Shareable Bookmarks - Public Testing on Duality!

So it seems you holding on removing vouchers.
Is there a way to convert them AND keep the items as collectible?

some more things:

  • converted vouchers should have in the notes where they came from (station/container)
  • currently only places could moved around the different folders, would be nice to also move/copy the whole subfolder to another main folder
  • as already mentioned: view the creator only for role manage and admin

The Shareable Bookmarks idea will only be good if can also assign bookmarks to yourself (personal) as well as corp, alliance, coalition, etc.

Why not go for a capability where a bookmark can be associated with other characters, corporations, alliances, etc. whether we use the Access List utility or not?

In that sense once you attach another entity you just shared said bookmark with those individuals. Also being able to create a group and assign members to the group will allow access to groups of people crossing normal corp/alliance barriers.

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