S0TE Operation Pool Party: Eytjangard - Tristan daCuhna

Inspired by Empress Catiz’s gracious embrace of the Purity of the Throne’s horrendous misuse of the color white, after our committee considered how to present Tristan daCuhna on a militia poster, we decided to just embrace the Blood Raider swag that permeates Amarr Lowsec. I mean, no one is as loyal to the Amarr Empire as Tristan daCuhna, so why not? He’s definitely not a blood raider though.

“All lives matter. Blood Raider lives matter.”

  • Tristan daCuhna

Tristan daCuhna carries with him the honor of being #4 on the Amarr Killboard, with an incredible 14.07K Republican and Pirate kills to his name.

He also owns his own recording studio specializing in Khanid Pop Music, a fact which has made him incredibly popular in the Khanid Kingdom. We hope that this poster inspires new capsuleers from Caldari and Khanid space to feel welcome here in our humble lowsec home. Our hope is that it will also convince them that the Amarr do have a sense of humor, and inspire them to move to the Amarr militia warzone, as we prepare to retake Providence under the banner of Gian Bal and these most holy Amarr paladins that have rallied to his side.



Deus vult! We will take Providence!

What a garish assault on the eyeballs that poster is.


I like it. Brings out the colour in my eyes.

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