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My character, ‘Zed’, is well known in a growing number of taboo places across New Eden, as her tastes are about as eclectic and shameless as it gets. You name it, she has probably tried it. On almost every flight, even into Amarr territory, she makes time to indulge and sample even more.


Transmission Intercept in High Orbit of Eugales VI

Effective Immediate, All Defensive Installations to be Brought to IMMEDIATE Ready Status
Wellspring Source, and all other SUPERHEAVY classification vessels to immediate standby status.
Shields Active And Charged Across All Associated Orbital and Planetary Infrastructure
Warminds Are In Play and At the Ready.
Be Advised Defensive Retaliation And Munitions Intercept Authorized Only


Republic Star


The GalNet has been abuzz lately on the Conspiracy channel of the Neocomm Network rife with armchair detectives claiming to have proven that recent footage of Kril Efrit from Skarkon II speaking in support of Shakor are “deepfake” videos made with AI technology created to spread anti-Triglavian propaganda.

Using a series of questionable close-up stills multiple users have claimed to have discovered “proof” of “visual artifacting” [sic] and “metadata” that would suggest that the hero-general of the Tribal Resistance Army was, at the very least, not present for the filming of the broadcast. When asked for proof of evidence, users provided close-up screen captures of low-quality stream compression and timecodes in the original video file that suggest it was recorded roughly 36 hours before it was shared within the Tribal Assembly.

“Its pretty terrifying,” one user named ProfessionalExplainer claimed, “I mean, the Republic has been ramping up warmongering rhetoric against the stagnant war in Pochven for a while, and if Kril Efrit is dead like some of the pages I read from sources in Skarkon is true then who knows who is really behind what’s going on in Skarkon? There could be a massive coup by his officers trying to provoke the Trigs into genocide and we wouldn’t even know it!”

“It’s pretty hard to say anything for certain with Deepfakes, AI is just too good these days to really tell,” said another user by the name of BasedAndSkarkonPilled, “But did you see that stream? If it wasn’t deep faked it was a green screen, because on my internet it looked like dogshit.”


Placid Tribune Headlines

  • Chaos Amidst Dispute Over System Franchises In Archavoinet, Other System Memberstates Contest UPA Dominance of Interstellar Trade and Security
  • Outrage Across Pegeler as Kirkinen Risk Control Violates Existing Security Rights
  • Kirkinen Risk Control units sighted ‘Loitering in High Security Pegeler system of Archavoinet’, standoffs with independent captains, and system patrol vessels noted
  • Raised Alert Status Noted in unorganized System of Eugales as Colonial Developers and Security Forces Continue Standoffs with CONCORD units, tense truce with Kirkinen Risk Control and other Caldari Forces, Multiple Independent Colonies calling for reinforcement of defenses.
  • In an unexpected decision, Federated Republics of Renarelle V Changes Stance On System of Interest Claim by UPA on Eugales, Vocalizing Support For the Independence of Colonies, and Support and Mutual Defense Against ‘Overzealous Policing Forces’, Recent CONCORD Peacekeeper Actions Reportedly A Factor in Swing of Opinion, other Renarelle memberstates seem to remain ambivalent
  • Moclinamaud Memberstates remain Staunchly opposed to ongoing SoI claim and colonial independences in Eugales, Support of Planetary Militias to CONCORD Peacekeepers Offered by Some
  • Frarie Memberstate worlds remain neutral on ongoing SoI claim, but condemn ongoing ‘Peacekeeping actions’ of CONCORD affiliated units across constellation.
  • Aubenall memberstate governments remain largely silent over ongoing activities, though noted galnet influencers from Aubenall voice some support for EDA
  • Mixed Opinions Abound across region over continued harboring of supposed ‘Triglavian Dignitaries’ in Eugales by Eugales Development Authority and United Neopian Federation
  • Evidence growing of ‘Advanced Artificial Life’ being employed and given autonomy rights in various parts of region as CONCORD DERAIL continues crusade, outlook uncertain.
  • CailleGirl magazine article ‘AI: Are They Truly As Dangerous As CONCORD Wants Us To Believe?’ Takes off to glowing appraisal and burning controversy in region, GalNet discussion boards centered in Placid inundated with exceptionally high traffic and posting rates
  • Caldari militia capsuleers prepare for intense fighting to secure Viriette Constellation
  • Escalation of fighting between militia forces suggested as reason for some migration to neighboring regions


Responding to a recent legal action seeking payment of child support, infamous capsuleer Nauplius has filed a legal brief of his own demanding sole custody of the child in question. In the brief, hand delivered to the court by a TCMC-programmed slave, Nauplius claims that the child was horrifically abducted shortly after birth by noblewoman Lady Melisande Galena, who faked the baby’s death and emotionally manipulated the distraught mother, Achuran Serena Shi, into ending her marriage to Nauplius and death-cloning away her memories of the relationship. Only then, it is claimed, did Lady Galena return the child to Ms. Shi, hiding from her the true identity of her baby’s father.

