Shared Bookmarks: Use-case Discussion

The only real change to bookmarks that would be useful or even necessary imho would be to allow players to set expiration timers for bookmarks placed in “Temp” folders.
The rest of it is not really necessary and to be honest will probably just break something else.

I have a use-case question or scenario. If this has already been covered I apologize.

For my corp, PushX, which is a hauling corp, we have in-corp members that accept contracts but then our haulers use out-of-corp characters so that our haulers remain anonymous. With the current Bookmark system, in-corp members take our bookmarks and copy them to their out-of-corp hauler toons. It’s up to them if they want to do this but most people do.

For this new system, how would that work, getting it to out-of-corp hauling alts? Thinking this through, I (the CEO) would allow access for all Push Industries , so all in corp members can grab it and subscribe to it. Then how would they get it to their haulers that are out-of-corp? Would I have to add their hauler alts so they can also “subscribe”? If so that would be a huge overhead. With the new system, is there a way for the in-corp member to share the BMs with their hauling alts on their own without corp directors having to maintain a list of all members out-of-corp hauling alts?

Each hauler-alt could maintain their own shared bookmark folder. They would probably only allow access to that folder by their hauler main. Once the hauler alt dumps the bookmark in the folder, their main would have access to it. It does not need to be done at a corporate level.

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OK, I think I understand. So I, CEO, would make the shareable corp bookmarks. Then each person in my corp would assign those bookmarks to one of their folders. That person would then share that folder with their hauler alts. I got that right?

It is actually an amazing system, a huge improvement. Everybody will love it. The only problem is that you have to manage the permissions… you can’t just sell them like you can now. CCP can fix that, though, if they choose to.

fist: thanks ccp for reducing the limit of personal bookmarks to 3000. this was an urgently needed fix. i lost track over my own bookmars, so it was high noon to delete a few hundreds. thanks for the encuragement here.
though i had whished you would have told me before i noticed in battle that i could not create new ones, that sucked.

also thanks for the new cascade within the context menue for bookmarks. it was always way to fast for my victims to select a bookmark to warp to, this should increase my combat odds.

but to the real point of my post: can someone eli5 me how i can add bookmarks to an access list? i tried really hard to figure this out, but there just does not seem to be an acl option within my places screen.

edit: i tried to make sense of this blog:
it does just not seem to work like this for me.
within my shared locations, there are two folders: one named after my alliance, one named “shared folders with admin access”
i can not create a new folder directly within my shared locations, and i can not configure the corporation folder (feature whise, this folder seems to be excactly the old corp folder, with the same 500 bookmark limits).
i cant seem to do anything with the shared folders with admin access folder at all.
i did setup a new access list to see if this was the issue.
i gave up. either instructions are unclear, or feature is broken.

i am quite pissed. this update did not seem to have added any functionality, but reduced my bookmark limit to a stupid level and removed my ability to share bookmarks with my alts or other players and made the bookmark context menu slower to use.

Overall this is a great change, but also a very limiting change for those who have a lot of personal bookmarks and want to share them. I have 12,500ish tacticals, sorted into 5 personal folders (to adapt to the new mechanic) but I can only share 1500 bookmarks at a time.

I believe that number should be way increased. Some people used to make bank doing the extremely tedious task of copying and selling bookmarks, delivered in the cargo of a shuttle. Fast forward to now. I can’t even offer that service for free.

The only useful application for a person in my situation is to create shared folders “on the fly” and pick and choose tacticals that I will use in my fleet. The route would have to be predetermined.

Again, overall a great and much-needed change but holy s&!% i feel bad for the fella with 300k bookmarks, and anyone who likes to share their bookmarks.

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folders and sub-folders should have slightly different icons - they appear the same but ain’t

So being an old character I have a large amount of bookmarks. Close to 3000. Which is small honestly for a character my age. But to organize them with your new system. I’ve had to re organize folders. You have a limit of five folders in personal locations. And I believe 30 sub-folders, plus a certain number of bookmarks per folder. I also play with people and places open and sorted by jump(taught by agony unleashed). And since there are over 30 regions. I cant just right click a region, open group window, and off I go. So I have tried making a folder for each race plus one called null. That’s my five personal folders. So I put the factional hi-sec regions in their racial folders, and the 0.0 regions in the null folder. Inconvenient but it would work.

The problem is when opening one of the five personal folders all the nested folders in it are open by default. So imagine trying to scroll through all that. And that null folder…takes a bit to load. And I have a nice pc. So at the very least could you have nested folders closed by default.

I’m a bit delayed on putting in my two cents, but, after reading everything in this thread and playing around with the system itself … has this new system removed automatic subscription to bookmarks on the corporation level? Are we required, at this point, to tell all our newbros to click a link to get access to corp bookmarks or have I missed something?

yes, you should add it in the corporation MOTD.

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That’s … a terrible design decision and whatever CCP’er is in charge of this should strongly consider an option for forced automatic subscription to bookmarks when issued at the corp/alliance level.

Thank you for the quick response, though.