[SERVICE] GHSOL - a simple, flat rate, low-sec JF courier service moving your cargo for the last 6 years

Galactic Hauling Solutions Inc (GHSOL) has been reliably moving your cargo anywhere except null sec for a fixed price for SIX years. Read our feedback/reviews below and check our contract queue to see if we’re busy! Spend the flat rate 210M (which is far less than the competitors who charge by distance) and prepare to be impressed!!

Create the contract with:

  • private to GHSOL (expands to Galactic Hauling Solutions Inc. on confirmation page)
  • 3 day expire
  • up to 360,000 m3 of cargo
  • 210M for up to 4b of cargo in 3 days OR
    300M for up to 7b of cargo in 24 hours

:moneybag:EVAC SPECIAL :moneybag: of 50% off for 20+ contracts (but only 1.5b of cargo each) made at the same time to the closest high sec system…can anyone beat 105M per JF trip in bulk, eh?

NOTE: No containers nor plastic wraps in cargo! No null sec! NO CITADEL!! Questions about these restrictions or when to use 210M vs 300M as a reward or details about the EVAC SPECIAL? Ask in channel GHSOL where any of us (including your fellow industrialists, trader or asset safety liquidator) can quickly clear up any confusion.

And as always, if you know a max skilled JF pilot with a Rhea who wants to make 10’s of billions of ISK per month, send them our way!


I have been using GHSOL for several years now, absolutely stellar service!

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Using GHSOL few years, when i found it i forgot about my JF-Pilots for low-sec deliveries.
One of the best delivery service, always fast and cheap.

if you are looking to have your stuff moved and want a reliable courier service look no further then GHSOL. BeaconBoy and other members of GHSOL have moved 1000’s of contracts for me over the last 3+ years and are always on time and more times then not my contracts are completed in just a few hours A++ service!!!


Excellent service at a really good price, been using them around a year now without the slightest issue.

Friendly bump for the best courier service in New Eden!

Used GHSOL twice so far and they are great! More than reasonable pricing and good service.

Would be nice if they had a domain name for their site instead of the default AWS one though.

Great job! Efficient and quick. 4 packages from Hophib to Jita done within 16 hours time.

Great Service, and communication.

Look no further then GHSOL for your courier needs

Extremely Fast contract accept and move! Best Bargain out there! Much cheaper then other hauling services

I’ve been using GHSOL services for some time now for my lowsec high-volume projects. I can totally recommend the service. Prices are adequate and stable, delivery is really fast. No incidents (ganks) on my experience with them.

Nice and fast service, very much recommendable

Used GHSOL to move 300k m3 of asset safety stuff out of lowsec, the contract was delivered to Jita less than 24 hours later, plan on using them for all my asset safety stuff from now on, highly recommend.

These guys are fantastic! Usually faster than then you need it delivered. And the price is really reasonable. 5/5

Amazing work guys! You rescue my asset safety very fast and for cheap. Thanks!

GHSOL is the best lowsec hauling in EVE. No one else even competes.

they pulled out 50+mn m3 (~150 contracts) out of Misaba within 2 weeks for me, a station that Black Frog etc would not even service.

Rates are well below alternatives, and the flat/simple rate structure allows for better planning.

Highly recommended!

Oh man my rip my stuff in Misaba
GHSOL exist
in Jita in less than 5h

great service 10/10


Friendly bump for the best courier service in New Eden