In addition to his demands for custody, backed by images and video of he and Ms. Shi together which were submitted along with the brief, Nauplius has demanded independent paternity testing and an injunction against Lady Galena, whom he says has not only manipulated Ms. Shi but failed to protect her against the threat of Minmatar assassins. The brief unusually extends to Ms. Shi an offer of remarriage, promising her a dowry of “at least” 100,000 yaks and 100,000 slaves along with a life of total luxury aboard her very own Victorieux Luxury Yacht and all the resources needed to raise her child in perfect comfort and security. “At least come visit me,” concluded Nauplius in his brief.


From an independent news channel in Orvolle:

The famous philanthropist Julian Flavours has been taken into custom along with his Yacht, Cupid’s Cumulus after a routine ship inspection by the Federal Navy. It is reported that several “dark” spots were scanned, eluding to hidden compartments on the vessel. The boarding party discovered a significant quantity of contraband of which Mr. Flavours denies any knowledge off.

QUOTE/ It’s outrageous! Why would I smuggle something so simple like drugs when I can buy it all in the Federation? You’ll be hearing from my lawyers! \QUOTE

Mr. Flavours remains in custody until a hearing date has been give, but has been awarded special leave to holo-cast over the weekend under the Freedom to Socialise with Humans While in Custody Act


Chatter between baseliners in some murky lowsec bar.

“So, that frigate fight goin’ to happen again? In Ouelletta?”

“Yup, tomorrow around 16… Luckily it’s frigates so we won’t lose too many peeps in shipwrecks, since eggers are usually fine flying those alone.”

“Yeah but… Heard some of the eggers are bringing super big ships. They just let the frigs destroy them… Why the ■■■■?”

“Hell if I know… Eggers are like that. Break big toys for the amusement of others. At least that Hun Tra guy is tellin’ everyone if people hop on his Drake, there’ll be escape pods ready for us. So I ain’t too bothered. Might join that in fact.”

“Why would you risk your life in… That?”

“For the ISK of course. The pay’s good! And that guy is worth of his word, my cousin was in one of his Trashers, got out just fine. It’s lowsec, not null, after all.”

A clink of glasses can be heard.
“To your funeral, pal.”
Dry laughter follows.


Mehatoor - 24th IC Station

Another hearing brought us a fascinating and almost horrifying proposal from the opposing client - an offer of remarriage. When asked about this and the likelihood of acceptance, the claimant turned a vivid shade of green and had to excuse herself from the proceedings.

Miss Dadarwar indicated this was further proof of the traumatic circumstances her client found herself in while under the influence of the respondent. She went on to say that they would be doing all in their power to prevent this respondent having any custody of or visitation with her client’s young daughter, pointing out his many inadequacies as a parent.

We also inquired about the charges laid against Lady Melisandre Galena, who has sheltered the claimant and her daughter since they fled the respondent. Miss Dadarwar had to refrain from laughing at the outrageous contention that ‘minmatar assassins’ were after her client and her client’s daughter.

“The entire concept is beyond humorous, only adding to the mounting evidence of the respondent’s instability. Lady Galena protected my client and did only as asked by my client to rid her of the trauma of the events. Officers of the court have been to see the child, and are completely satisfied with her upbringing. In fact, they are pleased she is being educated in the Faith, as well as other subjects appropriate for an Amarrian child. We are wholly confident in our success in these legal matters, and find it quite a shame that the respondent doesn’t see this is in the best interests of the child.”


"-When I speak of embracing human error, do not mistake me for making an excuse for incompetence. Discipline is a virtue, control over oneself both mentally and physically Is a trait that should be admired as much as it should be desired. Through discipline we can remain consistent, reliable and valuable. Discipline is what the Guristas are known and feared for. Without discipline, the Guristas would be no different than some petty band of scoundrels lacking both cohesion and threat…. Like the Seven or some other wretched band of louts whose name isn’t worth remembering.

