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"A new shipment came in today. "

“Anything Interesting?”

"Not really. Much of the same… Alien Tech and doodads… 'Cept for the Bio-hazard container over there. "

"That doesn’t look too bad… Wait. It’s Unmarked. "


See and Hear, Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime

One of our freelancers has had an interesting encounter when he visited Amarr Prime. The famous explorer Lord Jude Benayahu Aslan

When pressed as to what he was up to, Lord Jude Benayahu Aslan was cagey. “Archaeological sites of all kinds are the subject of exploration, whether it be capsuleers exploring relic or data sites, or us baseliners exploring ruins on the ground. We know that the Empire has persisted and spread for thousands of years, who knows what lost wonders remain to be re-discovered?” As he spoke, he gestured with his silver right hand for emphasis, demonstrating his Ardishapurian leanings. Dressed in a fine white, fur lined silk dining jacket and pants, the widower Holder, was flanked with two stern-faced guards and two sullen teenage Ni-Kunni servants. The guards ended the interview abruptly, as Lord Aslan and the rest of his retinue exited without further comment.

Lord Aslan’s expedition is rumoured to be visiting both the more well-known Araz constellation, known for many historical sites and ruins, as well its lesser-visited neighbors, such as the Kakol constellation, perhaps in the hopes of discovering sites overlooked by others. The expedition is well equipped, with specialists from Hedion University and the Royal Amarr Institute, teams of mechanics and technicians, as well as security, numbering close to a hundred souls.

Security footage of Lord Jude Benayahu Aslan glaring at paparazzi.

Freelancer article by Ardishir “Pepper” Rezghi
Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent



Guide and news service for travelers in New Eden.


See and Hear, Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime


Word has trickled in to our intrepid freelancer following the exploits of the Aslan Expedition that on September 3, YC 121, the expedition was lost with all hands. The unexpected disaster was due to catastrophic technical mishaps with excavation equipment and the site’s unstable geology. It occurred while the expedition was in the process of painstakingly recording and carefully archiving data in the interior of a relic site in the wilderness of the desert world of Gamdis III.

In Dam-Torsad, black drapes were hung on the Lord Aslan’s manor. Smoke poured from its chimneys while grim-face retainers, entering to and fro, refused to comment to our freelancer.

Thus, our intrepid reporter traveled to Gamdis III to its primary spaceport to uncover more information about the ill-fated expedition.

MIO agents involved in the investigation of the disaster were housed at an inn in town of Yelsie Som. While tight-lipped and grim, a MIO spokesperson did speak with the reporter. The MIO spokesperson indicated that the collapse of the relic site was total, fatally pulverizing all of those within and destroying all data and any items of value. The only two survivors were two teenagers who had been on water duty, fetching water from a near-by oasis. The MIO spokesperson expressed gratitude to Khimi Harar for their tireless Search and Recovery efforts, and other assistance in the aftermath of the disaster. The Executrix of Khimi Harar had been on vacation in the world and was among the first on the scene to render aid and mobilized response forces.

The MIO spokesperson stated that at this point, the investigation on Gamdis III is concluded, with the verdict being that it was a terrible and unfortunate accident. Yesterday a MIO shuttle reportedly departed with evidence gathered from around the site and data for further analysis and archiving in the Throne Worlds.

Exterior of Aslan Manor, in mourning.

Freelancer article by Ardishir “Pepper” Rezghi
Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Avair IV, Domain Region


A Snippet from an article in the Pegeler Inquirer, posted 9.28.YC121

Archavoinet Security Franchise Up For Grabs
The Unified Principality of Archavoinet, a memberstate encompassing the majority of the Archavoinet solar system in Pegeler, has recently announced that it will not be renewing it’s security franchise contract with Geoffon Security Consortium ltd. at the end of the month, citing negligence and the waning efficacy of the organization over the past three years. Prior to this, GSC had held the Archavoinet Security Franchise for three consecutive five year contracts under the Principality.

This news has lead many to speculate on who the UPA may be considering to take over the security franchise, with some pointing toward Akkonite Defense Works, a small defense firm established over a decade ago that has served as private security for the Principality’s royal family for seven years now. Still others point to Windstalker Security Corp, a Capsuleer owned and operated corporation with an expansive roster of both Capsuleer non-capsuleer security operations personnel which has been based in the system for several years now.

