caldari labor. Already flet alienated and underrepresented by the previous PKN power bloc within the State, the Caldari works had patiently paused reformist demonstrations and clashes to allow time for the Ocean Faction to fulfill their promise to press for a comprehensive plan to overhaul the labor system within the State. Plans that have, save for limited provisions to allow for more open communication between workers groups, failed to materialize since the appointment of CEP the new chairman. While workers organizations from the Big Eight placed bids for reformist measures in September, jubilation turned to disillusionment as it became clear that non-corporation-affiliated “unofficial” workers unions, often more outspoken and radical over their statist union counterparts, would not be involved in the ongoing conversation over what is to be done for the working class of the State.

Aksesu Kitagawa, leader of one such unofficial workers affinity group that incorporates teamsters from each of the Big Eight in Jita 4-4, made no bones about speaking out publicly during ongoing demonstrations albeit under armed guard from soldiers identifying themselves as ‘disillusioned patriots & veterans from the Caldari Prime conflict.’

“The question of why these capsuleers are at our doors en masse is beyond us. This is a strike among the capitalist class, over a perceived threat toward their profits real or imaginary. I have no feelings of kinship toward them, as whatever ‘riot’ or ‘strike’ they launch is fundamentally not about solidarity and material conditions but a reflex of the market protecting its interests. In other words? I don’t give a ■■■■. But, by design, their defense of capsuleer capital has once again slid to the responsibility of the working class to accommodate. No more. I won’t sit idle back and be fed hollow calls for unity to keep us on the line and invested while we continue to be exploited under increasingly unreasonable conditions. It’s time that we hold the CEP accountable and see just how dedicated to reform they truly are.”




Placid Trade Journal Headline Updates

  • 197B isk ore value mined by capsuleers during October YC123 period
  • 2.08T Isk Production Value Recorded for October YC123 period, down .8T from September period
  • 1.01T Isk Trade Value Recorded Passing Through Various Placid Markets
  • Export Log Reports NEt -.13T Valuation in Exports for October YC123 period
  • Hydrocarbon Shortages Noted In Production Chains for Industrial Nanolubricants, Scramble for New Sourcing Reported
  • Hydrocarbons and Silicone Reported as Commodities to Watch as Multiple Multi-billion Isk Contracts Signed for Sourcing by Entertainment and Pleasure Industries Across Placid In October and November periods

Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 19 November YC123


The ship of Miss Ishta Maleto, the betrothed of Master Alexandr deSilvestris, was attacked whilst en route to the Imperial Navy station in Nakri earlier this week, resulting in a crackdown on suspected terrorist cells in the system. Security Chief Sokolov stated that the attack “was not a random act of piracy”, but had the hallmarks of being “a deliberately targeted assassination attempt”. Although no-one has yet claimed responsibility, it is believed the assailants may have had connections to known heretical groups. Chief Sokolov’s statement also revealed that a number of arrests had been made in the immediate aftermath of the incident, including supporters and members of the Sedevacantist movement, criminal gangs, declared apostates, and other Enemies of Amarr, with other Persons of Interest being detained for questioning.

This publication understands that Miss Maleto suffered minor injuries in the attack, whilst two of the attackers were killed. Miss Maleto is recovering in hospital, and her handmaid has been treated for shock. Well-wishers and supporters have sent gifts and tokens of support, and a prayer vigil has been held outside the hospital since Miss Maleto’s arrival.

The Faithful and Loyal of Nakri are encouraged to report any suspicious and disloyal activity to the Imperial Security Services, so that together we may all help keep our Empire safe.

God Bless Nakri, God Bless Amarr, God Save The Empress.


Nadire Security Consultants Director summoned by District Security Council

Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation – 20th November YC123/FC238 (State-broadcaster for the Northern Colonial Commonwealth)

It has been reported by our District Parliament Correspondents that Commander Edward Adams of the Nadire Security Consultants (NADSC) has met with District officials in response to a summons by the District Security Council.

Whilst it has not been confirmed, it is rumoured that the Security Council is concerned following recent high-profile departures and defections of former Consultancy personnel to the Triglavian Collective-aligned group ‘Stribog Clade’, in addition to those that assist in a mercenary capacity. Commander Adams own relationship with the head of ‘Stribog Clade’, known by their nom de guerre ‘Sahara Jackal’, has also been under scrutiny by several private organisations. This has not gone unnoticed by the authorities, especially as Commander Adams recently accepted Federal citizenship in July earlier this year.