As I’ve taught before, we should all strive for improvement. While our humanity makes us prone to mistakes, we are capable of willing ourselves into ensuring that the same mistake doesn’t happen again. This, is something each of you must grasp yourselves, to take action to improve and become a shining example of competence and dependability.

… So I better not ■■■■■■■ hear about any of you using my teaching of ‘Human error’ as an excuse for why you ■■■■■■ up the job you were given, got it?"

  • Windchime Guru Suha Raibuya speaking before a crowd gathered in a hanger inside the Guristas Production Shipyard in 6NJ8-V

The Amarrian trade attaché to Orvolle has filed a formal inquiry with the Orvolle Ministry of Justice, noting the Empire’s urgent worry about the detainment of Julian Flavours. The inquiry from the attaché, who is rumored to be subservient to house Munory, emphasized the importance of mr. Flavours for the cultural exchanges between the Federation and the Empire. In his missive, the attaché argues that mr. Flavours’ swift release is beneficial and even crucial to the continuation of the fruitful cultural cooperation between the Federation and the Empire, as his work leads to an unquestionable mutual benefit and better understanding between the two apparently very different entities.

The Amarrian Consulate itself declined comment, except from a short statement saying that the Consul is most happily surprised by the unexpected initiative of his trade attaché but would prefer to first look more closely into the matter to clarify any formal stance regarding the detainment of mr. Flavours.


Man, Woman… These words are labels, no different than those of national identities like being called Caldari… They serve a purpose in providing simplicity in one’s identity, but they are inherently limiting. Is it not a cruel thing that one’s life is planned with an expectation dependent on them being born with either a penis or a vagina? Personally I find-… I-I-Im sorry. You. Yes you, in the back that’s snickering. Do these words amuse you? Is it entertaining for you that I’m up here saying penis like it’s nothing? Or was it vagina that did it for you?

… Okay no, don’t you all start now. I bring these things up because I will not teach a spirituality that shuns these types of discussions as ‘improper’ and ‘childish’ as this subject is something essential for us to understand to discover our true identities. For far too long the so-called civilized societies of our cluster have propagated shackling mindsets in their people by giving them some set expectation for who they’re supposed to be based purely off some organ between your legs. While many will find comfort, there are just as many that become crippled by a role they never asked for. Forced to fit a mold that they themselves want to reject. Forced to meet some expectation on who they are, who they are supposed to be. Gender is not a fact, they are boxes used to sort individuals for the benefit of an authority. An authority that would do whatever it can to ensure those under it’s bootheel act and conduct themselves how they deem appropriate. No different than how Caldari are expected to be Caldari, or Amarr be Amarr. Like humans are expected to be single minded insects… We’re more complex than that.

I say, to the void with these labels of man and woman. We should not weaken ourselves with these labels and instead take control of our own identities. For they are ours after all… Not done by some wider collective, or even our parents and peers. And this is not some call that everyone here must abandon what they know themselves as currently. Simply put, do not take comfort that you are a man, or a woman. Take comfort that you are you. Whatever that may be… And if you are not comfortable? Seek it out… There is no pride to be had in linearity, no pride in some label branded to you based off some organ you carry. A penis is a penis as much as a vagina is just a vagina. They do not define who you are.

… Okay, whose snickering? Point them out."

  • Windchime Guru Suha Raibuya speaking before a crowd gathered in a hanger inside the Guristas Production Shipyard in 6NJ8-V

To: The Director
From: Agonarch
Hey boss,
I… have an idea… but I’ll need you to grease some palms with your specialties, and perhaps a lot of isk, to make it work.

I have a lot of old friends in various independent merc squadrons that are still palling about in OR, CR, PB, and such. Some tied to the Valks, others Schism, and some just ■■■■■■■ about with their own stuff these days. My relationship with them’s complicated… but I think I can get enough of them together to cause a ruckus. Some isk, some limited prints of our fighter advances, and good place for them to throw down, and we could have a big ol’ flash point that will be hot enough to draw some attention away from the Orbital Yard and Arcology.

I’m not gonna lie to you ma’am, this will be expensive, and probably going to piss off a lot of people… but frankly, if there’s one thing they hate more than eachother, it’ll be SARO Reds, and a chance to give them the middle finger? Yeah they’d jump at the chance.

