Scourge of the Alpha strike Gankers

Are they still whining over my decision to ignore them? How amusing…

Very nice, gankers can be rather salty… :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this griefing?

I’m a simple man, but I seem to recall across many threads, posts claiming gankers are real life sosciopaths because they enjoy the tears; and tear collecting is griefing.


She said entertaining. And you then try to link that to being a sociopath too, how petty…


I mean that’s exactly what ya’ll do :smiley:


Kitchensinking 15 Battlecruisers to clap a Venture shows true commitment to the task.

Miners are going to be happy when they hear that someone will be buying enough ore to build 15 Battlecruisers

Alpha is now the way to salvation.

This is not relevant to this thread at all, as alpha strike gankers do not care about CONCORD in the main.

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Just the fact that they considered this rule shows how completely, hopelessly lost CCP is.

Of course it is relevant for exactly the reason you gave. If CCP had gone through with the change it would have increased the number of alpha ganks in all areas.


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Alpha gankers and large fleet ganker are just different types of ganker with different aims , both can be run off and stopped but need us to use different tactics on each.

Alpha gankers in a 0.5 are even different from 1.0 gankers and you have to approach tackling them in different ways.

Sorry used differently to many times there but you get my point.


But killrights are fun and good content, besides we do have people doing the loot denial side of ag .

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The only time it has any relevance to alpha ganking is where the ganker is trying to not use his full complement of ships or if there is a defensive repper or something else making it more difficult, of course that needs a tank to be fitted to the hauler.

But in the majority of time the objective is to vaporise the ship with the first strike.

Also ever since tags were a thing the number of Alpha gankers exploded… :stuck_out_tongue:


Couldnt you just bump them?


Oh dear lord…….

Remember that thread that had high sec ganking in the title and the discussion was all about high sec ganking and and and and and then you turned up and started banging on about taking down freighters in null.

Everyone was like “wow man. This is kinda off topic” and you were like “nothing I say is off topic”.

Can I suggest you dial down the hypocrisy and apply the same standards to others as you apply to yourself.



He can’t. He’s high off his own supply now and thinks he’s the king of AG when its really Thotamon and Githany LOL.

He’s just chasing their shadows and its hilarious to see.

Ooooh look three hidden replies that I will never look at, how wonderful, I wonder how many are aimed at me :thinking:

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As if you’re not secretly peeking. :yum:

(I know I would be.)

It kind of just reinforces the point.

Makes every thread about him and silences all dissenting voices.

Who cares if anyone makes a legitimate point or raises a relevant issue. If it doesn’t fit in his world view ……………. It’s off topic.

Such a lovely individual.

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Previously I might have, but not this time, because as you might have noticed my posting is rather light and I am selectively posting too.

In any case I know that whatever it is it is total garbage and not worth my time to look at. So these nasty bait posters are wasting their time, which I find rather amusing.

I just think it is a good idea to every so often make it clear I am not reading their crap, with the hope that it finely gets into their skulls and they move on with their lives. :lollipop:

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Nice, may you have much success.

Might get more KR’s sent to you if your service is linked in Local chat.