When approached for comment, Commander Adams stated that this was a routine meeting with the Security Council to offer insights into current affairs affecting New Eden and not surrounding the controversy of former Consultants seeking employment with ‘Stribog Clade’.

What is the Shipping and Security Franchise?

One of the many franchises open to a District, the Shipping and Security Franchise system is a key part of how each Federal District regulates and maintains commercial shipping routes, customs, and space-lane security. Whilst normally this is delegated to the Federal Navy and Customs services, independent organisations such as NADSC have been increasingly brought on by Districts in recent years acting in minor roles such as advisers.

Due to the sensitive nature of the Shipping and Security Franchise, organisations charged with duties under it’s auspices are regularly vetted to ensure transparency within their dealings as well as their moral integrity. If they fail to meet the standards set by the issuing District, they can be stripped of authority and have their security clearances revoked. Whilst it is an infrequent occurrence for an organisation to suffer such a heavy penalty, those that find themselves revoked rarely get appointed to similar positions at the Federal level.

Other News

  • Pirate Activity in the Nadire District low-sector systems at ‘stable levels’ according to District observers. Independent analysts offer disagreement as to what ‘stable’ means.

  • Alleged Kybernaut-aligned Athanor-class refinery destroyed in Eruka by ‘Lux Invicta’ anti-Triglavian Coalition Tristan task force despite intervention by outlaw squadrons.

  • Northern Colonial Commonwealth Ministry of Defence approves expenditure for Airborne Aircraft Carrier programme – criticism levied by Grand Republic Defence officials at ‘provocative’ move dismissed by Commonwealth Parliament.


A newer Face in the Summit, making an older friend.

See & Hear, Caille, Gallente Prime, 20/11/YC122

Recently frequent Summiteers will have seen a relatively new face around the Fluid Router. Erica Munory, a pilot since may this past year, has been interacting a lot with many different capsuleers. She has since made a name for herself as a staunch supporter of the very Amarrian perspective on slave-holding and slave-trade.


Munory has been seen offering other capsuleers all sorts of slaves or slave-services. With an entire catalog worth of different options for the state of her slaves. Ranging from different means of control, such as TCMCs or Vitoc, to physical options: we cite Miss Munory herself saying: ‘Slaves don’t need eyesight to do certain jobs’
That implies that for servants, there could be myriad of options to choose from should one wish to buy a personal slave, or a few thousand.

Much to no-one’s surprise, Nauplius was seen enthousiastically interacting with Erica. The pair engaging in sharing their views on slave-holding and methods of slave control. They have exchanged ideas and were seen complimenting each other’s holdings.

One wonders what else these two Slaver fanatics share, other than their ideologies.

It was also openly discussed on the Summit, that Miss Munory, were to attend the Saint Razhden’s day party thrown by LUMEN Directrix Lunarisse Aspenstar. The party is opened to blues-only, and so Erica was seen conspiring to bring Nauplius as her plus-one. Given that the Dresscode was more or less a masked ball, one wonders if the pair could have pulled it off.

Assuming they could have made it past the different security checkpoints, the pair of slavers would have been likely to have blown their cover at the first un-converted Matari they saw walking the premises. Having to profess their opinions loudly and proudly, what they think should happen to these, and we quote Nauplius: ‘Subhumans.’

Notedly, in the Summit, there are strong aversions to this open, blatant bragging of slavery and slave-holding. Aria Jenneth was quoted: ‘Even if you made it planetside, which would be very unlikely indeed. It would be even less likely for you to leave, Nauplius.’
Knowing LUMEN’s stance on slavery, and their previous wars against the former Red God zealot, that was no empty threat.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Foreign Nationals Arrested in Lamadentin following Customs Raid – District Court reaches judgement on Sedevacantist Church

20th November YC123/FC238

Lamadent Capital News Network

Six foreign nationals of Imperial citizenry have been arrested amongst several Sedevacantist members in a sting operation conducted by the Lamadent Space Authority.

Port Authority Captain Sebastienne ‘Baz’ Jacobs, already having seized significant quantities of weapons that were unlawfully attempted to be imported into the Tribunate earlier in the year, has given a statement to this news agency confirming the arrests were made in relation to an anti-terrorist operation following a tip from the Federal Intelligence Office, in co-operation with the Gallente Police Department’s Federal Anti-Terrorism Task Force. No further details on the arrests have been made public at this time – although the detainment of Imperial citizens on criminal charges has caused some concern in the capital of Lamadentin, especially those in the anti-Sedevacantist camp.