I’m currently eyeing up Aubenall IX as the place for it, way I understand it, you have some old planetary bases there that were left largely to rot, and the planet is mostly uninhabited save some hardy folks that run across the ice shelfs… little chance of this actually spilling over and hurting anything important, but can’t promise anything. Clone Pilots are about as unpredictable as Clone Soldiers, afterall… hehe.

I’ve already taken the liberty of calling in some favors… now, I just need you to help smooth some things over, ships are already rolling into system.

Jaghatai “Agonarch” Kelmoren

This could also be a good opportunity for some of our greener pilots to have some fun and gain some experience in relative safety, and a chance to field test some more hardware.


Intercepted System Security Picket Transmission - Aubenall

P1-1: Picket 1-1 to Control, More streaming in. Cynosural light off from mobile beacon deployment. Energy displacements concurrent with more Superheavies… lot of smaller displacements
P2-1: Picket 2-1 here, confirming, have eyes on, cloak active, they can’t see us but pretty sure they know we’re here. Camera drones keep going down any time they get in close to the fleet.
C: Control to Picket Detail, roger. Maintain eyes on.
P1-1: Control, be advised, Directional suggests a Kirkiken Risk Control unit keeping distance nearby, possibly keeping tabs on the congregating fleets over planet IX.
C: Copy 1-1, keep your distance. SysAdmin and Planetary Admin don’t want SecFor getting into a scrape with them. Be advised, independent intel suggests that this will only keep growing, but will largely remain contained to planet IX orbit and atmosphere.
P2-1: Translation, we can’t touch them unless they go beyond the planetary sphere of influence. This is ■■■■■■■■.
P1-1: Lock it down 2-1. Just part of the job.
P2-1: ■■■■■■■■ job is what it is.
C: Ease up 1-1, 2-1’s right to be leery… This is highly unusual. 2-1, going to have to ask you to burn some more camera drones. Need image capture of current fleet, see what emblems can be grabbed as well.
P2-1: This is yak ■■■■… copy Control. Sending in a set now, transmitting in ten seconds…




In a shocking development in an ongoing custody battle, notorious capsuleer Nauplius has attempted to backmail his former wife Serena Shi by releasing evidence purporting to show Ms. Shi participating in forbidden Sani Sabik rituals. Among the evidence provided to the court as well as Gallentean reporters covering Mr. Nauplius’s Sedevacantist Church include —

  • Sworn affidavits from Mr. Nauplius’s workers and slaves claiming that Ms. Shi sacrificed three Minmatar to God — one Brutor, one Sebiestor, one Vherokior — during an initiation ritual.
  • An image of a Sani Sabik style Golden Vial which is said to contain the blood of Ms. Shi’s three Minmatar victims.
  • Security camera footage said to show Ms. Shi participating in a “Blood Liturgy” in Mr. Nauplius’s former Red Temple. In the footage, a priest offers Ms. Shi a chalice containing a red liquid, intoning, “The Blood of the Brutor” to which Ms. Shi responds, “It gives strength to the Chosen” before drinking from the cup.

Mr. Nauplius also released a recording addressed to Ms. Shi. This begins by stating that Ms. Shi will now be a wanted criminal in every Empire and has no choice but to seek refuge in the only safe place for her in all the cluster — Mr. Nauplius’s hanger. After apologizing for the release of the incriminating material, Mr. Nauplius says it was for Ms. Shi’s own good and that it was the only way to get Ms. Shi “away from the clutches of the evil Lady Galena.” Mr. Nauplius repeated the “happy things” that await his former wife in his hanger, including a luxury yacht, thousands of slaves, and eventually remarriage with a wedding gift including at least 100,000 yaks. “Please come home, before it is too late,” Mr. Nauplius concluded his message.


Nasreri VII - Moon 4 - Amarr Trade Registry Bureau Offices
Yun-Hee Yubari has been spotted running in the station’s parks and working as part of the security staff at nightclub/restaurant The Nocturne.


((Work kinda got in the way of getting this one out on time, just pretend this came out yesterday in time for a certain holiday. Guess I’m the fool this year.))


CailleGirl™ now-freelance war correspondent Hugo Harghest reports on operations in Skarkon to fight the surging tide of environmental collapse alongside Varyazi Clade operatives.

