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Saisio Eskeitan! Rebrands under new name.

Wiyrkomi Observer


by Kuvilha Ukilhaara

There has been an announcement today that popular Achura holo-tuber group Saisio Eskeitan! Will be rebranding under a new name, Seituoda Eskeitan! The move comes as the group was acquired by Seituoda Taskforce Command and its intellectual properties were transferred to the new owning company.

Managing Director for Seituoda Eskeitan! Tsuneshi Ryuzouji has assured the groups avid fans that the lighthearted and wholesome entertainment will remain unchanged and will continue to be broadcast on Quafe GalNet streaming services.

“While we may have a new name for our group, the girls of Seituoda Eskeitan! Will continue to strive to warm the hearts of their fans and admirers across the cluster!” Said Managing Director Tsuneshi Ryuzouji on corporate social media.

The new name comes with new lore for the idols of Seituoda Eskeitan! Having completed their military training and service at a fictional military academy on Achura they have come to be corporate contractors at Seituoda Taskforce Command where Director Ryuzouji claims, “The girls of Seituoda Eskeitan! Will uphold the unimpeachable honour of the Seituoda family and teach foreign audiences about the culture and traditions of the Caldari people with the verve of youthful soldiers.”

The new name has been received well among the group’s legion of fans in the Gallente Federation where it has become popular and gained a cult following.

User xXRaataSoldierXx appears to have summarized the views of fans of Seituoda Eskeitan! In the Federation, “I’m ready to defend the Heiian of the Wiyrkomi and my queens of Seituoda Eskeitan against all haters don’t @ me” While appearing to post an image of themselves wearing a trenchcoat and fedora, wielding a replica of a curved Raata-era sword.


Announcement by Order of the Herald’s Office

Embargo lifted by the Ministry of Internal Order

The Herald to the House of Melenkurion announces the following:

The streets of Nujel’ Mogh, demesne capital of the Emirate of Ilushu-Nâsir and Dûr-Sharrukin were thronged with jubilant crowds celebrating the news of the Decree of Vindication issued for Emira Andelain ur-Melenkari three days ago.

Lady Andelain had been brought before a Court of Judges on a number of serious matters, along with her brother, his Eminence the Abbot Palatine. Once the deliberations were completed, her ladyship invoked her ancient right to Ordeal by Combat, and laid this petition directly upon the Council of her liege lord, the Duke of Mekhios. As tradition has it since time immemorial, the petition was duly granted and her accusers from the Kindgom of Khanid were required to send a champion to press their cause.

As the accused, and befitting the Hornmaiden of the Kataphractoi of Lyr, Lady Andelain chose the lance and shamshir, taking the Field of Divine Justice on Sarum Prime in ornate golden mail and helm, mounted upon her favourite steed Cyraxes. The accuser’s champion, one Cumani Dolroth, did great honour to the Ordeal by reciprocating in the garb of the ancient Khanid warriors of the steppe, dark leather and black steel, armed with a wicked serrated kilij, crouched lightly on a nimble pony.

The Blessings and Invocation done, the combatants rounded upon one another with fierce blows, whereupon God clearly showed His Favour by parting the louring clouds overhead. A piercing shaft of sunlight illuminated the field. Such was the sudden glare from Lady Andelain’s fabulous armour, her opponent quite lost his advantage of agility, and his head was struck from his shoulders in a single blow.

The Presiding Prelate and delegates of the Sarum Council who had attended immediately declared that Lady Andelain had been found by God to be entirely innocent of all charges, and that her name and titles, and those of her brother, be immediately restored and duly honoured.

Thus is the Will and Mercy of God bestowed upon the Righteous.

On her return to the Kalat-al-Hambra palace, the Emira announced a week of celebration and offerings to God. In reverent gratitude, she bestowed full freedom to the entire household staff of the palace, and his Eminence the Abbot-Palatine did likewise to those faithful estate slaves of the Abbey of the Purified Heart of St Venefice. A full company of Imperial Marines identified by the Navy as having served with distinction and which had been bred in the Abbey’s facilities were also granted their full freedom.

Thus does the Munificence of God redouble upon all the Faithful.

In other news, Eskalon lar-Melenkuri, patriarch of the cadet branch of the House Melekurion who had earlier submitted a Petition of Attainder, was tragically killed in a building collapse along with his entire family and several servants. It is understood that there were also a number of prosecution witnesses from the earlier trial visiting at the time. Their families are being contacted. Local authorities have started an investigation on behalf of the Emirate as there are some claims that Minmatar terrorists may have been to blame. The usual suspects have been rounded up.