The Aeman Federal District Court has also reached a decision on the challenge made concerning the Sedevacantist Church, following a lengthy legal battle carried out by Minmatar focus groups and the All-Federation Caldari League.

The Honourable District Court Justice Mariana Oursler confirmed in a ruling supported with little dissent by Justices on the panel that the Sedevacantist Church was deemed to be an unconstitutional organisation, citing the threat to civil liberties of Roussillon’s Minmatar populace amongst other arguments made by the protestors and their supporters. Consequently, Justice Oursler confirmed that the Church has been proscribed as an unlawful organisation under Federal anti-terrorism legislation and membership of the Church is now considered to be a District criminal offence in the Aeman District. It is unclear if the Church plans to appeal the decision made today.

Both the Roussillon Sheriff’s Office and Tribunate Gendarmerie have deployed additional officers to reinforce existing shifts and have cancelled annual leave for most circumstances. Armed patrols have become commonplace in the capital and in Roussillon since the outbreak of violence several months ago, with fears that the decision could spark even further civil unrest. Offers from the Gallente Police Department for assistance have been politely but firmly refused by the Tribunate Government, citing the need for local law enforcement to be at the forefront of policing, rather than Federal agencies.

Instances of violence have thankfully been few and far between, with a speech given by a recently naturalised Caldari capsuleer immigrant to the Federation having been cited in having calmed tensions in the member state. Sceptics have questioned the wisdom in a foreigner having intervened in such a manner considering the foreign nature of the Sedevacantist Church, but the message was well received by the majority of anti-Sedevacantist protestors.

A Note from L-CNN: We at the Lamadent Capital News Network support the decision of the Aeman Federal District Court and hope that once more our citizens that we serve can rebuild the peace and prosperity for our homeland.

Have you been affected by this story? Please get in touch with one of our correspondents with your opinions if it is safe to do so.






A letter from Bataav.

See & Hear, Intaki, 21/11/YC122

After the article about Mr James Syagrius, I have received a letter from Mr Bataav that he wished me to publish.

I read the details of Mr Syagrius’ impact on the region surrounding his property on Intaki Prime with a great deal of disappointment and sadness, if not surprise.

Mr Syagrius is not a stranger to the Intaki Liberation Front, our paths having crossed repeatedly over the years.

Those interactions have not always been as amicable as either side might have wished, so when I first learned of his intention to retire to Intaki Prime I was hopeful. Hopeful that there may have been an opportunity for a genuine friendship and mutual respect to develop.

I’m obviously disappointed then, at his behaviour and treatment of the property he has chosen to invest in, and I find myself doubting his motives.


Why choose Intaki Prime? I don’t recall him being a frequent visitor. I’m not aware of a circle of close friends or family on the surface. As I understand it, the leadership of the ILF were likely his most regular contacts in system, and we were always resolute opponents when it came to matters of Intaki Politics.

We know he came not for the architecture, flora or fauna, if he was simply going to remove any traces of what came before, replacing it with buildings, plantlife and technologies that are not in harmony with their surroundings.

Intaki Prime is a place of great natural beauty, and the mark that has been left upon it is irreparable.


I suspect the answer is simply an explicit lack of respect for Intaki, and because in the spirit of shallow one-upmanship, Mr Syagrius believes there is little that can be done to stop him.

We will follow how and if this escalates.

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Strange new flyers have been seen plastered all across the colonies and the bulkheads of the Orbital Yard in Eugales. The flyers depict Oveg Drust being censored with the UNF logo crossed out.

The other side of the flyer provides a detailed description of;

  • Oveg Drust being a client of Lauralite Brezia and developing an infatuation, bordering on obsession of the Colonial Director and CEO of United Neopian Federation.
  • His plan of using his position within the DED and the Arcology incident as a ruse to get closer to Eugales and Ms Brezia herself.
  • And finally his plot to destroy the UNF so that Ms Brezia would have no choice but to submit to the Commander’s will.