At this time, there has been no endorsement of either from local government officials.


Mylain Advocate, front page, 29.9.YC121


Last known photo of the south coast of Last Island, taken 27.9.YC121 during a normal rainstorm

Reports indicate that a major hurricane struck the island archipelago of Atchafalaya, home to the city of Moisant, on Octanneve V. The area’s communications grid–and, apparently, those all over the planet–failed in the later hours of 28 September, leaving much unknown. However, volunteers who have made it to the surface have detailed extensive destruction in Moisant that was clearly caused by a major weather event.

Satellite data and images suggest that at least six independent tropical cyclones formed over a less than 24-hour period, passing over all of Octanneve V’s continents and wreaking havoc among communities large and small. Relatively cold even for a temperate planet, Octanneve V was in its “winter” period, and had been since YC120, making these storms especially unexpected. The rest of the planet seems to have fared somewhat better; the oceans did not warm nearly as quickly as they did around the Equator-straddling Atchafalaya archipelago, and thus the storms did not intensify as quickly before reaching land.

Rescue and relief efforts for Moisant specifically are being led by Viavant and Corovid Industries, both capsuleer-led corporations. Representatives of these corporations have been tight-lipped regarding the safety of the people of Moisant, and especially leadership of the city, citing “security concerns.” However, they have placed blame for the weather events squarely at the feet of one @Drake_Arson, a capsuleer known for his following of Sansha’s Nation objectives as well as for alleged acts of mass murder and human indecency. Arson has not yet confirmed or denied these allegations.

A spokesperson for Viavant claimed that Arson had been seen in the fluid router channel “The Summit” bragging to a fellow Nation loyalist that he had almost finished “seeding” the inhabited worlds of Solitude. The spokesperson alleged that this “seeding” caused the sudden atmospheric warming and other effects that allowed these storms to form, and urged other worlds in the region to be vigilant and prepare for similar disasters. There is no word yet on whether any other planets in Solitude have been thus affected.

Viavant’s spokesperson declined to offer specific numbers of the dead and missing so far, but stated that a significant number of lives had been lost already. Additionally, the spokesperson stressed that “Last Island is totally destroyed.”

Last Island was a small barrier island due south of Atchafalaya’s main island and the only one of the River Saighead’s inhabited delta islands to border the ocean itself. It was a popular tourist destination for locals of Moisant as well as for visitors from Mylain, and featured a number of activities, including restaurants, natural parks, and a well-outfitted marina.

Most of the buildings on the island had been raised several feet above ground level in order to better manage flooding, but the intensity of the storm ignored these standard defenses. According to the spokesperson, “not a single structure on Last Island was left standing,” and even the island’s natural vegetation has been washed away. Most of the island is now underwater.

As for the city of Moisant itself, the residential areas have sustained heavy flooding and wind damage, and the downtown area, home to most of the city’s skyscrapers, were battered by wind and flying debris. Some of the skyscrapers are suspected to be structurally unsound. Moisant’s skyport, spaceport, and transportation hub are unusable. The other islands have yet to be accounted for, as the spans connecting them to the main island buckled under the force of the storm.

Viavant and Corovid Industries have stated that they are not yet able to accept donations of supplies, but will likely call for such donations in the coming days. Their spokesperson wished to convey that “hurricane evacuation strategies worked appropriately” but also to prepare for stunning losses among the close-knit community.

Residents of Mylain and Caille with family in or near Moisant are encouraged to collect documentation and genetic samples to assist in finding and identifying their loved ones.


Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay, Cozumel

Associated reading: Last Island, Louisiana


The ‘hurricane’ on Octanneve V is a lie!

Follow the money! The truth is out there!

Mimiko slid her data pad across the office desk, “Val, isn’t this the guy we’re working with from the Intaki Prosperity Initiative?”
Valerie gasped, “yes, that’s Bataav right there. That’s… interesting. I wonder how he will react. He has always made it clear he’s not interested in running for office.”