Faithful of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist have joined demonstrators outside Caille’s Aidonis Elabon Building. Protesting the presence of Amarrian loyalist organization LUMEN, the sedevacantists have been seen carrying three sorts of things through the streets:

  1. A unoccupied replica of the Amarr Golden Throne, symbol of the sedevacantist movement.
  2. Garish, florescent signs with writing in big Kabel Black typeface stating “God hates LUMEN”. Other signs repeat the sedevacantist slogan “Sede Vacante”.
  3. Teaser posters advertising the upcoming holoreel Eyes for Faith, the third in the series of The True Emperor holoreels. The posters feature an Achuran woman, mostly out of frame except for half her face (and its striking orange hair and eye adorned with heavy pink eye shadow) and one leg, the latter bare but for a dangerous looking stiletto high-heel.

Footage has surfaced from Raravoss III - initially shown during a small gathering last month, the uneditted material spilled onto several GalNet locations:

Camera drone footage shows 20 or so people inside a courtyard, some at the entrance to an estate, the rest by a destroyed and smoking gate. The markings on the walled courtyard are clearly that of an Amarrian holder, but all Imperial symbology has been defaced in some fashion, with others completely removed. One person steps forward, heavily armoured, with a energised glaive in their hand and a ornate scrambler pistol in the other

“I am il-Khan Paladin Kley. I am here to remove the taint that this place brings to The Empire.” announces the individual, the voice modulated somewhat by the helmet, designed to inspire fear in those that they face. “Stand aside or you will be struck down.”

Two of the people by the estate immediately throw their weapons aside and comply with the command, clearly not wanting to fight. The rest raise their weapons, one calling out:

“Yeah, but no. The Empire has abandoned us, and so has God!”

There is a moment of pause, before a simple, terse response is made:

"Die then."

The combat is exceptionally short and violent, the armoured warrior moving with speed that belies the weight of the armour on them. A cloak flicks up from the il-Khan, and various still shots show that the cloak is a collection of triglavian bioadaptive masks, some dulled by the ashy warzone, but several have been painted in gold, bringing out the Amarrian symbol from them. The footage flickers with actinic flares from the energised weapon, the corpses of those slain having an molten appearance around their armoured torsos.

The only person to move from the party at the gates is the il-Khan. the remainder standing firm to prevent any escape. The only survivors are the two that surrendered early on and one more, the one that spoke back to her. Grabbing the final surivior and starting to drag them back to the destroyed gate one more audible line is heard before the camera drone is shut down:

“Take those two for interrogation. Destroy this place and kill everyone in it.”


Advertisements are popping up on Help Wanted boards in Mehatoor and surrounding systems:

Help needed, a Chamberlain of Protocol or Elite Slave trained in Protocol. Please send information directly to Lord Jason Statesman Moradian to arrange an interview. Finders fee will be paid to appropriate individuals assisting in the acquisition of needed staff member.


Achuran actress Mayumi Sasaki gave an interview to the Gallentean entertainment tabloid “Impetus Today” regarding her upcoming holoreel Eyes for Faith, produced by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist.

Tell us about your character.
I play “Cheeky”, an Achuran pilot recruited by the evil Stargazers to seduce and assassinate sedevacantist heroine “Chastity”, performed by Amirah Damali. But along the way, Cheeky and Chastity fall in love, and instead they join together to overthrow the evil Stargazers and liberate the Achuran people from Caldari oppression.

You weren’t the first choice for the role.
The first two girls succumbed to the gyrations of Amirah’s hips during one of the holoreel’s many vigorous love scenes, one with a fractured pelvis, the other with a bruised kidney. So I got surgically implanted steel rebar in my abdomen to prevent me from suffering the same fate. Um, when I asked them to take it out after shooting was over, they said I might need it for the sequel, so I’ve still got it.

What was the audition like?
The hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. They made me run an obstacle course wearing stiletto high heels, occasionally impaling a target dummy by kicking it with my heels (something I will do a lot in Eyes for Faith. I almost quit, but then I remembered what playing Chastity did for Amirah’s career and that gave my the extra motivation to complete the course.

What was the weirdest thing that happened on set?
We just got done shooting a big battle scene with people riding horses and yaks and camels, when this Khanid dude people called the “Executive Producer” showed up via holoprojection and berated the director for using one-hump camels instead of two-hump camels. He said two-hump camels are the traditional Khanid kind, and only barely-human Ni-Kunni use one-hump camels. The director got angry and said Chastity was a Ni-Kunni and what did it matter what kind of camels we use. It was really awkward. We got a new director the next day, and shot the scene again with two-hump camels.