Poster attached:


UNF Orbital Yards




Brandishing a menacing-looking rifle in the air, standing on the steps of his now-closed and barricaded church, Reverend Balash Kavad of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist proclaimed, “All the lawyers and judges who think they can banish sedevacantism from this land need to learn a new phrase: Prototype Nuclear Small Arms.” Adjusting his clothing to reveal a wire connected from his rifle to his chest, Fr. Kavad continued, “And those filthy Minmatar subhumans who think they have won any kind of victory over us need to learn another phrase: Fail Deadly.” Following this performance, Fr. Kavad retired inside his church while his social media accounts posted what appeared to be a capsuleer user interface element indicating possession of 141 units of Prototype Nuclear Small Arms in the Federation Customs station near Lamadent I:
Social media sleuths quickly determined that the 15 jumps indicated in the image marks the distance between the Gallente system of Lamadent and the home of de facto sedevacantist leader and capsuleer Nauplius in the Amarr system of Mehatoor, suggesting that the image originated in Nauplius’s own computers. Pilot Nauplius has frequently boasted of his possession of Prototype Nuclear Small Arms and has threatened to deploy the devices, which originate in rare Angel Cartel manufacturing facilities in deep space and can command multi-million ISK prices on the capsuleer market.

For its part, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist through its spokesperson Calyce Io claimed to have dissolved its Aeman Constellation branch in response to what it called “unjust lawsuits” and signed over ownership of its lavish church in the impoverished township of Roussillon to Fr. Kavad in his capacity as a private citizen. Although in the process of evacuating Aeman’s sedevacantists to the Jin-Mei constellation of Ysiette, the Sedevacantist Church said that Fr. Kavad had voluntarily stayed behind to continue performing the Imperial Rite in Roussillon in perpetuity, that being his right and duty as an ordained priest. Questioned regarding Prototype Nuclear Small Arms in particular, Ms. Io claimed that Fr. Kavad possessed rights of self-defense and his church having been officially dissolved, was no longer breaking Federation law. Her voice taking on a taunting tone, Ms. Io concluded by saying, “Show me where it is written that Prototype Nuclear Small Arms explicitly are illegal in Lamadent.”

Authorities have given a muddled reaction to Fr. Kavad’s threats. Having established a perimeter around the Roussillon Church, they seemed reluctant to take additional steps, perhaps unconvinced as to whether the Reverend had really smuggled in Prototype Nuclear Small Arms (or just a prop) and what sort of evacuations would be necessary had he gotten hold of the obscure weapons. A Geiger counter quickly rushed in from the capital yielded slightly elevated readings surrounding the church, however, given Roussillon’s extensive history of industrial pollution such readings must be inconclusive. Given the Sedevacantist Church’s apocalyptic theology, it is believed that the church building may house substantial survival preparations, enough for Fr. Kavad and perhaps a small number of additional stay-behind sedevacantists to hold out for years. At this writing, authorities were beginning to evacuate tenements across from the church (much to the groaning of their desperately impoverished residents) while attempts to calculate the yield and capabilities of Prototype Nuclear Small Arms continued.


Dam-Torsad Times, 11/22 YC 123:

A report from our intrepid reporter live at the offices of the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque, the Executor Corporation of Amarr loyalist alliance Khimi Harar, in the Edencom outpost known as “Smokey”.

“Here we are in the last hours before the fall of ‘Smokey’, Angymonne, in the occupied territories referred to by its Triglavian occupiers as ‘Pochven.’ Khimi Harar has evacuated substantially most of its capsuleers, crews and materiel. Those remaining have assembled for a ceremony in ‘General Hangar One’ as the office is closed in advance of the ‘hull timer’.”

The camera pans, showing the banner of the Amarr Empire hanging from the rafters of the Hangar. Alliance crew in their dress brown naval uniforms and Special Ops soldiers from Dark Sefrim Six in their white dress uniforms and kilts are at attention. A sole trumpeter begins to play ‘The Last Post’ as the golden banner is slowly lowered to the hanger floor where an Honor Guard receives and folds the banner and presents the folded banner to Khimi Harar’s Pochven detachment commander, Gah’Matar, a grim looking man of matari descent and a former member of the 24th Imperial Crusade.

“As the trumpeter plays a solemn tune, those lost in the campaign of reprisal against the Triglavians and their Kybernaut allies are remembered. Thousands of dead, never again to see the shining light of Holy Amarr Prime’s rays.”