Verified Viriette: ‘Draft Bataav’ grass-roots campaign emerges from protests against Intaki Assembly

Navyii Akat, Intaki V, YC121 October 2 - As protests spread against the Intaki Assembly for negotiating a lease on the Kainta Yavaat Transorbital Launch Facility with the Lai Dai Corporation, an unlikely figure is focusing public attention in a positive way.

After allegations surfaced that Assembly members had been paid off by Lai Dai Corporation in connection with the controversial lease, a budding ‘draft Bataav’ movement seems to be gathering momentum among the protesters.

The slogan refers to Bataav en Gravonere, a capsuleer noted for his humanitarian and cultural activism as well as his long-standing advocacy for Intaki independence from the Federation. A small but growing fraction of protesters want him to run for office in the upcoming round of elections, though they are unable to agree among themselves whether they wish him to join the Intaki Assembly, the Viriette District Legislature, or the Federal Senate.


“I’m sick and tired of money-grubbing politicians, all the way from Roden down to the Assembly,” railed Bryylan en Welle, a local artist holding a placard he had printed off from GalNet. “They are there to represent us and what do they do? Stuff their pockets with blood money, that’s what. We need someone of integrity like Bataav instead.”

En Gravonere was unavailable for comment, but a spokesperson for the Intaki Prosperity Initiative referred to his most recent public comments where he said he doesn’t consider himself a politician.


Commander Martel;

I must approach you again to plea for the removal of the decree that the base is obliged to offer spiritual teaching in ways other than those of the tribes. I understand and to some extent approve of the idea that we must cater to each group according to their own beliefs, but the tensions these teachings cause are a major source of security work overhead and a risk to peaceful operations.

As a most recent example, last night, we had a kernherite “study group” - I’d call it a congregation by now and I am sad to report some of the staff attend - listening to their new Manifesto ([CAVTT] The Test of Faith) at about exactly the same time as we received the first group of the new refugees. It is still unclear to us why and how exactly, but while the base was busy with the incomers, fighting broke out between said group (apparently attempting to spread the good word about their ‘reforms’ and a call to arms) and others, objecting to what they saw as either heresy or dangerous appeasement to Amarrian ideals - depending on who you ask.

This is just an example, and the fight itself was quickly broken by security. Fact is still that tensions remain between these various foreign groups and tribal individuals (including most of the staff) that I have to say quite naturally and understandably object to Amarrian influences in this base.

This has been a commendable initiative, but it is becoming a strain on all of us. At the very minimum I must recommend that we start limiting staff access to spiritual events arranged by and for the refugees.

E. S.


I understand your concern and sympathize with your position, but I remind you that despite its origins, the base is not a tribal operation, it is a SoE Roughriders operation, and thus multinational. You cannot limit access based on your traditional views. What you can and definitely should do is screen any and all groups that practice in the camp for promotion of slavery, before someone escalates this to DN.



See and Hear, Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime


In the aftermath of the previous reporting on Lord Jude Benayahu Asla, we have received some shocking news.

Grim-faced and tight-lipped Ministry of Internal Order agents stormed the Aslan Manor, the home of the late Lord Jude Benayahu Asla in the early hours of the 9th, only days after his untimely death in the sands of Gamdis III in a horrific accident at an archeological dig.

Due to discrepancies in the preliminary audit of the Aslan Estate, suspicion has arisen that the Aslan Manor has been infiltrated by a secret cell of Purity of the Throne Cultists engaged in subversive activity against the Throne. Despite the frenetic efforts of the cultists to destroy records after Lord Aslan’s sudden demise, MIO Ordinators were able to retrieve written and electronic data which they will use to try to unravel the rest of cell.

There is suspicion that the late Lord Aslan himself may have been the leader of the cultist cell.

Surviving family members, retainers and servants were escorted from the Aslan Manor in handcuffs and restraints. The suspects were ushered into black and gold liveried vehicles with MIO seals for inquisition, trial, and the likely fate of execution and/or enslavement and being stricken from the Book of Records.

“Who’d have ever guessed that a balding True Amarr male who had a fetish for white clothing was a purity cultist?” commented a Ni-kunni baker living cross the street.

A militant nun commented “Accident? It was surely no accident,but an Act of God rendering judgment through his Avenging Angels upon the apostate traitor.”