What was the hardest part about playing Cheeky?
The makeup. It took them hours every day to apply it. They had pictures of this orange-haired Achuran girl with pink eye shadow wearing a Caldari uniform and the Khanid Executive Producer guy said I had to look like that at all times, even during the shower scenes with Amirah. Well, not the Caldari uniform, but the rest of it. A couple times during the holoreel, I get to mesmerize attackers with my eyes, and then Chastity hip checks them to death.

Look for Mayumi Sasaki in the holoreel Eyes for Faith coming to traditional and Aroma 3D theaters soon.


Dateline January 23rd, YC 125

Today on Mehatoor News 24, a local news agency A flash mob of mostly Gallentean visitors gathered in the international district of Mehatoor’s 24th Imperial Crusade station, and started a protest. The protesters were quickly apprehended by the station’s security services. Their visas have been revoked and they are being expelled from the Empire. It is unknown how the protest could be organised at all in our heavily monitored station, but it has become clear that it was planned by foreign drone and animal rights activist movements. Protesters carried boards with slogans and symbols of the DLA, the Drone Liberation Army, and UFAR, the United Front for Animal Rights. The protesters decried LUMEN for disemboweling animals for entertainment, force feeding of furriers, gravitational stacking of yak in experimental orbital pastureland, and willfull abandonment of drones to do experiments in hostile space.

News 24 contacted LUMEN official A. Jenneth, assistant to the Directix, for a response to these accussations.

[A. Jenneth] "Our thanks to Mehatoor News 24 for seeking comment prior to publication. Upon brief review, it is our belief that the allegations regarding yaks and furriers are grotesque mischaracterizations of traditional Khanid culinary practices; that the alleged “stacking” of yak pastures is an overreaction to space-efficiency theorycrafting not even formally proposed, much less put into practice; and that the willful abandoment of drones would amount to … what, exactly?

[A. Jenneth] "LUMEN is compliant with Imperial and CONCORD law regarding artificial intelligence. Our drones are not entities capable of suffering even if abandoned, so even if we were intentionally leaving drones behind in hostile space for some purpose what would that be but a loss of equipment?

[A. Jenneth] “The above is a preliminary statement only. More detailed response may follow.”

One high-ranking security official, who wishes to remain anonymous, commented “They’ve been back, what, three weeks now, LUMEN? And the place is going to the dogs already. It’s not just the protests, we’re investigating suspicious clone bay malfunctions as well! More LUMENeers come out than go in. What are they building in there? A clone army? Anyway. The so-called protest is under control, there are no more protesters on station, case closed.”



Outrage has been sparked among inhabitants of Athounon VI over the alleged kidnapping of war correspondent Porat Ramachaux by Taayusaka security forces.

Following the landing and territorial claims of the capsuleer-led State Protectorate corporation, prior to the so called “Serthoulde Campaign”, Taayusaka Eskeitan has been the target of intense criticism for their blatant militarization and aggressive expansion, all under the flimsy guise of lawful resource exploitation operations as covered under Capsuleer “PI” regulations.

With FEDMILCOM and GALFEDCINC’s controversial suspension of the Yulai Accords within the system, orders for the removal of the renegade ‘Kigurosaka Complex’ have been reported to be issued to Federal Marine units stationed on the planet, who have since been locked in a stalemate with occupying Taayusaka forces.

Mr. Ramachaux was allegedly in the middle of investigating rumors of substantial orbital traffic to and from the military complex when he was apprehended by corporate security forces, under whose custody he presumingly remains. What little information he managed to transmit prior to his capture has sparked significant concern, citing “mass minelaying”, “extensive deployment of DADDI systems” and the “use of radiological and chemical weapons in scorched earth operations” within Taayusaka-occupied territory.

Demonstrations protesting “Federal inaction” have flared up in surrounding cities, urging the garrisoned units to intervene before the corporate forces retreat off-world.


While it seems there were initial attempts to keep this news under wraps, information has leaked from the Devoid Region that Lord Arya Nagad was recently killed. This occurred when a capsuleer’s ship he was being transported in was destroyed near his home planet in Raa. Amarrian claims have been made that this attack was orchestrated by anti-Amarr, Matari aligned terrorists. However, despite the evident involvement of one Electus Matari pilot, the details are unclear on whether this was a premeditated attack, or an unfortunate causality of war. It has been confirmed that the ship’s crew, both free and slave, all perished in the incident. Details regarding the ship’s capsuleer pilot and other relevant findings are being withheld by authorities pending an investigation.