When the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization took action denying free movement for the citizens of Pochven, they said nothing about the creatures skittering across the deserts or in the depths of its oceans. Since calling a summit to bridge the gab between the warring factions on Skarkon II to assess the environmental impact of the war and bioadaption, Varyazi Clade and the Red Knight of Pochven have been doing that they do best; finding unorthodox solutions to impossible tasks.

It seems fuckin’ nuts, the same man dropping antimatter rounds and diving into mutaplasmid swarms after the ghost of Skarkon, Kril Efrit, now playing the role of ecologist. Its no secret I’m on his payroll now, as I’m sure my editors will take great care to highlight, after he asked me to document their exploits on the planet. But is been pretty clear now the self-styled “revolutionaries” of Varyazi Clade picked something up from the RSS as they came to blows over Molden Heath. You don’t need triumphant B-rolls of tanks at parade stance rolling into cities and dumpstering ramshackle APCs labeled “Skarkon Tribal Resistance Cringe Compellation” to build your base. Sometimes its just about documenting the experience, and building the legend however absurd and contradictory. I feel like thats the point right, forbidding themselves at an institutional level from being pinned down in the information war or fully understood even by themselves.

Anyway. That’s, like, the best qualifier I can think to come up with for this ■■■■. Whatever face they project even among the other warclone clans, Varyazi in their hearts thinks Skarkon is their planet and go to great lengths to show pride over their domain and all they inherited when it got dragged into hell. To lose any part of the planet would be to damage that prize. Utterly persistent to have their cake and eat it too, I sit here in my field office reporting on their latest exploit; Operation Afanc.

With slight conversions to the pre-invasion warbarge-freighter Fisher King, launch skids previously converted to carry Mobile Command Centers were turned into tanks and terrariums pre-staged with seawater loaded from the warclone-held orbital customs platform. These tanks were equiped to hold paired samples of any and all Skarkon megafauna Varyazi could get their hands on in the last month. Equipment previously used to hunt for rogue submarines and recon Veles Clade expeditionary groups were used to track and capture as many samples of indigenous pseudo-cetacea they could identify. False whales, dolphins, and porpoises in the interior sea that had been studied and hunted by coastal settlements for decades before the planet fell were loaded into Fisher King from Varyazi-controlled planetary strongholds to be exported for study to evaluate the impact on bioadaption and possible resettlement to nature preserves in K-space.

The results of the endeavor are unclear, and likely will be until we know more from their study and the future of Skarkon. With any luck, it will give some insight into how they can continue to survive in a place like Skarkon. If the planet is really doomed though, then they may be brought to compatible temperate or ocean worlds with a suitable food source, assuming it doesn’t expose their new environment to multiadaptive contamination. When I asked for a short list of locations I was met with a laugh.

“I dunno, Matigu is a nice place this time of year. Y’ever reported on a yacht party there before?”

(Above: Varyazi Retrofitted Fisher King Receives Another Planetary Shipment from Skarkon)


"-It shouldn’t appear out of the ordinary for anyone when I use this position to provide beneficial life advice for those that come to see me!~ As such, I would like to take a moment to do just that! < clearing throat > … Drink some water… No seriously! Have a glass of water! What? Were you expecting me to mumble on some cryptic message that has more symbolism than clarity? No! It’s just that simple! Drink some ■■■■■■■ water! I’m fully aware that many of you love a good party after a mission that has all the different types of drinks mixed with various enriching ingredients that just invite you to consume more and more!-

-And I’m all for it! I want everyone here to enjoy themselves! Drink within reason maybe, but don’t feel ashamed if you don’t from time to time! All I am advising is that all of you practice discipline when it comes to keeping hydrated when engaging in the usual festivities. Alcohol is a diuretic! What’s a diuretic? A type of substance that increases your urine production! So when you have to go piss after drinking, it’s not necessarily because you drank a lot of alcohol, and more so that you consumed something that has rapidly increased the rate your body produces urine! Which! In turn - removes water from your body at a faster rate and leads to dehydration… And that? Is unacceptable! We owe it to our bodies to discipline ourselves into replenishing any lost liquids after enjoying alcoholic beverages. And before any of you shrug this off as something insignificant, allow me to just continue this tirade and further explain just why it’s issue that everyone here should take seriously. Do you know some symptoms of dehydration? Allow me to list a few!