“…And the MIO still haven’t gotten back to me about my reports of suspicious walnuts at Mr. Peanut’s Nut Store. Priorities!” complained a Khanid horse-flesh seller.

Freelancer article by Ardishir “Pepper” Rezghi
Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear, Capsuleer Affairs Correspondent


Local Gallante news with Rita Sinclar

Recent news has been released form Sorn Interstellar Industries about the fights that broke out earlier today inside the engineering corporation’s office above Gallante Prime. At this moment it’s reported that three people have been rushed to the stations medical center, as well as seven people arrested by the corporations, own security staff, all of them awaiting further questioning.

Eyewitness reports a small group of S-II staff members got into a fight over the recent news released back in the Amarr Empire, a fight that quickly escalated into an open fight, where plasma cutting tools were used as makeshift weapons, this event seems to have shaken many of the corporations other staff members and a trial have been called for the involved to take place within the next few days.

Our reporter got a comment from a Jason Carl a senior drone operator that said he witness the confrontation:

“It was like one of them insulted the other’s ancestors and family too, one moment they were walking to lunch. the other all of them were beating each other up while yelling at each other in Amarrish”

No comment has been given from the lady Sorn herself or the COO
More news as their arrives, this have been Rita Sinclar sighing off


Random garbled transmissions picked up by sensors.

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Plaintext solutions

> Finally the latest edition of the Gallenty Play Pod!

> Urgh…

> I mean did you see this?! She is so freakingly HOT!

a pained groan as a door slip open and back close

> So omnipotent and still the triglavian are doing whatever they want whenever they want.

> Indeed.

> Our “immortals” are too much used to the comfy life of their isk-filled pods.

> You should not talk to bad about them, you know…

> Bah. He isn’t even listening to us lowlife while curled in that
spit-filled pod of his.

background noise of holonews talks about the expansion of Jita

> It was about time.

> Yeah…

> They took this long to realize more space was needed?

> You know the Caldari, there probably were some big business reasons to wait this long. You know their Megacorps have to bite at each other…


Recently, job offices at major Amarr universities have received advertisements from the Excubitoris Chapter.

These advertisements ask for specialists in religious pedagogy and for lawyers specializing in the law as it applies to slaves, freedpeople, and commoners to apply to PIE. The jobs would be permanent and would require relocation to Thebeka.




Tempari Daily News, 07-10-YC121

Planetary Civil Defence Grid Strengthening Nearly Complete

Gelfiven VI, Harjvalt, Sataku District - For the past year, mysterious construction sites and material convoys have been appearing around large and small cities alike, and today their purpose has been officially unveiled: Upon the urging of the youngest daughter of the business magnate Mikkon Noduri, the Noduri Enterprises conglomerate has directed considerable portions of its wealth into refurbishing, building and stocking public civil defence shelters, and constructions of orbital and aerial defence infrastructure around the planet.

"I completely understand that some of you are worried that private industry is building weapons platforms around our neighbourhoods, forests, rural lands. It is more than understandable. But perhaps I can assuage your fears a bit. The defence units are slaved to the planetary defence grid, and crewed by the local military forces. We have no desire to stage an uprising of any sort, we just want to give back to our community.

Originally, this project was started from wanting to respond to the growing precursor threat, but recent events surrounding Matar itself show that strengthening planetary defences is only part of a solution. We are also directing our people to develop more robust anti-infiltration software algorithms and practices for our defence systems.” - Noduri Enterprises Public Relations Manager, Etuard Renkel.

Cynical voices have already pointed out that while this gift to the people of Mara is appreciated and maybe even to be applauded, this also seems to be a move from the conglomerate to expand its businesses to the extremely lucrative arms manufacturing and defence markets - especially in the wake of and coinciding with the founding of the New Eden Defence Fund. More evil tongues point out that the defence systems are all newly designed, and untested in an actual crisis. However, the company is using its own products to defend their headquarters, clearly confident in their effectiveness.


To: All Station Personel
Subject: Hanger Restriction 32

This is a general notice that Deck 3, hanger 2 is now closed and security posted. New, powerful and dangerous Chemicals are being stored here. All Non essential items should of been moved before being secured. If there is something you need retrieved, please speak with your Team lead. Security forces are to restrain or kill if anyone attempts to force themselves into the Hangar.