Attempts to reach a spokesman for the Nagad family for additional commentary and clarification have proven unsuccessful. Our hearts go out to the family for their tragic loss. It is unknown whether or not Lord Nagad had a successor.



Protesters bearing signs proclaiming “Stop SIMPing” and “No FAP” have descended upon the Seituoda Eskeitan! office in Samanuni’s Wiyrkomi station along with today’s release of the Sedevacantist Church’s third holoreel, Eyes for Faith. Among the villains of the new holoreel, Seituoda Eskeitan’s SIMP and FAP divisions are portrayed abducting Achuran girls and forcing them into a horrific life as “idols” servicing lascivious Caldari. According to anthropologist Jakke Jarvi at the New Caldari College of Arts of Sciences, Eyes for Faith is designed to promote hatred of the Caldari people. “Every Caldari we see has a grotesquely oversized, stereotyped Civire chin and can’t keep his eyes off or his hands from grabbing Achuran women. This holoreel needs to be banned everywhere.” It is not known whether the Samanuni protesters were organized by the Sedevacantist Church, and Wiyrkomi authorities are expected to disperse the crowd quickly.

The Caldari are not alone in their reservations concerning Eyes for Faith. Across the border, spokesperson for the Federation’s small Achuran minority, Satsuki Yamazaki said that the holoreel reinforces Achuran stereotypes. “The new Achuran character, Cheeky, is a sexy magical seductress with a belt full of alchemical love potions,” she said. “Elsewhere, Achurans are shown inflicting magic curses and relieving such curses by sleeping with the afflicted. The holoreel even celebrates the old custom of making brushes from the eyelashes of those defeated in battle, in this case Civire and Deteis. Eyes for Faith is prejudiced and must be banned.”

Activists weren’t the only ones unhappy with Eyes for Faith. Popular holoreel critic Pascal Lavigne declared the new holoreel “The worst of the three.” “At least with The Scent of Faith”, he continued, “one could fast forward to the love scenes and enjoy Amirah Damali’s sizzling hips. Now they’ve integrated the sermon scenes and the love scenes, so one can’t watch Amirah and newcomer Mayumi Sasaki in action without hearing Chastity whisper something about the awesomeness of slavery to Cheeky while the pair are in bed rubbing hips.”

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist declined comment for this story.


YC125.02.13 // ATHOUNON

Independent reporters covering the unfolding story of Taayusaka Eskeitan’s withdrawal from Athounon after months of occupation report that a lone Rhea-class Jump Freighter registered with the corporation, the “TCS Inchoate Broker”, was spotted entering the system from the newly constructed Samanuni gate.

After lingering among the Navy vessels guarding the gate, the freighter activated its jump drive and departed from the system as swiftly as it arrived.

An alleged scan of the freighter’s contents has been circulated by independent media, the veracity of which could not be confirmed.




Following a week of extensive skirmishes between Federal Marine units and Taayusaka Eskeitan security forces, reports are coming in that the last of Taayusaka’s personnel have withdrawn from the planet’s surface.

Authorities have cordoned the previously occupied territories while operations are underway to defuse the multitude of area denial systems left behind by corporate forces. This hasn’t stopped ambitious scavengers seeking to claim any equipment the occupying force may have left behind, resulting in multiple civilian casualties.

Most alarming of all, however, are the unsubstantiated reports of chemical agents being used by Taayusaka, as detailed by yet missing correspondent Porat Ramachaux. Taayusaka’s central facility within the exclusion zone, the ‘Kigurosaka Complex’, was located off the coast of lake Verre, and concerns of chemical contamination of the local water supply have been expressed by residents, urging the defusal teams to expedite their task so that decontamination specialists may step in.

Federal Marines representatives were unavailable for comment.


Region : Placid

Constellation : Viriette

System : Intaki

Station : Intaki V (Intaki Prime) - Moon 5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery

SCOPE Local Intaki News Reporter

In a worrying turn of events it appears capsuleer Richard Masseri’s “Bodyguard Force” Stationed in offices across a number of stations in Intaki have disappeared.

It was noted at approximately 01:30 local time on the YC125-02-09 that orders had been issued and the force in its entirety had up and moved out.