“The proud banner of the Empire, marking this hangar as its foothold in ‘Smokey’, along with the loyalists of other empires comprising Edencom based in the Astrahus, is retrieved to be returned safely home. This facility had served as a redoubt for humanity and a staging point for reprisals against the invaders holding the occupied territories. How it must sting for Praefector Gah’Matar that the collapse of the last outpost of humanity in the occupied territories was, in part, caused by the betrayal of his former compatriots who chose to stand with the enemies of the Faith, and not with the Faithful.”

The camera feed continues. A slender athletic blonde, Maria Daphiti, in her Amarr pilot’s uniform yells for the assembled to “Attention”. She looks at the assembled. “Chin up! We’ll be back.” She grins wickedly, then adds more darkly “And we’ll remember who stood with us t’ kick Triangle butt, and those who didn’t.” A toss of her pony-tail, then she bellows: “March!” With a slow drum beat the columns of crew and soldiers steadily and grimly march to their separate waiting shuttles that will take them out of Pochven.

The voice over concludes “And so the final acknowledged outpost of the Empire and its loyalist capsuleers in Pochven was closed in advance of the destruction of ‘Smokey.’ This strategic loss will make it that much harder to attempt to reclaim the occupied territories from their invaders. However, the sources at Khimi Harar I have spoken with have commented that “the fight has only just begun.”



The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist has released a statement directed at the perpetrator of an assassination attempt against the Minmatar wife of local Nakri nobleman Alexandr deSilvestris, a crime in which the church’s members (among others) have been suspect. The statement read: “A worthy attempt, but next time try Prototype Nuclear Small Arms.” Attached to the statement was an image of a capsuleer’s user interface element suggesting the presence of Prototype Nuclear Small Arms in Nakri’s Freedom Extension Storage station:

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intercepted transmission, Eugales

GE: She has tasked me with an additional mandate
SS: We have… noticed. You are not overextended, yes?
GE: Hardly. If anything dear, this is a small, welcome distraction from my hypervigilance.
SS: We see.
GE: You are concerned over something.
SS: data pattern analysis suggests major movements should have occurred by now. Only logical conclusion. Adversary makes large claim and motion, countermotion required, in direct, or indirect fashion…
GE: and DERAIL and SARO have not, have they Silver Smile?
SS: No… they have not.
GE: Humans are not inherently logical entities. Not even their large organizational bodies can be considered such. It is also plausible that they have information you do not, which has stayed their hand.
SS: …Such as?
GE: Such as the recent political pressure applied from the Gallente Federation against DERAIL particularly.
SS: …but the federation does not control…
GE: Basic Sovereignty of the Eugales system still belongs to the Gallente Federation. Despite the current comm node control statuses, and despite the director’s actions in regard to system infrastructure development.
SS: …will revise data modeling…
GE: Please, do so.


From: Horus Du’Gannon
Sent: 2021.11.12 12:47
To: Galm Eskola-Fae,

I am Horus Du’Gannon.

I speak as a sobornost kybernaut and as a former director of the warclone unit, Dead Man’s Game.

Hear and heed the words of my prayer.

Years ago, I stood along side my narodnaya as we fought on Caldari Prime only to be abandoned by the empires that called for our playful communion.

Later, after this exile my narodnaya and I found a new home in the region of Molden Heath. Only to later be hunted down and routed by CONCORD and SARO on the whim of those same decaying empires.

With that they took from me my narodnaya, my home and my purpose…

It was in recent weeks that I have had the pleasure in providing mortification to the Order of St. Tetrimon who encroach upon my territories.
It gave me no surprise to find in their hypocrisy that the Order was using the same technology that they deigned from us to extend their own goals.

I have heard of your work upon Skarkon and I wish to assist you in this endeavor.

upon a reply of conformation of you reading this communication I will release the control of 1000 Warclone blans raided from the facilities of the Order of St. Tetrimon to your command.

I wish for you to bring Kril Efrit to heel, so we may take from them as they took form us.

Hear and heed the words of my prayer

I speak as a sobornost kybernaut and former director of the warclone unit, callsign Dead Man’s Game

I am Horus Du’Gannon

From: Galm Eskola-Fae
Sent: 2021.11.13 03:15
To: Horus Du’Gannon,

Horus Du’Gannon,

I’m humbled and grateful for your show of solidarity with Varyazi Clade. I’m happy to welcome you into our community both as a proven sobornost kybernaut and as an experienced fellow warclone brother in arms. I graciously accept this material support, and extend our pledge to serve as faithful allies alongside you in the defense of Pochven and in hunting enemies of the Collective.