Thank you for your patience. ~Security Lead


Mylain Advocate, front page right sidebar, 10.10.YC121

You Can’t Go Home Again: Credit Downgrade Hampers City’s Efforts To Rebuild

All is not well in Moisant.

That goes without saying. Everyone who knew someone in Moisant also knows someone who didn’t survive the storm. Everyone who ever visited the city or its quiet, soothing island metro area will have a favorite spot that just isn’t there anymore. And if the news out of Octanneve is correct, then there’s a solid chance that that spot won’t come back at all.

Reports indicate that several major corporations, both Federal and clusterwide, have informed Clan Chief Kaya Licei that they do not intend to rebuild their shops, offices, restaurants, and factories there. These corporations have cited the hurricane as too much of a “risk” and complained that the loss of their projects in Moisant have negatively affected their profits.

In turn, these same reports have affected Moisant’s credit rating, which is essentially a set of numbers that investors, banks, and other governments use to decide whether a city can pay back its debts. Due to the loss of business, Moisant’s credit rating has been downgraded. Further corporations have begun to cite the downgraded rating as their reasons for not returning to the city.

This is notwithstanding almost manic efforts from the two corporations who led Moisant’s rescue efforts, Corovid Industries and Viavant, and especially Viavant’s CEO, a softspoken capsuleer psychologist named Astaire Quatrevaux. Sources within those corporations say that their PR departments have been aggressively courting these businesses, offering deal after deal to bring them back. The deals have rarely worked.

Quatrevaux announced earlier today an initiative aimed at enticing new businesses to Moisant as the reconstruction effort begins. His plan in this regard seems to be to lean on benevolence and kinship–two qualities that are exceedingly rare among capsuleers. But if he can lure back fresh business to the area, then Moisantians might forgive him his naïveté.

The doctor also released figures regarding losses in and around the city. Deaths totaled 7,315, and the number of missing has dropped to 335. Additionally, a few areas on higher land that sustained less damage will be opened for residents to return tomorrow. Those areas include Jean-Baptiste, Vieux Quartier, and Jardin Riche.

Residents of other areas have received notifications that their neighborhoods are likely to be unlivable “for an extended period of time”. Those areas are: Babiney, Kellerin, Queya Quay, Yucay, Île des Cokís, Four-Cave Island, and Last Island.


FreedomAid Today monthly e-newsletter, November YC121 edition, released 11.10.YC121

Alert: Double-check your Vitoc shipments, says Republic-based Vitoc task force

A number of hospitals, clinics, and refugee organizations across the Republic have reported that their shipments of Vitoc antidotes have been smaller than expected.

In each case, the shipments have only been short by a small amount, such that many managers of these clinics and programs only began to notice the shortages after they accumulated over time. Also, the discrepancies can always be attributed to small accounting errors. Numbers including 9s might be rendered as 6s, or 8s might be rendered as 5s or 0s, for example.

A spokesperson for Immigration and Resettlement declined to answer most of our questions, but did confirm that the problem exists and that it is being addressed. When pressed for clarification, the spokesperson added that the department that regulates Vitoc distributors in the Republic has recently seen a few shifts in employment following the unexpected death of Ian Desantis, a longtime manager of that department. His replacement was fired and replaced following the discovery of the errors, but the errors have persisted even following that change.

The antidotes that have been affected by these errors are all for the most recent strains of the toxin, resulting in a significant decrease in availability for freedpeople who rely on these updated versions. While the supply is not yet in danger of running out, clinics and relief organizations have expressed frustration at facing this decline and at lacking a full understanding of how to correct the errors.

It is unclear whether the additional antidotes do exist and are being distributed to the wrong places, or are not being manufactured at all. The distribution centers have been quick to lay blame at the feet of the Vitoc manufacturers and developers, who in turn state that they know nothing about the errors and have no access to the faulty databases.

The spokesperson recommended that all clinics and organizations who obtain Vitoc through Republic distribution centers should be sure to verify the quantities of the antidote when shipments arrive and report any discrepancies immediately.