Seconds From Disaster In Space : Jita Space Disaster

Interstellar National Geographic Channel presents:

Seconds From Disaster In Space : Jita Space Disaster

Dramatic cue music begins to play

Opening Scene:

Jita, main trading station, rush hour. A Industrial full of heavy missiles bound to Amar leaves the station. Another industrial, full of freed slaves, approaches.

Witness of incident, “It was a over busy day in Jita.”

Then… both Industrials collide at a total speed of over 2,000m/s head on. Causing a massive explosion that kills the two pilots, half of all freed slaves, and 15 ships around it.

Freed Slave incident survivor, “I heard a massive bang, and saw a fireball approaching.”

Another incident witness, "After the incident you, could figure out which piece of wreck debris belonged to which space ship. "

The Calladri Accident Investigation Bureau, is now tasked with finding out, what caused the biggest disaster in New Eden’s industrial history.

Was it a terrible accident? Was it sabotage done by the maintenance workers? Or was it suicide?

By going deep into the investigation records, we will show you how did this horrifying incident happened, in this episode of, Seconds From Disaster In Space.


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Was station damaged?

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