Additionally, as former director of Dead Man’s Game I am please to inform you that you, as birthright, are equally entitled to your seat within the Round Table Assembly congress of warclones and to the shared lands of Skarkon under our occupation. This includes our planetary and orbital holdings, as well as spaceborne structures in the system. The lands under our ward are the rightful homeland to all of our kind, to provide a place of refuge and settlement for those who have faced prosecution from our enemies in the empires of old.

How fitting, that we should find ourselves reunited here in Pochven as a community. You honor us with your gifts, presence, and comradery.

Very Respectfully,

Galm Eskola-Fae
Varyazi Clade


1100 11 20 123





(((Special thanks to @Horus_Du_Gannon for the awesome in-game ̶s̶c̶h̶e̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ character discussion)))


Money, has no power here in this Shrine… I do not pass around a donation plate expecting any of you to open your wallets up in return that your generosity will purify your spirit or some nonsense along those lines… Your money is of no use to me in providing you spiritual enlightenment. Money will not buy you anything in nature, it will not buy you anything spiritually. Your money is a man-made concept, the natural order of our reality does not revolve around it. The only power money has is to obtain necessities and luxuries in a peaceful manner.

That is all what money is, nothing more - nothing less. While it’s perceived as holding limitless influence in human societies, in nature - The foundation in which all societies are built upon - your money is worthless. The idea of currency is a religion in itself, a religion where we believe these digits, or physical slips of paper and bits of metal have more value than the form in which it’s represented in.

Am I calling for everyone here to abandon their wealth? No… Keep your money. Play along with those that see these digits as something more and use it to your advantage to obtain things far more meaningful and real. If I’m calling for anything of you, it is that you leave here today wiser, that you leave here now seeing for what your currency really is. Illusions that can be traded for things of actual value.

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V


An overwhelming chorus of negative reviews has accompanied the general availability of Gallente holoreel star Jacques Benoit’s latest release, The True Emperor, a project funded by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist. The controversial holoreel features Mr. Benoit in the titular role assembling an army among Amarr defectors, Jin-Mei caste system enthusiasts, rebel Intaki, and more as they challenge Empress Catiz — revealed to be the weak, submissive plaything of Minmatar ruler Maleatu Shakor in both politics and the bedroom — for possession of the Amarr Golden Throne.

Gratuitous (and un-Amarrian) levels of sex and violence mark The True Emperor’s script, written by sedevacantist leader Nauplius, with the steamy scenes between Catiz and Shakor only the tip of the iceberg. Early in the motion picture, the True Emperor seduces and takes as his mistress a Vherokior lounge singer named Larissa, who somewhat incongruously accompanies the True Emperor on his horse, her indecent red sequin dress riding up her thigh as the pair bounds into battle. Also alongside the Emperor is his sidekick Chastity, a Ni-Kunni woman with a tiny waist and enormous hips who sends scores of Minmatar warriors flying to their doom with her powerful hip-checks. In a climatic scene, a bare-chested Mr. Benoit himself slaughters thousands of Minmatar — civilian and combatant alike — dual-wielding Prototype Nuclear Small Arms.

Critical consensus is running overwhelmingly against The True Emperor, with Galnet aggregator Rotten Long Limbed Roe Eggs scoring the film a rare “0% fresh”. Famed critic Bernadette Renault panned the holoreel, writing, “Again and again a dull pattern pervades The True Emperor. First, a sermon encouraging some new party to join the crusade. Then, a shameless, over-the-top battle scene — during one particularly low point, the Emperor summons a yak herd with some sort of magic scepter and crown which literally stampedes the enemy into the ground. Finally, the Emperor and his willing mistress consummate the triumph on the field of victory as defeated, captive, and chained Minmatar are carried away in the background. Repeat.” Minmatar rights activist Astrid Svensson expressed concern over the portrayal of Minmatar in the production: “Minmatar are shown as monster-like cannon fodder and slaughtered in numbers never seen in the history of holoreels. I’ve heard reports of midnight showings of the picture including a sort of hologame ‘scoreboard’ that rings and counts up every time a Minmatar is killed — which is often.”

The Amarr Empire’s Ministry of Internal Order quickly banned The True Emperor in all the Empire’s territories. Responding to criticism of the production’s sex and violence, church spokesperson Calyce Io said that the holoreel does not present the theology of a mature sedevacantist believer, but instead attempts to spread a taste of sedevacantism among those who would not otherwise encounter it.