In fact, I feel scams deserve a statue in Jita :smiley:

Send me a billion isk.


People really sell this game short. Having a game with scams and griefing can have a lot of spillover benefits if the people at getting scammed and griefed can learn something about how the real world works.

Everybody should have the opportunity to get scammed out of 100 million isk, rather than living such a pristine life that they end up losing their life savings to some real-life financier/scammer. And they should have their industrial full of semiconductors ganked at the Jita undock. Then maybe they won’t live such a soft and peaceful life that they don’t even realize that organized goons can come out of nowhere and take their stuff with overwhelming force at any time.


I made my first 100 mil back when I was a nub with the shuttle market scam.

I miss those days :smiley:

do you want to say anything else xeux?

Don’t do it, it’s a trap.

Weren’t you Mr Epeen once banned for life?

Sir Scamcelot aka in New Eden as Mr Epeen is a symbol of perfect knighthood: noble always willing to defend a woman’s honor, However he also symbolizes Capsuleer’s weaknesses of lust and envy, shown by his pursuit of and affair with Guinevere aka in New Eden as AIKO the Evil queen of Highsec.

What a strange question. Is this a new forum troll alt?

You say the craziest stuff.

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Sometimes I feel that I do not belong in New Eden or even here on the Eve Online forums.

I would like to represent myself here right now on this forum court aka Crime and Punishment and demand that proof is given first describing the levels of craziness before you or anyone else starts to label Iceacid as a lunatic.

Cause Iceacid had been labeled a deadbeat in the past which won’t stick also.

This is so true. My exposition to the Internet since my very early 20s has actually helped me become immune to real world’s scams and people trying to take advantage of me.
And I was quite a naive guy in my late teens. If it wasn’t for online experience, I would have probably grown to be real life version of these guys:

A friend of mine who’s not much into these things has very recently fell for those cheque scams. You know, the type where you get a cheque for, let’s say, 4000 euros, and they ask you to deposit it, and immediately send back 3500, and once they cheque clears you get to “earn” 500 for nothing? Except the cheque is fake and it does not clear, and you even get in trouble with the bank for depositing a fake cheque. Yeah, that.
Stuff like that is much more crippling than losing a few million isk to double your isk scams or anything of the sort.

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Me who can’t because me school blocks the game but not this :frowning:

I agree. If you make an event in official forum for the game, you must fulfill the rules and rewards that were stated at the beginning, otherwise you should be punished for it.

Well I suppose the golden rule in EVE is to not trust ANYONE in game or on forum.

And if you suffer from Schizophrenia you can’t even trust your own alts !!


You gotta think outside the box here for a solution, there is really NO EXCUSE to NOT be playing EVE all the time at school.

  1. EVE Anywhere
  2. EVE via a free Geforce Now account
  3. EVE via a tethered connection to “cellphone” as they say in the USA
  4. EVE via Webex connection to computer running at home

Remember EVE is a way of life, school is for losers, get your priorities sorted out !

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I have tried all of that there is such a thing called dino

What is dino ?

It’s something installed to all are surfaces that can bloack everthing on are surfaces


Frostpacker knows it was never a scam and the only isk that ever was sent came from market flipping.

Frostpacker looked at the name calling as just a verson of the RP and blasters and rockets might break my ship but names will never stick!

I’m no deadbeat… lol as if kekw