Normally words in relation to a single capsuleers bodyguard unit might not spark attention but Richard Masseri ILF Member and some would say Intaki Terrorist had a small army of personal guards numbering just over three hundred thousand strong*. The action was noted straight away by station staff as the offices, quarters and warehouses containing assorted personal goods were left entirely abandoned.

Then why you ask is this story coming to you so late well in a strange twist of fate Gallente Lawyers did there darnedest over the last week in an attempt to stop the publication over “fears” from the Intaki “Freedom Fighter” that this would harm a commercially sensitive trade deal. However when matters came to ahead and the true content of this article was made clear to the judiciary we were all but praised out the door as it appears that the capsuleer in question had used contacts within the supreme court** to mislead the legal team as to the nature of our story.

We have reached out to Richard multiple times for comment however to this date his office, what remains of it or the capsuleer himself have not responded to comment on any matters raised.

Suffice to say this may be good news for mercenaries in the area as maybe the somewhat paranoid capsuleer might be looking for replacements.

*It is noted that the combined value of the bodyguard force numbered at approximately 4.6billion ISK and included a sizeable contingent of War-clones.

**It is understood that Richard Masseri has a history of missioning for Agents of the Supreme Court and this correspondant suggests the purpose of this relationship should now be brought into question.


Placid Tribune, YC125.02.17


“And after long hours of meditation my mind opened and a path lay beore me to the sides to the path stood buildings and people but on closer inspection these were not quite what they seemed as each appeared made of a hundred no a billion tiny fragments like a sand castle where each grain held vital import.”

A quote from Idama Modire Volckeel from their text The Way : A Study On The Ida and The Capsuleer


// feed from a news channel on Intaki Prime //

… In more local planetary news, increased Federal military presence on Intaki Prime has lead to an increase in military raids, both against Intaki separatists, State infiltrators, and criminal elements. LNNS has received a report from a source close to the matter alleging that a warehouse in Navyii Akat was raided; one thought to be used by subversive elements for the distribution of illicit firearms, but in fact contained contraband of another type.

Reportedly owned by what is now believed to be a shell corporation of the Serpentis criminal organization, the warehouse was raided yesterday, shortly before dawn, by Federal marines. The military was apparently trying to take the building by surprise, but a firefight broke out between the soldiers and the gang members inside the warehouse. Owning to it’s location on the outskirts of the industrial district of Navyii Akat, no civilian casualties were reported, but three gang members were killed, along with two marines who fell in the line of duty.

After Federal soldiers took control of the warehouse, they began taking inventory of what was within. While our source didn’t give us hard numbers, they did state that a great variety of contraband was seized, reportedly bound for cities all over the planet, along with a number of stations in orbit. Among the goods discovered were large amounts of narcotics, both legal and illegal, as well as combat-grade stimulants, illicit ‘ghost guns’, counterfeit currency of a variety of sources reportedly valued in the millions of ISK, and in a strange turn, what seems to be cultural artifacts that can allegedly be traced back to Turnur I. Turnur I is, as you may remember, a planet in the Minmatar Republic that was recently destroyed by the Amarr Empire’s terroristic use of little-understood Triglavian stellar manipulation technology.

The trade in illegal artifacts is widespread, and the industry is so lucrative that it represents the fifth largest intercluster illicit trade activity, behind drugs, arms dealing, slave trading and copyrighted technology. The DED estimates that cultural property trafficking may amount to over two trillion ISK per year, and experts say that number is only growing.

These artifacts, once likely destined for a wealthy private collector’s museum, now have a chance to be returned to their rightful owners; the survivors of Turnur I.


“After many more years of study I traveresed the road yet further and now I saw that the figments which surrounded this path could be viewed in closer detail each grain of sand was not simply a grain but a tiny biological machine guiding the bodies and persons forward on their own path.”

Quotes from Idama Modire Volckeel The Way : A Study On The Ida and The Capsuleer


Following the sub-orbital detonation in the atmosphere of Raravoss III, communications have been rendered difficult due to atmospheric interference. However, news filters through that those known recently to have been declared traitors to the Amarr Empire and in league with the Triglavians, and captured, have had the taboo 6th symbol of the Amarr branded into their backs.

Fighting still continues however on the planet, forces led by the il-Khan still attempting to clear Port Sarum of remaining Svarog and Perun forces, bolstering their own weapons with the few imports that get by the Triglavian orbital blockades.


