[September] Fitting Warnings and other QoL changes

можно ли будет сделать закупку имплантов из окна килла и из окна фита когда не сидиш в корабле ?

"Ships will now automatically enter warp after three minutes of attempting to align and reach the required speed. "

Thank you CCP/PA for making high sec safer for bot miners.

Oh hai dere, Debes.

… that’s what she (I) said (already)!

… cough…

I mean, if you think an FC who’s already logi, DPS, and command ship-currently-hacking-the-tower at the same time should be forced to play the minigame, then sure! why not…

Yeah, I mean… lots of fleets that do OTAs whether multiboxing or mostly individual humans do use herons… or asteros… or ventures/prospects/endurances (that can also do the NMC ore drops).

But long ago I hear they’d use Machs for the NMC ore drops (probably not for the OTA hacks, tho… but I dunno! it would be fast over to it)… and when I started incursioning in 2015, we used one of the 2 Scimitar logis in fleet to do the hack unless someone with their hack frig alt free was around.

When the command ships had to come on grid a couple years ago, switched to having the Claymore do it, and it’s no biggie for the Claymore to sit there and hack, mini-game or not, it’s more about it being a nerf to someone multiboxing 2 or 3 (or more) toons in a 12-man VG fleet. No one’s going to solobox the hack job these days UNLESS it’s from the command ship spot, after all.

Thanks a ton for all the feedback so far!

I wanted to draw your attention to an addition that we’ve made that has reached Singularity this week.


  • The warp text shown above your Ship HUD will now be different in the pre-warp preparing stage and in the actual warp stage.
  • We’ve added a bar above the pre-warp text that represents your ship’s progress towards achieving warp. This bar progress is derived from your velocity, alignment and time to auto-warp, and should hopefully be quite intuitive!

I think this is a good change overall. (i live in null so it does not even effect me).

Warp scrams/disrupts will keep your target from warping off… use them.

If your planning on Ganking someone, kill them already. Don’t keep them waiting around for 10+ minutes while you try to form up enough members to do it. The fleet should already be formed. Good Gankers will have absolutely no problem with this. Before this the Ganked would have to sit there for god knows how long knowing already his ship was dead for how long? idk, maybe 10 minutes… maybe 20… totally up to the gankers who have no sense of urgency of the matter. Made the game unfair and boring to the Ganked. and the Gankers didn’t even have to log in until a target was; by all intents and purposes; “already dead”

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What happened to the loot if the gankee self-destructed before the ‘ganking team’ arrived ? Did it still drop, or was it destroyed along with the ship ?

If you self-destruct, half the loot drops as usual if you were exploded by another player or an NPC.


While I think that bumping for extended periods of time was broken mechanics that needed to be fixed at last, I also think that 3 minute timer is too restrictive. A 15 minute timer would coincide with the criminal timer, it would give enough time for the serious bumper to assemble ganking fleet while also preventing bumping just for the sake of griefing.

OK since when is are Drone Navigation Computer II Not providing bonus to my fighters in a Thanatos???image

Can the Rorqual jump to the industrial cyno? or am I stuck getting a recon ship or black ops to jump it around?

Love the new fitting warnings and graphics, thanx!:heart:

Fitting warnings are nice feature that will help some new players, but there’s still a problem caused by some career agents who give you a shield module in one mission and an armour module in the next one. Can you fix amarr and gallente career agents so that they give you some midslot module more suitable for armour tanking, maybe a civilian stasis webifier, in the mission where they give you civilian em/therm fields?

According to the patch notes, only jump freighters and black ops battleships can jump to the industrial cyno. So recon or black ops BS it is for your rorqual’s cyno target.

Just go rorqual in WH space and you won’t care about the cyno changes, btw.

The usual suspects will have to execute their freighter bumping operation under three minutes.

@Scoots_Choco Not a great reply.
Some people like to, or find it difficult to cooperate with other players. Perhaps because some players are too salty.

@Narkos_Fera Why should you care about player drop if you play alone?

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