Sensation Seekers Crash Course in Fleet PvP

A couple of years ago I started to write some pages about fleet PvP with the intention of teaching our pilots some of the most basic things about it. Over time, however, this text evolved into a 100 page book. As of today, everyone can have a look at it at I hope it will prove useful for some of you.

The following changes will be implemented soon :tm:

  • control+space to cancel a warp or jump command (instead of control+backspace)
  • will add beautiful screenshots showing a titan bridge’s visual effect in action
  • adding a section about shortcuts (this may take a while to write)
  • adding a paragraph about save logging

Feel free to let me know if you have further suggestions.


Add that you can also use control+space to cancel a warp command. It’s easier than ctrl backspace, imo.

Titan bridging. You could add, You’ll see the visual effect when the bridge comes up. When it does, the jump command becomes visible.

And shift clicking modules to prep them for heat is faster than right click and switching it on.

Thanks for your input

uups, yeah, that’s what I actually meant to write lol… thx for letting me know

Good idea actually… maybe I will also add a screenshot showing the actual effect.

Maybe I should write an entirely new section about shortcuts.

These are the ones I have sent and have used, even before the tracking camera was set to C as default and before engage drones was F. :slight_smile: Probably just a coincidence. They should be in order by window.

Character Sheet: Alt-A
Clost Active Window: MOUSE4
Close All Windows: Ctrl-Alt-W
Directional Scanner: Alt-D
Fitting: Alt-F
Holds & Bays: Alt-1
Industry: Shift-S
Map: Alt-C
Notepad: Alt-Mouse4
Open Item Hanger: Alt-2
Open Ship Hanger: Alt-3
People and Places: Alt-E
Planetary Colonies: Alt-V
Probe Scanner: Alt-S
Regional Market: Alt-R
Solar System Map: F9
Wallet: Alt-W

Align to: A
Approach: Q
Directional Scan(refresh): V
Dock/Jump/Activate gate: D
Keep at Range: E
Lock Target: Ctrl
Loot at: Alt
Orbit: W
Track: C
Unlock Target: Ctrl-Shift (left click target)
Warp to: S
Reconnect to Lost Drones- (Right click capacitor, choose option)

Ctrl+ Tab- Browse Window Menu
Alt+Q- Exit Station
Alt+Shift+Q- Quit Game
Toggle UI: Ctrl-F9

Broadcast: Need Armor: Alt+Shift+A
Broadcast: Need Shield: Alt+Shift+S
X and left click- Broadcast: Target
Save Location: Ctrl+B (bookmarks)
Set full speed Alt+Ctrl+Space
Stop Ship: Ctrl+Space

Activate Medium Slot 1-5: 1-5
Toggle Overload on High, Med, Low Rack: Ctrl-1; Ctrl-2; Ctrl-3

Most important will be F1-F8 keys (including Alt-F and Shift-F). I think I’ve mentioned how to broadcast and how to reconnect to lost drones… might be a good idea though to add the rage quit shortcut (Alt+Shift+Q) as well…^^

You did. The reason I prefer shift+alt A and S is that it will still broadcast if your cursor is in a chat window. Ah, bah, i forgot to list Drone shortcuts
Engage: F
Return and Orbit Shift-Alt-R
Return to Drone bay: Shift-R
Launch Drones: shift-alt-F

Ha! Another short cut to my name in the default! Shift-F for drone launch. Or was it a coincidence again?

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