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Muscle cramps

ALL of these things should be seen as a liability! Dehydration is an insidious enemy that must be fought against within the Guristas’ ranks! No Gurista should ever have their mission complicated with any of these factors that could hinder their performance. There should be no snipers that experience drowsiness aiming down a scope. No dropship pilot unde a state of dizziness when landing and absolutely no instance under any circumstances should the commander of a raid force be suffering from a kidney stone passing all because they failed to keep themselves hydrated! So please, the next time you’re sitting in a bar after a successful mission and you had maybe one to many tropical warpscrews, have a glass of water! Have three! And don’t just stop at alcohol consumption! Be sure to drink water periodically! Drink it in the morning! Before training! After training! Before a mission and most certainly after it! Hydration is the most important and easiest ritual you can make apart of your daily life! So please! Just drink some water! You’re doing yourself a favor!

“…W-What if i don’t like drinking water?”

“You better start liking it!”

    • Windchime Guru Suha Raibuya (And audience member) speaking before a crowd gathered in a hanger inside the Guristas Production Shipyard in 6NJ8-V

Article from the Placie Tribune, republished across various publication sites such as CailleGirl, The Stacmon Herald, Pegeler Inquirer, Unour Courant, and others via syndication agreements

Placid Tribune Special Report with Alora Etanziel 4.08.YC124
Warzone Tribulations: The Chaos of the Swing Fronts
It is a terrifying time for many currently living in the swinging frontline systems of the so called Militia Warzones.
Constant shifts in nominal system administration rights, ever changing troubles with security, trade and mineral rights, and the constant back and forth of Privateer pilot and sanctioned military and paramilitary units has created a disturbingly volatile atmosphere bereft of a consistent rule of law.
Nowhere is this more apparent than the ongoing and widespread reports of looting, intersectional violence, and colonial suppression seen across the Placid region over the past few months.
While Federal Administration has been quick to lay the blame at the feet of Caldari Security Forces such as LDPS(the perpetrators of the so called ‘Intaki Crisis’ tragedy), Ishukone Watch, or Kirkinen Risk Control, the reality is unfortunately far less clear cut and unpleasant.
In the confusing flurry of mass deployments that have occurred, there currently exist a mix of verified reports across the region gaining positive ID of unit signifiers of not only Caldari Security Forces, but also disturbingly, Federal Marine, CONCORD, and SDII involved in large scale unsanctioned acts of depravity, vandalism, and theft
The future remains uncertain for the region, as rogue units from all sides continue to ravage smaller colonies and habitation zones caught in the cycle of the swing fronts.
This has been Alora Etanziel with the Placid Tribune.


A series of posters have been cropping up all over Galnet and the Darknet sites of anti EDENCOM propaganda. The series appears to be questioning the loyalty and leadership of; EDENCOM’s Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, President Celes Aguard, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor and CEP Chairman Akimaka Saraki.


To: Agonarch
From: The Director
It seems your little stunt’s worked. A lot better than you’d hoped.
As it stands, I’ve seen a massive uptick in traffic in the constellation, from all corners. SARO, SDII, Federal Marines, more Kirkenin, and many others. There’s also the reports as seen in The Scope.
You’re damned lucky that little party on and over Aubenal IX is drawing as many eyes as it is or we’d be up to our eyeballs in directed actions.
I saw the report about that hijack gang getting busted… did some digging, and it seems that it was one of your friends. A heavily modified Rorqual with its mining holds hollowed out and converted to hangar and launch bays under the designation ‘El Cheapo’, delightful name, strayed outside the cordon zone of the fleet that’s continuing to gather further and further in the Orbital sphere of Aub-IX, and it was pounced on by a Red Troop squadron. Was some token defense attempt from fleet, but it seems they largely left the poor bastards out to dry.
Can’t say I’m surprised. Really.
It looks like two pilots from the Rorqual compliment made it out of the capture zone, with the rest being put on Ice but Red Troop, and the primary crew of the Rorqual and other support vessels that strayed with it forcibly subdued and brought into custody. The Rorqual it seems was towed to, and impounded in the station in system for the time being.
Try to keep this going. I’m making preparations for other things.
oh, and before I forget, Glitter Edifice has requested full access to all sensor feed, combat system, and diagnostic data for that fleet… well, requested, more so she took the liberty to create a breach protocol for her to remote access from, and asked me to deliver it to you to spread across their networks… its the least you can do for me, in return for making sure this didn’t collapse immediately.

The Director