Set Photon UI on a per-account or per-character basis

Is it possible to set Photon UI to be switchable on a per account or per-character basis?

I run… several accounts, and several of those have multiple characters. I’m more than happy to trial Photon UI - but I’d like to do it on one account/character rather than all of them.

I realise that if I start the accounts up with it disabled and then enabled it on a single account, that account only has Photon UI enabled for that session - but if I log out, logging off the Photon UI-enabled account last, then ALL accounts have it enabled next time I log in.

This would also make it a lot easier to do comparisons between traditional and Photon UI simply by switching windows (I don’t use Eve-O or anything like that when I multibox), have a direct comparison between windows on screen at once would be wonderful and would allow better feedback.

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