Svarog Incursion Sparks Resurgence in Attacks on Provisional Officials

Vale Unity Communique

Vale, Krai Veles, Pochven


Echoing the unsolved murders of Vale Provisional Government officials several months ago, the bodies of twelve more have been discovered this evening in Vale. Intriguerre reports that the victims were found in abandoned planetary industry hubs once abuzz with capsuleer activity, now often found silent and in disrepair following the weaving of Pochven. Untold swaths of the planet are said to host these abandoned facilties, not yet nationalized by the Provisional Government of Unity following Federal loyalist’s flight from the region due to the sure scope required to document each position, disable any still-active automated defenses, and bring them back online to full capacity to serve the needs of the people of Vale. Indeed, this may be one of hundreds of facilities established by enemies of the Provisional Government-- be they pirates, counterrevolutionaries, or mercenaries acting as pathfinders for the escalating series of Svarog incursions.

While previous victims appeared staged to obfuscate the true purpose of the murders, no such illusions or misdirection was cast by the perpetrators this time. Intriguerre militia has stated their clear intention that key details of the crime scene remain confidential, but have stated candidly that the victims were “clean executions” compared to the almost ritualistic abuse inflicted on the previous victims postmortem. Of the twelve bodies recovered, four appear to have been Vale citizens with military experience who joined the Provisional Government of Unity following the prior administration’s formal capitulation. Two others appear to have been scientists involved in high-energy physics research, including a former professor for the Center of Advanced Studies who was known to Intriguerre before their death.

The Provisional Government of Unity has not issued a formal response at this time, but has redoubled its efforts to form revolutionary militia to patrol key population centers for enemy saboteurs and infiltrators. With frequent raids from Krai Svarog, it is feared that whatever party is responsible for these executions will continue to take advantage of the chaos to further whatever aims they may serve. It is encouraged that any Vale citizens, particularly those with heightened security clearance among the Provisional Government of Unity, continue to adhere to local curfew and report any suspicious activity to the local revolutionary militia.


  • Svarog Haldovnik subclade of Raravoss appears operating alongside Skarkon “Siege Elite” veterans of Khymorodnik subclade during raid on Veles high-energy research facility
  • Vector of attack from Svarog raiding parties still “in question” according to Provisional liaisons
  • High volume of encrypted traffic intercepted between Svarog orbital shipyards and warclone mercenary enclaves on the surface of Skarkon II
  • Atmospheric storms expected to worsen according to latest 10 Day Forecast, citizens are encouraged to remain indoors unless necessary and contact the local council for assistance in installing lightning arrest cabling on at-risk infrastructure in accordance with new ordinance


“That absolute idiot! I’m going to… Ugh…!” an older medtech in labcoat was circling around in his office.

“You okay, Aarkko?” another medtech walked in to his office after hearing the commotion.
“Not really, Mieroko. That bastard egger Tratoki fired us!” Aarkko replied, frustrated.
“The one that believed he was falling apart?” Mieroko raised her eyebrow, to which Aarkko nodded.

Aarkko sat on his office chair and let out a long sigh. “I guess it was expected. Tratoki’s psych profile is too far gone. He keeps dying, over and over again…”
Aarkko then looked around his office table, looking for something.

He opened a tiny cabinet under his table and grabbed a bottle of liquor. “■■■■ it. Last time I can afford this, so might as well.” he opened it and drank directly from the bottle.

“I think you’re being too dramatic. We have bunch of capsuleers here we work with. Why are you worried
about one lunatic?” Mieroko smiled a bit, trying to calm down Aarkko.

Aarkko opened a holo screen, showing Tratoki’s ranting and raving on various places on the 'net.
“One capsuleer, especially one that has been around a while, can make things difficult for us.” Aarkko took another swig. “If we get fired, we know who it was.”

Mieroko shook her head. “No, I don’t think we will. You listened everything he wanted: Replace biology
with tech. He doesn’t realise it, but our employers are not so stupid that they would fire us
because of some weirdo who compares his own efficiency to the efficiency of his spaceships.
Like you said, he was far too gone. He believed that his flesh was “giving up” even if it was working fine. There was no problems at all. It was all in his head. We know this, our employers know this…”

Aarkko closed his bottle. “Yeah, I think you’re right. I’m frustrated, I spent over ten years helping that idiot! And this is how he repays us. I saw his first death when making his first clone.” the old medtech rambled. Mieroko smiled lightly: “Don’t grow attached to your projects. That’s why we call them projects.” she warned and left the room.

Aarkko turned around and stared at the space from his office window. “Dumb bastard, trying to become a spaceship, instead of just flying one.”