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Black desert Online



BDO is not new player friendly at all. The game in general only has very few spots where you can actually make any meaningful income and as a new player you get killed left and right in those spots. And due to equipment having such a huge impact you have no chance of winning most fights.

On top of that the community in BDO is simply disgusting. In just 1 month of playing that game I have had to read more toxic crap than I encountered in 15 years of playing eve.

And here a little trip into the wonderland of twisted logic in BDO:

The community that regards people who just go out to try and catch up in the gear grind as griefers if you hunt the elites they are farming.

This is based on the sentiment that they have to kill you which then lowers their “reputation”, so coming back again and again trying to farm some currency or items after being killed makes you a griefer in the eyes if the community, because they have to kill you over and over again so they can get the good spawns themselves.

(Don´t get me wrong though. I don´t mind fighting over good spawns and having to work hard or evade the tough guys as much as I can, but labeling people as griefers trying to get some good loot as well is just totally silly.)


Starcraft was easy to understand.

I don’t know of any PvP game that was ever friendly.


BDO is new player friendly the same way a US marine is terrorist friendly.

Star Wars Galaxies when they implemented the NGE (New Game Experience). You couldn’t get more hand-holdey than that. Up until that point, players spent years trying to unlock Jedi, then with the NGE, Sony just let new players pick a Jedi toon right off the bat, much to the disdain of veteran players…

Euro Truck Simulator… maybe?


95% of commercial games that were released in he last 15 years.

Some games are even too new player friendly, for example Diablo 3. Before you can access the higher difficulty levels, you need to complete the game once. The game is so easy on normal mode, i could go afk for a minute and my barb was still alive and tanking the mobs. I just stopped playing because a game with 0 challenge bores me to death.

Candy Crush.
To be honest, this could also pass as an alliance video for EVE Online.

Legit that kind of thing is pants. I remember my friend saying how much replay-ability Diablo 3 has BECAUSE you have to play the whole thing over and over again at slightly harder difficulties. Cheating your customers into playing your game twice does not mean it has “replay-ability”. It means you didn’t make a game that’s long enough to only need playing once to get your moneys worth. Lazy cash grab pure and simple.

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So new player friendly if they fight the Soviets? Wot?

Original UO :wink:


The correct way to translate what I said is: BDO is new player hostile.

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Dust 514


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EVE Online is pretty new player friendly and most single player games.

Wow. Successful because of it’s easy play.

Snakes and ladders.