[Ship Design] Precursor Drifter Shipline and Modules

(Mina Sebiestar) #101

Triglav ships for example are armor ONLY rr DPS boats Nestor as well there is exactly 0 of those on shield side

Just one example how you can introduce whole another set of ships beside Drifter ones proposed in this thread.

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(Salt Foambreaker) #102

Minor variations are not what I was referring to.

(Azar Azorious) #103

to balance it out, they could make the ships ridiculously expensive

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(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #104

Edit - 14.01.2019 - Adjusted hull bonuses

Example: Charyb

Precursor Frigate bonuses per skill level:
50% bonus to Light Warp Lance and Microwarpdrive overload bonus
50% bonus to damaged module repair amount per second

Role Bonuses:
Can fit Light Warp Lance and Light Hyperwarp Diffuser
Can repair heat damage to modules that have taken 100% damage


Precursor Frigate bonuses per skill level:
50% bonus to Light Warp Lance overload bonus
50% bonus to 5mn Microwarpdrive overload bonus

Role Bonuses:
Can fit Light Warp Lance and Light Hyperwarp Diffuser
150% bonus to damaged module repair amount per second

Bonuses to microwarpdrive overload effects have been focused down to only affect the proper size for each ship, and the ability to repair burned-out modules has been removed - careful heat management makes for a more skill-intensive piloting experience for those who want to fully utilize Drifter ships.

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(Dior Ambraelle) #105

Here is my idea: make some wormholes rarely connect back to Jove space, giving explorers something to actually explore. While we’re there, players could either repair the Jove gates or rather salvage them and replace them with the Upwell jump gates - this will keep the location and connection of the original gates. This way players could slowly rebuild the sector, while also fighting over it.

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(Azar Zadius) #106

But ‘jove’ space is the testing grounds that CCP uses to try out new ideas and features live, so we would wind up with weird interactions with new content not yet ready to be released.

Edit: If they say evacuated 1 or 2 of the regions and opened them up for players to explore, that would be a different story. Currently though, it would be a disaster

(Shade Dealer) #107

Really clean design description would be cool.

(Dior Ambraelle) #108

How much room does CCP need to live test stuff? A few constellations wouldn’t be enough? The rest could be opened to be explored and repopulated.

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(Azar Zadius) #109

I agree with the fact that CCP is using a lot of room, I’m just saying that turning it from a testing grounds to a player area would probably take a lot of time and effort on CCP’s part.

(Chinsuko Orlenard) #110

Currently all Pirate ships have 2 Empire faction skill required to pilot.

I’d love it if the Drifter line (as Jove descendants/relatives) needed all 4, or even some combination of three. You could tie the hull bonus equally to each. So if someone want to rapid train all 4 empires, they’ll be more gimped than the average sit to fly it bear.

I’d love if on the same lines triglavian ships required “precusor” + 2 empires to fly, and the ship bonuses were evenly divided. (Precusor weapon bonus, - Precurs ship skill, Armor bonus - Gall ship, Sensor bonus - Cal skill)

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(Azar Azorious) #111

Great Idea +1!

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #112

I’ll take one of each, thank you good sir!



(Vexahias Dax) #113

I really hope CCP incorporates a drifter, or overall sleeper ship line using the drifter battleship as a base. More precursor ships will spice up the game for sure!

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #114

(edit: 18 April 2019)

In the wake of faction turrets being announced to gain the ability to fire t2 ammo, I’ve come back & adjusted a few minor details (and one detail I neglected to originally include) in the proposal:

  • “Storyline” turrets and superweapons changed to “Faction” designation
  • Added incurred 100% heat status for all racks after firing to Hyperwarp Diffusers
  • Slightly adjusted formatting for better readability
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(Vexahias Dax) #115

By 100% heat status, will this completely overload the modules and burn them out? If so, won’t the ship be without weapons?

(chaosjj) #116

supported, love the idea of these ships, the idea to give these ships weapons a connection to heat gives it some of that unique feel trig weapons have.

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(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #117

No, the heat status of each rack affects the chance each module has to take heat damage, per cycle - all this would do is maximize the chances of modules taking damage during heated cycles, until the racks all cool down again.

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(Aiden Vayle) #118

Okay, i’m very late to this post, but i’ve got an idea that might make the HWD more interesting: integrate Overload mechanics into it, both to make use of the faction theme and to spice up gameplay. These ideas could do with some tuning to better align with present Overload mechanics, though: the base idea is just a sample.

My base idea with this is to use Overheat as a limiter. When the HWD is active and blocking damage, for example, you can increase shield buffer or resistance, and remove damage penetration, but the module takes heat damage from normal shots, maybe 0.1% per shot taken, multiplied by the raw damage dealt. That way, Overshields go down because the module breaks, triggering the DD, and then the module is out of commission for the rest of an engagement. Gives things a bit more weight.

The second change is just built on the first: the DD function occurs automatically on the cycle when the module hits 100% overheat, can therefore be manually triggered by Overloading the HWD, and most importantly, only activating when the module breaks gives it more gravity- if the Drifter can’t finish a fight with that shot, it’s going to be debilitated for the rest of the battle. The module should have an extremely long cycle time, in both modes, so the DD can be well-telegraphed.

Any suggestions? Complaints? Ways to better translate this into current mechanics?

(Turmoil Wycoli) #119

I think that maybe the since the drifter ship turrets are secondary weapons maybe the weapons should function like lasers but rather be a weapon be like a module and the ‘doomsday’ weapon be the main weapon.

(Siegfried Tahl) #120

Doomsday is a single high slot module, like triglavian cannon. Floating Lux Contos/Syphillis secondary guns are sentry drones, which can only orbit your ship.