Shareable Bookmarks - Public Testing on Duality!

So it seems you holding on removing vouchers.
Is there a way to convert them AND keep the items as collectible?

some more things:

  • converted vouchers should have in the notes where they came from (station/container)
  • currently only places could moved around the different folders, would be nice to also move/copy the whole subfolder to another main folder
  • as already mentioned: view the creator only for role manage and admin

The Shareable Bookmarks idea will only be good if can also assign bookmarks to yourself (personal) as well as corp, alliance, coalition, etc.

Why not go for a capability where a bookmark can be associated with other characters, corporations, alliances, etc. whether we use the Access List utility or not?

In that sense once you attach another entity you just shared said bookmark with those individuals. Also being able to create a group and assign members to the group will allow access to groups of people crossing normal corp/alliance barriers.

Помогите войти на тестовый сервер аккаунтом Aurus7.

I take it there have already been some preparations going on on TQ for this. These preparations have turned the Bookmarks tab in the People and Places window into a very messy experience.

  • Opening the window takes a noticeable amount of time now if you have more than a few hundred bookmarks.
  • Every time you open it, same or new login session, it reloads and flashes.
  • If you add a new bookmark, it reloads and flashes twice and does the same when you move a bookmark around.

Overall the experience is measurably worse than it used to be.

kind of just thought of this question but will bookmarks only be shareable by the CEO of a corp/alliance (essentially only one person is allowed to share their own bookmarks with the entire alliance or whoever they choose), or will can Directors also share bookmarks as well?

basically im wondering if multiple people can be apart of more then one persons shared bookmark systems similar to mailing Lists

I’d recommend first to not think about it as “Corp” and “Alliance” bookmarks anymore. This will confuse you later.
It is all just shares, the important part is who it is shared with based on the ACL.

Anyone can share a list with anyone for any reason, just have to setup the ACL for it.

Does nobody see how impractical this is?

No, please explain.

Because working with an ACL is not something normal people deal with in game or out of game. It’s not a common mechanic that players are exposed to on a regular basis.

It isn’t but it is incredibly intuitive. Saying “well people don’t know it yet” as a reason to shoot down an incredibly robust system is about as intelligent as hauling 200b out of Jita during last Halloween.

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This bookmark change is going to be the best thing since warp-to-zero.

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